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"This place is a bitch", the man said chewing a cigar with his uneven, stained teeth.
He was a portly old man in a dark jacket, blue jeans and shiny crimson shoes. His short gray hair covered only the sides of his head. He had small eyes and bushy eye brows, a large nose, big forehead and puffy cheeks. His large, round face and double chin melted into his thick body and his thick stubby hands poked through the long sleeves of his jacket.
Joe owned the studio, not legally but we all knew who called the shots around here.
I sat in a little chair across from him while he lounged in the "Director" seat with a young, voluptuous broad in short, dark, shoulder-less dress sitting at his arm.
She was bored and played with fake pearls around her neck. I remembered those pearls. Last year, my mother had those though she never got to sit with the "Big Daddy" on the arm of his chair, at least not in public. We all knew the reason.
At 48, my mother was just too old to be 65 year old Joe's plaything. She was lucky to have met him and have him take an interest in her - her body to be precise.
Joe didn't fuck my mother but he did hire her to fuck his actors, on the camera. In 8 months, my mother shot about 60 movies and made some decent money while doing that. Neither of us regretted that. But now the contract with "Vulgar" had ended and today she was doing her last shoot.
Today, in this small, brightly lit room with red, garish rug, dark couch and a few chairs, I wanted to find out what chance, if any, my mother had to make more movies and some money. There was a fridge in the corner and obscene paintings of people copulating hung on the walls, Most were blow-ups of boxcovers of movies from this studio.

I looked up to Joe. He was the father, or grandfather, I never knew. His gentle face and calm exterior hid a violent and unpredictable man he really was. I always saw him as a real man with clear goals and ambition and brains, quite unlike the mindless fuck machine my mother liked to sl**p with, both on and off camera. I had learned so much from Joe.

"The girls I hire can be graded into 3, may be 4 categories." Joe continued.
"There's the broad on the boxcover. She's the star. She's the one who men see and fantasize about."
He patted his kitten's thighs lightly. She smiled and leaned towards him, letting her massive fake breasts brush against his face.
"This bitch has some power. She may show up late or not at all. Most of the boxcover sluts do that." He didn't give a fuck who heard him.
"But Joe!" the bitch next to him finally spoke in a low, sultry voice, "I am never late."
With that she gave a gentle shake to her upper body making her implants rise and fall a few times. The small dark, dress rested uneasily over her juggs while it was riding up all the way to her cunt, exposing the red triangle of her panties.
"Now...What's your name again dear?" Joe said running his grubby hands on the girl's naked thighs again.
"Belinda" she whispered with obvious strain in her voice. I understood the reason. She had been sl**ping with a man older than her dad and he couldn't even recall her name.
"Belinda here is never late." Joe smiled.
"That's because when I invest into a bitch I make sure she rides with me to work every day. Keeps them in line, you see"
I nodded and smiled as I saw Belinda squirm her tight little ass by the alpha male's side.

"Once the boxcover slut has done 50, may be 60 movies, she can no longer attract men. They get bored seeing her tight pussy stretched into a Lincoln Tunnel." He grinned and Belinda shifted to rest more of her giant hooters on his shoulder.
"They don't sell anymore. So we take her off the cover but may give her a scene in other bitch's movie but only if she does things like ...fuckin' with niggers, anal, get the idea son?"
I nodded. I was learning.

"Then come the your mama." He blew a thick cloud of smoke and tapped his cigar to dust off the ash from its burning tip.
"These whores have been around the block a few times. They are old, fat and dumb." He laughed at his own joke, his whole belly shaking as he did.
He leaned forward and wagged his finger while looking me into the eye.
"They have no self respect. They are prostitutes. They fuck men when they are not on the set - for money of course."
"Of course" I mumbled.
I knew he was right. My mother had been taking clients for almost a month now.
"The only way these sluts get a job is if they agree to go extreme - double anal, fisting, gangbangs, golden showers. You know what I'm saying?"
Belinda twisted her face and looked down at me with contempt, as if saying "I'll never do that."

Joe relaxed back into his chair and continued to smoke.
"In our business boy, a girl gets used up in an year. 40-50 movies in first six months, then few interracial movies and finally...... You never see her after that"

Belinda stood up and walked over to the coffee pot. I saw her ass swinging from side to side. I wondered if Joe had fucked her last night.

"So Joe. What happens after that?" I asked looking back at him.
"You wanna know what will happen to your mother?"
"She's done boy. I have no more use of her." He was serious.

I looked down and away.
"But are still useful."
I looked back up at him. He was smiling now. His gentle, round face glowing with mischief.
"I want to make Golden Kitten hot again."
Golden Kitten was an old run down strip club with pool tables and daily buffet. Mainly Mexican and Black hangout it had been in business for barely 5 years before Joe shut it down.
"I am turning Golden Kitten into a hot nightclub. Girls from the set can go there after work to relax and make some extra cash."
"Get me a whiskey darling." he said without looking at Belinda.
She immediately got up and walked over to the fridge, her ass swinging with same gentle femininity. When she bent over to grab the glass, her dress rode way up her ass and I saw thin string of her thongs disappearing between her tight, toned cheeks. She had nice strong legs and I knew she was somewhat of a contortionist, able to swing her legs over her head, exposing her vagina to those huge, hard cocks as they fucked her young cunt mercilessly.
I heard her drop a few cubes on ice into the glass. She poured the drink quietly and returned, pushing her dress down over her hips with one hand even as she handed her master the crystal glass half full with rich, smooth scotch.

Joe took a sip and swished the dark liquid around in his mouth before gulping it down loudly.
"Some things are better than sex." he sighed letting the girl play with his little, thin gray hair as she sat on the arm of the chair again.

"Golden Kitten....yes. I have remodeled it. We'll do a show and let those bastards see just enough to get horny, nothing more."
He took another, smaller sip.
"The girls stay on the stage and we start the auction." He was giddy with excitement.
"The men who win the auction can take the girl inside and spend some time with them. But that's not where it ends."
Both Belinda and I were intrigued. Both of us were leaning forward towards Joe.
"The auction doesn't give the men the right to fuck the girl. He just earns a date with her. He can spend a few minutes fixing up the details, when to meet, where. But nothing more. We send him home horny!" He leaned too, as if revealing the secret of life to us.

"The girl takes him to a cheap restaurant and doesn't spend any of his money. She falls in love with him, or at least that's what the poor sucker thinks!"
I licked my lips. I knew where this was going.
"It is now upon the girl how long she can continue the relationship and use the guy to get as much money out of him over next few weeks and months."

"But Joe," Belinda couldn't stop herself, "that will take a long time and she may not be able to hook him"

"Oh she will because the house always wins." Joe said laughing, delighted with himself.
"Let the bitch romance the guy for a few days. Once she feels he is ready, she asks him for a night out. She invites her "friends" to meet him and that's how it starts. The guy never feels he is paying her. He is only trying to be a good boyfriend in front of her friends and before you know it, he's out of 10,000 bucks in just a couple of months!"

"Since he doesn't pay it all together and all at one place, he never figures it out" I said understanding his deviously simple plan.

Joe smiled with contention.
"You are a smart k**. So you know what I want you to do."

"Train the whores." I said quietly.

He nodded.
"Linda" he picked up the phone and said to his secretary. "Send her in."
Almost immediately, I heard the door behind me open. Joe didn't look up and I didn't turn around but Belinda was looking at the girl who must have just come in.
Joe encouraged me with a gentle nod. I murmured a silent prayer and finally turned around to look at my mother.
At 5'4" she was almost as tall as Joe. She had chestnut brown hair that fell to her lower back. Her oval face, big almond eyes, small nose and pouty lips made her look very pretty. She had a long neck though it showed lines and wrinkles you would expect from a woman in her late 40s.
My mother always had big tits. Now they lay flat on her chest and belly, her dark areols and nipples pointing down. Her belly was slightly flabby and she had visible love handles on either side. What attracted men most to my mother were her round, oversized hips. Even though she was facing us, we could tell how big those asscheeks were as they stuck out from behind and splayed over to the sides.
My mother was gifted with long limbs and she had good, though thick thighs.
She was wearing red pumps, black stockings and garters and a monokini which ran around her neck, leaving a small, half inch wide strip of cloth over her nipples and then between her pussy that was too large for the small triangle the "dress" provided.
"I pulled his mother off the set for this." Joe said, turning his head a little to look at Belinda.
She smiled with contempt. She was excited to see a son having to tell his mother she'd have to be trained as a prostitute.
Mom came around and started to sit on the only chair left in the room, right next to me but Joe shook his head.
She knew better than to defy the boss and kept standing.
I knew what he wanted. I patted my thigh and without a word my mother planted her huge backend on my lap.
She was heavy and had to put her arms around me from falling. Her large tits bounced vigorously and her nipples escaped the tiny monokini. The little triangle covering her pubis was no longer visible as her large pussy had already consumed the sheer red material and her labia had closed over it.
Even now, naked and humiliated my mother looked more of a lady than the trash Joe had at this arm. He acknowledged it.
"The beautiful thing about you two is that she still looks classy."
I smiled and mom smiled back.
"He wants you to work at Golden Kitten."
My mother gently nodded her head.
"I will train you." my hand caressed her backside involuntarily.
She nodded again.
We looked back at Joe.
"Listen to your boy. He understands what I want."
"I will Joe. Thank you for trusting me." mom said playing with my hair.
"You are due back at the set. What are they filming today?" Joe asked her.
"I only know about a scene with Nikki and RockHard." mom said getting up from my lap.
Joe sucked the smoke from his now burnt out cigar and continued to look at her expecting more details.
"It is ass to mouth. Nikki is supposed to get anal cream pie and I will be cleaning it up." mom said simply, without any shame.
"Those are in demand these days." Joe nodded thoughtfully.
"And she's pretty good at it." I commented lightly patting my mother's huge, naked rear.
Mom turned around and walked out. We all stared at her giant hips swinging deliciously.
"Have you ever...." Joe trailed off.
I shook my head.
He nodded.
"That's not healthy. It is quite sick you know. We don't even make movies like those." he said approvingly.
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2 years ago
50 shades of grey - almost every middle aged woman i meet is masturbating to this triology.
So called "Mommy Porn" is making us realize that as many as 30% women consume porn in various ways!
Now that's exciting! But who didn't know that? I have been fucking older women and almost all of them were turned on by dirty talk and role playing.
Some went as far as pretending to be prostitutes, other got tied up, dressed like dogs, got tied up and asked me to flog them.
You just need to let them feel secure and they are eager to play out their fantasies with you :)
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
Part 2 is in the works