Slut Mother Gets Married Again (Part III)

Part III of how my Slutty Mother bagged herself a husband. Read part 1 and 2 to get the story line.

With Bob's funeral was the most exquisite event that my mother or I had ever been to.
We were introduced as employees of Bob to avoid embarrassment to the f****y. However, what Catherine didn't count upon was just how many people my mother had served. A few of Bob's minions had fucked mom when she worked the streets and even though they couldn't be sure, they kept looking at her trying to recognize her.
While my mother sat quietly, contemplating her future and cursing under her breath, I looked for opportunities. I knew that at least a few of these rich old farts must be horny for a cheap, voluptuous whore who could provide them quick, guilty pleasures their wives would not.
I found one.
Craig, Bob's son had been eyeing us. He was an Oxford graduate, just 21 and ready to take over the house and everything that Bob owned. That included his estate and his women.
I gently touched mom's arm and drew her attention to the hungry young man. She noticed and nodded in his direction with a sad little smile.
Craig nodded back. Just like that a date had been set.
That night after we went home, I slept in my room. Mom left her door open and slept in a small teddy.
We both waited.
It wasn't until 3 in the morning, that we heard gentle footsteps coming down the stairs. Mom's door opened and closed quickly and then, just like that I could hear gentle rocking in the room where my mother must have spread her hips for a young, strong cock.
The whole thing lasted no more than 30 minutes. I heard the visitor dressing up and then go back upstairs.
I slipped into my mother's room and closed the door. All I could hear was her deep and heavy breathing.
She turned on the light. A familiar scene greeted my eyes.
My mother was lying face down. She was naked. Her large fleshy hips had handprints while her back was brutally scratched. I could see the fat vulva, open and wet , peeking from between her legs. Her hips were raised but her asshole, though permanently open had not been violated.
"What did he do?" I asked softly.
"Can you see?" she retorted, a little annoyed.
"He didn't fuck your ass!" I was surprised.
"He made cum." she said simply.
"Did he say anything while he fucked you?"
"He whispered 'you fucking bitch', as he drove his cock into my cunt" she said.
"Oh!" I sighed and turned the light off. It was time to catch some rest. We had no more than a few days before Catherine'd throw us out.
"You need to talk to him mom. You need to convince him to stay."
I heard gentle breathing. My mother, tired and relaxed had fallen asl**p.
Catherine and Lizzy were out the next day leaving Craig at home. As with Bob I had instructed mom to deny Craig any more sex. We wanted his hormones to rise to a level where he'd be f***ed to have my mother stay.
We underestimated him. Rich young men like Craig have their pick of the ladies. No sooner had Catherine left when we found girls visiting Craig's room. It seemed like he was in there with the entire cheerleading squad. A few hours later, he came down for dinner. Catherine and Lizzy were still out and planned to stay out all night.
Mom had dressed up in same dress I bought her in Vegas. She looked quite nice and her hips and breasts looked outrageously voluptuous and sensuous.
Craig ogled her openly while the butler and the maid served dinner quietly.
That night my mother locked her door. We wanted Craig to know that he may be able to fuck any of his college girls but it'd be much harder to get into the pants of a 50 year old woman.
Catherine and Lizzie returned the next day and Catherine announced the date she expected mom and I to move out.

"What now son?" my mother asked. She didn't have much hope for us anymore. It was back to the streets.
"I don't know mom." I was dejected too.
"Let Craig fuck you some more but deny him your asshole. Let him enter your rectum but don't let him fuck you there."
That night when the door knob turned, the door just swung open. My mother got fucked again - brutally. She was slapped, bitten, scratched and spit upon.
When I saw her I couldn't believe a sane looking young man could get so vicious.
It was the night after that however, that mom experienced her most weird experience.
The lovemaking that night was quite gentle, she was kissed, her nipples were sucked and she felt tenderness she hadn't felt in years.

The next day my mother was happy. She put on her burgundy wedding dress trying to woo the man of the house. She walked around Craig, her hips swinging and her tits bouncing. He was obviously amused.
So was his s****r, Lizzie.
Lizzie was 19 but I could see her face getting red when she saw her father's mistress trying to seduce her b*****r. She almost lost all her money once and I knew she'd hardly let it happen again.
Craig was on the dining table, ready for dinner. Lizzie joined him. My mother asked the butler and maid to take off and decided to serve Craig herself. If Lizzie was pissed about it, let her.

I saw mom bending over Craig's shoulder, pouring him the champagne. Her tits brushed his face. Craig smiled and turned towards her. He didn't care if his s****r watched. He wanted to take his woman then and there.
He reached forth and grabbed my mother's ass and pulled her closer.
Mom giggled letting the young man maul her wide hips.
When Craig put his glass down and grabbed my mother's loose tits, we heard someone yelling:
"LET GO OFF MY GIRLFRIEND, you bastard!"
It was Lizzie!
She had stood up so fast that her chair fell behind her. She was still holding the stake knife and she lunged forward towards her b*****r.
He ducked, letting go off mom, who fell to the floor with a loud thud.
Nobody had any reaction. It happened just too fast.
Craig grabbed Lizzie's hands and they wrestled on the floor, next to mom. He easily overpowered Lizzie and sat on top of her, pinning her hands down. Lizzie spat on him viciously.
Then she looked at mom.
"How could you?" she sobbed.
"I thought you liked me."
Mom and I watched dumbstruck. It was Lizzie sneaking into mom's room, fucking her, biting her.
Who could have known that delicate, 19 year old, tall, blonde could be in love with a woman old enough to be her mother.
Craig got up and kicked the knife away. Then he tugged at his vest and tie and gave all of us a disgusted look.
"You are all freaks" he said before marching back to his room, his head held up high.
Mom and I helped Lizzie up. She buried her face into my mother's massive bosom and started sobbing.
"I love you! Please don't leave me." she said between her shallow breaths.
Mom and I exchanged quick looks and brought Lizzie back to her room.
This was the first time we had been on this floor. Everything here was exquisite. Million dollar artworks, expensive gadgets and closets that were larger than any apartments we had lived in. Bathrooms with sauna and jacuzzi and shoes! hundreds of pairs of most expensive shoes filled several closets!
Lizzie's room was tastefully done with pictures of rock stars, all female, and dolls and teddy bears.
She collapsed on her bed. My mother sat next to her, running her hand through Lizzie's hair. I left them alone.
Mom came down an hour later and told me everything.
Lizzie was smitten by my mother the day she saw her. She had made up her mind that she'd stay with her dad even if Craig and Christine left the house.
After Bob's death, she saw nothing wrong in making her move and started visiting mom at night. At first she only wanted to talk but when she saw mom's naked body, she couldn't help and started fucking her. She was so turned on by my mother that she even kissed her mouth and sucked her tongue.
For some reason, sex with my sexy slut mother convinced Lizzie that she had found the love of her life.
This was not what we had planned for but this was still the best option we had.
The next problem was Christine. We thought she'd flip out to see her daughter with 50 year old whore.
"You will move in with me." Lizzie said authoritatively as she munched on a light snack mom put together for her new girlfriend.
"I don't think it is a good idea. Your mom..." mom trailed off.
"Don't worry about that slut!" Lizzie cried. "She can't get enough of those black sluts she fucks all day!"
"Lizzie! What do you mean?" I asked a bit too quickly, betraying my eagerness.
"Mom is a black cunt slut! She's been fucking around for years. She visits whore houses and sucks assholes of black sluts." Lizzie said smiling.
"And I have pictures!" she was now beaming.
When she went upstairs, mom and I hugged. We knew we had hit the jackpot. We could exploit mother-daughter's indiscreetness to get something out of these rich sluts.
"I like Lizzie" mom confessed.
I stared at her. It had been a while since my mother showed lesbian tendencies. She only enjoyed big black cocks, as far as I knew.
"She is tender but strong, soft yet firm, and she kisses me with such a passion. She may look like a girl, but she's more of a man than her father."
Neither mom, nor I knew how much of a man Lizzie was. But we were about to find out.
Lizzie helped mom move up to her room. They made uninhibited love for the whole day. Lizzie worshipped my mother and mom liked the tenderness of another woman's body.
When Christine returned, we heard the mother-daughter having loud arguments which ended with Lizzie's shrill accusation -"I have pictures of you pushing your tongue up that fat whore's asshole mom!"

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Am I the only one who gets aroused by his own stories?
I write for myself and love getting hard and masturbating to these perverted words!