Slut Mother Gets Married Again (Part II)

Alternative Title - "A Whore and a Lady"

"I love you husband" my mother, dressed in burgundy wedding dress held her new husband's arm. She had picked the dress. Bob wanted her to wear white but she refused.
Bob wore his black suit with a red bow-tie and kissed me mother deeply. I could see a bulge in his pants. It was clear that my mother hadn't let him cum for last few days, heightening his hormones and committing him to the ceremony.
After the wedding, mom and I made sure that Bob didn't have a chance to fuck my mom. He was unhappy when he saw me come back into their honeymoon suite. He was expecting to bury his cock into my mother's soft hips but I plopped on the couch and made myself comfortable. Much to his chagrin, my mom did the same thing. She yawned loudly as she sat next to me. She kissed me on the cheek while I flipped the channel.
"Come over. Join us honey!" she said happily to anxious Bob who was looking at his watch signaling that it was time for me to leave.
"Can I talk to you?" he finally said to mom.
"I will be back in a minute darling" mom said to me and walked in.
Ten minutes later when she strolled out, she was in her panties. Bob had left the suite for an urgent call.
"What happened?" I asked her not paying attention to her massive breasts, swinging lazily across her chest, nipples erect.
"He wanted to fuck me but I reminded him he still needed to complete his business deals or his partners will be very unhappy." she said chuckling.
"That put a bucket of ice down his pants!" she was now laughing, her tits and belly fat developing delightful ripples.
I smiled.
"So what's the plan now honey?" she asked me.
"Well mother." I turned the TV off and turned to face her.
"Now we make sure you don't satisfy him till he files for a divorce."
"Oh honey! That's cruel" mom said pouting. "I haven't cum in soooo long."
I watched as my mother pushed her panties aside revealing her large, rich pussy. Its musky aroma started filling the room even though the large labia didn't fan out as much as they could. I could see the huge clitoris sticking up at the top of that gorgeous cunt.
I pulled her panties back on.
"You have to control yourself for just few days mom. Once you are his legal wife, I will find you biggest blackest men you have ever fucked. I promise"
"And what am I supposed to do till then?" she asked, revealing her giant pussy yet again.
"Why don't you masturbate mother. Just do it quickly before he comes back."
I didn't have to say it twice. My mother took off her panties and started masturbating shamelessly on the couch, right next to me.
I jumped up and locked the room, just in case Bob decided to show up in the middle of my mother's relaxation time.
"Aren't you gonna say it?" she whispered pushing her fingers deep inside her cunt.
"You are the most beautiful woman in the world mom. Your breasts are so large and soft, your nipples so succulent" I started the familiar narrative she taught me when I was 8.
"Are my tits really big?" she said lifting her boobs in her hand.
"Oh mom! They are the largest, sexiest tits on the planet." I said, sticking to the script. I was bored of this shit but it got her off and today I need her to get off quickly.
"And what about my cunt?"
"The bestest cunt ever" I continued. "I like it because it is my cunt. I came from it"
"Oh yeah! I love that you like my cunt because I loved giving you birth" she said turned on, rubbing her labia harder.
I could see the wetness. She was getting close.
"Talk to me about my ass. I know you love it. Don't you honey?" she looked expectantly.
I paused. My mother's ass always made me pause. The huge round hips, flawless skin, creamy texture were the dream of every boy around the world, To me those hips were a work of art. I loved them. I worshipped them.
"I love your hips mother." I said, my voice trembled as I looked at the bulging ass flesh on either side.
She looked at me and smiled and then turned around and bent forward, sticking her rear out and exposing her beautiful anus.
My knees grew weak. I couldn't stare at that glorious hole. I slipped off the couch and sank to my knees, my nose inches away from my mother's asshole.
She looked over her shoulder and smiled, rubbing her pussy harder now. I just kept sniffing, breathing deeply, taking in the aroma of my mother's rectum.
"I really love your asshole mom!" I whispered.
"I know" she whispered back and then threw her head back. She thrust her hips out even more and screamed as fresh water squirted from her cunt on the couch.
Five minutes later, Bob came back.
I had left mom in the living room. Still naked, she welcomed her husband with gusto.
Despite my caution, I could hear my mother letting her new hubby enter her.
"Oh Yeah" I heard her giggle.
"You think I am sexy?"
"Yes Veronica. Why do you think I married you?" Bob replied panting, his breath shallow with passion.
"You are so cute. Come in me honey! Tonight you are fucking your wife" mom said running her fingers though his thinning hair.
That night Bob fucked my mother twice. Considering what mom had told me about his dick, that was an accomplishment.
A day later mom and I were in a luxury penthouse in upscale neighborhood. I could see Bob resented me as I cut into his fucking time but mom had made it clear she won't go anywhere without me.

The apartment was one of three that Bob owned in LA alone. He had two in Sydney and one each in London and Paris. My mother had seen the pictures and we were looking forward to visiting each one.
"I will have to go home and talk to Catherine." Bob said looking at mom.
"Catherine? Your ex wife? What the fuck are you doing talking to her?" mom yelled following the script I wrote for her.
"The divorce is not final yet." Bob said slowly.
Mom stared at him for a moment. Then she picked up a long vase and lunged at Bob - going straight for his face.
Bob ducked. I jumped grabbing her but she managed to throw it at him and kick him in the ribs.
"You bastard! You married me while you were still married to that bitch!" Mom yelled, still kicking, trying to break free from me.
Bob cowered behind the expensive dining table. I now had an arm around my mom's neck while my other hand was on her boob.
"Fuck you asshole! Fuck you! You think I am a whore? You think I want to be your mistress?"
"Veronica. Calm down. The neighbors can hear you." Bob pleaded.
"Let them. I want them to know what an asshole criminal you are, you fucker."
She managed to break free and flew to where Bob was standing.
"You son of a bitch. You just told my son I am a whore." and with that she started sobbing.
"I am so sorry Larry. Your mother is a whore. I didn't have a choice son. We needed money to pay the bills." she said covering her mouth as if trying to suppress her sobs.
I came closer and kneeled by her. The two of us, mother and son, put on a good show that night. Bob was impressed.
When he left he had promised mom he'd throw his wife of 35 years out that night.
As soon as he left, mom and I bursted out laughing.
"You are a good! My God you are good mom!" I said.
"I was in three movies" mom said pleased with herself as she got up from the floor.
"Yeah! But you didn't have any lines" I said stretching out on the comfortable couch.
"Oh yeah I did" she said pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge.
We both started groaning together "Umm....Oooh! Oh Yeah! Fuck me. Of daddy. Put it in my ass!" and then laughed again.
True to his word Bob returned the next day with good news. He had told Catherine it was over and asked her to leave the house. Since they had prenup, Catherine received an agreed upon sum of 500 grand and not a penny more of the $20 million estimated value of Bob's worth.
Bob had also told her about mom except that he had already married her to avoid legal complications. A limo was waiting for us downstairs to drive us to Bob's mansion in the hills. But Bob wanted sex before we left.
Mom looked at me and I gently shook my head indicating that she shouldn't satisfy her horny husband.
"He hasn't earned the right to fuck you yet mom." I whispered in her ear .
Mom followed my advice and looked sternly at Bob when he touched her letting him know that he will have to work very hard to get her back.
2 hours later, mom, Bob and I were in his luxurious mansion. Bob had given mom the entire 2nd floor with 3 rooms, a full sized bath with steam room, and jacuzzi and 2 smaller bathrooms. There was a kitchen, a gym and a separate living room as well. Two butlers and a maid served on this floor.
Catherine was on the top floor with her 2 k**s. 20 year old Craig and 18 year Elizabeth (Lizzy) were equally upset with their father. Craig was tall and muscular, just the type of boy my mother liked to fuck. Lizzy was tall, blonde with long legs, champagne glass shaped tits and tight small ass that I could have kissed all day.
Catherine was silently packing. We couldn't see or hear but we knew what was going on. Unlike my whore mother, Catherine was a true lady. She was pleasant, sophisticated and well composed even as she lifted her suitcase and started coming down the stairs of her house with her husband. We could see the guilt on his face but his hormones had made him impervious to reason.
Mom and I squeezed our hands together watching the marriage fall apart and then we watched our dreams shatter before our eyes.
When Catherine lifted her suitcase, Bob insisted he wanted to help. With one clean motion, he picked up his wife's heavy suitcase and started climbing down the stairs, tripped and fell. When his body came to rest, he looked fine, ready to get up but he never did.
Catherine, Craig and Lizzy helped him up to the sofa in mom's new bedroom but Bob never woke up.
The doctor said he died of heart attack and with him died our dreams of being rich.
Catherine was still Bob's legal wife. She and her c***dren inherited everything. Mom had no legal authority. We could have sued but no lawyer would take a case against Catherine's legal counsellor, the great Jeffery Vandenbush and his team of high powered lawyers.
However, the wonderful lady that she was Catherine let me and my mother stay for another week, till after the funeral. That was the mistake, she shouldn't have made.
Part III coming soon
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