Slut Mother Gets Married, Again - Part I

Slut Mother gets Married Again (Part I)

If you have read my Slut Mother series, you know something about my mom - the middle aged slut and prostitute who thrives on getting abused. Here's another perverted account of my Slut Mother marrying her 4th husband. The story may shock some of you and disgust few others. But it will thrill each and everyone who likes to masturbate listening to a son telling a real story about his real mother (Yes, parts of this story are based on real incidents. Some dialog is real too).
It was Sunday, the most productive day for my mother. Men, after spending the weekend with their wives and girlfriends, partying and shopping looked for cheap thrills and quick ways to relax before another week began. Mom always described her Sunday clients as tortured souls looking for salvation before the vampires buried their fangs and drew bl**d for rest of the week.
"Guys on Sunday are typically married and pay better than ones on Friday night." she once told me.
"Oh yeah. Why mom?"
"They can't come out and play on Friday because the wife has some boring thing planned for them. Sat is reserved for k**s, as it should be. Sunday however..." she paused as she applied lipstick and smacked her lips a few times, "is a day for them to unwind. They suddenly realize that the weekend is almost gone and they have this tension know where." she patted my crotch and winked.
I smiled and watched her as she dropped the towel and kicked it away. Her large, pendulous tits fell obscenely on her chest and belly. Her pierced nipples hanging on either side of her navel, resting on her round waist.
"Sunday is the best day." she said leaning forward toward the mirror and looking at her makeup.
"You think I need more rogue?" she asked still looking at her face.
"I think you look fine mom." I was behind her and couldn't see her face but I knew she always looked beautiful even though she weighed 180lbs and was just 5'3".
"Thanks honey but I do think I need some rogue. You know how pale i look otherwise."
She was an expert makeup artist. The fact that she had worked as a prostitute all her life gave her an intimate survival skills including putting on her face within few minutes after each john.
"Mom, why are Sunday clients so good?"
She smiled.
"Why don't you help me" she leaned forward again, looked over her shoulder and spread her hips.
My mother has one big ass on her. Almost 50" wide, each cheek is a work of art. Round, fleshy and still supple, her hips give her the voluptuous look that so many women lack. I quickly grabbed a bottle of lotion and moved in. I loved this.
"Men on Sunday are usually well heeled and well behaved...That's it honey. Right there" she sighed as I spread the lotion on my hands and rubbed her large ass.
"They don't try to negotiate the price and are usually respectful" she continued as I massaged her naked hips.
"Don't forget the insides." she said leaning a bit further, exposing her asshole to me.
My mother's rectum is a work of art. Leonardo was unfortunate to not have known my mother and her beautiful anus or Paris museum would have a painting of huge, puckered, red hole where they hang the portrait of La Gioconda, also known as the Mona Lisa. Mom loved her rectum. If everything else failed, this was her one tool that always got desired results. She had a list of 50 regular clients, but only 2 were privy to her rear opening.
I scooped generous amount of scented lotion and gently lined my mother's anus. I was always careful massaging mom's asshole. I was afraid I might damage it.
Mom looked back over her left shoulder and urged me to work faster.
"Just rim me. Don't put your hand in. I know you never do, but I don't want it to open up just yet."
"Sure thing mom" I said gently massaging her rear hole.
"I expect to see Bob today. He always comes at around 2 and takes me out for lunch. Then he fucks me while I degrade his wife."
"What do you say?" I asked. I was done with her asshole and had moved down to her thighs and legs, massaging them, relaxing her.
"Bob has this fetish where he tells me what a stupid cunt his wife is and how he'd like to marry me instead. His whole body responds when I call his wife trash and not a real woman. He always cum."
I was stunned. Why couldn't she tell me about him before?
For a sexy 50 year old with long limbs, slightly heavy body, beautiful, round face, hazel eyes and brunette, my mother sure was a dumb broad. But then that's why God had given her access to me. I was an A student and super smart when it came to understanding people.
I dropped the lotion and spent next 30 minutes telling my mother how we could benefit from the situation. She still didn't understand.
"You underestimate the power of your backdoor mother." I said patting her large, naked hips. "Just do what I told you today and you will be fine."
Mom wanted to wear thigh high, leather boots, black micro mini and see through red blouse. Instead, I made her wear a long black skirt falling all the way to her ankles and a white blouse with big leather and metal belt. Her best jewelry including cheap, 14K gold earrings and sterlite silver necklace completed her attire of a classy woman.
That day my mother served 6 men in her rented motel room. Half of them were so turned on, they just lifted her long skirt and fucked her from behind. One asked for a blowjob while she stayed fully dressed and the rest made her lie down on her back while they had missionary style sex.
Bob didn't come.
It was around 7 when mom heard from him. As per plan, she told Bob she wasn't working anymore.
"Why Veronica? I need you." he begged.
Mom and I smiled.
"Listen hun, I am not working anymore. I just needed some money for my son's school but this is not what I plan to do all my life." she teased him.
"Are you sure? I only want 30 min with you baby" Bob begged like a puppy.
"You think I am whore?" mom yelled at him. "You don't respect me much, do you honey. Well, why don't you go back to that slut you call a wife and pay her a 100 to let you fuck her asshole."
"That bitch is not my wife." Bob wailed. "I can only cum with you. I love you."
"No you don't and I can't argue with you. My son will be back any minute" She was playing her part well.
Bob was shocked. For all the money he had, he never thought a cheap prostitute will reject him. But rejection is such a powerful tool that it devastated him.
"So you won't see me today?" he asked, dejection oozing from his voice.
I signalled my mother. Now was the time to strike.
"I love to see you. You know I always enjoy it with you. Okay, tell you what. Why don't you come to my house and we can have coffee."
"Cool!" Bob was elated.
Mom gave him the address and put on her clothes again. I left the house and waited around the corner.
In 15 minutes, Bob was in the living room of our small apartment. Sitting on a cheap Ikea couch, he tried to kiss my mom and she let him. He then proceeded to maul her mammoth tits and once again, she let him. When he put his hand around her ass and tried massaging it, I rang the doorbell and mom jumped up.
"I will get some coffee before you tear my clothes off you naughty boy." she chided him playfully and then opened the door letting me in.
"Bob, meet my son Larry. Larry, this is Bob."
I acted shy. A teenager should be shy around older men.
After mom left, I stayed in the living room, looking at Bob. I was fishing for information.
"So you are my mom's boyfriend?" I asked innocently.
"What?" Bob was startled.
" She told me she was spending time with you."
I could see this made Bob uncomfortable. He wanted to get out. I had to find a way to stop him and make him feel comfortable.
"My mother is very dedicated to you. She told me you are married to a passive agressive bitch who has made your life hell." I continued.
Then I rushed into the kitchen and gave mom the signal.
"Larry, go to your room." mom said loudly so bob could hear it.
I went in.
Once Bob felt he had a bit of privacy he opened up.
"Why does your son think I am your boyfriend?" he asked agitated.
"What else do you want me to tell him? That his mother is a whore who fucks men for money because the man she likes won't support her? That's what you want?' she yelled.
"I never said that", for all the money that Bob had, he still lacked confidence of a real man, a trait that we planned to exploit.
"Yeah. I know" mom said sarcastically. "You tell me you love me, that you'd marry me and kick your wife out. You make me do stuff nobody else would for you but it makes you nervous if I tell my son you are my boyfriend."
Bob looked at his coffee.
"I guess it is okay if you tell him I am your boyfriend"
"Have your coffee Bob. I never asked you for anything and I am not asking you now. Sugar?" she said dangling a packet in front of him.
"Yes please." Bob replied.
Mom smiled sweetly at him as she stirred his coffee.
"Listen Bob, I am sorry. You came here to relax. Why don't you remove your pants and sip your coffee, while I take care of you."
"What about your son?" Bob asked worriedly.
"Larry has to go for drama practice in a few minutes." she said simply.
That was another signal. I picked up my keys and books and left the house.
"Goodbye Mr. Stearn. Bye mom." I said as I left.
Both mom and Bob waved at me.
That night my mother told me rest of the story. As soon as I left, Bob slid out of his pants and mom sucked him. Then they fucked on the couch while mom kissed him and finally when he entered her anus, she told him she truly loved him. Bob responded in kind and told her he loved her too before proceeding to fuck my mother's asshole and cumming in her.
Mom didn't charge him for that fuck.
From there on, Bob became a regular feature in our apartment. There are 2 paintings on the wall, a chair, a rug, a couch and Bob. Mom often sends me away and later tells me what Bob said while he fucked her.
After nearly 2 weeks of free sessions, my mother stopped seeing Bob.
"Larry is asking too many questions" she told Bob over phone, "and since I don't even know if I am your girlfriend, I don't think it is a good idea to raise his hopes."
The very next day we found Bob at our door with a bouquet of red roses and baseball gear. He took us out on a dinner date. Mom refused to fuck him after the date and sent him unfulfilled.
Rejection and denial worked well on Bob and in another 2 weeks, Bob proposed to my mother. He was going to Las Vegas on a business trip and wanted her to him. Since mom couldn't leave me alone, we all went.
Bob had a suite in beautiful Venetian. He and my mother took the bedroom, while I slept on a couch outside. We were not used to this kind of luxury but per my instructions, my mother never let Bob know how much she liked being there. Instead, she complained about him being gone all the time while she had to sit around and wait for him.
What Bob didn't know was how badly my mother wanted to invite men over and fuck them for some extra money. I had to wrestle for the laptop she wanted to use to post a craigslist ad. The stupid bitch wanted to get fucked and since I wouldn't let her fuck her own boyfriend, she wanted someone else.
I knew I had to speed things up before Bob figured things out.
I spent all our money on an elegant evening dress for my mother. Backless, full length and silk, it shimmered in gentle light of expensive restaurants. It didn't hide my mother's huge tits but rather made them look softer and classy as it fell lightly exposing her cleavage. But the main reason I spent so much on this was how it accentuated my mother's blatant hips. So far, all the skirts mom wore made her ass look obscene, begging to be fucked. But this dress merely covered them - slipping and sliding around as she moved, adjusting to her natural curves and giving them an opulent, well padded look. With a spa treatment that I billed to the room, my mother no longer looked like the slut. She looked as elegant and sophisticated as any of those rich bitches who throng Vegas with their wealthy husbands.
Bob was bowled over. Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that my mother could look this way.
He cancelled our plans to go to a small Italian restaurant hidden behind the strip. Instead, he called his secretary and took mom to the office party. For the first time, Bob introduced my mother as his girlfriend.
Mom returned alone. She was exhausted.
"Bob is still with his business partners. All the wives left so I came back too." she said plopping her huge ass down on the big couch.
I noticed a new, expensive watch around her wrist.
"Bob bought this before we went to the party". she smiled looking at it.
"This is it mom!" I shrieked even as I helped her take the dress off.
My mother sat in the tub filled with bubbles. I massaged and cleaned her body. Taking each big, heavy breast in hand, I moved the washcloth all around it while she relaxed.
"Tonight, you relax him mother." I said, scrubbing her chest and belly.
"What?" she said lazily.
"Let him know that he can fuck you. Call him your man and kiss him. Kiss him a lot."
"I can do that. But what about denial."
"Don't worry mother!" I said with an evil grin. "All that alcohol won't let him cum. He will just be very unsatisfied tomr. and you will tell him that you are the only woman who can relax him."
Two days later, on the last day of the conference, Bob proposed to my mother. Just a few hours later, they got married in a local Casino. I made sure there were enough pictures and videos of the ceremony.
Finally, my mother and I were rich, or so we thought.
Part II coming soon
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Great story..can not wait for the rest.
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good start. definatly sounds like its leading some where.
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