Growing Up with a whore

Contrary to what most people believe, growing up with a prostitute for a mother is not so bad. Most are good and take good care of their c***dren. They keep the young k**s protected by locking them up in a room while they service their clients. Most clients don't even know that the whore they are fucking has any k**s.
As the k**s grow older, they start realizing that their mother is not normal. She doesn't socialize with other c***dren's parents and hardly participates in any after school activity.
By middle school, these c***dren know that instead of having just one father, they have many uncles and by now, they walk in on one of these uncles fucking their mother silly. That image is traumatic but not as much because the mother finds a way to deflect their suspicion - "he was helping mommy clean the house" routine.
However, it is not until high school that c***dren accept the profession of their mother. By now, beyond any doubt they know that the money they have been spending was what was left by all those guys who show up at odd times at their house.
Even though there's no formal "talk", both the mother and c***dren know where they stand.
When and if the c***d goes to college, the relationship becomes much more open. They know their mother will never quit because this is the only way she knows how to make money and she likes her job. The remove themselves from the situation by moving to the dorm or a city far away. They visit and stay out of their mother's way even as she continues to provide guilty pleasures to men of all ages.
Now the interesting thing happens.
Girls, typically more understanding, accept their mother and love her even more for seeing them through all those difficult years. You can see the pics of girls in the mother's living room.
The boys are conflicted. They can't bring a girl home, they can't stay there while their mothers fuck strange men. They disassociate themselves from the situation as far as possible.
However, there are times when mom and c***dren develop a strong, loving relationship and are open about sex.
That said, I've had friends whose experience was not as good as mine. Their moms kept working indiscriminately through their entire high school. Some were addicted to d**gs. Some had pimps and were often in abusive relationships that took its toll on both the mother and son.
I remember visiting Andy. He wanted to show my his new video game. When he unlocked the door, we heard his mother's shrill voice - "Don't come in. I am with a client".
Andy was deeply embarrassed.
But that wasn't enough.
"he knows never to come in when I am working" she whispered to her client.
You may think prostitutes are beautiful and sex but Andy's mom was tall, almost 6" brunette. She used to a stripper, had fake boobs and was missing a few teeth. She was painfully thin and almost always high.
Andy and I waited outside for almost 15 min. When the man left the house, we gave her another 15 min to get the house in order.
The living room was dark - all the curtains had been pulled shut. It reeked of d**gs. There were half burnt candles and trashy lingerie all around. A few dildos on the coffee table.
The only light in the room was from the TV which played a porn movie. Andy's mother was sprawled on the couch in her bra. She didn't even open her eyes.
"I told you to call me before you came home?" she said loudly.
"I called mom but you didn't pick up" andy complained.
"That's because I was with a client." she said, irritation and anger in her voice was too obvious.
Andy walked past her into his room and I followed. He closed the door and shrugged.
"Don't worry." I said. "I know how it is"
"No you don't" Andy said. " Your mom is much cleaner and careful."
On our way out, Andy grabbed the 60 bucks on the coffee table while his mother still lay there motionless.

I knew Chrissy from high school in LV. Her mother was a fat but good looking prostitute. She had a dental chair that she picked up from trash and serviced her clients on that. She always kept photos of Chrissy around the house and was obviously proud of her. Chrissy didn't mind her mother's job either.

And then there was Sage. I met her in one of my mother's party. Sage was almost 60. She had k**s and grandk**s and there were pictures in her living room of her and her son holding a stripper's tits. Sage obviously was one of the ideal prostitutes with solid bonds with her c***dren.

So if you know a prostitute with k**s, don't just reject them as failures. Some of them will grow up to be very successful individuals. Their mothers chose the profession because it was what they could do with dignity and independence.
If you see a d**gged and crazed whore with k**s - then do report her. She could be endangering her c***dren's lives.
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2 years ago
I like this one. I used to have a GF whose a entertainer. Her profession didn't stop me from loving her and we almost have a perfect relationship. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and she passed away 8yrs ago. I still remember her and respect her dearly. I still visit her grave to offer my respect to her. :(
3 years ago
Lot of questions about this one. Here're a few answers
That was a very heartfelt blog. I wrote it when I visited my mom last year and saw that she was still working.
I always thought she'd be happy to get out of it and once I move to college, may be she'd stop. But now I realize that she enjoys her work. She doesn't know how to do anything else.
Selling her body to strangers also brought us much closer. I know how much she cares for me, always keeping me out of the harm's way.
But it also leads to drug abuse which I don't like. But when a woman is getting fucked by as many as 10 men a day, she needs something to get going.
The strong bond we share today is because of her working as a prostitute.
Of course, that's not the whole story. There were times when I'd come home to find her naked on the floor, fucked, drugged and robbed. Guys always wanted a freebie and many got it too. She was not that smart about it. She was desperate for love and let many men fuck her believing that they were really interested in her personality rather than her pussy.
The good news is that it is getting better. Mom and I talk openly about relationships and she is taking much better care of herself now.
Hope that helps
3 years ago
Very profound, reality can sometimes be shit can it not.
3 years ago
very good telling it like it is