Oh my Gosh! - Part 1

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It was the happiest day of my life. After 9 months, Sarah had asked me to move in with her. We met at a friend's place. She was playing piano while our friend's parents danced.
I fell in love with her then and after 3 months of relentless pursuit she agreed to go out with me.
Unlike me, Sarah lived alone. She had a decent job at a bank, retirement plan and owned a townhouse in a quiet suburb. At 29, she was also 10 years older than me.
Four months later I invited her to see my mother. I knew the two women wouldn't like each other but to my surprise they did seem to get along.
My mother had raised me all by herself. We were not wealthy but she gave me everything I needed and took great care of me. I took care of her too. But now the time had come to leave all that behind.
I was ecstatic about moving in with my girlfriend but I was terrified about what mom'd say.
"You what?" she almost yelled.
"Mom." I goraned.
My mother had chestnut brown hair, large almond eyes, perfectly shaped eyebrows, long eye lashes and small nose. Her lips were full and rested easily on her small chin. Her hair fell on her forehead, making her round, slightly plump face look exceptionally beautifull in the dim light of our room. Wrinkels around her eyes and mouth showed her age but she could still pass for someone in her mid forties.
She was wearing a sheer negligee, and the light behind her exposed her figure through the thin material. Her large boobs fell to her navel, her nipples, though long didn't seem hard. Her slightly plump belly moved with each labored breath.
But it was her hips that deserve mention. My mother had a huge butt on her 5' 4" frame. Almost 55 inches around with two perfect cheeks, her ass was a work of art. Her hips stuck out like basketballs and unlike rest of her body, they were still firm. When she walked, ripples from her ass travelled all the way up to her waist and jiggled her love handles and boobs. When she danced, she could bring down the house.
Her legs were well toned and long and her feet and toes were well manicured and painted red, just like her hands.

"You want to move away! How could you do that to me after what we have been through?" she was panting.
"I love her! She is good for me." I said.

My mother looked at me, into my eyes.
"You sure baby?" she whispered.
"Yes mom. Sarah is the one for me."
She stepped closer to me and put her head on my chest.
"I know. I like her too. But I am going to miss you so much. What will I ever do without you?" She was sobbing now.
I ran my hand over her head.
"I will come to see you often mom."
"Really? You promise?"
"Yes mom."
"Thank you baby!" and she crushed me with all her might, her boobs mashed against my chest, her lips kissing my neck.

The first three months with Sarah were a bliss. We couldn't stop having sex. The first argument we had was when she told me she had a new opportunity 300 miles away. We had a fight and then we made up with lot of sex.
I knew it was the right thing to do and we moved in January.
My mother didn't say anything but she helped us pack and every now and then I caught her wiping her tears away as she worked in the kitchen.

The first time I saw mom after the move was when she came over for Thanksgiving. We were both so happy! She grabbed me at the airport and kissed my face. I wiped her tears away before we drove hom.
Sarah realized how much we needed to reconnect and left us mother and son alone.
She was in the bathroom, while my mom was in the kitchen. I went in to get a glass of water.
"Yes mom?"
"Can we? Tonight?"
I looked at her.
"No mom. While Sarah is here we play it safe." I whispered.
"Please baby. Don't make me beg."
"Mom, If she finds out, I lose everything. I really love her."
"I know. I love her too but I love you more and I thought you loved me." she said, the hurt clearly showing on her face and in her voice.
:I love you mom. I really do. But if she finds out...."
"She won't", mom interrupted me and put something in my hand.
"A friend gave it to me. It can put an elephant to sl**p in 10 minutes."
"Is it safe?" I asked a little worried.
"Yeah!" she said too quickly, shrugging her shoulders which made me doubt her but I knew we both needed each other's love tonight.

At 9:30, I carried my groggy girlfriend to the bedroom. She was sl**ping before I could put her to bed. I carefully removed her clothes and covered her with the bed sheets.
Then, almost skpping, I went to the guest room where my mother was staying.
I wasn't prepared for the site that greeted me. Mom was completely naked and rubbing her massive breasts, pulling at her long nipples and fingering her pussy every now and then. Milk from her breasts had already wet the sheets.
When she heard me at the door, she looked up, then smiled and lifted her arms to welcome me home.
I walked to her in a daze. We kissed each other all over the face and she started sobbing loudly. The milk was now flowing unabated, as if someone had turned the faucets on.
Mom produced over a 100 ounces everyday, result of hormonal therapy she had undergone to keep me fed. She had always wanted to change her body to satisfy my every need and her doctor and now a good friend had suggested hormones to make her big tits bigger and up her milk production. Once we explained her what we wanted, Rima, the doctor, also helped mom with vaginal and anal stretching and talked to me about safe preoducts to bleach my mother's anus.

We held hands and then my mother pushed my face down, into her overflowing mammaries. I took both nipples in my mouth, trying to swallow as much milk as possible.
3 hours later when I emerged from her room, I only had my tshirt on. My cock dangled between my legs. As I closed her door behind me, I saw her snoring peacefully on her bed, breasts laying heavily between her arms and her massive hips moving with her breath. I smiled and tiptoed back to my bedroom, trying to put my shorts back on.

To be continued
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2 months ago
nice, interesting, beginning of story
5 months ago
Yes. I just posted it.
Part 3 is what you boys are really waiting for .
5 months ago
;) part2 ;)