House of Debauchery - Part 4 (Even More Perverted!

"Good morning!" , I heard my mother's voice.
"Mornin'" I groaned, eyes half open and still groggy. Last night had been a mess. I went out to meet a few friends and came hope d***k, something that neither my wife, nor my mother liked. Since both women kept a close watch on me, it was hard to escape their wrath.
Gina was furious.
"MOTHERFUCKER!", she yelled.
"Huh", I grunted, trying to sit on the couch and missing it, landing on the carpet, on my butt.
Gina came rushing toward me and would have kicked the shit out of me had my mother not inserted herself between the two of us. She bent over and grabbed my arm, trying to get me to stand.
"This is so not cool Larry." she said gently.
"You know we don't mind if you wanna get high at home, but getting d***k and driving home? That's just awful."
I was trying my best but the fact that my mother was wearing nothing but a little pink, see through teddy, wasn't helping. Her overdeveloped tits swung freely on her without support, even more so because she was leaning forward. They were so large that her nipples and surrounding tit flesh escaped the bottom of her teddy!
As she touched me, she started expressing! Milk flowed freely from my mother's sumptuous breasts but I was too d***k to enjoy it.

I don't remember what happened next. I was just now waking up.

I yawned and stretched. A little headache bothered me and my throat was parched.

"Where's Gina?" I asked, almost scared that she'd march in and kick my ass again.

I heard mom laugh gently.
"Don't worry darling. She left early today to get her manicure and pedicure today. We planned to go together but I decided you'd need me here."

"Thanks mom"

"Get up and clean yourself. I want to talk to you honey."

I managed to drag myself into the bathroom. What will she talk about? Has Gina left us for good? She threatened several times before but my mother always managed to make her stay. Lately, I started feeling that Gina stayed not because she was married to me but because she liked fucking my mother. Who she loved more, I couldn't tell. Perhaps both of us. Perhaps, neither. I knew I still loved her but I liked doing some things that pissed her off.
My mother, on the other hand, wanted to keep the f****y together. She wanted all three of us to be as happy as we were when Gina and I got married. She knew that we were going through a rough patch but she was determined to keep her f****y together.
Even when Gina was fucking her with a strap on, mom always made sure I was close, holding her hand and telling her that I loved her.

Gina, like my mother, was close to 50. I was 22. Despite the gap of almost 30 years, we were perfect for each other. We both loved raunchy sex and we the fact that both mom and Gina were full time prostitutes. There were no secrets in our house. The women walked around naked.
My mother was a very beautiful woman. Old, but beautiful. If you looked at her, you could have mistaken her for an old housewife waiting to have a grandson but mom was not a grandma. She was a hooker with a pretty, round face, hazel eyes, small pretty nose and full lips that attracted all kind of men to her. She had wrinkles on her face, especially around her eyes and mouth and her neck showed signs of maturity too. She wasn't fat but carried 185 pounds on her smallish 5'4" frame that gave her fitful of love handles on either side of her tummy.
She had a huge ass. Almost 55" around, my mother's hips stuck out like two giant basketballs, ready to be played with. When she walked, men stopped to watch but only those who paid a 100 bucks got a chance to touch my mother's massive ass. Only two exceptions to that rule were Gina and I.
At the other end of her giant, almost 55" girth ass were two well toned thighs that merged into long legs and ended into two small feet.

Mom loved teasing us with her mammoth ass. She'd hold her cheeks apart and expose her overfucked anus to us. The sight of that ass drove me crazy, especially if she had cum of her clients. Gina, my wife and also a prostitute, sucked me till I came in her mouth but I was never satisfied till I ate my mother's bitchin' asshole.

On top of this, my mother was lactating. She produced as much as 130 ounces of milk everyday, enough for me to drink three times a day and still leave enough to store for other uses. My wife consumed what I left over and like me she loved sucking it straight from mom's tits but we had so much frozen milk that even if mom ran out, she could have her fill.

I came out of bathroom. Mom was on the bed now - naked. She was sitting up, her legs under the sheet. Her massive tits rested on her belly. She was leaking milk.
I knew what to do. I moved closer.
"Take off your underwear." she whispered.
"I like to see your cock when you suck me. I enjoy it even more when Gina sucks you off while you feed on my tits."
I quickly pushed the boxers down and stepped out of them as I climbed on the bed. Mom lifted her right breast. From base to the tip, it was more than a foot long and so massive that she had to use both hands.
I put my head on her lap and she gently lowered her tit on my face. I found the nipple and started suckling on delicious milk.
She ran her fingers through my hair as I slurped the white nectar.
" stroke yourself." she whispered again.
I didn't wait. I started running my finger and thumb along my cock.
"I'm gonna cum very soon.." I groaned letting go off the nipple.
"Shhhhhh...." and she slipped her nipple back in my mouth.
"You drink my milk everyday. I want to drink yours too." she said.
"mmm......" I groaned with a mouthful of breast and milk.
"Yeah baby! Feed your mother with your delicious cock milk."
"Give me your milk honey. Mommy wants your milk!" she urged me running her tongue on her lips and trying to lean forward, toward my cock.
"mmmm....." I goraned.
"I think I will mix it with some honey. Will that take the taste away baby?" she said lasciviously.
"AAAAAHHHH!" I came. I exploded. My cum shot up and then fell back on my belly and chest.
Mom didn't wait. She rotated herself out from under me and leaving her long and huge tit in my mouth positioned her naked body on my side. Then she started licking my cum off my body.
"mmm.....Your milk is so delicious! I want it every day. I won't let you feed on my tits if you don't feed me on your cock juice."
"mmm..." I groaned.

Both mom and I jumped and looked up. Gina stood at the door in her see through red blouse, black bra and black micromini. She had red fishnets and thigh high boots that she loved to wear outside. Even when not working, my wife liked to dress up like a whore.

"Get off him. He is your son you sick cunt!" she yelled and walked over.

Mom was beyond reason. She tried to lick rest of the cum off me but Gina quickly grabbed her loose hair and pulled her away.

"You wanna suck on something, Ill give you something." Gina said maliciously.
She reached under her micromini skirt and unbuttoned the leather harness and then pulled it out from underneath. On the harness were 2 dildos, an eight inch black one that had been in her bald pussy and a giant ten inch red monster that she had up her ass for last few hours. Without waiting, my mother started sucking on the red dildo and slurping on my wife's anal juice.

"And you! What's wrong with you?" she asked me.
"Don't you have any respect for our marriage that you are fucking another woman in our bed!"
"She ain't another woman, she's my mother!" I almost yelled back at her.
"That's what makes it so sick you pervert. Fucking your own mother! I have never heard of that?"
"Oh you have heard of it. Half of your clients pretend you are their mother" I retorted.
"They pretend. Doesn't mean they go back home and fuck their moms. That's why you married me. I am same age as your mom."
"But we never fuck anymore" I complained.
"Even when you have time, you fuck mom. Never me."
"That's BECAUSE I LOVE HER!" Gina yelled and started sobbing.
Mom meanwhile had finished licking Gina's used dildos and had inserted them into her ass and pussy. Her humongous tits now leaked uncontrollably. Milk had wet the sheets.
She calmly tied the harness around her waist, letting the fake cocks adjust in her body.
Then she got up,
"Gina, look at me."
Gina turned around, still sobbing and sniffling.
Mom came closer to my wife, her tits pressed against my wife's own massive chest.
"I love you. Do you hear me? I love you very much." she whispered leaning in and kissing her lightly on the lips.
Gina lost control and stated to cry audibly. She threw her hands around my mother and the two women hugged tightly.
"I never knew that." Gina said.
"I have loved you from the day you moved in. You taught me how to love myself, how to love my body and above all, how to love my son. I respect that."
"Thanks Carol."
"Thank you Gina! You are such a good wife and lover. I am so glad Larry married a woman like you, not a silly 20 year old. But I love Larry too. We are a f****y. Three of us. We have to stick together."
"I saw you two...."
"You saw nothing." mom cut her short. "You saw a mother taking care of her boy when his wife wasn't around. I never sucked him and God knows that I'll never fuck my own son."
"So you guys didn't have sex?"
"No. And from here on, I promise Larry will not suck my tits unless you are around."
"Mom!" I protested.
"I'd like that Carol. It hurts me that my husband gets a hard-on when his mother feeds him but not when his wife offers her ass to him. I thought it was because I was 50 and he wants a young girl, his own age."
"I know honey. Boys his age are weird and crazy. We both know that." mom tried to pacify her.
"If Larry even thinks of cheating on you, on us, I will throw him out of this house."
"Thank you Carol." Gina said hugging my mother.
"So you sure we are good now?" mom asked.
"Yeah! I was thinking of leaving, moving out, you know." Gina said. She sat next to me and caressed my cock.
"But I want to stay now. You are the only f****y I have. We have a beautiful relationship. I don't want to give it up for anything."
"Neither do we." mom said. "Right?' she asked looking at me.
"Yeah! Right!" I quickly said.
"C'mon Carol. I will fuck your son and you can eat his cum from my ass."
"I'd love that! mom said sitting next to my wife and helping her get out of her clothes.
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2 months ago
great pls!!
7 months ago
I'm loving this debauchery,, but can't help thinking how good it would have been if he'd fucked his mom,,given Gina a baby ( girl ),,and then fucked the baby as she grew up into the family business.
8 months ago
i posted a comment but it says "no comments"... Oh well, I want more of this saga and I hope you don't take another month or more to write it. Thanks! It is a beautiful story beautifully written.
8 months ago
The story ends too soon. I, for one, want MORE of this tale. Please don't take so long to write the next chapter.