My Mother, The Porn Star!

It was a big day.
I had driven almost 300 miles north to upstate and now I was parked in front of a huge, luxurious house in a very upscale community.
It was almost dark and after a long drive, I was tired. Sitting next to me was my mother dressed in black, knee long skirt, white blouse with black bra and hair done in a bun. Underneath the skirt , her rather voluptuous thighs and legs were covered in black fishnets and she had nice black pumps on. I knew because I helped her put those on.
She had heavy makeup on, with deep red lipstick on her pouty lips, and hint of purple mascara on her big beautiful eyes. She had a very pretty face that exuded softness and experience. The lines around her lips and eyes accentuated her look and thin, red framed glasses gave her the look of a gentle Mrs. Robinson.
Mom knew how tired I was and ran her fingers through my hair.
"God that was hard!" I spoke, my head resting back on car seat.
"I know. You drove almost non stop and rain didn't help either. Thank you for doing this baby." she said rubbing my neck gently.
"Well, that's why you bought me the car mom. Besides I am looking forward to it. My own mother, in a movie!" I grinned.
"You dirty little boy!" she shrieked.
"You never get enough of your mother's big ass and you don't care whether it is for a movie or not. All you want to do is to watch me get fucked!"
My grin got bigger. I placed my hand between her legs and rubbed her groin though her skirt.
"You know we both love that mom. I am so glad we have such a beautiful relationship."
"I know honey. I love sex, I love it when those big black guys pin my legs behind my ears and pound my pussy and ass with their thick long cocks. But it means nothing unless you are there, watching, helping, making sure I am safe."
"I love doing that mom and I love you."
"I love you too honey but I have to confess, I am a little worried." she leaned forward to kiss my forehead and my hand slipped behind her back and down to her hips. I slid it inside her skirt and felt her soft, fleshy hips.
"What do you mean mom?" I said massaging her wide hips.
"Well, it has been 8 years since you first watched me getting fucked in our living room and ever since you and I have had many nights of fun. You drive me around and I feed you the cum of my lovers. I think you are addicted to it. You like cum eating a bit too much. I mean still don't have a girlfriend. How long do you plan to live with me? What happens when you go to college?"
"That's still a long way away mom"
"No honey. Man of your age and handsome man with your looks should have girls falling over each other to talk to you. And you have never introduced me to one."
"Do you want me to have a girlfriend mom? You want me out of the house?"
"No baby! I love having you around. I don't know what I will do when you leave. Who will undress me for my lovers? Who will spread my hips and help men enter my ass? But I don't want that to interfere with your life. I want you to get a girl and live life."
I sighed. We both knew what she was saying is right but it still didn't feel right.
"Look mom, how about we talk about this when the time comes. For now, lets go, make our first movie. Any woman who comes close to me will know how we live our lives and if she agrees, I will marry her, otherwise I will wait for the right woman."
"Ok. As you wish. I just want to make sure you know that I want you to find another woman." mom said kissing my mouth lightly.
"Well, lets go inside. They may be waiting." I said stretching my hands above my head.

We spent the whole night in the house. There were about a dozen men and 5 women - all prostitutes like my mother. Mom was the oldest woman but she was one of the sexiest one! Men didn't seem to get enough of her juicy ass or cunt and one of the girls seem to have fallen for her too.

It was 3 in the moring when we were finally done. The crew was tired and congratulated each other. The men were lounging around. The women had found a room where they were showering and dressing up or just relaxing. All except my mother.
She was lounging on the couch her legs spread open and her pussy and ass stretched from all the fucking she received from the men.
I knew she was tired too but my mother actually liked getting fucked.

When the time came to leave, she put on her coat and nothing else. I drove her to a motel.
As soon as we entered the room, my mother fell on the bed. Her coat was now open and I stared greedily at her naked body. She breathed in deeply.
"What are you waiting for?" she said. "I want you to start the magic my love."
I look at her face. She had closed her eyes and now spread her legs. I could see her big, open pussy, the labia hanging on either side, weighed down by seven gold rings on each lip.
"Bury you nose in me. Suck me dry. That's what you want. I know you want it."
I sank to my knees. I could smell her cunt. I could smell the cum.
I slid my finger through a couple of rings and lifted her labia and then did what she asked me to do.
"Aaah!" I sighed as I sniffed at my mother's freshly fucked pussy.
She giggled.
"You never get enough of the cum in your mother's pussy." she said as I started lapping up the cum.
I stretched her pussy lips wider and pushed my tongue deeper. Thick globs of cum were flowing in my mouth and I was relishing the taste of each drop.
As I conitnued to service my mother, she started pushing more cum out.
"Pewwwwter...." a push made her fart.
"Ooops!" she giggled.
But I didn't stop. I quickly lifted her hips and pushed my lips around her anus. I didn't want to lose any cum.
It took me a good 10 minutes before I had emptied my mother's cunt and ass of the cum of the 5 strange men who fucked her all night.
"aaah!" she sighed. "Now I feel complete."
I grinned and helped her up to take her coat off.
She turned over on her stomach and I grabbed a bottle of lotion. Then I started massaging my mother's naked body.
I grabbed her shoulders and pushed my palms deeper into her skin. Then I worked my way down to her back and finally all the way to her hips.
My mother has huge hips. Almost 50" wide, they are wider than her shoulders, even the length of her thigh bone!
"Be careful" she whispered.
"I know mom. I won't fist your ass."
Once, a long time ago, in my eagerness to please my mother, I had put too much lotion on my hand. As I massaged her hips, my hand slipped and ended up in my mother's anus. The surprise made her jump and caused an anal fissure that took weeks to heal. Since then, mom had decided to make stretch her asshole so that she could take even the largest dildos and fists up and I had become very carefull while massaging her naked ass.
I grabbed large areas of my mother's naked hips and kept massaging them, relaxing her. I did the same thing with her thighs and finally her calves and feet.
She turned over.
I grabbed my mom's large boobs and firmly massaged them from the base to the nipple. Then I spread the lotion on her big but toned belly and finally her thighs and legs. I kissed her pussy lightly and realized that she had dozed off.
I wanted her to relax. The director had told me that he had the house for one more night and he was willing to invite my mother again that night for another scene that included anal sex and creampie eating from another girl's ass. He was worried if woman my mom's age would consent to the depravity he had planned for her.
I laughed. If only he knew how intimately familiar my mother was with creampie eating. She often asked me to share her anal creampie. Almost everytime she got assfucked, mom would position her hips on a bowl and push all the cum out which we then shared. We both loved it.
The Director of the movie had no idea what my mother was capable of but he would find out. I was looking forward to that. I let me mother sl**p.
80% (27/7)
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9 months ago
1 year ago
sweet keep up the good work
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Great story. I bet she is an great fuck.
1 year ago
what a great mother, wish mine was as sexy. You are lucky man.
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Wow. Very hot story.
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Great Story.
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Excellent story! Very erotic!! Thanks for sharing
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wow what a truly awesome deep incestuous tale that hit me like a ton of bricks. Mainly cause it hit so close to home. I have had huge desires to help my mother get in the adult film business , due to money issues for her, and due to the fact i would love nothing more than to watch multiple men have bareback sex with her, knowing she is getting satisfied as well as making good money, and who better to protect her, her only son, with connects to the business. thanks for reading mind lol..
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Interesting story
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Part 2 of "Mom Dom" is now up.
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Nice story. Good job.
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Man I want your life and I hope there's pix of it hot mom
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Wow loved it
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Very erotic. My cock is pulsing with desire imagining her talents
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AWESOME I always new a mothers love is the best
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You dirty fuckin boy! That was hot
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