Who is a BBW and how to find one

Some people have been pursuing me to tell them how to ensnare a BBW. I am happy to help fellow horny bastards but I warn you, it is not as glamorous as you may think.
If however, you do get past the initial shock of being with a large lady in public, she will give you sensual pleasures beyond your wildest dreams. Her soft body will cushion your pelvis as you pound your cock into her and if you haven't had anal, you can bet your ass, a BBW will let you "park in rear".

I like to keep things simple so that they are easy to understand and follow. I also keep my advice practical - something you can try out today.

First, lets start with a short physiology and phycology lesson about BBW's.

A woman between 5' and 5' 5" and over 160 lbs starts falling into BBW category. If they are above 175 - they are a BBW and no amount of belly sucking and loose clothing can hide their big stomachs and fat behind.
A woman of same height and over 200 lbs is SSBBW - when she moves, your house rocks! But she's also most accommodating and gentle. I know because my loveliest and dearest girlfriend was 260 lbs and after an year of exercise she came down to 234 lbs and then shot up again to 250 lbs.
They typically have short limbs. They take good care of their bodies - always nice smelling. They move rapidly to show they might be a bit overweight but are still agile. You will find many BBWs also being quite flexible because they keep practicing stretching their limbs to prove to themselves they are not just a big blob of fat.

They are insecure about their bodies. They look into mirror each day and hate their big bellies and fat thighs. They cry every night and go on diets every summer. If they are mature and married, they have given up on ever being called beautiful again. They love food but they believe that it is not the food but the "genes" that make them fat. And always, always, always - they have their favorite body part - be it their torso, hip to waist ratio or eyes. It is their hope, their treasure that makes them feel somewhat beautiful.
In essence - typically a large lady has low self esteem and is always looking for approval. They are desperate and as they approach 30 they get more desperate. By the time they are 40 they will take anybody, as long as he has 2 legs and 2 arms and is not just downright disgusting.

Now, how to exploit this to get her out of those clothes and into your bed?
Here are 3 easy steps I have used to net countless large ladies. Remember - I really loved them. I cared for them and I did everything possible to make them happy.

Oops - I gotta run. My mom's home but watch out for part 2.
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1 year ago
Great! I am glad you have one big ass girl in your life.
I like fucking new girls every few months.
1 year ago
2 years ago
Wow!! I love this one. My wife is a BBW and I love every inch of her. :) Thanks for posting this one! Cheers!
3 years ago
great advice, please add as friends.
3 years ago
the words "proper woman" always worked for me. BBWs spend years being told they are fat freaks, tell them that they are the normal ones and the stick insects are the freaks and they will do anything
4 years ago
She's getting there. 10 more lbs and she will be firmly in the bbw category. i can see your wife's fat already jiggles when she walks but if you feel her belly breaking your thrusts during sex, then she's a bbw.
4 years ago
interesting thoughts