Do Women Really Like Anal?

We see anal videos popping up all over. The common belief is that women hate anal and it find it nasty and disgusting besides painful and torturous. That's what makes these videos so popular.
The truth my friends is something different.
Few years ago I had my first anal with a young, 20 something girl. She hated it. She cried out loud and in our 6 month relationship we only did it twice.
I broke up and got involved with another girl, a young school teacher who was addicted to sex but she didn't like anal either. I actually tore her sphincter when I tried to get in. That was the end of that relationship.
A young, South American girl, a devout catholic, freaked at the idea of anything touching her behind and wouldn't even hear about it. We were together for just a month and never had sex again.
Finally, my first anal whore was a beautiful, big tittied girl in her 30s. I don't know if she really enjoyed it but she sure didn't hate it. We lasted almost 7 months and in that time I fucked her ass countless times, each time enjoying it because I could fuck her without condom.
Then I met "her". My 40+ BBW. She wrinkled her nose in disgust when I first suggested it. I used "we don't have to use the condom" excuse and she relented. She always wanted me to impregnate her and liked the idea of my young seed in her body.
She LOVED IT! She enjoyed anal sex so much that she started asking for it almost every time we slept together. The nastiness, the fact that she was with a much younger guy and she was cheating on her husband of 13 years, just made it more sexy for her.
We still see each other. I believe that the biggest reason we have been together is her love of getting her ass opened up by me. She moans with pleasure, she asks me to fuck her harder and I do.

So do women really like Anal - YES! As long as you follow 3 simple rules:
1) Never ask or even suggest it on first date or first few dates - Duh!
2) Always show you love her brain, her eyes, her tits and her cunt - in that order
3) Your first Anal adventure with her should be "Accidental". Your cock finds the "wrong hole" and you push forth. Finally, if she doesn't freak out - you have a chance. Go for it.

They do like anal, especially the mature ones - they just don't know it yet!
88% (25/3)
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2 years ago
@heels - you know what we are talking about here then.
2 years ago
my wife loves having her asshole stuffed and when i tell her i wanna hear her farting cum she squirts like crazy.....
4 years ago
I had anal sex with my fatass girlfriend yesterday. It was quite messy BUT SHE LOVED IT! she was moaning and feeling ashamed at the same time. I didn't cum in her ass but I know I like anal because it makes a woman feel ashamed of herself. It is so perverse, it kills last shred of ego and self respect they carry.
It gives me power and control that I seek in all relationships.
4 years ago
When I was having anal with my 30 something woman - I never encountered anything - not even odor that is so common. With my current though, its a hit or a miss. But my take is that if you enter the cave, be prepared to deal with the rocks.
4 years ago
excellent if she or you give her an enema its a lot cleaner & nicer
4 years ago
I agree - for the first timers lube is must and push very slooowly! Give them time to adjust.
Once you have done it a few times, you can use her cunt to lube your cock. That works very well.
Also NEVER enter her cunt AFTER you have rear ended her. It leads to infection as I learned.
4 years ago
don't forget to use lots of lube and go slow timm they've relaxed
4 years ago
Good lessons here!