Teens with 50 year old whores is not fantasy anymo

I read a sad story today. A 23 year old man accidentally killed his 50 year old wife while playing a sex fantasy game.
I have to say that even though it was sad, I noticed that young and very young men marrying older women is not too far fetched these days.
I have had a 2 month, highly sexual relationship with a 49 year old school teacher with very small tits and long, extra long nipples. I remember one of her friends visited from Australia and was not wearing any underwear. Her tits and ass flopped around quite a bit in thin cotton top and pants. My girlfriend told me that she was involved with 3 men, all 20 years or more younger than her and didn't want to get married.
My girlfriend was looking for long term relationship but had a 25 y/o daughter she was very close with. I decided to just enjoy sex for a while with a woman whose daughter was older than me!
Another 55 year old girlfriend I have introduced me to one of her 50+ y/o friends in Michigan. When this woman saw us kissing and making out she said "I wish I had a young boy like that"
So my friends, lets not just sit there and masturbate to the thoughts of older woman sucking our dicks. The fact is that cougars are there and want us, young studs to plow their cunts. It makes them feel young and it keeps them happy and married.
I have had sex with quite a few in 2010 and I am looking forward to more in new year.
Keep fucking old whores my friends. They are the best, always so grateful, always so obliging.
Good Luck.
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2 years ago
Great stories but with woman, young and old; you just have to be extra careful.
2 years ago
Another sad story of teen love from MI today.
A 46 year old mom and her 19 year old boyfriend were killed by another 19 year old teen who was in love with her 17 year old daughter.
So in a way - both mother and daughter were dating and having sex with teenagers.
Unfortunately this story also ended in a tragedy but it must have been such a beautiful relationship where the girl and mom both had sex and/or made out with boys in their late teens or early 20s.
2 years ago
My 55 y/o gf wanted phonesex. I wanted to fuck her. We ended up having phonesex. I haven't heard from her since!
2 years ago
hey i'm 23 and i date a 40 year old cougar and love it :) i love my self a mature woman they're not afraid to tell you want they want or afraid to do what I want :)
4 years ago
read another story where a 50+ woman with 3 daughters had the name of her 22 year old black boyfriend tattooed on her chest! Considering that I have a 55+ woman as girlfriend, this trend seems to be catching up.
4 years ago
or unload them in the 1st place
4 years ago
That actually took place here in Oklahoma. Sad to say that there are crazies out in this world who dont pay attention to the saftey on there guns.