My Secret Garden

You guys are amazing! You sent me 103 mails within a few weeks of my last story being published. As a gesture of my gratitude here's my latest, and what I consider the best work. Enjoy.


Officer Dave Fernandez leaned back into his plush leather chair as he stared the computer screen, his face twisted with hate and revulsion.
It was almost midnight and he was still in his office, while his sweet wife slept alone in their bed, 10 miles away.

Ever since Dave was assigned this top secret, very dangerous mission, code named 'Candy' he had seldom seen any of his friends, relatives and even his wife. He knew she'd understand. She had always been faithful and understanding and had always given him the moral support he needed. Sam was the ideal woman, his perfect mate. She wanted to have his c***dren but he was determined,

"Not until I find those people Sam." He'd tell her. "Not until this town is a safe place for our k**s to grow up."

And now, looking at his screen, he realized that it was a more dangerous place than ever.

A girl was sucking an over weight man's little penis. In another picture, a boy was dressed as a girl and was bent over. There were hundreds more, probably thousands and most of them were shot in California, San Francisco or LA.

There was a new gang that got teens and p*****ns addicted to d**gs. When they ran out of money, they were f***ed to pose for photos that were published on the web and in certain high priced underground
magazines. Later the same k**s were turned into prostitutes and some were even sold to Arab sheiks and South America d**g barons.

But that's all anybody knew about this gang. Three investigators who were working on the case, had quit their jobs and moved abroad just when they were on to something.

"They got a huge kickback by the gang", some would say.
"They were asked to leave or be killed."

"No, they found their own k**s' naked pictures."

Rumors were rife but nobody knew what really happened but none of this really bothered Officer Dave.

At 24, he had no k**s. He grew up with his mother, a very sweet and caring woman with a heart of gold and an iron will. She taught him how to survive, how to conquer fear and how to win.

Dave worshipped his mother. She was 5'4", big breasted, wide hipped lady with a very cute face. He knew most of his friends got a hard on just looking at her. She was a sexy woman and he still remembered the last night he spent with her.

Just before he was to depart for his training, he wanted to talk to her and tell her how much he'd miss her. She let him sl**p with her and when tear from his eyes fell on her hand, she pushed her long
nipple into his mouth and let him suckle it till he fell asl**p.

It was nothing sexual, Dave knew but these memories always gave him a hard on and he could never forget it.

He got posted in San Francisco. One of his mother's friends invited him for a party where he met Sam.

He still wrote to his mother, sometimes she'd call him and when he tried to apologize for that night she just laughed and tell him that he was still her baby. On Sam's advice, Dave always sent his mother
some money and this Thanksgiving he had invited her to spend a couple of weeks with him. She was due tomorrow, he thought and felt a familiar stirring in his trousers. He felt ashamed of himself but made
a mental note to have sex with Sam before his mother arrived.

"Calling Officer Fernandez." his radio crackled, making him jump.

"This is Lt. Fernandez, go ahead officer."

"Sir, we have captured Ms Minx at a bar on Geary and she has something that you should see."

"I'll there in 20 minutes officer. You keep your eyes open. Over and out."

Dave put his belt on, his guns were always loaded. He jumped into his car and within 10 minutes he was in downtown San Francisco where his team was holding a 16-year-old prostitute with links to the gang. They all knew about her but could not prove it, but maybe today he'll have enough evidence to put her behind bars and get all the information he needed.

Minx was a thin, blonde waif with too much makeup. She had almost no breasts and her hips were too small. Dave liked his women to be voluptuous, like Sam, like his mother.

"Damn" he thought. "I gotta **** Sam tonight or I'll keep having these infernal thoughts."

"Bring her over here," he said aloud, "Lets see what we have got."

"Helllllllo Officer," Minx purred obviously d***k. "Do you want some pussy? And it's free for you!"

Dave was busy looking at the pictures his colleagues had recovered from Minx' bag.

c***dren in various stages of undress were having sex with older people, both men and women.

"Where did you get these from?" he asked Minx.

"These are mine officer. Don't you know you should ask a lady before you open her bag?"

"Minx" Dave said, trying to be patient "you can get 20 years for this and I want you to get 20 years. I'll put you in a cell where you'd be all alone for those 20 long years."

Minx was suddenly very afraid. These people had not been bought over by her gang, not yet anyway and if she didn't think fast, this son of a bitch may actually put her in jail.

"Wha...what do you mean officer. I don't know who put these pictures there...I...I don't know," she stammered, suddenly very sane and very afraid.

Dave knew he had her.

"Bring her to my office. Let's just throw her in a cell," he said, trying to intimidate her even more.

Ten minutes later Minx was sitting in his office, sipping coffee and sobbing like a lost puppy.

And that's not all she was doing. She was telling him about the gang.

"Its known as 'Gloria's garden'," she told him.

He also came to know that it was based in LA. It served industrialists, politicians and many major Hollywood stars. It was run by a woman. A 48-year-old sex Goddess everybody calls Gloria or Madam.
She controlled the flow of money and she maintains the list of all her clients, including overseas guest list. She never appeared in public without her mask but she did like to have sex with the c***dren.

She had bedded Minx when she was 14 and only thing Minx knew about her body was that she had 8 golden rings and a tattoo on her vagina that said, "Bitch Whore".

She liked to organize orgies and was a coke addict. She was a very powerful woman and her sex slaves included many industrialists and their c***dren.

"That's not enough Minx," Dave said casually after Minx had fallen silent.

"There's gotta be more. You were her private sex doll for almost a year before she replaced you with a younger and fresher girl. You ought to know more about 'Gloria' and unless you tell us, you're going
to prison."

Minx continued to stare downwards.

"You gotta tell us everything Minx or ..."

"I have her videos," Minx blurted out.

"What?" Dave and his sergeant gasped with this unexpected gain.

"I have her videos," Minx repeated, "but they don't show much. She's having sex with a few of us and she's wearing her favorite cat mask. It's in a drawer at my place."

Dave nodded to his fellow officer.

It was 2 in the morning when he reached home. Sam was sl**ping on a couch in the living room, probably waiting for him. He kissed her and carried her to the bed. Then he came out and put the tapes into VCR.

A few seconds later the screen was set ablaze with what looked liked a B-grade porn movie.

'Gloria' was on all fours sucking an abnormally large cock of a teen boy while a girl, no older than 18, was fucking her ass with a big black dildo. He could see the words "bitch whore" tattooed on her
cunt and suddenly he realized he had been hard ever since Minx had started talking about 'Gloria'...

He shut the TV and went to his bedroom.

He took off his clothes and slipped into covers, next to Sam. He lifted her night gown and fingered her pussy. She stirred in her sl**p and opened her eyes.

"Little girlie was waiting for her cowboy," she said smiling. "Take me from behind darling."

Dave grabbed her hips and spread them. He eased his rock hard cock into her asshole and sighed.

He started pumping his organ into his wife's anus. As he listened to her groans he knew he'd come quickly.

He closed his eyes and suddenly visions of 'Gloria' and the two k**s filled his mind. He struggled to open his eyes but somehow couldn't. A powerful orgasm erupted from his balls and filled his wife's hips.

"Wow! That was fast cowboy!" Sam laughed. "You wanted me bad... Oooh!! my big bad cowboy was horny!" she cooed kissing him all over.

But Dave was not listening. He was struggling to push the dirty images of that devil woman and her sex slaves out of his mind.
He couldn't. His cock was hard again. His wife was using wet sponge to clean it before she'd take him in her mouth. A few minutes later he came into her mouth. She went into bathroom and spit it out and cleaned her mouth with a mouthwash before returning to the bed.

"That was lovely darling," she told him and they both drifted off to sl**p.

Next morning Dave met Minx again.

"Did you have fun last night officer?" Minx asked with sparkle in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Dave snarled at her.

"Oh c'mon officer." Minx laughed. "Don't tell me that video didn't give you a hard on and you didn't fuck your wife. Too bad she doesn't swallow your cum."

"You fucking bitch!" Dave shouted.

"Now, now officer," Minx said with a devilish smile on her face. "You know how much we know about you. You should know that it's too easy for us to obliterate you and your sexy wife. But we want peace
officer. If you promise to help us, we'll leave you alone and also lead you to Gloria."

"Explain," Dave said carefully.

"Gloria has been around for too long officer. She's been running the Garden for 15 years now. We, I and a couple of other people think its time for her to retire. We can help you arrest her but you must
promise to give us your protection. You should also promise to leave our gang alone."

"So you're asking me to help you gain control of the Garden. Why should I do that?"

"The deal is much sweeter than you think officer. You get Gloria , the medal, the award and the publicity. You'll be the hero and we promise that we'll stop c***d prostitution. No k** under the age of 18 will be employed by us and none will be f***ed." Minx said.

"Go on," Dave was now willing to listen. He could see himself moving up in the department.

"Gloria is having a party coming Saturday. I'm sure there'll be many guests and lots of k**s. You look kinda young, so you can come as my date and when the time is right, you can strike."

"If there's any trick to this Minx, you can count upon me to get you 30 years," Dave warned her.

"I'm counting upon you not to fuck up officer. This is the only chance that you and I'll ever get," Minx said looking into his eyes.

Dave thought about it. It sounded like a good deal. He could have Gloria by her ass and he could have Minx and then he can spend time with his Sam and his mom.

MOM! Damn. He had to pick up his mother from airport.

"I have to go," Dave said looking at his watch. " I'll talk to you tonight"

He hurried to the airport to pick up his mom. It had been two years since they had seen each other.

He found her waiting for him outside the airport. She looked tired.

"Mom!" Dave shouted and waved at her. She smiled and he hugged him as she came towards him. He could feel her large breasts against his chest, her long nipples erect as she sobbed on his shoulder.

"Mom. Its alright mom. I'm with you."

" Oh Dave!" she said sobbing, "I have missed you so much darling."

"I missed you too mom," Dave said brushing her hair with his hand.

"How's Sam doing?" she asked.

"She's waiting for you Mom. The two of you have never met but I'm sure you'll like her."

"Oh baby. I already love her for taking good care of you." Linda said kissing her son.

Dave was amused to see Sam and his mother hug and start their girl talk almost immediately. He wanted to hang around to see if they were getting along but within a few minutes he knew he needn't worry. The
two women were laughing and talking and sharing recipes and secrets before he could finish his coffee.

He felt neglected and then smiled to himself. His mother and wife were getting along, so that means he could go back to work.

"Mom, Sam. I have to finish something at work. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

The women just waved him bye and went back to their chattering.

Dave reached the office and finalized plans to launch an assault on "My Secret Garden", the place where Gloria's party was scheduled.

They did not contact LAPD because of fear of information leak. Everything had to be done by them and local police was to be involved only at the last minute.

Minx had given him the layout of the building and location of Mom's dungeon and secret passage from bathroom.

He reached home at 8:30 to find the 2 women he loved still talking and laughing about something. His mother was telling Sam about his c***dhood, his wet knickers, his bruised knee, his first crush on a
school teacher and many other 'interesting' events of his life, enough for Sam to tease him for a life time.

However when they realized he was tired, both women gave him all the attention and caring he need.

Sam took him to their bed and sucked him and then asked him to fuck her while she moaned loudly.

Dave knew his mom could hear everything downstairs in her room, but he was too horny to care.

Next day he saw Sam and mom talking in whispers and giggling.

He promised the ladies a night out in the town but had another tough day. It was 11 when he reached home. He found a note on the door. Sam had taken Mom out for shopping.

They came back loaded with bags. Both women had bought special gifts for him and once again Sam took him to bed made him fuck her while his mom heard every groan downstairs.

Next day Dave ordered all phones of 'My secret Garden' to be tapped.
He wanted to know what the enemy was planning and to get some more leads if possible.

He was not disappointed. By afternoon they traced a call from the club to a pubic telephone in his neighborhood. Thirty minutes later another call was made and detectives watched a woman get out of the booth and walk into a house.

Dave raided that house. They found a startled 50ish woman watching a c***d porn movie. She was arrested and without hesitation Dave lifted her skirt. He found a tattoo alright, but it was on her ass and it said "son fucker".

Mrs. Williams was a respectable woman and Dave let her go. Obviously he had failed to get the real culprit.

It was 5 and he was tired. Since his house was close by, Dave decided to call it a day.

He reached home to find his mom sitting on the couch. She looked worried and had been crying.

"Mom. What's wrong mom?" he asked.

"Oh baby!" his mom said getting up and rushing into her son's arms. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Sam is gone!"

"What?" Dave asked not believing his ears.

"Sam is gone. She found some videos in your file cabinet and she went crazy. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen."

Dave felt his head spinning. He couldn't believe it was happening.

"Mom!" he blurted before he collapsed.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in his bed. He was naked and felt Sam hugging him. Her large nipple brushed his chin. He opened his mouth and murmured,


"Yes baby," he was startled by his mother's voice.

"Mom!" Dave shouted letting go off her nipple. "Oh God mom!"

"Don't worry darling. It's alright. She'll come back," his mother soothed him.

"Oh mother," Dave whispered before burying his head into her warm breasts. She hugged him tightly till he fell asl**p.

"Gloria is a very shrewd woman," Minx reminded him. "When you're in the club, you have to keep your focus. You may find things that'll make you forget your mission but that's something we can't afford."

Minx kept on blabbering about the club, Gloria, Gloria's bodyguards and Dave kept thinking about Sam and then his mother and her soft breasts and long nipples.

He went home early and found his mother had made him a wonderful dinner. She watched him lovingly as he ate and kissed his face. She took him to bed and let him feed upon her succulent breasts.

When he massaged her wide hips and eased his finger into her asshole she looked at him and smiled.

"Not tonight darling," she said. "You have a big day tomorrow. You must save your energy."

"Oh mom!" Dave groaned. "I need you tonight!" he said placing her hand on his hard cock.

"I know my love," his mother squeezed his cock softly. "but we must wait till you have achieved what you're going for." Then she kissed him on the lips.

"I promise I'll make love to you like no woman has ever before. But only after you've succeeded in your mission. I want the whole world to know that I'm the mother of the greatest and bravest cop in California."

"I promise I'll make you proud mom," Dave said kissing her lips.

He didn't realize how tired he was. It was 7 in the morning when he woke up. His mother was in the kitchen. Thirty minutes later she was serving him breakfast. She was topless.

Her huge tits were jiggling obscenely and her nipples were painted red.

"Remember. I'll be waiting for you my darling," she said as she kissed him goodbye.

"I'll mother. I promise I'll make love to you before tomorrow morning."

"I know you will dear."

"Bye mom!"

"Bye my love. Be careful," Linda said trying not to sound worried.

Dave sped to the airport. The whole team was ready and armed.

In an hour they were in LA.

By noon they had made final plans for the assault.

By evening they had posted their men at all strategic locations.

At 8:30 they informed LAPD.

At 9:00 Dave and Minx entered the club 'My Secret Garden'.

At 9:30 Minx flashed her club card and they were in.

It looked like a normal party. Men wearing expensive suits and watches and women wearing thousand dollar dresses that revealed more than they concealed.

At 10:30 the real thing started.

Many young boys and girls joined the party as maids and butlers. In a few minutes the guests were all involved in some kind of sexual activity.

A 45-year-old woman was intensely sucking at a cock of a teenaged boy.

"He's her son," Minx said helpfully. "Sometimes the daughter comes too and then they do it together."

They went to a group where everybody seemed to know Minx.

Another middle aged woman held a leash in her hand on the other end of which a girl wearing dog collar licked her shiny boots.

"I have this recurring fantasy," the woman said to the crowd, " to get my tits nailed to a chair."

Dave was looking for Gloria. She was supposed to arrive soon.

They all heard a gong and the room fell silent.

A young beautiful boy dressed as a girl ran across the room with a cucumber sticking out his ass.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." Dave heard a tremendously melodious voice of a woman. "I welcome you all to the 16th annual bash of Gloria's Garden."

"That's her Dave," Minx whispered into his ear. Dave looked at the woman on the pedestal with big beautiful breasts, wide fleshy hips and a little pot belly, she looked immensely sexy.

A cat mask, golden crown and 8 gold rings in her cunt lips completed her attire and demeanor of a Sex Goddess.

Dave leaned a little further but was pulled back by Minx.

"Wait!" she barked. "This is not the time."

People around them were jostling to get ahead and kiss Gloria's hand. Many women were rubbing their faces in her feet and some were crying.

A few women were holding hands of teen girls who were wearing dildos of all sizes.

"Those are their daughters," Minx explained.

" If Gloria selects a girl to fuck her then the girl's mother gets free entry to all of Gloria's parties and a part of her daughter's earnings once she becomes a prostitute."

"That's sick!" Dave whispered back.

"You ain't seen nothing yet darling!" Minx laughed.

She was right. Dave watched a man pissing into a girl's mouth.

He looked away with disgust when he saw Sam. His first reaction was to run up to her and take her to a safe place.

"Where the hell are you going?" Minx said holding on to his elbow.

"They must have got Sam. I must get her out."

"No Dave. She comes here often," Minx said softly.

Dave spun around to face Minx.

"I'm sorry Dave. Sam has been in our gang for 10 years now. She told me how she hates to suck you." Minx continues gently.

"But she loves cocks up her ass and sucks them dry. She's a bitch Dave. But she's Gloria's bitch."

Dave turned around again to see Sam taking a black dildo between her soft hips while sucking a man.

When the man came in her mouth Sam swallowed his cum and then motioned the girl to come forward. She took the shit covered dirty dildo into her mouth and sucked it like it was the best candy she ever had.

Dave watched Sam doing things she'd never do with him. She was drinking cum and not spitting it out. She was sucking on dirty dildos and then he watched her eating a turd out of a boy's ass while Gloria
sucked his cock.

That was the last straw. Dave pressed a button on his belt.

The cops broke the door and the room was a sudden chaos.People were running around shouting.

Dave saw Gloria rushing to a bathroom and he followed her. He found the secret door ajar and followed her into the dungeon. He knew there was no way out of there. All doors had been sealed.

Gloria was cornered.

He found her trying to open a little door at the bottom of a bed. She was bent over and he could see all 8 rings of her pussy. Her asshole was stretched way beyond any normal hole he had ever seen.

He was suddenly overcome with lust.
He grabbed Gloria by hips. He spread her cunt and found the tattoo. He spun her around and looked into her eyes behind her black mask.

Suddenly he kissed her, sucking her lips and felt her offering her tongue. She fell back on the bed and immediately turned around to get on all fours. She looked like a bitch waiting for her dog to mount her.

Dave pushed his engorged cock into her asshole and fucked her. Within minutes he came flooding her overstretched and well used rectum with his fresh, cream.

She let him rest for a few seconds before she turned around and took his dirty cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

"I promised my mother I'll get home before sunrise," Dave muttered.

"And, you promised her that you'll fuck her before sunrise too," Gloria said.

Dave stared at this dirty whore's face. She had no right to talk about his sweet mother. This lowly whore could never even understand what it is to love, like he loved his mother, like she loved him.

"Shut up you fucking bitch!" he shouted but the woman smiled.

"I'm glad you could keep at least one of your promises my love."

The woman took off her mask and pushed her nipple into her son's open mouth.

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I like how nasty this story is.
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Very kinky. I like it.
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realy sexy i wish i was there
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u need to write a real book:D
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excellent so is the twist