Who is a BBW and how to get one - Part 2

While it is never a good idea to generalize, following steps can help you get a bbw in bed.

When you see a woman you think is a BBW, remember two things about her.
She is always insecure about her body AND she knows what kinda assholes men can be (she's probably married to one).

1) Smile at her. Look into her eyes and only her eyes. No ogling her mammoth tits and ass - no matter what your cock says.
A simple, sincere smile melts her heart. It says "hello! I see you and I accept you as you are." A smile, if genuine and sincere, also disarms her and helps lowers her guard.

2) Talk to her. If you are in a grocery store, It may be a simple question like "where's the juice?". In a bar, it may be more elaborate like not having seen her before or you being there the first time or whatever - but you need to get the conversation going. Find out where she's from, what she does and why she is there? Take real interest in her. Make her feel wanted and important. She will rush through her answers and she may try to cut the conversation short because she lacks confidence and she doesn't know you. Be kind, be gentle and be firm. Be really really interested in getting to know her a bit more. Don't smile too much (it makes you look insincere or insecure) but don't be a grim reaper either.

3) Crack jokes about the situation you both find yourself in but NEVER about her or her car or her dress. If you do, her insecurity will kick in and she will try to get back into her shell. Tell her a bit about yourself but not your life story. But let her tell you her life story! Make her smile. Tell her some funny and self deprecating episode about yourself. When you allow her to laugh at you, you are dismantling her last wall of resistance. She's now comfortable with you.

4) Now is the time to move in. If you are in a bar, ask her if she'd like another drink with you. If you are in a grocery store, tell her they make excellent coffee in that same grocery store (no matter how crappy the coffee is). Drink it and keep listening to her talk. The more she talks, the more she's telling you what it takes to get her into bed.

5) Final step - time to seal the deal. You don't want to put her back on her guard. So suggest some low risk thing like getting a better coffee in a starbucks in same complex. In a bar, politely ask her if she'd like to step out so you can hear her (assuming that music is too loud inside). Once you do walk out with her, she is yours. Gently let your hand touch hers as you walk. Put a hand on her back to help her pass other people first while you follow. If she doesn't cry "ra9e", you have no reason to hold back. Hold her hand, slide your hand on her back and when the time is right, kiss her. Whisper how enamored you were since you first saw her.

I have always followed these steps and sometime I have failed. But the times I have been successful, I've had the best sex of my life. The BBW's are even more feminine than that blonde skank in the bar and she'd do anything to make you happy. She's more of a woman and she is looking forward to prove it.
Enjoy my friends and don't forget to tell us how it all went.
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1 year ago
This is so far from the truth. Just because a woman is a BBW doesn't mean that she is weak and insecure. You talk like we are prey and your out for the hunt.
1 year ago
Just now getting around to reading this, thanks! I had inquired about you making part 2,and I didn't want you to think I was an ungrateful sob lol! thanks again and great advice!
1 year ago
These are some great steps to take when seducing a BBW, I really like that you added "The more she talks, the more she's telling you what it takes to get her into bed." because it's probably one of the most important things a lot of guys miss.
1 year ago
My BBW girlfriend is on a diet. She's losing weight. At close to 300 lbs she had grown too big. Even sex was getting a bit harder as her belly got in the way.
Now, 50 lbs lighter, she looks better. I am expecting she'd go down to about 200 and then she'd perfect. Loose, flabby body with huge pendulous tits, nice round ass and smaller girth will make sex better.
I will post pics.
1 year ago
I recently seduced another BBW at a party. She was willing, she was ready and she showed her desire through high friction dancing.
The problem - her overprotective friends who came by and dragged her away. Why couldn't people let people have fun?