Slut Mother Gets Married (Part 3) OR How My mother

Alternate Title - How My mother became a prostitute
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I woke up to the sounds of shower running. I had no clue who it could be. It had been just 3 days since mom got married and I hadn't heard from her. Her friend told me she had gone to Hawaii for honeymoon.

The bathroom door opened and mom walked out, naked. Her large pendulous breasts swung easily on her chest even after she had stopped moving.

They were spherical and proud 20 years back but now they had sagged so that the long nipples touched her belly by her navel. She was not too heavy but just a bit plump. The fat around the belly supported her big tits. She turned to her left trying to wipe the water of her back and I could see her wide hips jutting out obscenely. Even after her 47th birthday, my mother's hips were still firm. They had become bigger and one could see the soft flesh all over her ass but somehow it all managed to stay high and proud. I always thought it was because of all the excercise they get fucking.

Suddenly mom turned her head and saw me propped up on my elbows, still under the sheets.

"I thought you were sl**ping." she said apologetically.

"And I thought you were in hawaii." I replied. "What happened?" "Nothing." she said trying to be cool.

I sighed and fell back into the bed, feeling my head hit the soft pillow.

I lifted my arms and stretched. My cock sprung forth and created a bulge in the sheet.

"I'm glad you are back. I'm horny." I said with my eyes still closed.

"I'm glad to be back honey. I missed you." she said smiling.

"What. Didn't the new hubby fuck you hard enough?" I asked mockingly.

"No", she replied , "But his friends did!" I looked at her questioningly.

"Well" she continued the story , "You know how old and frail Tom looks.

First night when I took off my clothes I asked him to unhook my bra. He was so nervous, his hands were shaking." She bent down to pick up her panties. I looked at her big, pendulous tits swaying with gravity.

"So he tries to unhook my bra and suddenly it breaks at right strap." She turned around to face the mirror. I stared at her wide hips.

"My tit obvously falls out. I turned around to face him and rubbed the nipple on his face. You know what the bastard does?"

"What mom?" I asked still staring at her ripe ass wanting to push my cock deep beneath its white flesh.

"He gags! The son of the bitch didn't like my tits." "I like your tits." I tried to flatter her needlessly.

"I was so mad. But I started to kiss him, rubbing his cock. Finally I managed to unzip it and pulled it out." she said dabbing her ass crack with her panties.

"It was sooooo large! It was bigger than my fist! I have been with countless men and never seen a dick more beautiful. So I bent down and kissed it." "And ?" I asked.

"He gagged again and ran out of the room!" "I was sitting there half naked and horny as hell in our room on my wedding night waiting for my husband." "What happened then?" I said pulling the sheet away and uncovering my penis.

"Well, I thought I should follow my husband." she said ignoring my hardon. "So I went after him and found him in the kitchen. He was sitting there with the houseboy, a young chinese boy and talking to him." "And?" I asked.

"He was holding the boy's hands and it appeared they were comforting each other. The boy was young with full red lips and slender, girlish body. He was caressing Tom's thighs, especially his big bulging crotch.

I immediately realized they were lovers. " "Tom was now caressing the boy's face, touching his lips." mom continued the story as she applied the deep purple mascara.

"I just watched them for a few minutes and then went back in. I knew that I had married a gay man." "So?" I said, "Why didn't you leave him?" "Well", mom paused to apply deep red lipstick "He is rich. You know that I married him for the money, not just his cock dear. I mean I have enough cocks to keep me content, yours included." I smiled. "So come here and get your cock you bitch", I said. "Can't you see I need you? I haven't cum since you left on your honeymoon." "I know darling." my mother bent forward still looking in the mirror and applying makeup. "I was worried about you because I know you can't cum unless I am there." She scooted a bit forward on the stool and more of her strong fleshy ass became visible from the bed I was lying in.

"You can't cum unless you are fucking me or watching me get fucked." mom continued.

"and you can't cum any other way either you filthy whore" I laughed.

"Oooh. Watch the language young man. I am still your ..." she got up, bent a little forward, wiped traces of lipstick from her lower lip and continued "..mother".

I looked at this middle aged woman with her back towards me. Her long hair were wet and fell on her strong back. The little fat around her waist made her look more voluptuous but it was her ass that was the piece of art. Two perfect globes of flesh rested on her upper thighs, not a hint of wrinkle in either one. I could see the suppleness in her big round hips as they parted and her large, well used, open anus became visible. Regular fucking by big black guys, wine bottles, huge dildos and my fist had opened my mother's asshole to an extent that it never puckers up and closes anymore. If she wears panties, it rides up her ass and it almost seems like her ravenous asshole is trying to eat the thin cloth. A regular 6 inch penis or small butt plugs slipped out of her too easily. But despite all its girth, my mother's red gaping hole attracted men like honey attracts flies. I have a strong feeling that regular pounding and good dosage of fresh semen has helped keep my mother's hips young and fresh like an 18 year old's.

The figure hugging silk dresses and skirts she wears can't hide her voluptuous behind. Short, almost obscene micro minis she wears can't even hide her well used, oversized rump. But both mom and I love her big rear. It is fleshy and soft and white and a good host for all men, including me. It is big and a quite loose but mom has perfected the art of squeezing it shut tight once a man's dick is inside. She can almost milk the cocks through the well practiced squeezing and relaxing of her asshole.

I think my mother learned most of her skills while she worked as a prostitute for over 20 years. From a cheap street hooker to a stripper, my mother has done it all. She loves cocks and she loves getting fucked by several men all day long. Her desire for fresh cocks in her ass and cunt has provided us with enough money to buy a house and get me into college.

About 2 years back, mom and I realized that street prostitution will never get us enough money to retire. Since then mom has tried starting internet site to becoming porn star but nothing worked. So finally we decided that the best way is to find a rich man to marry my mother and then divorce him and claim alimony.

Most men mom meets realize what slut she is as she is unable to resist gangbangs even while she is dating them. About 3 months back, Richard proposed to my mother. She moved in with him. One day he returned home to find his son buried deep inside my mother's ass while she sucked on my cock. His daugther was sucking on mom's tits. Richard almost fainted but we didn't stop. Soon I sprayed my cum on mom's face shouting obscenities "take it you filthy pig, you cum sucking whore mother of mine." while Richard's son kept fucking her ass moaning "Oh God! I can't believe my dad is going to marry a filthy whore like you and make you my mother".

Richard threw mom and me out of his house that night. I was angry. If only mom had kept her hands to herself and waited for a week or so, she could have fucked both k**s and all of Richard's friends and still claimed alimony.

We soon found Tom Spacken, a rich widower who had inherited all his dead wife's property.

Tom was a gentleman. He liked spending money when mom and I were around and showered us with gifts. Mom and Tom never had sex because he told her he respected her too much and wanted to do the right thing. My mother, the eternal slut, was bowled over. After a brief 2 week romance they got married (read Slut Mother Gets Married) and mom left on honeymoon.

Now she was back and as it turned out, Tom was gay.

"Mom", do you realize that we can make good money here." I said thinking about what she had just told me.

"I mean if Tom is gay he obviously wants to hide it." "So?" mom asked.

"God! Seems like you need a good ass fucking to get you start thinking again, you stupid slut." I quipped. "If Tom is gay and he wants to hide it, we now have a chance to get all the money we want." "What? How?" mom was still dumb.

I rolled my eyes and threw the sheet off my body. My proud cock jumped high and proud and then bobbed.

"Come here and park your ass on my cock mother. Let me fill your ass with my cum and may be your brain will start working." I was annoyed with her stupidity but also horny.

"Oh! I need sex!" she licked her licks looking at my cock.

"I feel like I haven't eaten in 2 weeks." She continued as she sat by me and caressed my soft and silky balls. "Thank you my love" she said before taking my rod in her mouth.

"aah!" I sighed as I fell back feeling her hot tongue on my cock before she engulfed my cock to the hilt. She sucked and licked my balls and then pushed her tongue deep inside my asshole. I felt the tip cleaning the rim of my anus and then trying to penetrate me. Mom has a nice long tongue and it was almost an inch deep, feeding on my ass.

Mom was moaning and masturbating as she ate me.

I raised my head to see her head as she licked me from inside. I could see her ass in the mirror, her anus almost half an inch wide and throbbing. Heavy rings in her cunt lips clanged together, making sweet familiar sound "Oh Mom!" I sighed, "how could any man resist you?" She continued to lick my ass and then came back up to my balls and took left one in her mouth. She rolled aroun my nut and sucked it and then let it go. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head harder into my groin. "Suck it cunt" I whispered and she bit the base of my cock. It was a savage bite. I recoiled in pain and pulled her hair till her head was half a foot away from my cock and her face was in front of me. I looked at her laugh and bare her teeth and felt the anger rising within me. I slapped my mother face. "Smack!" the sound of my right hand on her left cheek reverberated in the room. Her head was thrown on my left thigh . I grabbed her hair again.

"Why?" I asked pulling her hair again. "Why do you do this? Do you like being slapped?" I asked looking into her eyes.

"You know I do you motherfucker" she spat back. "I am horny. I need to be abused and fucked up my ass. I need men, not a boy. So either you fuck me or I am going to that adult video store and find me some real cocks." she was panting. Her cheek was red and her face was flushed. I looked into the mirror and found her thick and fleshy ass cheeks hiding her anus as she breathed in and then revealing the red, gaping hole as she breathed out.

"I need sex too, you bitch", I said, "but let me get out of bed. Give me a good blowjob and I will tie you up like a bitch and find men to fuck your ass and cunt all day long. You regular customers have been asking when you will return." I pushed my cock back into her mouth but she didn't seem interested in a mere blow job. Her pierced nipples were almost an inch long with desire and her ringed cunt was leaking sex juices. I knew my mother needed a day of good fucking while I abused her verbally and physically. I knew why mom liked dirty, filthy sex with strangers. After years and years of perversion my mom had lost sensitivity to normal sex. She couldn't cum my mere fucking of her cunt and asshole. She was too used to it.

At first my presence provided her the stimulus she needed. I still remembered that when I was 10, mom strated fucking men on the couch in the living room. She liked the idea that even from my room I could hear her as she moaned and urged her lovers to fuck her ass. She asked me if I could hear her and when I said yes, she goaded me into talking to her if anything made me uncomfortable.

I asked her what it meant to fuck and mom told me to hide behind the kitchen counter that night when she returned. That night I saw my mother on all fours. A black man fucked her from behind but all I could see was my naked mother on the carpet, her huge tits swinging freely as the big black dude rammed into her over and over again, calling her a bitch, a cunt.

Mom's eyes were fixed at the counter as she searched me. When she found me staring at this unhole coupling, she smiled and said to her lover "slow down big boy. You will wake my son. I don't want to see him his mother fucking black men she picked up in a local adult store." This only excited the man more. He leaned over and grabbed my mother's large tits. Then the only thing I saw moving was his butt and he plowed mom's cunt (or maybe ass) at a faster pace.

Within minutes he started goaning and then cried out "Oooohh....aaaahhh....I am cumming you slut".

Mom started pushing her ass back into his body and I could feel her flexing her belly and her ass. The man collapsed on top of mom.

"I think you woke my son." mom said but the man was not interested. He got off mom and lay on his back. My jaw dropped as I saw what came out of my mother. The man's cock was almost a foot long, as thick as my wrist and was glistening in the light of the room. My mother was still looking at me. She smiled at me and then turned around straddling the man so that her ass was over his mouth . The only thing I saw was that she grabbed the base of his cock and then she lowered her head. Since her back was toward me, I saw the big hole between her legs, red and open, lips hanging out and white liquid running out of it.

The man was lying back and even tough I could only see top of his head but I could tell he was staring at the ceiling. He grabbed my mother's huge hips and parted the cheeks. For the first time I saw my mother's beautiful anus. I don't know what happened next. I think I shrank back behind the counter and didn't come out till I heard the man dress up and leave and mom close the door behind him.

"Dave" she called me, "you can come out dear." I emerged from my hiding place and saw mom stading naked in the middle of the room. She was smiling and was oblivious to her nakedness. Her huge breasts hung down to her belly button and I could see 2 erect nipples, an iron bar running through each. Her cunt was swollen and wide open. It seemed that all the white liquid had flowed out from them and was on her thighs now. I could see her little pot belly and sides of her huge ass.

"Come here my little man" mom said sweetly bending forward, openeing her arms. She knew I was afraid and she welcomed me into the safety of her arms. I ran to her and hid my face between her naked tits.

"Are you ok dear?" mom asked. " I was shivering. "Was that man beating you mom" I finally asked.

"What?" mom was puzzled. "Oh no son, that's what we call fucking." She hugged me harder.

"My little boy is afraid." she cooed. "Come, lets sit down". She parked her huge ass on the sofa and made me sit on her lap. Then she kissed my forehead and my lips and hugged me again.

"That man was not beating me darling. He was making mom happy. He was giving mom her daily dose of fucking." she whispered into my ear.

That was 7 years back. Since then mom had invited me to watch almost every fucking session and I witnessed my mother being fucked by black men, gangbanged by groups of upto 5 men, being fucked in her ass, getting facials and even sucking dogs.

Mom enjoyed our little hide and seek games and confided into me that she couldn't cum unless she was sure I was watching her. You see, mom no longer came because she of the sensation in her cunt. She only came due to the sensation she got when she knew her only son was watching her getting fucked by strangers.

Soon even this sensation got old and tired and mom couldn't get off.

She suggested I be present in the room when she was getting fucked.

That night my mother introduced me to her 2 lovers. "This gentlemen" she said to the men she had met in the adult video store , "is my son Dave. Dave, these 2 guys will sl**p with me tonight. Could you make sure we have everything.' The men watched open mouthed as I left the room and returned with lube, water, orange juice and condoms. That night as the guys fucked mom, I didn't hide. Instead I sat in a chair nearby observing mom and she looked at me all through her sex session. I noticed the one man cumming into mom's cunt. He continued to fuck her even after cumming and I could see his cock covered in his sperms. Mom licked him. She was still looking at me when she felt the other guy get behind her and start fucking her again. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.

Soon they both came and mom yelped like a little puppy.

After the men left, I closed the door and returned to the living room.

Mom was lying on her back, her feet still up in the air and her thighs parted. Her big red cunt was open as if waiting for next guest and white semen ran out and on her magnificient ass crack.

"Are you ok mom?" I asked sitting next to her on the bed where my mother had just been fucked by 2 men.

"aahh", she sighed. "I am in heaven. I haven't had an orgasm so powerful since you watched me fuck from behind the counter." she said looking at me.

"You did thrash around quite a bit towards the end." I said. " I was afraid you had a muscular spasm or something." Mom laughed heartily. Her legs fell back on the bed as she turned over to her side and brought her head up, supported by her right hand. "It was fantastic." She said putting her hand on my thigh.

"But why?" I asked.

"What?" she was taken aback when she realized that I still didn't understand her perversions.

"Why was it fantastic mom?" I asked again really trying to understand the situation. Even I knew it was not normal for a 13 year old to be in the room and witness his mother having dirty sex with strangers.

"Oh baby. I think I felt safe that you were here and if those guys crossed the line, you would have saved me." mom lied. I didn't know it was a lie. It made lot of sense to me.

If you thought this was the end, you are wrong. A few weeks later mom suggested that I help the man penetrate her ass.

"Dave" she said as she lifted her legs and brought her feet close to her ears exposing her well fucked cunt to the big black man with a foot long dick. "Could you help us? Just part my ass dear and expose my anus so that this nice gentleman can put his rod in me." I was taken aback. My mother was asking me to participate in her sex sessions. I realized this was the only way she could cum now, watching her son helping men fuck her. Her sexual fetish had reached a new peak and I had no choice but to comply.

That night I straddled my mother, almost in a 69 position. But I wasn't licking her cunt and she wasn't sucking my little, 13 year old cock even though I could feel her warm breath on my balls.

I grabbed my mother's wide hips and pulled them apart. Her large red asshole peeked out and then opened up like a flower in full bloom. The bald, black man gave me a nasty look as if he wanted to say "you sick bastard. I hate you so much I want to fuck your sissy little ass too." Then he pulled his thick cock out of mom's pussy. It was glistening with her juices and its thick, pink head looked swollen. I had seen big cocks in my mother's pussy before but never this close. I tried not looking at it but I couldn't help. I wondered if my 4 inch noodle with ever grow to be that size. I knew it wouldn't . The man positioned his cock at my mom's asshole and then grunted "Open it more you slut." I didn't know whom he called slut, mom or me but I stretched my mother's hips further apart and she relaxed her asshole a bit more. The red inside looked nasty but had a nice, perfumed odor. Man struggled for a moment and then slid into mom's asshole rather easily. I was amazed to see his 12 inches disappearing into my mother and even more surprized when i saw a large bump appear in mom's belly. His cock was tearing my mom's inside and she was loving it. I could feel her panting a bit faster and even though I was fully dressed, her breath warmed my cock which was now fully erect.

The man lifted held my mother's legs apart as he fucked her asshole while I held her cheeks apart. I could see mom's belly and cunt rise and fall with her breath while her massive tits bounced against my ass.

He came within a few minutes. I knew by now how men came. The start pumping their member faster and faster and then suddenly freeze. Then they pump a little more and stop. This goes on for a few seconds and then they collapse.

This guy was a little different. He froze for a few moments, closed his eyes, threw his head back and when I looked down I saw his cock buried into my mother's ass to the hilt. After just a few moments he opened his eyes and looked at me and then started pumping his member into my mother's ass again.

Even as I helped mom with her lovers, I noticed that her perversion was reaching new peaks at a much faster rate. Within weeks she had me pull her nipples as the 2 men fucked her and in a few weeks after that she made me undress her while her black lovers watched. She made me lube her cunt and anus and then offer her to the men with these words "Gentlemen, I have prepared my mother for your pleasure. Please feeel free to fuck her cunt and asshole. If you want to use condoms, I will get you some but my mother loves to feel the hot sperms of black men in her body. She also loves facials. If there's anything else you need just let me know." My mother had prepared this little speech for me that day and I could tell that everybody in the room was turned on incredibly with this little gimmick. Mom was ecstatic with lust and kissed me on the lips, rubbing her huge chest against my body.

"Thankyou darling." she said to me beaming with joy. "Please stay close as these men fuck me, your mother and help them by parting me ass when they want to enter my asshole." That night was the best for mom. She came several times as I held her ass cheeks apart while 2 men penetrated her anus simultaneouly. By the end we were all sweaty and mom and her lovers were sexually satisfied.

Mom couldn't even get up. She just lay on the bed sprawled while I saw the men out.

On my 14th birthday, my mother took me to a gangbang party. Everybody in the room knew that we were mother and son and everybody took turns fucking my mother while I watched and helped. A tall, butch blonde fucked my mom with her strapon while I held my mother's nipples and caressed her huge tits. the blonde later called it the sexiest thing she had done in a long time.

By this time I had slowly started realizing that my mother will never stop in her relentless pursuit of corrupting me and pulling me down into the vortex of her i****tuous, carnal desires. But even I didn't know how far my mother would take me.

A few weeks after the gangbang, my mother organized the Halloween party at our home. Mom dressed up in cupless leather bra and crotchless panties. She asked me to attach weights to her pierced nipples and cunt lips. She tied her hair in a bun and finally I tied a dog collar around her neck. That night I witnessed my mother being led around our house on leash by all sorts of men and women. She was fucked several times in the living room, a dominatrix penetrated my mother with a huge black dildo while a hung black man had anal sex with her and then made her suck his dirty cock. At one time all the guests gathered around my mother and raised a toast to "the dirties whore in town". Later, mom was tied up with her head and hands sticking out on one side of wooden board. She was spanked and slapped and I could see mom loving it.

Finally, someone suggested that we do the nasties possible thing that could be done to a woman, copulate with a donkey. Laughing and jeering, guests brought a donkey in our house and I watched in fascination as my mother smiled while the nasty a****l pushed his foot long dong into her cunt. After a few minutes of humping, the ass got even more excited and started fucking mom a bit faster. I bent down to look at mom's face and I could tell she was enjoying it. She was enjoying the attention, the humiliation, the feeling and above all she was enjoying the fact that her son was watching and participating in most degenerate sex session she had ever been. Soon after the donkey came. We all saw milky white liquid escaping my mother's cunt even when that huge cock was still buried inside her. Then, as soon as it pulled out, a****l sperms gushed out of my mother's well fucked cunt. I could tell she was in heaven. She had cum and was panting heavily.

She raised her head up and looked at me and I knew that it was the time to send guests home.

Next morning, when i was still in bed, I heard mom humming in the shower. After a few minutes she stepped out with a towel covering her sexy body.

I looked at her and smiled. Mom smiled back and then came and sat next to me on the bed.

"Some party. huh?" she said.

"Yeah. I liked it." I said.

"Dave. I think we should talk. I think you should know what I want." my mother looked me in the eyes.

"I may be 15 but I know what you want mom." I said, pawing her huge tits through her towel.

"Your perversions have reaced a point where straight forward sex is no longer enough. You need to be abused and fucked like a bitch, like a slave." "Oh baby" for a moment mom looked like she was ashamed of herself "I am sorry. I know I am not what a mother is supposed to be" "And I am glad you are not mom." I said. I undid her towel and let it fall to her waist. Her huge sagging tits were wet and her nipples erect. "I am a teenager and since you are a nasty slut, I can fuck you from now on. I know what you want, so I will treat you like a bitch, a dog. We will even buy a dog and you can mate with him too. Would you like that mother?" "I am not sure my darling." my mom was really uneasy. For the first time in her life I was asserting my power over my mother and she didn't know if this was what she wanted. But it was too late.

I now knew that I had complete control over my mother.

"Relax mom" I comforted her pinching her nipples. " I will take care of you. I want you to start working on the street and make some money.

At home, you will be my sex slave and do what I tell you to do, eat what I put in your plate and fuck what I tell you to fuck. This is what you want mother and believe me, I am ready" "Oh Dave" my mother sobbed "thankyou son. All my life I have waited for a real man, a master who can tame me and I am so glad it is you, my son whom I can trust" This was almost an year ago. Since then, night after night I drive my mother to red light districts where she rents a room and works as a prostitute for a few hours. After we return home and rest a little, she dresses up in her slave outfit (cupless bras, crothless panties, hair in a bun) and waits for me to abuse her body. I make her lick my cock and ass. She has to lick the insides of my asshole and tell me how good I taste. She cooks for me and then waits on the floor by her bowl while I eat. I throw leftovers in her bowl and she eats that. Sometimes, if I feel she has put on too much weight, I don't give her enough to eat but make her workout. She cries, calls me sadist, complains and even yells at me but I know she is a slave and so she remains.

Every now and then if she breaks one of my several rules, I make her lick my shit. Initially she was grossed out and threw up but now she can lick my turds without gagging.

I also make my mother pay for several of my things. I invite men into our home and let them use my mother for something as little as new DVD.

All the exercise and lack of food has done wonders for mom. She has lost over 75 lbs and now weighs 150. Her big tits still hang to her belly but her abs and ass have grown much stronger. Her thighs are well shaped and she can make men cum much faster with her cunt that she ever could.

All in all mom and I are having a great life. She loves her job as a prostitute and I love having a slut who will follow my order.

I watch her fuck the johns when I am at home. Otherwise she narrates the details to me when I fuck her ass each night. All in all, we are enjoying our time together. I am hoping mom could earn enough in a few years to help us retire. She will still work on the streets but that will be just because she loves being a street whore. Life is good!
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Very good, she taught him well and now reaps the reward.
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