Gina becomes a prostitute

A woman is lying on the bed - her eyes half open a smile on her face
and her legs spread wide. She is a matronly woman with soft face and
lines around her eyes and forehead. She has nice lips. She is naked
except the open robe that is bunched under her. There are bite marks
all over her body, on her large pendulous breasts and round aereoles,
on her belly and even on her thighs. Between her legs her shaved
vagina is still pulsating, her large labia is open and thick white
liquid is making its way down her thighs.
She was still panting and it was obvious she had just had sex. She
turns her head to her right and suddenly her eyes dilate with passion.
Next to her is the object of her attention. A boy, no more than
19 with smooth hairless body and black hair is lying next to her. He
is on his stomach but his hips arch up. Between his open legs, thick
almost foot long penis peeks out. It is uncut, with no veins visible.
His balls are resting on top of his fat cock which is glistening from
the juices of the woman next to him. White sperms are still oozing
from the mouth of his cock.
The woman was Gina, 49 year old single woman living in middle class
neighborhood. The boy was Justin Harry who lived next
door with his mother Sheila.
"Justin" Gina said "You were great darling." She lifted her hand and
caressed the soft penis and balls. The boy's youth reacted almost
instantaneously and his cock started getting hard again.
"Oh my God!" Gina whispered when she realized what was happening. "Oh
my God Justin! You are ready again! Aren't you?"
Justin lay in same position, his head turned away from the woman old
enough to be his mother but his hips arched further up to accommodate
his now engorged penis. He could feel Gina's hand as she grabbed his
huge cock and massaged it along the shaft.
"I am hungry" he mumbled.
"Right away darling" Gina said getting up on her elbows. "What does
my handsome young man want to eat today?" She was still caressing his
long cock.
"Bacon and eggs" Justin replied.
"How about Eggs benedict?" Gina suggested running her hand over his
smooth, hairless ass.
"Bacon and eggs" he said with a tone of finality.
"Yes dear" Gina acknowledged her little master's desire and got up
pulling the robe around her. She stood up and tied the robe around her
mid sized waist and just before walking away, she turned around to
look at her lover one last time. "Do you think..." she said.
Justin didn't move.
"Do you think we can do it once again after eating?" she said. She
was a little ashamed asking a teenager for sex 10 minutes after he
had fucked her brains out and made her cum several times. But she
couldn't help it. She was addicted to that sexy, foot-long cock and
couldn't get enough of it or those sweet young lips.
"Get me the food." Justin replied with absolute contempt for this 49
year old woman. He knew he was the boss in this house. "I need
300 bucks for the Wii. I am planning to go out tonight with my friends
and getting it."
"Sure dear" Gina replied hurriedly, "I have 100 and I will get 200
more by tonight. "
"See that you do. I need it by 8".
For next 30 minutes while Gina cooked for her young stud, she kept
worrying how she will get the money. None of her regular clients had
called her for a session today and usually weekday was bad for
business. Most men had to go home to their wives and girlfriends. She
will have to put a few posts online and she may have to go out to turn
a few tricks. No matter what, she had to make the money or Justin will
not see her for weeks.
" How did it come to this?" she thought while frying the eggs. "How
did I become a whore when I was a regular bank employee just a few
months back?"
It all started at the new year party in her neighborhood. Gina was
alone with no date and she decided to go. She hoped to meet a few men,
hopefully single. However, she met Sheila, a woman in her late 30's who
had just moved here with her 18 year old son, Justin.
Sheila was divorced and worked as a clerk at a bank, something both
women had in common. They hit it off right away and Sheila introduced
Justin to Gina. Gina loved both the mother and son so much that she
invited them over for dinner the next day and even offered Sheila
help watching Justin while she was at work or out on dates.
The next day Sheila arrived promptly at 11. Justin was out with his
friends and this gave the women enough time to get to know each other
a little better while they prepared lunch. Gina came to know how
Sheila's ex husband abused her till she ran away. He caught up with
her and ****d her several times before leaving her again. A few weeks
later Sheila found out that she was pregnant. She told Larry the next
time he called her and that was the last she heard from him. It turned
out that the best way to get rid of an asshole was by letting him know
that he will be a father soon.
"I wish I had done it years earlier" Sheila said. "You know, I could
have told him that I was pregnant when I was not and who knows I would
have been able to get out the marriage when I was still young!" Both women
laughed at the tragic comedy of the situation.
"Justin is such a nice boy" Gina commented.
"He is, isn't he. That boy is a charmer" Sheila was proud of her son.
"I am sure he has lots of girlfriends" Gina
"Oh yes. A few of those nubile 18 year olds follow him home everyday
and I have to shoo them away" Sheila said laughing. "But that worries
me too"
Gina looked at Sheila questioningly.
"Well Gina, a few years back I came home and found this girl and her mother in
the apartment. The girl was playing with her dolls, while the mother
was running her fingers through Justin's hair, his head resting on her
massive tits." Sheila held her arms a foot away from her chest to
indicate the size of woman's huge breasts.
"That's all she was doing, running her fingers through his hair and
letting him rest on her breasts but I could see the intense hunger in
her eyes. I could tell that in a few minutes she would have done
something nasty to my little boy."
"Yes. I couldn't take it. I asked her to leave."
" What happened after that?"
"I asked Justin not to hang out with older women when I wasn't around
but that's the problem. He attracts them wherever he goes, school,
dentist, playground. I am at my wits end. I can't leave that boy alone
for a moment. I need help Gina."
"What do you want me to do?" Gina asked
"Will you watch Justin and keep him out of trouble while I am at work?"
From that day, Gina would have Justin over her place from 3 to 6, till his mother arrived. Sometimes Sheila would stay and have coffee. In
just a few weeks the 2 women came very close to each other, sharing
tips on coloring hair to hide the unsightly grays and makeup that
took 15 years off the face, to men and masturbation.
Then it happened. One evening Sheila decided to stay over for dinner
and as the 2 women talked and cooked together, Justin walked in,
naked. Gina was aghast. The boy didn't have a shred of cloth on his
body and his erect cock jutted almost a foot out from his groin.
Sheila didn't seem to be surprised at all. She calmly told Justin it
was rude to be naked in Mrs Lind's home and asked him to apologize.
Gina on the other hand could feel her heart beat rising. There were
drops of sweat on her forehead as she searched the room to fix her
eyes on something other than the boys huge penis.
Justin apologized as his mother had asked him to but Gina could only
mumble something incomprehensible in return. The monster cocked
teenager then turned away and Gina almost fainted looking at his
strong hips and well toned thighs and back.
"That boy is such a handful" Sheila said smiling. "He doesn't
understand when it is ok to express himself."
Gina didn't understand a word. She was still tying to get the image
of that huge penis out of her mind. Her pussy was already wet and her
nipples had grown almost an inch in less than 2 minutes.
"Why did he.." she finally said to Sheila.
"Oh. He is a boy and you know what boys his age like to do dear. I don't
mind when he is at home but here..... That's not right."
"What do you mean Sheila?"
"Don't you understand." Sheila said laughing. "He wanted to satisfy
himself. He does that several times a day."
"You let your son masturbate in the f****y room?" Gina couldn't
believe her ears.
"Of course darling. It is much better he gets it out in the house.
After all, empty balls lead to more focus and less fooling around
with girls."
"Oh.." was all Gina could manage.
"Don't worry hun. I will have a chat with him. I know this is not our
house and he should learn to play by your rules.." Sheila said
"Oh no. It was was just that he caught me by surprise."
"So it is ok if he takes care of himself here?" Sheila asked?
" is fine. Really. I don't mind. I understand that boys need
relief but I think it is much better if he does it in the privacy of
his room or the bathroom."
"That won't work darling." Sheila said laughing. " My Justin likes to
sit down on the couch or the bed when he does it"
"What do you mean Sheila? What are you saying?"
"I am letting you know honey that if you want me and my son to hang
around, you will have to get used to him being naked and jacking off
wherever he pleases - in your living room, f****y room, kitchen and
even in your bed."
"That's insane." Gina almost yelled. "I can't let a horny teenager walk around naked masturbating wherever he wants. The boy needs discipline."
"My boy needs satisfaction Gina." Sheila yelled back at her." Do you know how many women will love to watch him? Many have even offered to pay me for leaving him at their place."
"Leave" Gina roared. "Leave immediately and never come back."
"Are you sure?" Sheila smiled. "Remember next time you want to have him or me over, you will have to beg for it."
Gina didn't say anything but stared at Sheila.
"As you wish darling. My only advice to you is don't masturbate tonight thinking of him or his cock. If you can control yourself for just one night, you can conquer your desire. Otherwise, come to my house in a thong, half cup bra, full make up with deep red lipstick."
"GET OUT" Gina lost her temper.
"Justin. Honey we are leaving." Sheila called her son over her shoulder and they both left. Gina could see them through her kitchen window walking across the street to their house with Justin's hand on his mother's ass, as they talked.
That night Gina tossed and turned in her bed. Everytime she fell asl**p, she only dreamed big, white phallus closing in on her. It was in her mouth. She was sitting on it. It was violating her rectum.
When she awoke at 6 in the morning, her pussy was wet. She had already masturbated twice thinking about Justin and his sweet, strong ass and she wasn't
satisfied. She lay in her bed with her eyes open, staring at the ceiling. In a few minutes she got up, brushed her teeth, took a long bath, then had some light breakfast. It was only 7:30. She watched some TV and looked at the mail. At 10 she left her house for a nearby mall where she bought a thong, half cup bra and several shades of red lipstick.
Gina knew she couldn't help it. She came back at around 11, put on her makeup and walked to Sheila's house next door. It was almost lunch time when she knocked at the door.
Sheila didn't look a bit surprised. She smiled and stepped aside to let Gina in.
"Justin had school today. He won't be back till 4. Why don't you start in the kitchen?"
Gina didn't understand what Sheila meant.
"Kitchen?" she asked.
"Yeah. Do the dishes and scrub the floor. I think Rose already fixed the lunch."
"Rose also likes to watch Justin when I am away. She is an actress you know. Some of her movies were quite popular but she thinks she is the right woman to take care of my little boy. Frankly Gina, I am not that sure. The woman is a slut. She would lurk outside video arcade trying to lure young boys to her home. When I found her, she was unbuckling Justin's pants, preparing for a blowjob. I had to wrestle with her to get her away from my boy. But she was so persistent that I had to offer her an opportunity to be close to him. I don't trust her
though. I know she tries to have sex with him whenever i am not around. That's why I offered you an opportunity that you threw away."
"I am sorry." Gina mumbled realizing that getting close to Justin now was not as easy as she had hoped.
"Don't worry dear. Each day you and Rose will spend better part of the day here, doing chores. At the end of the day I decide who stays with Justin while I go to work the next day." Sheila said smiling sympathetically.
"Chores?" Gina asked
"Yes. You know, like cooking, doing dishes, cleaning, yard work, laundry and everything else. In return, you get an opportunity to be with Justin but that does not mean you can have sex with him. It only gives you the right to watch him as he goes about his day. Rose here loves it."
"Justin is a teenager. What do you think teenagers do when they are left alone? Rose likes to watch him when he is pleasuring himself and clean up after him. She is not allowed to touch him but she can help him clean up."
Gina stood their, not understanding what Sheila was talking about and trying to figure out if this was worth it.
"Come, I will show you." Sheila took her hand and led her to Justin's room upstairs.
Justin was naked. His cock was fully erect. Almost 11" long and 6" around, it was the biggest, most beautiful phallus Gina had ever seen.
He had his fingers wrapped around the thick stem and he seemed to be massaging his cock from the head to all the way to his big beautiful hairless balls. He was looking at the woman who was on her knees on the floor a few feet away from the bed. She pretended to scrub the floor while openly staring at the boy's cock. Gina could only see her back.
She had her beautiful chestnut hair pulled up in a bun and she was wearing a tube top that was 2 sizes too small. It was obvious she didn't have a bra on and her tits, almost as large as Gina's were swinging side to side, the sheer top barely able to contain them. She had a pink thong which disappeared between her fleshy hips. Even though they were behind her, Gina knew that the woman was rubbing her clit with her left hand while she pretended to be scrubbing the floor with her right hand.
"see what I mean?" Sheila said rolling her eyes. Then she entered the room and addressed the boy.
"Justin dear, Gina is here."
Justin looked up making no attempt to hide his nakedness. He smiled and Gina thought she saw his huge phallus twitch and get even harder (if it was possible).
The woman on the floor turned around too. Her eyes met Gina and they looked at each other's body, head to toe, sizing the competition.
Gina saw that woman's tube top was more sheer than she had imagined. Her big breasts stretched the thin fabric to the point that even the minor stress could have torn it apart. Her large, erect nipples were pierced as was her navel which the top didn't cover. She had beautiful hazel eyes with thick long lashes and well shaped eye brows. Her lips were thick and succulent and painted deep red. She had a cross around her neck that rested in her cleavage. The woman had well toned torso, no loose fat hanging from her sides but she was not skinny. It was
clear she worked out every day to maintain her looks.
Gina also noticed that Rose's thong was as sheer as her top. The thin fabric didn't cover all of her fat vulva. She had well toned thighs and beautifully manicured feet.
Gina looked back at Rose's face just as Rose had also completed her own analysis of Gina. Their eyes met and Gina saw Rose's flare with jealousy and hatred as she realized that she will now have to compete and possibly share Justin's attention with Gina.
The Rose turned around and continued masturbating while Justin rubbed his cock in full view of Gina and his mother.
Sheila encouraged her son, "Yeah baby. Give it to the slut. Let your
nectar fill her mouth."
Rose moved closer as Justin's balls started moving under the skin.
She was barely a few inches away from him but before touching him, she looked around at Sheila as if asking for permission which she got through a little nod. That was all the encouragement she needed. Rose flicked her tongue out and started licking Justin's ass. Gina could see her red, long tongue penetrating Justin's anus and reaching deep.
Justin lifted his right leg up, giving Rose better access to his ass and Rose took full advantage of this. She glued her lips to his ass and started sucking it going as deep as possible while her hands kept his hips apart.
Within minutes Justin started cummin. Gina watched the thick, white liquid rise up through the shaft and erupt from the top like a volcano. Most of it landed on Rose's hair and back who now jerked her head back to catch rest of the juice. She started licking the huge shaft, lapping up the cum hungrily. Then she sucked the boy's balls and finally made a move to lick the few huge drops from the
"I think you've had enough for today Rose. Let Gina clean up the rest." Sheila said calmly.
Both Rose and Gina were shocked. Rose because she was robbed of what she thought was the most precious thing to her and Gina because she couldn't believe Sheila expected her to lick the sperms of her son off the floor. That was disgusting.
When Rose made another move to lick those huge globs off, Sheila moved forward and grabbed her by the hair.
She pulled her up and yelled "I told you to stay away cunt. Don't you get it you stupid slut?"
Rose tried her best to break free and lick the cum but Sheila pulled her hair back harder and kicked her rear with the tip of her shoe.
Rose yelped like a puppy and started sobbing.
"That's your last chance Gina." Sheila said. "Show me how much you worship my son and you can come to my house again."
Gina realized she had no other option. If she wanted to see Justin and his huge phallus again, she had to do what Sheila demanded, no matter how disgusting it was.
Gina kneeled. Rose, Sheila and Justin were looking at her and as she bent down to lick the cum off the floor, she heard Justin say
"Yeah slut. Do it. Drink my cum you fucking bitch."
Sheila laughed as she gave another tug to struggling Rose's hair and asked "Justin dear. Do you think mommy should hire Gina too or are you happy with Rose?"
"I dunno mom". Justin replied like a mature man. "Mrs Lind made a face when she licked my cum and I didn't like it. I think she likes to fuck black men only - just like you."
"Mommy loves being fucked by black men but she adores your tasty cum too baby. Mrs Lind however needs to decided what she wants. Didn't you like my son's cum?"
"I loved it." Gina looked up smiling.
"I know this is what I was born to do. Please let me stay Sheila. Justin darling, Mrs Lind loved the taste your cum and will be happy to suck you anytime you want to."
That was 3 months back. Ever since Gina had worked as Sheila and Justin's maid, dressed in sexy sexy see through panties and nipple-less bras. At nights she started servicing men for money.
All the money she earned went into pleasing Justin through toys and Sheila through pedicures and massages. Gina even paid for Sheila's boyfriends, several of them 20 years or more younger than both women, to come over and sandwich Sheila. Many of these young horny boys ended up fucking Rose too but Gina kept her distance making herself available only to Justin.
Today, she needed to head back to the streets and find a few good men to fuck her cunt and ass and help her make enough money to buy the Wii. She knew with huge breasts and wide hips like hers she shouldn't have much of a problem on weekends but she would have to work extra hard tonight.
Gina had few other options. She started dressing up in short vinyl mini and black blouse and red pumps. She had to be ready. She had to please her naked master.
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omg!! awesome stories.. Cheers!
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yes servicing each other & mom
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That's a hell of a fantasy.
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great fantasy. now you just need to get the slaves to service each other or the mother