Slut Mother Gets Married (Part I)

This was my first attempt at fiction. Short but cute.

I entered the hallway to find a man fucking my mother. She was in her bridal dress and leaned against the table. The man had lifted her dress over her hips and he was pumping his huge member in and out of my mother's big, juicy cunt. In a couple of minutes she was about to be married to another man and here she was getting fucked! I walked over to face her and saw her eyes almost closed as she thrust her hips back almost reaching her orgasm.

"Mom!" I said, "Its time!" But she didn't seem to care and I knew that if I don't give her what she wanted, she won't cum and if she doesn't cum, it might get real ugly. So I grabbed my mother's huge, sagging tits and yanked them out of her white bra. Her tits had totally sagged and were swinging freely as I pinched her nipples. I started milking my mother's breasts and urged the man "Yes! Fuck her! Fuck my mother! She's a cheap whore."

Mom opened her eyes and looked at me. "Ugggghhh!" she moaned and lifted her head. I knew what she wanted now. Her lips were painted bright red and she looked more of a whore than bride.

I slapped her face. "This is what you want cunt! You want to be ****d and abused."

"Yes Dave! Yes! Your mother wants to be treated like a slut," she said, "Fuck me Dave! Aaaahhhh! God! Fuck me hard."

I continued slapping my mother's face and milking her tits while abusing her. I urged the man again.. "Fuck the cunt! Fuck my mother!" He drove his huge member up her cunt and suddenly froze. I knew he was cumming. I grabbed mom's tits and squeezed them tight as the man shot his load into my mother's cunt.

When he was done, his cock slipped out of her cunt and the cum rushed out on her thighs. The man moved away, letting the dress fall over mom's hips but we had a problem. Mom had still not cum and was getting hysterical. She was tugging at my cock but I never fucked my mother if I was not angry. There was only one find another man.

I heard the door open and a stocky black man came out. He was shocked to see the bride to be bent over, her legs spread apart and her son milking her tits but when he overcame that shock I motioned him to come over and help me. No more words were needed. The man lifted my mother's bridal gown over her hips exposing her red stockings and big ass with cum still oozing out of her pussy. He started entering her cunt but I stopped him. "No! She needs it in her ass"

The man seemed to understand and pulled his cock out and pointed it at mom's asshole. He started moving in and mom's anus resisted for a moment and then opened up like a flower. He slid in without much difficulty and started fucking my mother's ass. I encouraged him to move faster because mom was nearing her orgasm. I was still milking her tits when she opened her mouth. I wasted no time and started slapping my whore mother's face. She moaned and groaned like a slut and then I felt her tits shake. I could see her hips quivering and then she started cumming. Mom came really hard. Her pussy lips opened wide apart and her juices flowing out like a river. As I pressed my mother's huge hanging boobs I saw that the man was cumming too. He emptied his balls into my mother's anus and then pulled out.

It was time and I had to take mom in where the groom waited. She looked up, her face content and her red. I held her close and asked "You alright mom?"

"Yes Dave!" She replied. "That was beautiful. I needed it!"

"I know mom," I said as I led my mother gently.

"I still have his cum in my ass," she said.

"You dirty whore!" I laughed.

As she exchanged vows and kiss I could clearly see the dampness in her dress where she must have squirt the cum out of her ass and let it flow down her legs!

"What a whore!" I thought and smiled to myself thinking what I'll do to my mother in the night.
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3 years ago
Love these stories, so hot!
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
4 years ago
hot story.
4 years ago
great story short and hot
4 years ago
interesting a true slut
4 years ago
I just love your stories, they are the best