Slut In A Rut

This story will blow your minds. It is just way too perverted and out there than anything else you have ever read. But that's who I am - a person who constantly challenges the "normal". Enjoy you fucking bastards.
It was Friday. I was in the living room while my mother was in the kitchen fixing us some dinner.
"Its been a while." I heard her say. I continued to flip through the channels on our large, 45" flat screen LCD TV.
"Yeah?" I knew what she meant but didn't want to interrupt her.
"It was Sat. when we had Mike and he didn't last that long." she continued.
"I thought he was pretty good" I yelled back over the sound of an ad with jingle built on "I like big butts".
"What? No!" she yelled back. The TV was quite loud.
"He just didn't seem into it." she said as she walked into the room with 2 plates with piles of hot and creamy pasta, bread and some side salads.
I looked up at her and realized she still looked so beautiful. My mother was over 50, 5'5", 190 lbs. She had a gentle round face and almond, hazel eyes. She had long chestnut brown hair that fell to her middle back. Her eye brows had been shaped recently. Her small nose sat perfectly above thick, pouty lips that she had put deep red lipstick on. Hint of rogue on her soft, plump cheeks and a slight double chin showed both her age and extra weight she had carried almost all her life.
Her slender neck had wrinkles and gave her age away. She only had a small cotton t-shirt that barely covered her mammoth 44FF tits and dollar-coin sized aereols. Her tits had sagged and hung all the way down to her navel. Her large belly was tight and spilled over thin red panties. She shaved her cunt and I could see her pussy lips clearly even though they were completely covered by thin cloth. I didn't see my mother's ass but I knew what it was like. My mother was a perfect pear. Most of her 190 lbs rested in her hips. Her ass was 55" around and her hips stuck out like 2 basketballs resting on top of strong thick thighs!
So many cocks had entered those hips that neither one of us could count anymore. Even from the front, I could see my mother's giant hips spilling out of her panties on either side. Her long, shapely legs were fat but very well proportioned to rest of her body. Overall, she was a very beautiful woman but like most other fat girls, she was insecure about her weight.
"What the hell are you watching? Turn it down" she said sitting next to me and placing the plates on the table.
I could tell she was annoyed and I knew why. It had been almost a week since we had entertained a man. The last man to enter our house, and my mother's bed, was Mike, a 50 year old German. Handsome, rich, and suave, Mike had everything, except a cock that mom and I could like. Mike had a nice 8" member but one that never got hard. Mom sucked him for several minutes, I even lubed his cock and massaged his balls and then gently positioned it at my mother's ass. As he pushed, I grabbed my mother's hips and parted them, opening her anus.
Typically, this simple act made guys go crazy with desire. How many sons do you know who lube the cocks of strange men to make sex enjoyable for their mothers? how many mothers do you know who beg their sons to part their hips so that other men could put their cocks in her asshole and fuck her silly?
I thought so.
Mike, on the other hand still couldn't get it hard. I even bent over and rimmed him while he pumped mom's ass. Finally, after a few minutes, I gave up. Mom was just lying there, getting bored, looking at her nails, waiting for him to finish.
Mike was embarrassed because he knew he couldn't deliver but he also couldn't stop pawing my mother's mammoth tits. And then it happened. He started groaning and fucking mom harder. We looked at each other and mom shook her head. She didn't want Mike to cum in her. But I hadn't fed in days. I needed a man tonight. I knew she did too. Even if she didn't care about a pathetic, old white guy with soft cock, she was as desperate to feed me as I was to get fed.
I pushed a finger up Mike's ass and rotated it gently. That pushed him over the cliff. He climaxed and I emptied his balls in my mother's anus.
As soon as he was done, mom scooted back and pushed him out.
"Get out!" she yelled at Mike.
"What?" he stared at her stupidly.
"She said get out, you sick fuck." I said kicking him back. My small, 5' 2", 120 lbs frame was no match for his 6" and 240 lbs body but I had strength of character. I only served my mother. I was committed to her.
Mike fell back and rolled over and out our bed. I threw his underwear at him.
"Go." Mom whispered. "I can wait."
"You sure mom?" I whispered back.
"Don't worry my baby. You won't lose anything." she smiled gently.
I urged Mike to hurry up and chased him out the house. I didn't even let him use the bathroom. If the bastard had to go, he could go back at his place. I was hungry.
I came back to the bedroom. My mother's ass was perched on 3 pillows. She had clenched her cheeks together and lifted her legs up and back, almost to her ears. Despite her weight, she was quite flexible.
I climbed the bed and took off my underwear. My small 4" penis was still soft. Mom smiled when she saw me standing on the bed, my pens resting on my small balls.
"Just stay there for a moment." mom said.
I looked at her puzzled. I really wanted to feed.
Mom looked at me as she lay back on bed, with her feet still up in the air. Then she smiled.
"You know, you have the most beautiful body." she said.
"Mom?" I didn't understand.
"You have such clear skin, Your face and hair are just like mine. You have the most adorable little penis and balls and your hips! Oh my God! Your hips are better than mine."
I smiled and then kneel and bent to kiss mom's anus.
"I am ready mom." I whispered.
"Are you hungry?" she teased me.
"I am starving mom."
She chuckled and relaxed. Her sphincter opened like a flower and thick white sperms of Mike shot out. For limp cock that Mike had, he did leave behind almost 2 shot glass full of cum in my mother's asshole. Mixed with my mom's rectal juices, this was the nectar that I lived for. I ate it with reverence, smelling it, savoring it, feeling its stickiness on my tongue and between my teeth. And my mother, the kind Goddess, kept pushing out more till there was nothing but her open anal tunnel.
"That's it honey." she said lovingly. "I think I have given your everything."
But I wasn't satisfied. I parted her hips once more and glued my lips to her large, overfucked anus. I pushed my tongue deep in her ass and licked every drop of cum and juice out.
Then, my mouth still full of fresh anal juice of my mother, I fell back in the bed.
That was more than a week back. I was hungry again and I could tell that my mother needed a good ass fuck too.
"I can find us a new man for tonight mom". I reassured her.
"Thats not it Larry" she said.
"Then what?" I was confused. This was the first time that mom had said no to the idea of getting fucked. "You won't understand." she said sadly. "Eat your food."
"Tell me mother." I said putting my hand on hers and patting her gently. "We only have each other."
Mom gave me a long, hard look.
"It doesn't work for me anymore." she whispered.
"what?" I was even more puzzled now.
"This!" she exclaimed. "I don't like just plain old fucking in the ass and you eating all the cum from my ass."
"You don't want me to help you mom?"
"That's not what I said." she cried. "I love having you with me all the time. I can't fuck unless you are there holding my hand and parting my hips for all those men."
"Then what mom?"
"I AM TIRED THIS SHIT!!" she yelled. "I don't enjoy the men in my ass or my cunt. As soon as I see a man I know how it will end. We will bring him home. You will help him get naked. He will fuck my ass and you will eat all the cum. Its like watching the same fucking movie again and again and again. There's nothing new for us Larry." she was sobbing.
"Can't you see? Don't you understand? I need something more than what any man can give me."
"I am here for you mom." I knew she needed my support at this time.
We finished rest of the dinner in silence. I gathered the dishes and cleaned the table while mom relaxed on the couch.
When I returned, mom was watching an old movie of her. She was in gangbang with 3 hispanic men and 2 of them penetrated her ass at the same time. For some reason, my mother loved this scene the most and often watched it. Today she wanted to talk about it.
"This is what I really want." she said gently.
"Gangbang? We can arrange that this weekend mom."
"No. Not the men you asshole." she spat.
"I want to change my body."
If she had a point, I couldn't see it.
"Larry. I want my pussy and anus to be stretched beyond what you would call normal." she said looking at me.
"Mom you already have a great pussy and ass. You can easily fist your anus and pussy."
"Yes. but I want my ass to be bigger. I want you to be able to push your entire foot in my ass. I want to be double, no triple fisted in my cunt."
"why mom?"
"5 years ago when you first sucked the cum from my asshole, we didn't know where we were going. But I knew it was the right thing for us and look at us now. We have spent last 5 years in bliss. We are happier than any other f****y."
"Yes mother" I replied.
"So trust me again Larry. My heart says this is our destiny."
From that day, mom's started training her body. We bought several toys, each ranging from 10" long and 8" around to 16" long and almost a foot around. Mom started taking walking around with these massive butt plugs and cunt insertions.
First few days were really hard and she suffered from bladder control problems. But by end of 3rd week she could keep the largest ones in her ass and cunt for several hours without even feeling it.
Then a month later, mom and I went out for dinner. After shower, my mother put on her black leather panties. I held the 16" monster that we had lubed earlier. She sat gently and kept pushing. Within 3 minutes the huge dildo was buried up to hilt in my mother's wide ass. I held it in place to stop it from dropping out while my mother inserted another 14" dildo up her cunt. She didn't need lube for that. The hard leather panties served as sealant and nailed the dildos up, preventing them from falling out.
Finally, mom put on red fishnets and short black micro mini skirt. Sheer black top with half cup bra and long thigh high boots completed her ensemble of a slut and a Goddess that I loved so dearly.
That night mom and I went out for dinner and then a night club where she made out with several men on the dance floor. She danced, she jumped, she rubbed her body and not once did she look uncomfortable with 2 giant dildos inside her body. Later, on our way back, she suggested we stop for an adult movie. In the darkness of the theater, Mom gave handjobs to several guys and was sucking a short, stocky Mexican when her leather panties gave way and the anal dildo slipped out, leaking her ass slurry, creamy and pleasant to me but nasty and pungent to other men.
We left in a hurry as men hurled insults. We were both embarrassed but once back in the safety of our car we couldn't stop laughing.
Despite the little snafu, we knew that she was ready to move to the next level. Mom could now insert as many as dozen apples up her ass and several zucchinis up her cunt at the same time. Now that she didn't fuck as many men, my mother fed me the fruits and food from her anus.
Halloween was around the corner and we decided to throw a party. Mom invited a lot of her friends and f****y. Brenda, the big tittied, blonde prostitute, Asia, a relatively unknown porn star, few DJs from local radio station and several men mom had slept with and their wives showed up. Mom had planned a surprise for the party.
Once the guests were having drinks in the living room and we had curtained the f****y room off.
I was welcoming and entertaining the guests but mom was getting ready. I stripped naked. Nobody paid attention. Most men had seen me eating cum from my mother's ass and most women had abused my little cock and ass for their own filthy pleasures.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please" I said loudly, in my squeaky, girlish voice.
"You have all known us for several years and you have all helped us realize our dreams and develop the most beautiful relationship that a mother and son could ever have and WE THANK YOU FOR THAT."
The guests smiled and clapped.
"Firstly, we want to acknowledge all the beautiful men who came in my mother's sweet ass and watched me eat your spunk."
Half the men in the room stood up.
"Gentlemen, we sincerely appreciate your donation and I hope you all brought enough of your lovely donation tonight too!" I said raising the toast. Everybody clapped loudly.
"Next, lets hear it for the ladies who shared their men with us." A number of fat, black and Mexican women stood up. We all thumped the table loudly, appreciating the women.
"Ladies, I can't thank you enough for letting your men 'work late' all those nights. I am sure you knew even then that they were screwing around. I mean mom and I never left any cum in their balls but tonight we will show our appreciation in a way you can't imagine."
"Finally, the time has come for us to start the party. If you have been wondering where my mother is, I can assure you that she has been spending this time taking care of important business. Let me get her out."
With that I opened the curtain and went into the living room. I held my mother's arm and gently helped her get up from the couch. As the guest watched from the living room, my mother slowly made her way over from f****y room 30 feet away.
She had a long dress on and she kept her hands on her body as she walked. I knew it wasn't easy for her but she was a brave soul and continued.
Once we were in the living room, I requested guests to back off. My mother went around the room saying her hellos and thanking everybody for coming to the party. She refused all food and drink and returned to the front of the room where I had spread a bedsheet.
I helped my mother to sit down on the bedspread gently. She planted her ass on a few pillows and then leaned back to rest her body.
I looked at the room again. I knew everybody was confused and scared. Nobody knew what will happen next and that's exactly what mom and I wanted.
I looked at my mother and she nodded.
"Friends" I said, "as you all know my mother has been fucking men for 35 years now and almost all of you have deposited your seed in her womb. The fact is.."
I paused to enhance the impact. The room was silent. All eyes were upon us.
"The fact is, my mother is pregnant again!"
A sudden gasp escaped everybody's mouth. People looked at each other.
"We are blessed to have new f****y. But this gets even better."
I paused again and raised my mother's dress all the way upto her breasts. Her large distended belly glowed in gentle light of the room.
"Friends. We are ecstatic to tell you that the doctors have told us that we are having octuplets."
A woman fainted. Several covered their mouths and the men just gawked.
"Don't worry friends. Mom and I are ready and we want you to be part of our celebrations."
The puzzled guests were now confounded. Nobody knew where we were going.
"Mom told me that she's having contractions and babies need to come now!" I said loudly.
"Oh my God!" a woman exclaimed!
"What?" Carl shrieked.
"are you guys nuts?" Brenda, the prostitute yelled from the back of the room.
The room erupted with protests. Everybody was shocked at this bizarre turn of events.
"Friends." I was prepared for this. "I know you are not ready for this but please have faith in my mother's decisions. She has always entertained you and she will do it today too."
Then I bent towards my mother. She raised her hands and I slipped her dress off and threw it towards the guests. Everybody could see her huge belly and engorged cunt. I helped mom to stand up and squat. Brenda and Asia held her arms to support her while I knelt in between my mother's legs and urged her to push.
She did. A small, black head emerged. Then in second, the it dropped in my hands. I held the little thing in my hands and raised him above my head. The crowd erupted with laughter. It was a puppy, barely 6 inches long. Mom pushed and soon dropped another 3 out. I carefully placed all 4 in a little basket on the side.
If our guests thought that surprise was over, they were wrong.
"Mom, the doctor said you had a litter of 8!" I exclaimed.
My mother smiled and turned around. She parted her ass and the guests laughed again.
My mother pushed and a white puppy dropped from her anus. I caught him gently. Then a darker one emerged and last 2 were half black and half white.
We had 8 puppies sitting in the basket. They were all healthy and spunky. The guests were now laughing though some where still nervous.
Brenda was hugging mom.
"My God Carol!" I heard her whisper in mom's ears. "You are the greatest bitch I have ever seen."
Mom chuckled. Then she turned around and took a bow. The guests gave her a standing ovation.
Mom was really proud of her self. She had finally changed her body the way she wanted.
That night mom didn't fuck any of the men but she did show all her big toys and played with them while the guests enjoyed an open orgy with each other.
At about two in the morning, as a woman pushed 16" dildo up my mother's ass, Asia approached her and asked " What's your ultimate fantasy Carol? When will you stop?"
Mom looked up at her trying to ease the monster cock up her rectum. Once she was settled, she looked at me and then back at Asia.
"You know honey. I don't know when I will stop but I do know what I really want. I want Larry to insert his whole head up my pussy and be born again. I enjoyed giving birth to him once I am sure I will love doing it again"
"And what about you Larry?" Asia asked me.
"I don't know. I would love to be up my mother's pussy again but for now, I happy eating dog cum from her ass."
My mother smiled as she moved her large hips enjoying the feeling of the huge dildo in her rectum.
Asia came over and held my hand.
"I am so turned on by you and your mother." she said. "You guys looks so beautiful together. I know I will never have someone like you but can we dance for a few minutes."
"I can't. I need to help her feed the babies." I said.
"Just hand me 2" my mother said. "They feed themselves".
I picked up a black and a white puppy and handed them to my mother, still sitting with 16" giant pole in her ass. She was quite comfortable.
She lifted the puppies to her blatant tits and the puppies started sucking her nipples, drawing milk. The guests applauded again.
"People, this night is for you. Have fun." I said addressing the party.
"My mother will feed all the 8 puppies with her milk and once they are asl**p, I will get the rest. You guys are welcome to watch and if anybody wants to make a sperm donation, please leave it in Brenda's wide ass. Tonight, she's the receptacle for my daily protein."
Asia and I danced. She pulled my cock and kissed me and we ended up fucking next to where my mother fed the pups.
The party had started and we were happy again!
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4 years ago
ok story, but it didn't do much for me. i liked the sucking the cum out of her ass, and the really huge dildos in her ass and cunt.
4 years ago
An amazing fantasy dream.
4 years ago
a little on the far side
4 years ago
no offence intended but thats just going too far.
4 pups in her ass and 4 ini her cunt?
for starters they wouldnt live.
then there is the fact that they would scratch the shit out of her insides.
interesting story but went a bit far.