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The woman ran desperately in the darkness, away from men chasing her
on a drk and lonely road. It was raining mildly and her long pink
skirt was wet and clung to her rather heavy hips and thighs as she
struggled to put distance between herself and the men.
She was quite beautiful, with a soft, mature face and lines around her
eyes that even heavy makeup couldn't hide.Her red lips were parted and
showed a thin line of perfect white teeth. Her eyes were wide with
fear and her face was red with exertion she wasn't used to.
Her large breasts jiggled and one could make out a faint outline of
her thick nipples.
The rain made the road wet and soon the inevitable happened.
She slipped and fell with a loud thug. The men behind her slowed down
and within a few seconds surrounded her. They looked at thier prey
The woman's skirt was now pulled up around her hips. She tried to
cover her exposed thighs and deeper than normal cleavage but it was of
no use anymore. She looked up at them, at thier lust filled faces and
sobbed "Please!".

"CUT. " A man barked the crude order somewhere.
The rain stopped, the darkness melted away, the men on the road
wandered away and a boy rushed forward to help the woman on her feet.
"That was an awsome shot Rose." the director, a 60 y/o man with wiry
hair and oversized sunglasses came up to the woman .
"You were so natural."
"Thankyou Steve." she replied. "I am tired though. Can we start
"You know I don't have big bucks Rose", Steve quipped, "and you are no
Dolly Parton. We gotta wrap this thing up by next month or we'll all
be in deep shit."
"But I am really exhausted." Rose pleaded. "Can we atleast have a
"Alright." Steve replied sullenly, "lets break for an hour."

Rose took a deep breath and rushed to her dressing room.
It was a small damp room with bright light, a huge mirror, a closet
and a queen sized bed in one corner.
A door next to entrance opened into a restroom shared by the room on
the other side.

She entered the room and bolted the door behind her.
Then she went to the mirror. At 47, she looked good. Good enough to
get a lead role in a movie. So what if it wasn't mainstream cinema.
Rose had her own fans. People loved her steamy sex scenes in low budgt
movies. But of late, her fan following had been dropping. She was
getting less calls from directors like Steve. She was getting no calls
for lead roles. Infact she had to call Steve a month back and
"convince" him to sign her.
Steve had been blunt. "You are not that young anymore Rose." He had
said in same irritating mickey mouse voice.
"I have to make some serious dough on this one or I am dead." Rose
noticed he no longer looked at her breasts as he talked. That was odd.
Few years back he couldn't take his eyes of those huge jugs.
She remembered how he had once stripped and bent over when she had
playfully suggested that she would take his movie for 100 grand if he
lets her fuck his ass.
Steve hated gays but he let Rose mount him and prod his virgin anus
with her thick dildo. For 20 minutes as Rose impaled her huge red
strap-on on his scrawny ass, Steve bit his lips and kept quiet.
Next day Rose had shown up for the shooting and they never talked
about it.
But oh! How the mighty had fallen.
Steve was still making movies, some good ones too. Rose on the other
hand was fading. Younger and bolder girls had all but taken away all
lead roles from her. Silicone implants made each one look as slutty as
she was with her natural breasts. Her 40FF hooters had started sagging
when she was still in her twienties. Now over 45, they fell to her
navel without a wirebra. Her hips had filled out too. It seemed that
whatever Rose ate, went straight to her hips. They were 40 inches
already and still growing. Big, long skirts could no longer hide her
voulptuous ass anymore. It looked obscene in a jeans or work trousers.
It was then that Rose had realized that it was Steve's turn to mount
her. She called him home for dinner last week. Dressed in long black,
figure higging dress with a deep navel, she received him with a full
open mouth kiss. She had skipped the bra and her nipples poked through
sheer silk obscenely. Rose server the best champagne and caviar she
could afford and wanted Steve to claim his masculinity by fucking her.
She was quietly waiting for it, but Steve never asked.
"I guess I'll be leavin' then." Steve said getting up after a couple
of hours and a few drinks later . "Gotta shoot the **** scene with
that Linda." He chuckled showing his uneven, yellow teeth.
Rose, stood up too. She knew Steve didn't care anymore. He didn't need
her. Linda was 20 years younger than her and had perfect implants that
made her bosom stick out a foot in front of her chest.
Rose had to do something. She needed a role, a good one to pay her
bills. If she didn't make some quick cash, she would lose the house
and probably her car too. She was desperate.
"Steve wait " she pleaded.
"Its too late Rose." Steve said yawning. "I already told you...."
Rose turned around. She lifted her black dress and bared her hips. She
looked over her shoulder as Steve watched with a sarcastic smile. Then
Rose bent over. She placed her hands one her wide, fleshy hips and
pulled her cheeks apart. She knew what the site would be like to
Her anus was no more than a loose, gaping hole after years of hard
fucking by men of all kind. When stretched opened like that, it looked
like a deep, dark hole with red border that could swallow a donkey's
cock without any problem. Her shaved cunt was no better. Infact, Rose
started inviting men to fuck her ass after one of the producers
complained her cunt was too big to make most men cum. That was 15
years ago. Most men that Rose wanted to please would end up cumming in
her rectum.
She felt Steve's hands on her hips as he tried to decide which hole to
fuck first.
When Steve left the next day, Rose had the part. She was to play the
lead in a very low budget, soft porn movie. The story was simple. A
college girl gets d***k, ****d and then becomes a prostitute.
After that night, Steve visited her every night or called her to his
house. He made her fuck his friends, paraded her nude in a sex party
and let his dog mount her and fuck her cunt while the crowd watched.
A week later he asked her to put on something sexy.
"I want you to meet the producers." he explained. "They want to see if
you fit the role."
Rose knew that her job was not secured unless she impresses the
producers, 3 of them. At 47, she also knew it was impossible for her
to fit the role of a college girl.
She put on heavy makeup with red glossy lipstick and dark mascara.
She did her hair in a bun.
She didn't wear any bra but let her nipples stick out through a sheer
red blouse.
Her small, pink, vinyl skirt meshed her hips together and covered less
than half of her ass.
She wore a red fishnet and knee high boots to look like a whore that
she knew they would expect her to be. She got up and turned around to
look into the mirror. The high heels of the boots and tight pink,
vinyl skirt made her shiny ass thrust out obscenly. Her red blouse was
too thin and deeply cut to cover her blatant breasts. They swung with
her every move. Her dark aereols and nipples were clearly visible
through her slutty blouse.
Her thunderous thighs in red fishnets and bare midriff hanging out
slightly from just above her big leather belt completed her attire of
a 10 dollar whore.

Steve got a hardon as she sat in a chair in front of him accross his
cluttered desk. He liked young women but he loved cheap ones. There
was something sexy about a woman ready to accept you in any part of
her body for little money. And if the woman was as voluptuous as Rose,
it was heaven.
"Perhaps we have some time before they come " he suggested.
Rose laughed and stood up. Keeping her left hand on the chair she
swung around letting him savour her fat hips bursting out her vinyl
skirt. She thrust them back at him and squirmed a little, teasing him.
"Would the producers like sloppy seconds?" She asked a little worried.
After all, it was her carreer they were risking. The cheap bastard
wouldn't care if the producers kick her ass out of the building and
ask for a "fresh face".
"Face ha!" she thought. "All these perverts want is fresh ass." But
over the years Rose had learnt a few tricks to keep the important men
happy even if she was not as tight as she used to be.
"They won't even notice." Steve said quickly his mouth watering at the
sight of her delicious rear. He could see the rim of her big anus if
she bent even a little. "They do it together, you know. Sometimes they
only want you to suck them and sometimes they just make you walk aound
Rose, now reassured, walked to him and sat on the edge of the desk,
bringing her foot to Steve's throat. She let it slip along his silk
shirt finally resting at his swollen crotch.
"Turn around" Steve said looking between her open legs.
"You have exactly 5 minutes honey." She said bending over him and
kissing his forehead, her big bust smothering him. "Don't mess up the
hair too much and use the front door. I want at least one hole to be
tight and snug for those pencil dicks."

Rose scooted back a little opened her legs. Steve got up and loosened
his belt letting his pants fall around his ankles. He was not wearing
any underwear.
He tried to kiss her lips but she turned away. "Don't mess up my
makeup" She reminded him angrily.
He got his dick out and let her hold it. Rose guided it carefully into
her cunt and closed her legs. Five minutes later, Steve sat back in
his chair. Rose was still seated on his desk facing him, her legs
still open. Fresh, thick cum oozed from her cunt to the desk. A glob
had landed on her fishnets around her thighs. She got up and bent over
him again. "Thankyou darling", she said kissing him, rubbing her huge
tits over his face through sheer red blouse . "Let me go and clean
"They are here Steve", a dirty blonde girl opened the door and
"No time to clean up I guess." Steve said without looking at Rose.
"Lets go and see them."
20 minutes later Rose was in a Mariott suite with 3 men and Steve.
They discussed the plot and the time schedule. Rose watched them. She
was bored. Her cunt was still wet with Steve's cum and some of it now
was on her thighs. Se didn't mind that. She loved cum. But she was so
incredibly bored with this meeting. All she wanted was to get back
home and get into a long relaxing bubble bath, if she was lucky, with
a young, 20 y/o hunk at the reception of this hotel.
"Well. It sounds good Steve". One of the men, Mr. Whitman said. "So
who did you select to play Dolores?"
Steve waited for a few seconds, as if unsure of himself. He looked at
Rose and patted her thigh. Rose lets her legs fall apart. A stiff,
musky sex scent arose from her cunt and filled the room and Steve said
For a full minute nobody spoke. The men looked at each other and then
at Steve untill the big, black
Carl spoke up, "Surely you are joking!".
"No. I am serious." Steve said more confident of his choice now. "i
have worked with Rose for over 20 years and she is the most committed
young woman I have ever seen. She can complete this movie within 3
weeks and she charges half of that slut Linda."
"I don't care how much the hag charges," Mr Whitman said angrily, "
there's no way you can fit a 40 y/o whore in young, virgin's shoes. We
will lose every single penny."
"Steve", Carl said again, "We like working with you. But don't fuck
with us. You can put this fucking bitch in a scene or 2, make her the
girl's mother but there ain't any way this old bitch is playing the
lead role. We think Linda is the right choice."
"No, Rose is right choice" Steve said sueezing Rose's knee.
Rose watched him with appreciation. She coudn't believe Steve was
sticking up for her. She expected him to drop her the moment
produceers objected but instead he was putting his ass on line for
her. She suddenly admired him for his manliness. She forgot about the
hunk downstairs. Hell, she would have loved to jump on him and kiss
him all over and take him up her ass right there!
"Steve..", Carl almost yelled angrily, but before he could say
anything more, the 3rd man, who hadn't spoken a word till now asked
gently "Why do you think she is the right choice?"
Rose looked at Mr Bedall curiously. He was older, around 65, almost
bald, clean shaven, round glasses and dressed formally in a suit. His
voice was gentle and soothing, almost a whisper but carried enough
weight to shut up everybody else."
"But Mr. Bedall...", Carl tried to interrupt again.
"Why do you think she is the right choice?" Mr Bedall repeated his
question ignoring Carl.
"I have noticed some trends over last few years." Steve opened a
folder and handed few pages to Mr Bedall.
"I have found that movies and magazines with older women tend to sell
more than other. I have also found that sluttier the older woman, the
easier it is to sell her. Statement 3 on page 4 will show you what I
Mr Bedall looked at the pages.
"But a 40 y/o woman posing as an 18 y/o will make us laughing stock of
the industry." Mr Bedall said. Smile never left his face.
"Yes. But once the movie hits the stands, it will be us who will
laugh. We will price it higher than other releases and put Rose on the
cover dressed pretty much like how she is right now."

Everybody in the room turned to look at Rose and she knew that it was
upto her now to secure the lead role. She kept her legs open and
smiled sweety at Mr Bedall. By now, it was clear that he was the one
who mattered. She thrust her chest out and gave it a little shake to
her. Ripples arising from her breasts ended on her soft belly. Carl
and Whiman could not get enough of her rack. Typical breast men, she
thought. Mr Bedall's eyes however never left her face.
"What do you think?" Mr. Bedall asked her, surprising everybody in the
" I am ready sir " Rose replied confidently. "Give me a chance and I
promise I will not let you down."
"Lots of girls say that" Mr Bedall said lookng her from top to bottom
,"lots of 18 year olds with 40" tits and 20" waists. So why should we
invest in you? Don't you think you will be better as a sexy mom or a
bitch aunty?"
"I know how to drive men crazy" Rose said unwaveringly.
"That's a bold statement", Mr Bedall said still smiling " a very bold
statement. Can you prove it?"
Rose looked around the room. Stripping and fucking these men didn't
seem like a good idea. It would just make her look like a cheap,
desperate whore. She needed to do something drastic. Something that
would convince Mr Bedall that she could indeed drive men of all ages
crazy with lust. She had to prove that her movies will sell.
She knew exactly what to do.
Rose picked up the phone. "Front desk, How can I help you" a gentle
male voice spread warmth in her loins.
"Could you come up to my room please?" Rose whispered into the
"Do you need assistance madam?" the man sounded concerned.
"No, I just need sex" Rose announced, raising her voice a little so
that others in the room could hear her.
There was a moment's silence. Rose said hundred prayers before she
heard the man stutter "I....I can't. I have a gentleman here who wants
to check in."
"Bring him too", Rose was desperate. She wanted this. If her rejected
her, she was finished.
The man hung up on her.
"Seems like he doesn't like you" Carl said laughing a hollow laugh.
Rose noticed how his eyes kept wandering to her naked pussy. She could
see a bulge in his dockers.
"He will come", she said smiling. She knew she couldn't show her
"well, why don't you strip darling." Carl said rubbing his crotch.
"Show us your sexy ass while your stud comes up to fuck you". Rose
hated this man. He was too arrogant. He was used to treating women
like shit. Mr Bedall on the other hand was a perfect gentleman. She
looked at him hoping he would bail her out. But Mr Bedall continued to
look at her silently, still smiling.
Rose shrugged and got up. She reached back and unhooked her blouse. It
popped off freeing her large tits. Now unrestrained they swung with
every little movement of her body. Carl stood up and lifted one heavy
boob in his hands. He massaged her large, black aerole and long thick
nipple. Rose smiled sexily.
Carl licked his lips then took her nipple in his mouth. He flicked her
tongue on it for a few seconds. Rose watched him with amusement. It
didn't seem like he got to play with large natural tits a lot.
He was like a k** in candy store.
Rose turned a little so that her wide ass was close to Mr. Bedall's
face. Whitman slid his thumbs underneath her tight vinyl skirt and
lifted it baring all of white, fleshy hips. He parted her hips and ran
a finger between her crack.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Everybody froze.
"Its him", Rose said turning. "The boy at reception is here." Carl was
still sucking her nipple.
"Open the door, let him in" Mr Bedall said calmly.
Rose pushed Carl away. Her breast fell heavily on her belly. It was
shining with Carl's saliva who now looked unhappily at Mr Bedall.
"Sit down" Mr Bedall commanded him " You will have enough time later".
"Go", he said looking the door.
Rose started walking towards the door. She did not bother to put on
her blouse or cover her ass. She still had her shoes on. Carl,
Whitman, Mr Bedall and Steve looked at her swinging hips as she
Rose opened the door. The boy smiled nervously. She stepped aside and
let him in. He was shocked to see her naked. He was more shocked at 4
men looking at him. Then as if unsure of himself, he held her hand.
Rose grabbed him by the belt and pulled him into her ample naked
"Thankyou for coming" she whispered before gluing her lips to his. Her
tits mashed against his young, broad chest. Her nipples were now hard
and erect and she could feel a dull ache in them that could go away
only with intense sucking and pulling.
The boy sucked her lips while trying to look at the men in the room.
"Who are they?" he whispered in her ear.
"Oh fuck them." she said, her hands moving earnstly on his back. "I
have been dreaming about you ever since I saw you downstairs."
The boy placed his hands on her naked hips and pulled Rose closer. She
could feel his big, hard cock throbbing against her wet pussy.
Rose slid down, her tits dragging harshly aginst his shirt. She groped
his cock and then undid his buckle. Then she unhooked his trousers and
unzipped them. He was not wearing any underwear. His large thick cock
plopped out and almost fell on her face. Rose giggled as she let the
thick organ caress her face. It had been almost a month since she had
seen a young, juicy cock like this. Last time she got a chance to wrap
her lips around something this beautiful was at a club. The boy was
celebrating his 18th birthday with his mother. She remembered the
ecstasy of sucking that white rod while the mother held it for her and
rubbed his balls. The bitch was 40 somting with insane boob job that
made her tits stand out a foot away from her chest. When he came Rose
had to share the cum with the boy's mother and aunt. She had a feeling
this was not the first time they were fucking together.
But tonight was different. Tonight she had this hunk and all his cum
all to herself. She relaxed sucking his cock more leisurely now. There
was no need to hurry. She was the only woman in the room, none of the
men was gay and almost all of them were horny. She sucked harder,
cupping the boy's balls.
Then she fell back, down on her ass. The carpet was harsh on her soft
hips but she didn't care anymore. She lifter her knees, exposing her
wet, hot cunt. The boy watched mesmerised. He fell to his knees, bent
and then sniffed her snatch.
Rose put a hand on the back of his head and pulled it in, burying his
nose within her open labia. She starting grinding her pelvis,
stimulating her clitoris against his face. The boy started licking,
rather slurping her hot cunt juice. He caught her clit in his lips and
sucked it gently. She loved the feeling. If only she had someone to
suck, it would be heaven. She looked at the men sitting in the room,
staring at her and her pet. She smiled sexily, displaying her pearly
white teeth. Then she rolled her pink tongue over her red lips making
them glisten. She threw her head back and moaned as she neared orgasm.
She was rudely thrown back. The boy was tryiing to get out of his
pants and climb between her legs. He succeeded and his taut cock
sprang up. He kissed her right nipple and then her lips as his cock
tried to enter her wanton cunt. She didn't have to move. Her huge cunt
hole trapped his manhood and with a simple, hard thrust he was in.
Rose felt the huge cock sliding inside , gently massaging the walls of
her her pussy. It was now dripping with her cunt juice.
The boy bit her lower lip and then her right cheek as his left hand
grabbed her tit while he used right one to support himself. He soon
realized that he cannot kiss her, fondle her tits and fuck her.
He brought his hands under her buttocks, cupping them and then lifting
them while his fingers worked hard to separate her hot ass cheeks and
expand her asshole.
His cock was now deep inside her middle aged cunt, all the way to her
g spot. He started pumping her slutty cunt.
Sqishy sounds filled the room as the middle aged whore and boy half
her age displayed their depravity to 4 other men.
During this heavnly fucking session, Rose turned her head to look at
the men. Steve had taken out his cock and was masturbating. Carl had
take off his trousers and was getting ready to join Rose and her
lover. Whitman was completely naked and playing with his dick to get
it hard. It was obvious he was about to join the party too.
Mr Bedall sat quitely. rose noticed that he was not smiling anymore.
But he was looking curiously at the boy as if trying to read his mind.
Rose felt the boy moan and started lifting her ass with every thrust.
She wanted to puton a good show for Mr. Bedall, convince him that she
had driven this boy crazy with lust and she could do so to thousands
more who will watch her new movie.
The boy came. Rose felt him quiver and shoot his hot cum deep inside
her fuck hole.
"h God! he came in me" she thought ecstatically. "I made a 20 y/o cum
with my cunt. What more do they need."
The boy slowed and then stopped pumping her cunt. He stayed on top of
his middle aged lover , almost his mother's age, still shooting cum
and then roller over. His cock plopped out and in a second his thick
white cum ran like a river from Rose's cunt and dripped on the carpet.
Rose quickly went to work. She pushed the boy back, bent over his
crotch and started sucking his cum covered cock. It was still hard and
covered with thick, gooey nectar she loved so much. She had taken care
to turn her back to the men in the room. She knew they can see her
puckerd asshole between her fleshy hips lifted up in air clearly as
she worked her magic on the boy.
Suddenly she felt cold hands on her hips. A finger violated her rectun
while a hand worked its way up in her cum drenched cunt.
She continued to suck the boy.
The man behind her was carl. At 6' 5" he was the tallest thing in this
room. His cock was proportionate to his body. At least a foot long and
7" in circumference, it looked like an overgrown cucumber.
He parted Rose's ass, stretching her asshole further. He then guided
his cock to the entrance and thrust strongly.
Rose felt the thrust. It threw her forward, driving boy's cock deeper
in her throat.
Carl's tool overcame the initial resistance offered by Rose's anus and
slid in. Rose flexed her cheeks to close the flesh aound Carl's thick
cock. she wanted him to feel the walls of her asshole to give him
enough resistance.
Her efforts were not wasted. Within a few quick thrusts, she could
feel cum rising in Carl's balls.
She was still sucking the boy as Carl continued pumping his cock in
and out of her slutty asshole.
Mr Bedall watched this perversion with great interest.
Carl was now bent over Rose, hands on either sides and cock buried
deep inside her asshole. He pumped his member in her like a dog fucks
his bitch. Only thing moving was his hips. As he fucked her faster,
Rose sucked the boy with greater urgency. Carl was cumming now. His
hot cum had strted filling her huge hips. Rose enjoyed the warmth she
felt in her ass. She gave one last suck to the boy and fel him cumming
too. is volcan erupted in her mouth filling her with love and
contentment. The hot cum poured down her throat and all excess flowed
down on her cheek. Extra cum from her hips had spilled over to her
thighs and onto the carpet.
She felt happy. She felt satisfied.
It didn't matter if she had the role or not, she had fopound herself 2
great lovers. A young handsome white boy and a huge cocked nigger.
Then there was Steve to take her home after a good round of fucking.
What else could a woman want?
Rose fell to the ground. Her mouth and ass were full and a smile
played on her face.

She was tired and delirious but she saw Mr. Bedall get up and walk up
to her. He pulled a white kerchief from his coat pocket and dropped it
on her. Rose didn't move.
Mr Bedall walked back and sat down on the sofa. He then turned to
Steve and asked, "When can we begin?"
That was 2 months back. Now sitting in this dimply lighted room, Rose
could still feel her ass full and used. She knew she had denigraded to
the status of a woman with no respect. She liked being taken by men of
all colors and ages. Even cock size didn't matter anymore. She was
now addicted to having her ass filled with juicy cocks. She couldn't
sl**p without getting fucked by at least of couple of men. Sometimes
if she was unaable to lure anybody from the set she didn't mind going
to local fetish clubs and getting fisted and fucked by bikers and
truckers. She had even seduced boys outside video arcades. Rose knew
she was not an actress anymore, she was a complete ten dollar whore
and she loved it.
89% (10/1)
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4 years ago
Many of you wanted to know why this didn't have the mom-son scenes. I wanted change and besides, the woman, Rose, has the body of my mother when she was in her 40s.
4 years ago
Very hot!
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4 years ago
Very good, mature sluts are definately the best fucks.