White whore for black cocks

White Whore for Black Cocks
Tags : prostitution
Author : Hi Hi
Book : Slut Mother
Story : Slut Mother
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Short but very sweet. Write to me at hi1@hotmail.com ======================================================= "I can't. Please, you know that I can't!" the woman wailed. She had a soft, beautiful face with lines around eyes and lips showing much of her 47 years. She was naked but for the little black vinyl panties that covered less than half of her wide, almost 40" pale and fleshy ass. She had large tanned breasts that drooped all the way to her navel. Her long nipples pointed down right where one could see the baby fat around her waist. She was not more than 5' 4" but weighed almost 170 lbs. Overall, she looked quite sexy in red lipstick and purple mascara that contrasted sharply with her white skin and dark hair.

"Its ok mom" I said. "He only paid for 30 minutes. Just pretend you are with someone else." "But he is white! Can't you see? He's white and you know I only fuck blacks." she had tears in her eyes.

"Mom" I said embracing her "it will be short. He doesn't look like he will last more than a few minutes. Just make him cum quickly and he will leave." "Baby" she sobbed. "Please don't make me do it." I slipped my fingers inside her panties and pulled them up a little, meshing her large hips together. I then grabbed her arms and led her to the service room. The door was half open. My mother's client waited in the room. I wiped her tears and gently pushed her in.

I closed the door behind me as I heard the man gasp. It was clear he had never seen a sexier woman than my mother in her cute little panties.

I wasn't wrong. A few minute of rythemic creaking of the bed followed by suppressed groan signaled the end of the session. In 15 minutes flat, the guy walked out of the room. As soon as I closed the door, I ran to the service room to make sure mom was fine.

She was lying on her belly, staring at the painting on the wall. She was completely naked, her large ass, now spread out in its full glory.

Her rectum was puckered but still open due to regular and intense fucking by big cocks and objects. Her tits was so large that they splayed from either side.

Looking at her, I couldn't tell if she had anal or vaginal sex. I sat by her side and ran my fingers through her hair.

"Are you ok mom?" I asked, a little worried.

She smiled weakly as she raised her hard a bit to look at me. "Yes I am fine. How much had he paid?" "Just 50 mom. Did he fuck your ass?" "No. He wanted to but you know I never let anybody but black men fuck my ass or kiss me." "I know mom and don't worry - I am sure we will have a few black guys tonight." She sighed and I could feel her entire body relaxing.

Her eyes were half closed when she said "You always know how to make your old woman feel." She puckered her lips and i kissed her lightly and then slapped her wide ass lightly before lying down in bed next to her.

I was 10 when I first witesssed my mother having sex with a large black man. It was traumatic but mom talked to me about it and explained how much she enjoyed fucking men. After that she encouraged me to watch her every night and when I confessed I liked it better when a black man climbed her and penetrated her with his long, dark cock because the color contrast was beautiful and helped me see the unholy fornication better, she made it a point to bring only black men home.

That was 7 years ago. Since then my mother had sex only with black guys and on occasion with young, muscular Mexicans. She broke up with her white boyfriend and started going to clubs frequented by blacks.

We even moved to a new middle income neighborhood after mom quit her job as bank clerk to be closer to the people she liked most. I was 12 when we ran out of her savings.

At his time Mom was seeing a couple of guys, having gangbangs at home and dancing naked in the nearby clubs at nights. She was making some money but we needed much more to survive.

It was then that one of her boyfriends took her to the red light district. That night mom made almost $400 most of which were taken by her pimp. She didn't mind the job though. We moved again and at 14 I became my mother's pimp, soliciting men on internet.

"Ding Dong" loud door bell woke us up.

I was fully dressed with my knee resting on my mother's naked ass who was still on her belly.

"Who is it?" she said half awake.

"I have a surprise for you mom" I said getting up.

A few minutes later i ushered 2 teenage guys in the room. They were both in late teens, tall, strongly built and black.

Mom shrieked when she saw them. "My boys", she said opening her arms and welcoming them. She was still naked.

The boys sat on her either side as they kissed and groped my naked mother who was now stroking their faces.

When I left the room, mom was on all fours with Toby's cock in her mouth while Carl had entered her from behind.

The guys stayed with my mother for almost 2 hours. When I came back into the room, mom was on her back, her legs open, thick white cum spewing out of her cunt and her hips clenched.

"You dirty whore!" I said laughing. She smiled mischiveously while the boys dressed.

After they had left mom said to me "Thank you darling. That was such a thoughtful gift after that horrible morning." "You are welcome mom but you have to realize you are a prostitute and you have to have sex with all type of people to make enough money. But I am glad you liked my little gift."

"Do you want to see what they left inside me?" her eyes gleamed with mischief as she turned over exposing her ass, her hips still clenched.

I didn't say anything but mom relaxed her hips. Her anus opened almost immediately. It was obvious she had been well fucked. What followed was not a surprise. She pushed and thick globs of cum flowed out of her rectum. I couldn't believe how much the boys had left in there. They both must have cum in her several times.

Most of the cum flowed down her thighs and on the service bed. Mom turned around and looked at me. "That's all baby. That's all I have for now." I looked into her soothing eyes as she stroked my face and then grabbed back of my head forcing it down. I bent and started licking cum off the service bed, the cum that had just run out from my mother's asshole.

After I had lapped up everything mom turned around again and pushed her ass in my face. I never touched any of mom's privates but I licked her thighs and feet and ate the cum.

"Thank you darling" my mother said stretching. "That was refreshing. I need a shower." I left the house to run a few errands while mom slipped into the shower. About an hour later I returned to find her in her bedroom. She was sitting in front of a large mirror with her back towards me. I could see her voluptuous ass sticking out. She had red fishnets and new pink panties on. Like most of her underwear, the panties were too sheer and too small to cover even half of her ass. Even her asshole was visible thorough them.

Her bra was very sheer, silk cloth that didn't provide any support to her blatant tits. She had reapplied her make up and now looked like the street prostitute ready to be fucked.

"I will be just a minute honey." she said as she heard me come in.

"Mom! You look sexy but we can't go out like that." "Don't worry darling. It will be dark soon and I will put on a coat.

BTW, I need to shop for some more lingerie. Lets go to Victoria's before we hit the streets. How about we walk down the 40th tonight. I am sure we will good clients there but please don't ask me to fuck anymore white guys." "I won't mom." I promised her. "You fuck who you want, when you want." Suddenly the phone rang and mom picked it up. I heard her giggle and then provide directions to our house. When she hung up, she seemed excited.

" I met this guy last week and he is in town. He is just a few blocks away." she said happily.

Tyron was a almost 6 and half feet tall, very muscular with large moutache and a goatee.

Mom greeted him with open mouth kiss and led him into the living room. She was wearing her street clothes and no coat. Her nipples and tits were clearly visible as was her cunt.

She turned the music on and sat on his lap.

"I never thought I wil lsee you again but I am so glad you could make it." Man didn't laugh. He hardly smiled and seemed like the kind of guy who always got what they wanted.

"That's my son" my mother babbled unable to contain her excitement. I said hello but the guy just looked at me with penetrating black eyes.

I noticed my mother running her hand on his bald head as she wiggled her ass on his lap, an old whore trick to excite the man.

"Dance for me." the man finally spoke My mother didn't hesitate for a moment. She got up and started swaying to the tune. She turned around and thrust her ass out, on his face, shaking her big white booty.

For next 20 minutes I watched my mother debasing herself in front of a black man she had men only once before. She hadn't stripped but she was more naked than anyone could be with no clothes on. The man had taken his pants off. He had silk boxer shorts on and when mom rubber her ass on his lap, his large, black footlong cock sprung forth from between the folds.

My mother stopped unable to take her eyes off that beautiful member.

She went on all fours and flicked her tongue out, touching the tip of that long snake, kissing its head. Almost immediately his cock twitched and became harder. It was shining like polished black marble with thick veins running from the head to the heavy balls.

Mom licked her lips and looked at me before taking it in her mouth.

I could see the man enjoyed the sensation as my mother's experienced mouth worked its magic.

"Its 50 for the bbbj, 100 for the fuck and 150 for anal. Or you can have everything for 200." I said.

The man looked at me, then at my mother between his legs sucking his large phallus.

He reached for his wallet and fetched a few 20s that he threw on the floor. He looked down at mom again and grabbed her hair pushing her down on his cock. "White fucking whore" he cursed as my mother slipped more of his cock down her throat.

"She will make me cum" he said looking at me.

"She is good" I concurred.

"But the bitch will get fucked anyway." he warned me.

" She loves it up her ass." I said helpingly. "If you like it, i can spread her hips open while you fuck her." "Oh shit! Oh fuck!" he closed his eyes and fell back.
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3 years ago
large tanned breasts that drooped all the way to her navel AKA pig tits.
3 years ago
This is cool. A bit clinical in its feel , but I still enjoyed it.
4 years ago
I wrote this one the day my mother told me she liked only black, mexican or brown men ("I don't like men as pale as me").
She was in her underwear and I could see her huge hips even as she sat across me sipping coffee. I was aroused by her sluttiness and her confession that she was black cock slut. The story wrote itself. I didn't have to do much.
4 years ago
Very cool.