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Eating cum from my prosititute mother's asshole
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Author : Hi Hi
Book : Slut Mother
Story : Slut Mother
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Short but cute. This story is about true love between a mother and son but has no i****t.

I call it i****t when son penetrates his mother's hole (ass, cunt or mouth) with his cock. Anything else is playful and naughty but not i****t.

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I was watching TV in the f****y room when I heard the garage door open. A car rolled in and few seconds later I heard my mother get out of the car.

"Holy shit", She swear loudly after bumping into my bike.

The door opened and she hobbled in.

"Didn't I tell you to get rid of that bike? What the fuck is wrong with you?" she hissed.

I looked at her lazily as she took off her coat and hat.

"Sorry mom", I didn't mean it.

"It fucking broke my knee cap" she said.

"Mom, why don't you sit down and I will get you some hot soup. It is very cold today..

I saw mom take a deep breath in. Then she sighed and relaxed. She looked at me for a moment and finally a little smile crossed her face.

"It is too fucking cold today. And you are such a nice boy..

I smiled back.

A minute later I returned with the soup. Mom had made herself comfortable on the couch. She had taken off her skirt and blouse and was now in her underwear. I put the bowl on the table and she scooted a little further and started sipping the hot, nourishing soup.

"My God! That is good soup. I needed that" she said slurping it.

I watched my mother fondly. She was 48 with beautiful soft face, chubby cheeks, full lips and small nose. Her eyes were big and blue and you could see lines on her forehead and around her mouth. Her hair were dyed black.

She had a slender neck but it showed her age now. Her tits, large and spherical once, now hung all the way to her navel and even wire bras couldn't hold them up anymore. Today she was wearing sheer, silk bra that did nothing to hide her breasts or provide support. She was a little overweight, about 175 lbs and her belly showed the layer of fat. She had massive hips, almost 40" wide they were white and very fleshy. Lack of regular exercise had turned those hips loose and flabby but they still looked sexy supporting her body. Finally she had toned thighs and legs and I knew it was because of all the poses she made while having sex.

My mother, you see, is a prostitute. She has sex with men everyday to earn money that we use for food, house, car and clothes. Almost everything in the house was bought with the money that my mother had earned by selling her body to strange men, and sometimes women too.

After she was done with the soup, mom relaxed back in the couch and turned the TV on. She slipped her thumbs in the side of her panties and raised her hips. Then with a single motion she pushed her panties down all the way to her knees and spread her legs revealing her very large and bald pussy. She rubbed her cunt with her fingers and then looked at me and a naughty smile played on her lips.

"You like it?" she asked spreading her labia with her fingers.

"Oh My God! Mom! It looks beautiful! Did you go to the club today?.

"I was in the mall and met Cathy. She wanted to go so I joined her.

They have this new girl who does a wonderful job with brazilian. I just had to try and I must say, it was money well spent. I mean look at me. I am completely hairless..

She lifted her ass and I looked. Her pussy, ass, legs and hands were completely bald and smooth.

I ran my hands on her thighs and said "that's really smooth mom..

She laughed reaching into her purse for a little bottle. She opened it carefully and tapped it lightly and 2 small pills fell on her hand.

Word "Love" was etched on the pills and I knew she had just refilled her prescription through Cathy - the cheap crack whore who sold Ecstasy to my mother on a regular basis.

She put the cap back on and slid the bottle back into her purse carefully.

The she popped the pill in her mouth and offered me the other.

"No mom. I don't want it and you should cut back on it too..

"Oh! You are such a buzz kill Larry. Just take the damn pill or you will be mopy all night." Mom said chewing the d**g.

I shook my head and she threw her head back. Then lifting it back up she looked into my eyes.

"Fine. Don't take the fucking pill. More for me. But you better find a few clients tonight because I am not going to bed without getting a good fuck..

"I will mom..

"Good boy" she sighed, still chewing the pill.

My mother always liked to bite and chew X. She thought it hit her harder and quicker rather than swallowing it with water. She asked me to put on a porn movie and we watched it together. Mom loved discussing sex scenes with me and always wanted to know if a particular way to have sex is better way to make the man cum or not.

The movie today was one of our favorites - "Older women with younger black men".

Mom always liked the big black, guys with large cocks and preferred to have sex exclusively with them. We watched to movie for almost an hour before the pill finally hit my mother.

She was completely naked and asked me to turn the iPod on. Loud, trance music played and my intoxicated mother started dancing on the table, shaking her tits, her ass and tossing her hair to the beat.

She picked up the remote and inserted into her cunt, still dancing and yelled -"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me harder! Fuck this whore baby! My son is watching. Fuck this perverted whore.

I watched as my 48 year old mother abused her body with large black remote then went in and out of her cunt easily. I could see she was too high and almost lost her balance a couple of times. She took the remote out and then turned around and bent over. Exposing her large white hips, my mother parted her cheeks and revealed her huge, over used asshole. Regular fucking had turned my mother's asshole into a big, gaping hole.

She stayed in that position for a few seconds when I noticed she was about to fall down. I held mom's shoulders and helped her down.

"I wanna fuck" she said looking at me with her eyes wide open and pupils dilated. "I need a man you bastard. Get your mother a man to fuck her asshole..

"Yes mom. I have put an ad on craigslist. We should be getting a few calls." I said trying to calm her down.

"Tell 'em. Tell 'em niggers I fuck for free. And bbbj's, rimming, everything is included as long as they cum in my ass..

"Don't worry mom. I will make you cum tonight" I promised her.

She got up again and started dancing.

That night my mother entertained 4 men and made almost 500 bucks.

It was midnight when the last man left. I came back to the living room. Mom was on the couch, on her side. I could see her large asshole opened raw and thick cum spewing out of her. She didn't have any expressions on her face but when she saw me she smiled.

"I didn't cum..

I looked at the money on the table.

"You did get paid quite a bit tonight mom. Lets go to bed..

"But I didn't cum! You promised you will make me cum!" my mother was getting hysterical.

The she put her hand on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart.

"Why don't you eat the cum from my ass baby while I masturbate?" she said waiting for me to bend down and glue my lips to her dirty, large anus.

"Mom. I think you should go to bed.

"Thats why I asked you to take the pill you fucking piece of shit" my mother yelled at me.

"You turn into such a prick when you are sober.

I brought a glass of water and offered it to my mother. She took a sip from the glass and then spread her ass once more.

I took off my clothes and my mother looked at me. "God! I am lying here naked and you are not even hard. What kinda man are you?.

I didn't say anything but sat on the carpet next to where my mother's ass rested on the couch. Then i glued my lips to my mother's anus and flicked my tongue which almost entered her.

"Mom. You know the rules" I reminded her.

"Yea yeah yeah! We can't fuck. I know." she said clenching her hips and belly.

"Here it comes" she said pushing from her belly.

Thick white goo shot out of my mother's asshole and landed on my face. She pushed again and more cum spewed out. I lapped it all up.

Next my mother's open pussy started squirting as she groaned "Fuck! Fuck me asshole! Eat the fuck from your mother's lovers you sick bastard.

She came and emptied her bladder on the couch. I knew the night was finally over.

My mother had finally cum and we could both fall asl**p.

I helped her in the bed and mom and I cuddled. We were both naked and I could feel her large tits on my chest even as I massaged her fat ass.

"Thank you darling. That was beautiful." she said kissing me.

"Thank you mom. I liked it too." I said kissing her back.

"Did you cum my darling? I didn't see your cute cock ejaculate the honey" mom said squeezing my balls.

"Oooh. I can see your balls are still full. What happened baby? Mommy doesn't make you hard anymore?" she said trying to get me to mount her.

"Mom! No!" I laughed and pushed her away. "We can't fuck mom. that's sinful!.

"Oh my god! You are right honey. We promised God we won't fuck but you can cum without penetrating your mother. C'mon. I will help..

I scooted back a little and started jerking off. Mom turned the light on and then handed me to lotion.

"Put lot of it and rub it all the way." she adviced.

I did and in a few minutes I shot my load in the space between us.

Mom laughed and pulled my cock to get more juice out.

"There! there! That's my good boy" she kissed me again and then mumbled , "you know honey. I am so glad.

"Glad for what mother?.

"I am so thankful I have a son like you. Taking care of his mother everyday, getting her the men to fuck, eating cum from your mother's asshole and cunt. It is not easy but you do it for me. I am so much in love with you." she kissed me again.

"I am happy to be with you mother." I said "May be we should get married. I mean once we get married we are husband and wife, not mother and son." she suggested.

I laughed and ran my hand through her hair.

"Go to sl**p mother..

"Only if you come closer and cuddle real tight" she said grabbing my butt.

I did and we slept feeling each other's warmth.
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1 month ago
Very nice story!
1 month ago
Lost my virginity at 9 to my friends mom. Sue was 36 and divorced. When my friend stayed at his dad's i would stay sometimes with sue. Sue would have boyfriends come over and after they left i would go in and sue would have me eat her pussy. In my late 40's now and i love pleasing men as much as women and i prefer older women. Grannies turn me on and love eating them out.
2 months ago
It got my wheels turning thank you
3 months ago
Thank you. There are many more
3 months ago
made me HARD................another LOAD on the floor.................sweet
4 months ago
Thanks you kinky bitch!!!
4 months ago
OMG,AWESOME SEXY,you lucky bitch wish it had happened to me sweetie love this story sweetie
4 months ago
Great story
2 years ago
sweet.. Nicely done.. Cheers!
2 years ago
3 years ago
very hot. jsut imagining her sloppy gaping asshole full of cum is hot.
4 years ago
awesome story .Is this real incident with you...
4 years ago
This is excellent.
4 years ago
whats with the long title?
4 years ago
Love this one. Short but cute