Marriage Help

Marriage Help
Tags : anal fetish erotic mother in law
Author : Hi Hi
Book : Slut Mother
Story : Slut Mother
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My latest story. If you like slightly large women with big loose cunt
and over fucked asshole, you will love this story!
Janice turned in her bed and looked at the clock on side table. It was
3 AM but she couldn't sl**p and she knew she wouldn't be able to. Not
tonight when she was anxious about the meeting at 8.
She was ready. She had been working on the numbers for days and she
knew exactly what she had to say in the 5 minutes that was supposed to
get. That part had never bothered her.

It was something else. Something so silly that she hadn't felt it
since she was in high school and madly in love with her math teacher,
a busty older black woman who drove Janice crazy with her big, bouncy
tits and wide, womanly hips nicely concealed under dark conservative
suits. Mrs Jones was a wet dream for all the boys but Janice
fantasized about those luscious tits in her mouth every day in the
shower as she masturbated. She worked extra hard in the class,
completing all assignments and writing extra credit papers to get just
a little bit more time with Mrs. Jones. The gentle lady was genuinely
happy with Janice, praising her, letting her help around the office
and even running her hands through the young girl's hair. For some
reason, they never talked. Janice just didn't know what to say to her.
Moment she saw Mrs. Jones' beautiful face, happy smile and pearly
white teeth, she melted. Words turned into mushy emotions and all she
could do was to
stare at that sex goddess open mouthed till Mrs. Jones asked her to
run along. Every encounter with Mrs Jones would lead to more fantasies
most around 2 of them lying naked with Janice sucking on the large,
black nipples of middle aged woman while she stroked her hair.

The fantasy was replaced with reality when Mrs. Jones left town and
Janice met her first boyfriend and realized that she wasn't a lesbian
afterall. Bisexual maybe, but certainly not a lezzie.
Gary, was not exactly a dream boat but Janice knew she wasn't no
beauty queen either. She was an awkward 16 year old with pretty face,
little breasts but hips that were too large for her body. She wasn't
petite either and popular k**s maintained their distance from her. She
was lucky to get Gary, last decent looking boy before geeks and ugly,
oily teens to take her to prom.

While Janice's teenage revolved around Mrs. Jones and boys at school,
her mother continued to work as prostitute. Everyday Janice would come
home to men coming in or going out of her mom's bedroom. After
sessions, her mom would often come out naked, see the man off and then
wipe herself clean in the kitchen or living room while they talked.
Janice didn't mind her mother's job. It kept them off the streets and
paid for school but she was determined not to end up like her - a

Today Janice had a masters degree and worked as an accountant in this
little town in a small 20 people branch of a large company
headquartered in New York. She made $60000 a year, enough to pay for
her house and a Prius she had just bought.
Life so far had been good except that Janice had to contend with
little to no dating scene in this sl**py little town. Then, a month
ago, Justin joined the company as manager. The brash 27 year old MBA
from top school who changed the way everybody worked. He gave the
entire staff a day off so that they could think of new ways to improve
their working conditions and innovate to help save money to the firm.
He encouraged people to come forward with their ideas and no matter
how silly they sounded, he always appreciated them. Women, all 7 of
them fell for his good, chiseled looks and wonderful personality
almost immediately. That man made everybody feel special and Janice
could feel her loins respond every time she thought about him. So did
Jane and Alicia - 2 young, beautiful sluts at work who all but threw
themselves at Justin every day.

Janice knew she had absolutely no chance with the man of her dream.
She was 32 and still 20 lbs overweight, her hips had grown and were
now full 40" - shapely but huge. Her tits had filled up too and no
matter how hard she worked out every morning, she couldn't get rid of
those love handles. But her face stayed pretty and her lips were as
full as ever.

Maybe she did have a shot with Justin. After all, she spent 2 hours
every week giving him the report on how things were progressing on
budget and he always looked at her eyes and just when he thought she
wasn't noticing, stole a few looks at her voluptuous ass. Janice
smiled as she turned in her bed again. Tomorrow she will make her
first move, find out if Justin was really interested in her or just
her ass. Either way, after years of rejection, she found this little
game refreshing.
Next day during their meeting Janice explained the carefully laid out
numbers to Justin.
"We are doing very well this month. All our hard work reminding
everybody how important it was to stay under budget has really paid
"I am impressed. This is really good progress." Justin grinned as he
poured over the numbers.
"Give me a minute boss. I need to run to girls' room." Janice stood
up and walked out swaying her ass but she kept her eyes on scene
behind her in the glass door. Justin was looking openly at her ass.
Janice smiled. Next thing she knew will be to call her mother for
"Mom, You were right. He does stare at my ass." she said gleefully
"A whore always knows baby" her mom chuckled. "Now remember, lead him
on, let him touch you but don't let him fuck you till he begs"
In next few days Justin started calling Janice to his office almost
every day, then several times a day and finally after work. It was
always about the accounts, budgets, revenues and sometime they worked
till midnight or later.
It was Friday evening when Justin called Janice in his office. She
was about to leave when her phone rang. Janice saw the caller id and
ignored the call. She picked up her bag, applied her lipstick, fixed
her hair and then walked past Justin's office swaying her voluptuous
hips. She knocked at his door and opened it without waiting for an
"Have a good weekend boss. Do you need anything before I leave?"
"Aah Janice." Justin's face was beaming "I have something I need to
send over to HQ and I could use your help."
"Sure boss, can it wait till Monday? I have plans tonight." she said
smiling. Plans. Yeah right. She planned to slip into an over-sized t-
shirt and lay in front of TV and rub her pussy thinking about her
"Unfortunately no Janice. We are announcing results on Monday and HQ
needs these reports from us now. I promise I will make it up to you."
Janice took a deep breath, looked at her watch and smiled weakly. She
had to make him believe she was doing him a favor.
"Ok. I will be happy to help you."
They spent almost 5 hours working on the reports and finally when
Janice hit the "Send" button on her email box, they were done. Justin
stretched and Janice rubbed her eyes.
"Thanks a lot Janice. You are awsome."
"Anything for you boss" Janice smiled at him sweetly. She wanted to
make him feel powerful.
"Say Janice. If you are not too tired, I know this place in the city.
It takes an hour to get there but it is very nice. Would you like to
go with me?"
"Oh! Me?" Janice was uncomfortable.
"I am not even dressed for going out"
"You look great!" Justin said getting up. "Lets go"
Justin drove his BMW and they talked for the entire hour. About
f****y, c***dhood friends, first jobs and Janice loved it. She didn't
want the drive to end but soon Justin pulled up in front of a nice
club. There were no lines outside though a number of expensive cars
were being driven around by valets.
Janice had never seen a club like this in her life. The inside was
all redwood. Waitresses were young and classy and the patrons were
rich snobs. Justin seemed to fit in perfectly but Janice felt way out
of place. The women in the bar were dressed in expensive dresses and
suits, wearing pearls and diamonds, had beautifully manicured hands
and feet. Janice in her cheap business suit looked visibly
intimidated. As they sat on comfortable couches and love seats, Justin
ordered appletini for her and a scotch for himself. Few women had
already come over and talked to him while throwing disdainful looks at
"Gosh! Where have you been dear?" a young, asian girl asked Justin
with her hand on his knee.
"Just working Trisha. BTW, this is my good friend Janice" Justin said
"Oh. Hi" Trisha barely acknowledged her before turning back to
But he kept looking at Janice.
By the time their drinks arrived, Justin had got rid of all the girls
and was now smiling at Janice.
They stayed at the bar till early morning and they had a good time.
Janice forgot all about the girls trying to pick up Justin and all
about her mother's advice. When he dropped her home, she invited him
inside. They made out on the living room sofa but were too tired to
keep it on. Finally Janice led the man she dreamed about for months to
her bedroom.
It was a mess. Her dirty underwear were on the bed and her bras hung
from door knobs and lamps. But that wasn't all. Her big, red dildo was
resting on the side table, erect and ready for its mistress.
Janice groaned and realized she had made the mistake her mom warned
her about. She looked at Justin who had just completed his survey of
the room. Suddenly they both burst out laughing and Justin kissed her
mouth again. "You should see my room. I will have to take a day off
before I can invite you!" he said still laughing.
Before she knew it, Justin was naked, kissing her nipples and she was
down to her underwear, trying to suck her belly in. He didn't seem to
care. He grabbed her hips and buried his face in her loose belly fat,
kissing it, biting it, getting turned on by it.
They jumped into the bed and had quick sex. They didn't enjoy the
feeling. It was just to relive sexual tension and stress. After Justin
came in her pussy, Janice felt more relieved than what she felt after
Big Red had probed the inside of her cunt for hours and made her
Justin left before she woke up in the morning.
Janice was mad. So that was it. He did his dirty deed in her and left
without even kissing her goodbye.
She called her mother.
"I told you not to fuck him!" Linda yelled.
"I didn't plan to mom. It just happened. What do I do now?" Janice
"Did you let him cum in you?"
"He came. He came a lot in me."
"In your ass?"
"What? No! I only let him in through the front door." Janice was
mildly shocked.
"Well! We still have a chance baby. Tell the boy that it was a
mistake and you regret it and he should not try to contact you again."
"But mom! I can't live without him"
"Just trust your old mom baby. No man can resist a woman who was
approachable but now is just out of reach"

That weekend Janice went shopping and spent most of her time with her
friends making sure she didn't get desperate to call Justin but hoping
every minute that he would call her.
He didn't. Her mother had told her that he wouldn't but Janice was
hoping her mother was wrong.
On monday Janice didn't talk to Justin at all and avoided him all
day. This continued for next day too till Justin came out of his
office on Tuesday evening and asked her a budget question. He then
asked her to bring a few reports to him.
She collected all the documents and went into his office. They talked
for several minutes and finally Justin blurted out "You up for dinner
"Look Justin" Janice said. "I think it is best if we don't see each
Justin was shocked. No girl had ever said no to him and this old cow
was rejecting him. Was he that bad in bed that night.
"Look Janice. I am sorry if I did something wrong but I thought you
liked hanging out with me."
"Oh I did! It is just that we have to keep our professional
relationship healthy. Besides you have several friends and full
schedule to keep you busy."
"Friends! Ha!" Justin snorted. "Those girls don't mean anything. I
loved spending time with you. I love you Janice"
Her heart raced! "He loves me!" she thought excitedly but kept her
emotions in check.
"Do you know how old I am Justin? I am 32. Almost 10 years older than
those girls in the bar."
"I don't care." Justin said stubbornly. "I love you."
Janice smiled and placed her hand on his hand.
"Lets get this thing done."
For next few days Janice maintained her distance from her boss and
called her mother everyday seeking advice on her next move.
"Now baby! Now is the time to strike." her mom said 2 weeks after
their first and only date.
"What should I do mom?"
That night Janice planned a dinner date with her friends and she made
sure that Sally at work knew about it. Usually if Sally knew
something, everybody knew it within a few minutes.
Sure enough, that night at the movies, Janice ran into Justin. He was
with his friend, a handsome, black young man. As they exchanged
hellos, Janice wanted to get in the movie but her friends were going
gaga over the 2 men. Finally they all went to the same movie together.
Justin sat next to Janice and kept trying to talk to her till she
shushed him rather rudely. A few minutes after the movie began, Janice
noticed sulking Justin eying the exit.
She knew how to win him back. She placed her hand on his arm and
squeezed it gently. He looked at her surprised and she turned to look
at him and mouthed "SORRY" and then smiled sweetly at him.
Justin was elated. He leaned over and kissed her lightly. Janice
squeezed his hand again. "Meet me behind the theater after the movie"
she whispered to him.
Justin squeezed her hand back. He couldn't wait for the movie to get

"So? here we are" Janice said stepping out of her car. Justin was
already waiting for her. It was chilly and her mini skirt and sheer
top didn't provide much warmth. She shivered in the sudden cold.
Justin took his coat off and d****d it over her naked shoulders.
"What do you want from me?" she asked him.
"I want to see you."
"Well! and then what dear?" she said stoking his face and smiling
"You will come over, have sex with me and then go back to your
friends and marry one of them. You need a mistress Justin and I am not
going to be that."
"I love you Janice" Justin said looking into her eyes.
"Just give me a chance to show you that I really love you."
They went back to her place again. This time her house was clean.
They made love on the couch. Justin went down on her shaved pussy
while propping her fat ass on his strong hands making her cum several
times before entering her.
Janice fell asl**p. When she woke up, Justin was gone again. She
sighed. Maybe her mother didn't know much about men like Justin.
Suddenly she heard a noise in kitchen. Footsteps approached the door
and Justin entered with 2 cups of coffee. He was naked but for his
boxers and his strong, muscular body was shining in the morning
He smiled at her as he handed her the coffee. Janice realized she was
completely naked but it didn't bother her anymore.
They kissed lightly and before Janice could reach for her coffee,
Justin placed it on the table and then climbed into bed by her side.
He sat across her and grabbed her hands and then kissed her deeply.
Before she knew it, Janice was on her back and pushing Justin's boxers
down. He entered her and she almost died. He was big and thick,
filling her cunt better than the rubber and plastic dildos she owned.
For next 30 minutes they fucked and came all over each other. Janice
noticed Justin liked to hold her love handles while he plowed her
fertile pussy. She loved it.
They spent almost all day having sex, taking a bath together and then
going shopping.
Janice called her mother that night while Justin slept in her bed.
"Good girl." Linda was happy to hear that.
"Remember, don't let him fuck your ass."
"I won't mom"
From that day, they became a couple. In 3 weeks they moved together,
got engaged a week later and a month after that, they got married.
Every girl at office now hated Janice. Justin's mom planned to be in
Europe during the wedding and missed it too.
Now 3 months after the wedding, Janice called her mom again.
"Mom, I need your help."
"What is it hun? Is everything ok?"
"I am not sure mom. I loved how much Justin liked sex but I think he
is obsessed with it."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, every morning he fucks me in bed. He likes me to give him a
blowjob at work and every night he makes me strip before rear ending
into me."
Her mother laughed. "Well I fail to see the problem baby. Seems like
you have what I have wanted for last 30 years from a guy. I have been
with up to 5 guys in a day. You have seen it and let me tell you, my
cunt was still hungry for more!"
"Your cunt is always hungry for more mother" Janice chuckled.
"But seriously," she continued "he likes me to shake my booty and my
belly at him then he gets me on all 4s and ravishes my ass."
"Mom! I can't take it anymore! I am exhausted. I need rest but day
after day, he needs his sex, 3 times a day and up to 5 times on
weekend. He is virile but addicted to sex mom. I can't do it anymore.
I need some help around the house so I can spend more time with my
husband before he goes out looking for honey."
"So what can I do about it?"
"I need your help mom. I want you to come over and help around the
house and teach me a few tricks to keep my man happy."
"I can't do that. I will have to fly all the way to New York."
"I will pay for the flight mom and I will pay you a $100 everyday for
your help."
"Ok.When do you want me to be there?"
"How about you take a red eye tonight?"

Janice picked her mother from airport next morning. She noticed her
mom was in better shape than before. In fact she looked almost like
Janice except that her hair were dyed black and flesh on her large
hips was quite loose and jiggled with her every move. She had lines
around her eyes and mouth showing her 52 years but her tits still
looked good under that miracle bra.
"We work very hard mother. He leaves at 7 and I get to work at 8. We
are exhausted but he likes to have me. I am glad he likes my body
but know."
"Sure baby. Don't worry. Mama is here."

Linda moved in right away. She was quick with her hands and mouth.
She kept both of them laughing as she cooked, cleaned, scrubbed and
Janice was spending more time with Justin but instead of helping, it
made matters worse. Justin was now on fire. Ever since his mother in
law had arrived, his sexual appetite had almost doubled. He wanted
Janice naked all the time and didn't mind having sex with her with
Linda around.
"Justin. Honey! My mom is in the kitchen." Janice pleaded as he
slipped his hand inside her slacks and on her hips.
"She won't be out for a while. C'mon baby! Give daddy some love" He
said trying to kiss her on the sofa.
Janice fell back on the couch and he pulled her slacks off. She was
naked waist down. Justin didn't waste any time. He slipped out of his
pants and let Janice ride him on the sofa.
Linda walked out of the kitchen and almost yelled . "God you two are
like a****ls! I just cleaned this room and you are going to dirty it
again. I am not washing the cushions again."
The lovers didn't stop. If anything Janice pulled her husband's head
into her large mammaries while pushing her large fleshy hips down
trying to take his cock in her cunt deeper.
For next 10 minutes husband and wife made love in their living room
while Linda waited on the dinner table.
"Leave your clothes behind" she said when she saw Janice handing
Justin's underwear back to him.
"I am going to do one last load before going to bed."
Janice pulled her slacks up but came to the table topless, letting
her tits hang out. Justin slipped into his pants and left his shirt
for his mother in law.

That night after he went to bed, Linda and Janice talked.
"See what I mean? I can't seem to satisfy him no matter what I do"
she was still topless
"I see and I know what to do. Just let me handle him for a few days
and I think I can cure his addiction." Linda said as she turned the
diswasher on.
Next day, per her mother's instructions Janice and Linda went for
shopping leaving Justin at home. They returned several hours later
and started showing Justin all the clothes they had bought. Sexy
lingerie, body chocolate and KY were laid out in the living room as
they went over everything.
Suddenly Janice realized she had forgot her new negligee and evening
dresses and rushed back to the store. Linda stayed behind to prepare
She changed into tight purple slacks and loose shirt as she went to
work in the kitchen. Justin was in the living room watching TV.
"Justin. Honey. Could you help me with this?" Linda called
She gave him a jar to open and as he did, she rubbed his strong arms
telling him how lucky she and her daughter was to have him around.
"You go and watch TV while I put dinner on the table."
"Mind if I hang around Linda?"
"Sure no problem. Can I get you something? A drink?"
"Sure. How about a scotch?" Justin said opening a bottle.
Linda took the bottle from his hands and put it aside.
"No honey. White wine. That's what you offer a lady if you want to
impress her." She tuned around, bent over and looked for the wine
letting her large ass wiggle in the air, right next to her son in
law's groin.
Justin gasped. He had a terrible hardon.
"Umm..when will Janice be back?" he asked worriedly.
"Not for another few hours. We went to Westfield. But tell me what is
it? I am here baby."
"Ah nothing." Justin gulped his wine down.
Linda grabbed his arm as he turned around to walk back to the living
room. She looked down at his hard on and put her hand on it. "Janice
told me you can't wait for too long but I never thought it was this
"Linda...I am sorry..."
" Let mommy help you baby." she started rubbing his
cock harder and pulled him closer as they kissed.
Justin put his hands on her ass and started massaging her hips
through the sheer slacks. He couldn't believe how much his mother in
law looked like his wife, except that her hips were even more loose
and fleshy than Janice'.
In a few minutes Justin has on top of his mother in law, pushing her
slacks down.
"Kling - Klang" light metal noise surprised him as the slacks went
past Linda's pelvis and down to her thighs.
He looked down and was shocked.
His mother in law had the largest pussy Justin had ever seen. Even
without trying he could have slid both his hands in that hole and
Linda wouldn't have felt a thing. But that was not all. Her large,
dark labia was heavily pierced. Each loose lip hung almost 2 inches
away for her cunt and had 7 heavy rings, 14 in total and one through
her clitoris.
Linda relaxed letting her son in law take in her body. She slipped
her fingers in a few pussy rings and lifted them up and apart
revealing her big, red pussy that she made sure smelled nice.
Justin looked at her and said - "My God! Oh My God!"
Linda laughed and let her head fall back pushing her cunt as far up
as possible and Justin buried first his nose and then his tongue in
his mother in law's big gaping hole. For next several minutes he
blissfully sucked the cunt juices while Linda kept her knees apart.
Finally, Justin emerged, his face wet with fresh sex of his mother in
His eyes were wet too but that's because he was overcome with
emotions. He had found the perfect vagina. Large, loose, copiously
used, with big labia, he wanted to worship that cunt forever. The fact
that her hips were not tight at all, made it even better. Justin felt
he was in heaven.
Finally, after Linda had enough, she grabbed the back of his head and
pulled him up with his hair. They kissed deeply and Linda tasted her
own juices in her son in law's mouth. Justin slipped his cock in her
cunt even without trying.
Without waiting the 2 lovers started moving to the rythem. Despite
his large cock, Justin could barely feel her vagina and this just
excited him more. Soon he was thrusting in his mother in law's pussy
as hard as he could.
Suddenly the door opened and they heard Janice shriek "Mom!".
They 2 unholy lovers stopped and Justin tried to turn around to look
at his wife but Linda grabbed his head again and wrapped her legs
around his waist.
"Fuck me baby! Fuck mama good. C'mon. Quickly!" she urged her young
Justin couldn't hold on anymore. One more thrust and he started
coming in his mother in law. He hadn't had sex all day and that made
him cum a lot.

Linda opened her legs and pushed him off her. His thick, white sperms
rushed out of her oversized pussy and down to her anus. She propped
herself up on her elbow and to look at her daughter who was standing
with an ugly expression on her face.
Without saying anything Janice rushed to her room upstairs and
slammed the door shut.
Justin was still laying besides Linda, his cock spewing clear white
liquid every now and then. He could barely move.
"Go after her!" Linda told him.
Justin looked at her and smiled weakly.
"I said go after her you asshole. You made my daughter cry. Now go
fix it you fucker." Linda hissed at her son in law.
Without a word Justin stood up and stumbled up the stairs.
Few minutes later she heard them talking. A few loud words from
Janice and then there was silence.
It was 30 minutes later when Janice came down the stairs. Linda was
cleaning up the table in her underwear, her pussy rings hanging out
from either side of her small, sheer panties.
"Why?" Janice asked with pain on her face.
"Oh you know why" Linda said putting a few bowls in the dishwasher.
"It was just a matter of time before he would have gone out to have
sex. I made sure he got what he needed right here, at home. That keeps
both of you safe and this is the only way to cure his addiction to
"But mom.." Janice said sobbing.
"Don't worry baby." Linda held her daughter in her arms, her naked
breasts pressed against Janice' large melons.
"Mommy knows best."
Janice smiled. "Well, I have to admit that I didn't have to dance for
him tonight. He just went to sl**p and from the looks of it, I can
sl**p well tomorrow morning too, without having to worry about my poor

From that day Janice often found her mother and her husband fucking
around the house. Sometimes, if she was too tired, she called her
mother into their bed so that she could make her husband cum at night.
Both women worked together to keep Justin's balls empty and for the
first time since she was married Janice had time for her friends. She
went out several times a week and often returned to find her mother
serving her husband.
Over next several weeks Janice realized that her mother had really
been lot of help. She was still cooking and cleaning and now that she
was keeping her husband satisfied too, Janice hardly had to do
anything around the house anymore.
Life seemed to be good. Except that Janice suddenly realized she was
horny. It had been 4 days since Justin had put his cock in her cunt
and even longer since he had eaten her out, an activity they engaged
in everyday just a few weeks back.
She put on her new, sheer red panties that didn't cover more than
half her hips and concealed nothing. She decided to wait for her
husband topless. When Justin walked into the room an hour later,
Janice thrust her chest out and gave it a little shake sending ripples
down tits and love handles but Justin barely noticed.
He talked about work and how tired he was while he changed his
They had sex but only after Janice initiated it. Justin made her cum
but she wasn't sure if he came in her. She was happy even if a little
disturbed and dozed off in a few minutes.
A few days later Janice came back home. She took off her coat and
shoes and climbed up the stairs. She could hear voices from her
bedroom. That was odd. Typically her mother and her husband fucked
loudly in living room. Janice tiptoed to the bedroom and peeked
Her mother was on all fours. She was completely naked, her hands
holding her ass apart. Janice gasped when she saw her mother's
asshole. It was dark, obscenely large and pierced on all sides with
similar six large rings as adorned her pussy.
Behind her and bent over with his nose barely an inch away from that
freak asshole was Justin.

"What do you want honey?" Linda teased her son in law
"I want you. I love you Janice" Justin mumbled, his cock hard and
Linda let go of her ass cheeks.
"If you love Janice then go and suck her ass. What the fuck are you
doing here darling?", she quipped.
"I am sorry. I am sorry. Please.." Justin begged.
"Please don't shut me out"
Linda smiled and pulled her cheeks apart again.
Justin leaned forward touching his nose to that anus and breathed in
Linda let him take a whiff but as soon as she felt his tongue she
pulled forward.
"No. You can't touch that." She chided her son in law.
Janice realized her mother was using her freak asshole to lure her
husband into something, just as Janice had used her asshole to get
Justin to marry her.
"Please..." Justin begged. He was almost sobbing.
"Not until you promise" Linda said gently.
"I promise" Justin responded.
"Promise what hun?" Linda asked, turning her head around looking at
Justin even as she kept her cheeks apart.
"I promise I will serve your asshole. I will dedicate my life to
serve your beautiful rectum and I will do whatever you ask me to do."
Justin said clearly without hesitating and looking into his mother in
law's asshole.
"And what else?" Linda goaded him further.
"And I will marry you and I will not touch any other woman."
Linda laughed and pushed her ass back into her son in law's face.
"Eat baby. Feed on my beautiful asshole. There's enough love in there
to keep you happy"
Justin didn't need any encouragement. He buried his nose and then his
tongue in that huge tunnel and kept eating the middle aged woman's
anus for several minutes.
Janice couldn't take it anymore. She sank back into the hallway. She
now knew her mother had not treated her husband at all. If
anything ,she had turned him into a freak like herself. Janice' eyes
were clouded as she went down the stairs and back into the garage.
After a few minutes she came back up again and made enough noise to
give her mother and her husband time to come down.
They did and they looked normal except that they were holding hands
as they came down and kissed right in front of Janice. Justin put his
strong hands on her mother's hips and pulled them apart as he pushed
his tongue into her mouth.
"Woohoo!" Linda shrieked. "Your husband is such a handful"
Janice smiled weakly. She knew from here on she will have to share
the love of her life with her mother.
After that day, Janice saw her husband fucking her mother more than
he ever fucked her. He took a week off and spent it with Linda. They
would shower together, share toothbrush and have anal sex right after
Linda had taken a shit, things he had never done with Janice.
At least she still slept with him in the same bed, even if her
mother slept with them too. Janice had given Justin a full body oil
massage and a blow job while he kissed her mother.
When he erupted in her mouth, Janice couldn't help but notice that
his hand was buried wrist deep in her mother's anus.
It was a Friday. Janice was at work while Justin had taken a day off.
She knew what he was doing and it didn't bother her. Ever since her
mother had started having sex with her husband, Janice could feel her
own rectum healing. She also had more energy which she redirected
towards her work. Finally, she was getting her weekly fuck every
Friday night even after Justin had promised her mother he would not
fuck another woman.
That day Janice felt a little sick and came back home early. She was
surprised to see cars outside her house.
She came in and found about a dozen people, all dressed formally in
her backyard. A priest was sipping water and then she saw her mother -
in Janice' wedding dress! Justin was dressed in his wedding suit too.
Janice couldn't believe it. She grabbed Linda's hands and yelled -
"Mom! What the fuck are you doing?"
"What does it look like honey?" Linda smiled. "I am taking Justin."
"MOM!" Janice shrieked. "He's your son in law! He is 27! You are
"Shut up!" Linda slapped Janice.
"I see now why you couldn't keep him happy. You are a sloppy bitch
Janice. Justin needs a woman, a real woman. I am that woman. He has
the cock I have been looking for all my life and I have the pussy that
can finally satisfy him." Linda yelled at her daughter. Guests stopped
their chatter and turned around to see the women fighting.
"Mom! you are a whore! Does Justin know that he is marrying a woman
who has worked for 30 years as prostitute?"
"I know." Justin said. "And I am glad Linda told me what she does for
living. You Janice, tried to hide that."
"Oh that's because Janice is ashamed of her mother" Linda smirked.
"But I am not. I am so happy that you are a prostitute mom" Justin
said kissing Linda on the mouth.
Linda put her hands on her young lover's shoulder's and pushed him
down. She then lifted her dress and put her foot on the table
revealing her large, ringed pussy. Justin buried his face in that
pussy. Linda looked at Janice and then rubbed her cunt over her son in
law's face.
"You are still a little girl Janice." Linda said.
"You never learned how to please a man . You should be happy I am
taking Justin and you can still give him blow job at work. But more
importantly you will start entertaining men and turn into a full time
Janice stared at her mom while her husband sucked that huge vagina.
"Justin baby!" Janice pleaded. "Say something."
"Janice. I love you but I think your mother is right. You have the
body of a whore and if you work hard we are hoping in a few years you
will become half the woman your mother is. " Justin said seriously.
In an hour the priest married the middle aged, 52 year old woman with
big breasts and wide, loose hips, to young and handsome 27 year old
Justin while the guests watched.
Janice looked around. Among the guests was a 40 something, classy
woman - Justin's mother. When she noticed Janice looking at her,
Claire smiled and nodded.
"This was too interesting to miss. I mean I hated the idea of him
marrying you, an older, out of shape slut with no money. But when he
told me he was about to marry your mother, I thought "Wow! My son is a
real man to admit he loves a prostitute's asshole. I am so proud of
him." her eyes got wet.

Janice stared at her. Has the whole world gone mad? Her mother was a
whore but how can this rich, snobbish bitch be proud of her son
worshipping a whore's asshole.
After the wedding, Justin and Janice served guests. The new bride
lifted her dress and several guests fucked her. Justin's mother also
got gangbanged.
After dinner, Justin danced with his naked mother while cum leaked
out of her ass.
"Too bad you can't eat my asshole" Claire said with disappointment as
she put her head on her son's strong shoulders.
"Why? Don't you serve your own mother?" Linda asked.
"Oh my God! No!!" Claire shrieked. "Before today, he never even saw
me naked."
"Oh that's terrible!" Linda said looking at Justin. "You kept your
own mother waiting."
Claire looked fondly at her son and then said "Go easy on my son
Linda. He is a nice boy."
"He sure is. You should see him pushing his nose in my asshole."
Linda laughed. "He knows how to eat a woman's ass."
"You know" Claire continued. "I am so glad you and Janice took him
in. I was worried about my little man." she said stroking his hair.
"Oh God!" She said getting on her toes.
"What?" everybody asked worriedly.
"I gotta go to the bathroom." Claire said clenching her hips.
"I can feel thick, goo of all those men slipping out of my asshole
and considering that there's nobody here who is going to serve me,
including this little ass monster" she said smacking Justin lightly on
his head , "I better relieve myself in bathroom."
"Claire" Linda spoke up. "Your son is going to serve me so I think it
is only fair that my daughter takes care of you."
Everybody turned to look at Janice. She was standing in the corner
listening to the conversation so far.
She looked at Claire and thought "She doesn't have tits like Mrs
Jones. They are small and conical, a thin waist but at least her ass
is spreading. Though not large, it seems to be soft and wide enough.
She'll do."
Janice took off her sweater and her top. She had no bra on and her
large tits bounced on her belly. Claire gulped loudly looking at young
woman's body.
Dressed only in her panties, Janice walked over to her mother in law
and sat on the carpet behind her. Claire spread her cheeks and planted
her ass firmly on Janice' mouth, letting her hips go. Thick, white
slurry ran out of her asshole and into her son's wife's mouth. Janice
flicked her tongue out and pushed it into older woman's rectum.
"Aah!" Claire sighed closing her eyes. "You are almost as good as
that whore in Paris"
Linda walked over to Justin and kissed him on his lips.
"You remember your promise dear?"
"Yes mom" Justin said to her. "I will serve your asshole and not
touch another woman."
"Lets go and start our honeymoon darling." Linda said smiling. She
was still in her daughter's wedding dress.
"Linda wait" Claire said grinding her ass on Janice' face.
"I'd love to see you feeding your asshole to my son. And Justin dear,
please make mommy proud. Make your new wife cum."

Janice and Justin spent that night serving their respective mother in
laws and in Justin's case his new wife too.
In a few days Claire left them to go back to Europe but she handed a
significant amount of money to Linda.
"I am so happy for you and my son. Together you all look so
"Thanks Claire" Linda said "but it is all because my darling daughter
worked so hard to change your son. She deserves equal credit."
"Of course" Claire said as she held Janice' hands. "I am so grateful
to you Janice. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?"
Janice looked at her mother in law and smiled, "You can spread your
ass for me once again."
"Oh Janice!" Claire said happily slipping out of her expensive dress.
"She turned around and bent over spreading her ass cheeks and letting
her daughter in law feed on her anus. "I promise that when I return
from Europe trip my ass will be as big as delicious as your mother's.
I know this place in Amsterdam and they can turn a woman into a freak
in matter of days. "
Janice didn't care. She buried her nose and inhaled the older woman's
rectum deeply before licking the rim and then insides of that tight
Meanwhile Linda and Justin were fucking missionary style so that
Claire could watch her son cumming one last time.
"I will miss you darling" Claire said looking at her son's large cock
pounding his middle aged mother in law and now wife's cunt.
"Be nice to these girls. They are our best hope to be happy together"
"I will mom." Justin said and he shot his load into his new wife's
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it so wild as hell man
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one of the hottest stories! I really love this one.