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My night of misadventure came almost 4 years ago although I can still remember it vividly as I regularly talk about it with the girl involved.

I started my new job in the September and within days an elder, but very attractive woman became beyond helpful and friendly. Initially I assumed she was just mothering me and making sure I bedded in ok, but it soon became apparent there was only one bed she wanted me in.

She was 46, me 23 and it was time for the Christmas do, my first do of any kind with the company. She didn't drink and spent the night talking to me and looking over suggestively. At the end of the night she insisted on running a few people home and purposefully went a route whereby I'd be last drop.

As we approached my street she asked how far down my house was before pulling over a long way short. We chatted and got on great and she then asked for a Christmas kiss for the lift home, not a problem I thought but still I'll tease

"you didn't ask any of the others for one"
"I didn't want to fuck them" she replied.

With that even before kissing I slipped a hand up her skirt and then began kissing her. She was so wet but my house was a no go so I asked if hers was available

"of course, I made sure no-one was in as I knew you'd be coming back"

The drive was about 30 minutes but it was spent with my hand up her skirt rubbing her now swollen clit.

We finally arrived and dived through the door, stripping down almost instantly.

"You're not a breast man I hope" she asked "I cheated tonight"

I watched as she unfastened her bra, but couldn't understand her criticim of her tits. For her age they sat well and I was desperate to suck on them.

She led me to her room, we skipped all foreplay and immediately starting fucking, unprotected, before she pushed my away and started to suck my dick. As she took me in her mouth I started to rub her undercarriage noticing the nearer her arse I went the deeper she sucked.

I'd never done a girl in the arse before but it was becoming clear I soon would be doing. She lay back down, rubbed the juices of her pussy around he arse and put me inside. I couldn't believe it. I had only met this woman a few months earlier, barely knew her and now within 10 minutes of being in her house I was fucking her arse. We flicked between every possible position and I came in each hole at least once throughout the night, although the arse got most of the spunk, at least 3 loads - it was my first time afterall.

When morning came and we knew it would be the last shag she whispered in my ear, "cum on my tits this time". I obliged then sat and watched her rub it in with one hand, pleasing herself with the other.

We never have had a repeat although we clearly both want it and Christmas is coming!
90% (7/1)
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3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
Christmas is just around the corner, maybe you'll get a bigger surprise this year
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks