Awakening at Flamenco Beach - Part 1

It was 4:30 PM on another gorgeous, yet dull Tuesday afternoon in Culebra, the municipality island off the eastern coast of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As usual for me, after a long day at the new water treatment plant construction site, the only way to end it was spending the last daylight hours lying back at Flamenco Beach; my daily soul therapy.
I had been lodging at the secluded Flamenco Beach Hotel for the last week and a half. Like I had done every day since the day of my arrival, I traded my working attire for my sunglasses, long board trunks, sun screen lotion (filter #15), a bottle of water and the beach chair, and dragged my ass out to the white-sanded paradise in front of the little resort.
I sat back and enjoyed what was left of the day feeling the sun rays kissing my skin; the warm, fine sand engulfing my feet; the fresh, salty breeze caressing my body; and listening to the insistent, mind-numbing sound of tiny waves. The water was calm, sparkling and crystal clear. It was a paradise indeed and I was paid to live in it.
I had been lucky it was off season though. According to the hotel manager, even though almost every weekend bring the perennial hordes of beach bums, these months marked the period of low business through the week (mainly the reason I got such a cool rate). Nonetheless, there was always the occasional visit of peace-seeking travelers during the week days.
I was mostly alone during my lush time in Culebra. It was not necessarily a bad thing, however. I had broken up with my girlfriend a month and a half prior to this assignment, so I was enjoying the freedom to peacefully appreciate such scenery as well as to explore other opportunities.
I had not really interacted much with other visitors yet, but at the time, I was fine with just relaxing and exerting my peeping-tom role. The lesbian couple that was hanging out the previous did not look bad at all, and during the weekend, the beach was full of cute and perky college girls.
That Tuesday, there was nobody else at the beach other than me and a middle-aged couple lying on the sand about 100 feet from me. I had met Gwenn and Hank the night before at the hotel bar and they seemed like a nice, sexy, educated and pretty interesting pair.
Minutes after spotting themselves with their chairs, the couple and I waved at each other, and later they would walk into the water. Almost immediately after, they got at it. I could only wonder how anybody could bump up and down so much without any surf. For a moment I was so jealous of those two love birds.
Every once in a while I would get a peek at her bouncing, bubbly breasts, and light brown, delicious-looking nipples. But the coolest part was when I began noticing that she was actually looking at me. I could swear she even winked her beautiful green eyes at me a couple of times through her gorgeous curly hair while she had her arms and very appetizing fleshy legs around her big, black lover like a horny boa. Yep, interesting…
However, regardless of my monumental hard on, after a while sitting and watching, but not playing, I began to get sl**py. Suddenly, I felt the weight of a whole day walking and overviewing the works conducted at the project under the Caribbean sun while dealing with sleazy material suppliers and arguing with lazy labors. I fell asl**p.
At some point I felt people walking by, but I remember being so tired that I was barely able to open my eyes. I don’t know for how I long I slept, but I was about to call it a day and move to my room to have a real nap.
Suddenly, he appeared and I definitely woke up.
I had noticed the same guy a couple of times the previous week, but this time around I was very uncomfortable, and I did not know why. I felt a tremble in my inner thighs, which turned into an electric current that ran through my loins, and from there, it spread out through my entire skinny body.
I knew I had had that weird sensation before, but never at the sight of a man. I could not help but to look at this muscle-ripped guy as he passed a few yards from me. His face was similar to those on Greek sculptures, but the rough beard added. He had shoulder length, wavy, black hair, heavily tanned skin, the letters USMC tattooed on his right arm, and sported only black Brazilian-cut trunks.
The guy walked past by me, went right into the water, and swam away. I totally forgot about my intentions of getting off my chair. It wasn’t until several minutes later that I noticed that my Baltimore friends were done frolicking in the water. They were not in sight so I assumed they had already packed up their things and gone into the hotel. I stayed in my chair and waited for him to come out of the water.
Thirty-seven minutes later, with the dark orange sun almost nearing the horizon, the mysterious man emerged from the sea and began walking to the parking lot. I tried not to look, but my eyes betrayed me. As he made his way across the sand, I admired his god-like figure. His glistening, wet skin as tanned-brown as mine; bubbly pectorals; very well-defined six-pack; massive hamstrings and calves that flexed with every step; he was an impressive human specimen.
He was not as huge as those hulking bodybuilders that appear in fitness magazines; he was about my height, but in exceptional physical shape. I also noticed several scars s**ttered around his body. They seemed both slashing and piercing injuries. Were they shot wounds? Shit! Who the fuck was that guy? Where did he come from? What was he doing here?
I was mesmerized by his image, but just before I gather enough composure as to regain control of my eyes, he looked at me. He slowed down and began walking towards me. I was scared. I looked around; there was no one in sight.
The strangest thing was that upon seeing him nearing me, I was both exited and mortified at the same time. I looked down to the sand, shaking my head, thinking why was I feeling like this just for seeing this guy?
When I looked up again, he was already in front of me. I could feel his stare weighting on me. His blue eyes pierced through mine. Looking at him closer, I noticed a fair amount of grey hairs on his temples, raspy beard and strong signs of experience around his eyes.
Impulsively, my gaze continued inspecting downward confirming my suspicion of gunshot and slashing wound scars on his shoulders, pectorals and the side of his abdominals. My eyes, further betraying me, briefly stopped at his wet, black, tight trunks, featuring a chunky, full bulge and the contour of a swollen penis gland.
Instantly, everything attached north of my legs twitched. Blushed, I continued running my stare down to his feet.
“Can you lend me a towel” he asked with a wry smile. That is when body really started to shake; I did not have one.
I rarely ever went into the water, and if I ever did, I only had to go back to my room to get a shower and get dry altogether. I was so nervous that I hesitated before answering. I took a deep breath. Once calmed, I looked at him.
“Sure, follow me” I told him… I think.
I slowly stood up, grabbed my chair and my bottle of water, and began walking to the hotel. I had left my door open; a good thing since I was a shaking mess and would have probably dropped the key several times before opening it. Walking in on my way to the bathroom, I turned to the stranger and said, “Come in, I’ll get you a towel”.
As I turned toward the bathroom, I felt a chill running up my spine as I noticed him standing at the room door with his eyes set on my lower back. When he saw me noticing his stare, he pulled up his blue eyes onto mine showing a mild grin on his face.
Getting into the bathroom, my mind was racing. I may have been curious at times, but I never had such intense feelings before for a man. I couldn’t understand myself, because hours prior, I would have thrown away from my room any guy looking at me like that. I would have ignored him at the beach to start with; however, my body and mind were reacting opposite to how I thought they should.
The goose bumps all over my skin felt very annoying and pleasant at the same time. I wondered how something you have been taught all your life as wrong, felt so gratifying; so right.
I grabbed the towel. My body quivered. Then, I walked back to him and handed the towel. My crotch twitched.
He was standing in the center of the room, in front of my bed inspecting all around him. He looked at the walls, the roof, the cheap furniture and my gut-open suitcase lying on the floor next to the queen-size bed with all my clothes spilled all over the room.
I stood silly in front of him with a stupefied face offering the towel. My heart pumped wild. The insistent twitching on my crotch grew. He looked at the piece of white clothe in my hand. Lightly touching my gripping hand with his, he pushed it away; he leaned his face towards mine and said “let me take a shower first, before taking what I need.”
I almost closed my eyes, hoping he would kiss me, but he did not. He straightened himself back again, keeping his grin. His eyes locked into mine.
I cannot remember what I mumbled back, but I guess it was “ok”. My head was dizzy. It did not matter what I had to say; by the look in his eyes, I could see he had made his decision. He was going to have it; the shower, of course, and then, whatever else. He could have all he wanted. I desired him to.
He walked to the bathroom’s entrance and stopped. From behind him, I saw him he pulled down his black trunks. I admired him silently. His body was perfect. His chiseled, solid butt was just gorgeous. It was formed in heavenly harmony between his strong back and ripped hamstrings.
He stepped in front of the shower, opened the faucet. “Get me a beer” he ordered with a strong voice.
“Which…” I began to say before he interrupted me.
“Any” he said. “Any will do”.
“Sure… immediately” I replied and rushed to the bar.
I bought a Heineken, ran back to the room, and closed the door (or so I thought) behind me. I went into the room and felt the steamy heat coming out the shower. I tried not to look into the bathroom as I approached, but again, I had lost total control of my eyes.
I had to look at his amazing body. I walked through the room and placed the bottle down on a desk, which had a chair that happened to give me perfect line of sight to the shower. I sat down and waited for the stranger to finish.
Observing him in the shower, I could see the water hitting his perfectly carved face while he ran his fingers through his freshly wet, black, rippled hair. His bronze, statuesque naked body glimmered with godly splendor. He rinsed his hair; then he turned to me and I finally saw how nicely gifted his manhood was.
He passed his big hands through his face to clear the water and noticed me looking at him. “Why am I not drinking my beer?” he demanded with darting eyes.
Startled, I jumped from the chair, took the bottle and ran to the front of the shower and handed him his ice-crusted beer.
He took the bottle from my hand and had a sip. He put the bottle on the soap stand. He turned the faucet off and turned to me only to see me staring at his dripping, limp, long cock.
My lips were lightly parted with my impassive-yet-shy tongue trying to moisten them. My crotch was a raging fury. The bulge in my trunks was full blown; it looked like a circus tent. I knew he had seen my excitement when I raised my eyes to meet his so, at that point, I didn’t see any sense in trying to hide it.
My guest raised and rested his left hand heavily on my shoulder; his thick fingers reached behind my head and his thump roughly rubbed my right cheek. His strong arm contracted and pulled my face closer to his. My eyes automatically closed as our lips locked. I felt his tongue invading deep in my watery mouth. My wet tongue was wild, playing cheerfully around his and tasting his beer breath. I almost fainted.
My knees weakened as his insistent tongue continued its sweet intrusion. I instinctively put my arms around his solid torso with my forearms bent up behind his shoulder blades and my hands hanging on top of his shoulders.
I felt one of his wound scars on with the palm of my hand. It scared me, but aroused me even more. I tightened the embrace. He pressed my head, pushing my faces harder against his. His tongue went even deeper into my throat as his right arm went around my waist.
His hand landed on my left butt cheek. After squeezing it for a while, he slid his hand slightly up to my lower back and pressed our crotches together. When I felt my hard dick against his massive, but still semi-hard cock, I could not help but to hump him a little.
Then, he slipped his hand inside the back of my trunk and made a handful of my left ass cheek in his manly hand. His palm pressed again; his fingers squeezed at the same time that they explored my ass crack. Eventually, one of his fingers hit the sweet spot. It had homed in my pulsing asshole. What else I could do, but moan.
Our kiss may have lasted probably about a minute, but to me, it was an eternity.
Suddenly, I felt the weight of his hand on my shoulder increasing. My mind burst with lust. His left arm pushed me down granting me the permission for what I was longing for, and I wanted nothing but to obey his lewd bidding.
Our lips detached and my eyes went down. My hands let go of his shoulders and I began climbing down his chiseled torso. All my senses were now focusing on the image of his deliciously-looking, semi-flaccid, thick penis as it slowly approached to my face.
I stepped inside the shower and knelt in front of him. My eyes were fixed on his beautiful cock. My hands landed on his wet hips. He put his right hand on the top of my head, herding me to his pleasure. It didn’t look extraordinarily long, but it sure was thick; considerably thicker than mine at least. A sexy, groomed, black patch of pubic hair crowned his royal genitals.
I was nervous. I have never had been into that situation; let alone, done it. As any other guy, I had obviously had experienced being the subject of the action many times before, but definitely not on the providing position. Regardless, I took a couple of seconds to admire the stranger’s magnificent manhood two inches away from my face. I was surprised of how I eager was to actually do it.
In a split second, I tried to remember the best blow job I had ever had in order to achieve the delicious task before me. A couple of experiences, and even a movie scene, came to mind. I envisioned and assimilated the images generated in my mind and I proceeded accordingly to service his desire.
I closed my eyes, leaned forward and kissed his fat gland. It was a light contact; my lips barely touched his swollen cock head. I kissed it again. Then, again. And again. And again. With each contact, I the pressure from my lips was increased and broader. His manhood twitched.
After a fifth kiss, I ran my trembling tongue along the upper, dorsal surface of his semi-slumped shaft until my nose bumped with his solid lower abs and spiky pubes. There, at his small bushy crown, I kept kissing more. I could feel his engorging cock hardening under my chin.
I could hear him having long gulps of his beer and a long refreshing “aaaaaaah!” after swallowing it. He even burped after the second gulp followed by the tap sound of the empty bottle on the soap stand.
I was not sure exactly what I was doing, but I had decided to relax, and let myself go with the flow and his reactions, which at that point, had not been of rejection. His heavy hand scrubbed slightly my hair, head and temples. His muffled moan finally confirmed his apparent acceptance, so I continued.
I hesitated for a moment, but then I kept my act rolling and slid my kisses around the left side of his penis base, scratching my lips with his sexy but coarse pubic patch. I decided to finally add my hand to my impromptu repertoire and delicately took his fat gland with three fingers of my left hand, lifted his yummy cock and diverted my lips attention to his round, hardened ball sack.
I kissed his balls several times. Regardless of him having had his shower, his balls still conserved the salty taste of the sea. Mmmm. I kissed them a few more times. Then, I began to suck them to extract more delicious, salty essence. I had to; I was intoxicated with his flavor.
The skin of my back spiked with goose bumps and my ears were delighted with happiness and resolution after hearing his first mayor groan. It came out full of genuine pleasure.
I started running my lips back out the left side of his thick, mid-hard cock. I brought up my left hand and held the weight of his shaven, round sack. It was hard and full. He shivered; his balls were throbbing. His gorgeous cock, which the previous moment pointed directly at my nose, was now, slowly but steadily, rising like a fuel arrow moving from empty to full after filling up a vehicle’s fuel tank. I could not contain myself anymore.
I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, leaned my face forward, and engulfed his hardening, beefy cock, slowly and deep into my soaking mouth. I vacuumed all the air inside as the wet surfaces of my mouth ceiling and tongue sealed and wrapped around his delicious penis. By the time I had sunk the whole meat pole down my throat, the transmutation of his cock was complete. It solidified in my mouth, prompting the inner-walls to expand.
The next instant, he placed both of his hands on top of my head, pushed it down and held it hard as his swollen dick impaled my mouth as deep as my trembling throat permitted. I felt like gagging; my eyes swelled up, but I held my breath and tried to relax.
After feeling the pleasure of my moist, warm and tender throat for probably about ten seconds, but I honestly thought felt like an hour, the stranger began to remove his strong manhood from my face as slowly as he fed it to me. He slid it out moistly and shiny covered in my saliva. Air began to flow again into my lungs; I gasped and my eyes were flooded.
Newly born out of my wicked mouth, his magnificent cock looked like a solid structural marvel; a towering monument to lust. And I was proud of being responsible for such a gorgeous erection.
His loud groan said it all and his left hand was on top of my head as a sign to not to stop my duty. He was happy; therefore, I was happy. Thus, I decided to continue in same fashion.
He said: “That’s it bitch, lube it good. You’ll need it”.
I couldn’t help but to form somewhat of a smile with my lips; I was proud. And now I was looking forward for what was coming up.
I closed my eyes with sweet expectation. I opened my mouth again and repeated the procedure slowly. I continued sucking his cock. He continued granting his approval with every subtle moan he exerted; every deep breath he took; every pelvic thrust he imparted on my face; every darting spasm spearing my tender throat.
Every once in a while, I gagged, but I got used to it, and loved it. It was delicious. He fucked my face so good. So beautifully. He fed me what my soul craved for so long, but never forgetting to make sure to lube my meal well. After all, it seemed that I was still only enjoying the appetizer.
I lost myself while servicing his cock. I did not know for how long I had been giving head to this stranger, but at some point, he pulled my hair, pulling my head away from me, retrieving his tasty cock from my whoring mouth. I gasped at the surprise and lack of air. He stepped out of the shower, closed the lid of the toiled and sat on it. His manhood was erected solid.
“Get over here and take off your trunks”, he ordered.
I immediately stood up, stepped away from the shower and obeyed. My body quivered. I snapped open the velcro of my trunks and my dick jumped out like a spring. My Jack-in-a-Box was very hard and happy.
He grabbed my hair again, yanking my head down without saying a word, bringing me once more to my knees and placed my head in front of his swollen cock. I understood, so I happily grabbed his hard cock with my right hand while my left forearm resting on his right lap. I brought his hard on to my eager mouth and continued my solemn, yet delightful ritual.
Once he made sure my throat kept engorging his manhood, his hands began instructing the rest of my body. I admit I wasn’t sure I he was attempting to do, or what he wanted me to do, but I certainly wasn’t any less curious. I just followed suit.
It was apparent that he wanted me to lift my ass and stay on doggie position while still giving head. Then, he gently pushed my body sideways and positioned me until his extended arm could reach my uplifted rear.
I may have not understood him in the beginning but I sure loved the way his perverted mind worked. I felt his strong hand manipulating my ass cheeks; parting, prying, smacking them. With mute commands, his skilled hands placed spells through my whole body. The mix of sensations was overwhelming. His magic had total control of my exposed and vulnerable rear. My body was tingling from nose to toes, and my dick and nipples, rock hard.
Without warning, he interrupted my oral service by grabbing, again, my hair and pulling my head back, releasing his cock from my mouth, and leaving me gasping for air. Then, he slid a finger in my frothing mouth to collect and coated it with my saliva. Then, bringing my face back to his crotch, he allowed me to continue blowing him. I felt his thick, strong fingers traversing all over my ass and sliding up and down my crack until they homed into my quivering button.
My already-wet sphincter pulsated madly. I was delirious with excitement, but I still made sure his service was uninterrupted. At this point, I could not think of anything on this world that could taste better than his salty, hard cock. With my eyes closed, I dutifully sucked.
Suddenly, it happened. The tip of his middle finger probed my already-dilated hole. The surprise threw a jolt of sweet pleasure through my body and made me gasp again for air. But this time, I still had his cock deep in my throat. In addition, his strong hand in the back of my head prevented me from releasing his wide plug.
It was all too intense and confusing; my brain wanted to continue servicing as per his wishes, but my lungs required air so my body reacted by coughing and gagging at the same time. The stranger’s hand was firm on his push so it was difficult to recover my air. My eyes were welling profusely. I couldn’t take it anymore; I was choking so I had to push up. Hard.
I gasped deeply. I opened my mouth and throat as much as I could to catch some air. I looked up in fear that he was upset for my reaction. To my surprise, he was looking back at me with devilish grin. I felt my faces all covered tears, run-off water from his bath, sweat, and a mix of saliva and the pre-cum he had already injected in my mouth.
Upon seeing he wasn’t mad, I made my best to generate as smile.
“Good boy” he said. “Ok, now continue”
I felt how his strong hand driving my face back to his crotch. I relaxed, closed my eyes, opened my flooded mouth, wrapped my lips around his ravishing fat penis, sucked hard until my buccal cavity was vacuum sealed, and happily resumed my oral service.
He groaned; then, he pushed again his wet finger deep in my ass and let it sit and adjust. This time I was prepared and my body humbly and eagerly accepted it.
It burned me inside initially, but as he slowly began pushing it into and pulling it out of my rectum, I quickly got used to it. The friction that was initially burning me inside soon generated a myriad of pleasurable sensations throughout my body instead. It was a good, though, thing that I lubed that finger generously before he stabbed me with it. After a couple of minutes, he retrieved his finger.
I was disappointed for an instant; I wanted more. But then, he made me lick it again. However, this time, he had two of his fingers in my mouth. It was a good thing that had gone potty before going out to the beach; but still, some of my own of my own shit spit now was part of the mix of bodily fluids in my mouth. But I was so horny that I didn’t care.
Following act, he inserted his middle finger up my ass first; a few pushes later, he slowly introduced the index finger, stretching my sphincter wider.
Waves of searing pain flashed my brain. His fingers were so damn thick! It took me more time to absorb the pain this time, even though I had made sure there was enough saliva in those pokers. But at this point, I was determined to go all the way and I felt there was nothing I could not handle.
All this while, my head kept on bobbing up and down, with my mouth wide open, encasing his thick cock. By then, I was surprised at myself after realizing I had discovered how to easier his swollen penis up my throat without gagging or meet throat resistance by excessively moisten it by producing more saliva. After several minutes of this practice, I was not gagging so continuously anymore. I was already an expert cocksucker.
Nonetheless, he kept repeating “Yes, lube it. Lube it good. It’s in your best interest, pussy boy”.
He had slowly inserted a third finger. And they were deep. I had stopped sucking. My mouth automatically disengaged, but this time, he didn’t stop me. My eyes and mouth were wide open. I must have looked like a fish outside of the water. I squealed like a girl and kept a lingering lament probably for minutes.
As the pain traveled across my spine to all expanses of my body and back, my face contorted in many shapes. I grinded my teeth, shut my eyes to overcome the stretching pain. The first one was a delicious experience. Pure head-rush. The second one hurt, but I was so excited that I was able to endure it. However, when the third one came in, I really felt it. Badly. This mother fucker had really broken me.
Tears were rolling down my cheeks, but not for lack of air, but because I was actually crying. The pain was unbearable. Nonetheless, eventually, after several minutes, my body, once again, had assimilated the punishing stress on my anus.
So hurt, but still determined, I went back to orally service him, but took all my mental focus to cope with the harsh strain and still my composure. To divert the pain, I deep-throated him and held it for long seconds. My gurgled moans had turned whining and sobbing.
However, notwithstanding all the misery this stranger was unloading on me, despite his abuse, and apparent arrogance and indifference, he had a gentle side. He actually had been patient to some extent. He had let his fingers sit without motion for a long time.
He seemed aware of the punishment he was exerting and the pain dealt. It wasn’t until my tender sphincter fully stretched and assimilated the cruel intrusion that he slowly resumed his strict treatment on my rear. I managed to regain my composure while continuing sucking his cock.
After a few more minutes, the stranger stopped, slowly removed his fingers from my ass, pulled my head back up, and stood up. For a split second, I felt pain. My asshole was fully stretched; but all of a sudden, there was a gap and my muscles collapsed into the void. Plus, I didn’t like not having his cock in my mouth to serve. Regardless of the pain and discomfort I have experienced, it was then when I realized how much I was actually enjoying all this.
We stood up and I was dizzy due to my previous position and the heavy breathing I exerted during his handling of me. But I wasn’t fully raised when he grabbed me by the arms, spun me around and pushed me against the bathroom wall. I felt my sweated face slam hard against the tiles, followed by the heavy pressure of his muscled chest against my back. My arms and hands were flat on the wall as well.
I knew what was coming. I admit that I was longing for it all along. My legs were f***ed apart and his legs were placed between mine. His strong hands grabbed and pried apart my ass cheek. And finally, I felt it.
The fat, slippery head of his cock slowly crept up between my cheeks; invading my ass. He stopped for a few seconds. The bulbous tip was lightly pressing, yet trapped still between the flesh of my lower ass cheeks, right before the entrance ring of my rectum. I could feel him breathing down my neck; his left temple rubbing the right side of my head.
I was gasping. The anxiety made the air escape from my lungs. Fortunately, those few spare seconds of expectation allowed my pulsing hole to adapt for what was coming. He inhaled deeply, and as he exhaled, I could feel as a chain reaction: my tender sphincter stretching out, then, my rectum; and then, my bowels. My entire man cunt expanded to the size of the stranger’s thick cock as he commenced fucking it.
He pushed his cock as deep as he could and let it sit there for another while. I could hear him breathing faster. His naked body was hard pressed, flat against the bare back. His manhood penetrated my no-longer-virgin, sissy ass for his pleasure.
First, I squealed. Then, I inhaled deeply and held it for several seconds; then, I let all the air in my lungs with a loud moan carrying all my pleasure. Beneath the mix of sweat and other bodily fluids that covered my face, lied a wide smile.
He slowly pulled out his cock, letting out a low groan that synched nicely with my lingering lament. Then, he pushed it back in slowly, but deep. He let out a stronger groan. Almost muffled by my face against the bathroom tiles, I moaned and gasp and squealed some more. In slow crescendo, our lusty chorus echoed the bathroom.
In sweet rhythm, he repeated the maneuver, each time increasing the intensity and decreasing the cycle time, until he was steadily and completely fucking my ass standing up against the wall of my bathroom.
The snapping, wet sounds of his crotch impacting my ass cheeks added percussion to our harmonious passion. His heavy balls slapped my inner legs as he kept pumped his cock in my ass. All these sensual sounds filled my brains with delight almost as much as his dick filled my rectum. He could hear me moaning. And we both were doing it. It was pure lust.
He pulled back my hair and bit my ear. I guess the pitch of my moans went higher. I can barely remember, because my brain was numb with sexual ecstasy. I wanted him his sex deeper and harder in me.
After owning me standing against the wall for several minutes, he pulled out. I squealed again like a bitch. With the same movement, he pulled my hair as he began walking away from the bathroom. He dragged me out and threw me face down on the edge of the bed.
I was bent over facing towards the room door, my arms splattered on the bed, my feet wide apart on the floor. Not a second later, I felt his legs being planted between mine. The moment after, his fat cock invaded me once again, and the stranger continued impaling my ass really hard.
Seconds later, he grabbed my hair again, and fucked me even harder. His pelvis mercilessly pumped and bounced against my ass causing the flesh of my cheeks tremble like jelly; sometimes in rhythm, sometime in chaotic motion. Every few thrusts, he would spank my ass. The sting of his huge, strong palms smacked hard against the sensitive skin of my upper ass cheeks and thighs, carried both delightful pain and pleasure.
His roughness increasingly intensified my lust. At moments, I thought he wanted to destroy my ass, I loved it. My boy-pussy was burning. I was overwhelmed with the way this savage was enjoying me. It was exhilarating to be the subject of such raging desire. I wanted to come. I was ready, but I wanted him to finish it. I wanted to enjoy fully when he injected me with his seed. I wanted to be the recipient of this stranger’s extract.
We were deeply involved with each other, but as my rear continued being pounded by my guest, I noticed the room door was not completely closed; and I actually was detected some movement beyond the open gap. It was difficult to fix my eyes on any lurker after being in the receiving end of such a wild banging, but I could discern a face; a familiar face.
I had seen those sparkling eyes before. I knew I had heard that giggle before, but was when her eyes met with mine that I realized who the peeping-tom was.
Gwenn! She was spying on me and it seemed like she was truly amused. She really wanted to make obvious much she was enjoying seeing me getting fucked without letting the stranger know of her presence.
In another time, I would have felt mortified with only the thought of somebody just imagining me in such a position. However, for some disturbing reason, at that moment I liked it. It was actually arousing being humiliated in such a way before someone as sexy and desirable as her.
We kept staring at each other for a few more seconds. The lascivious satisfaction on her sweet face was indescribable. But then, apparently, when she thought that she had seen enough, she winked at me, blew me a kiss, giggled a bit more, closed the door and left.
His thick meat plow incessantly pounded my tattered rear. At the same time, my hard dick kept massaging pleasurably against the linens of the bed. The stranger kept fucking me good for about ten more minutes, which was when I sensed that he was getting ready to release his load inside me.
The intensity of our moans increased. We were exhausted. Our breaths were short. My body felt torn. He had been swimming for over a half of an hour only to come a fuck me like a bull for another similar period.
I was ready to unload my lust as well. My spine contracted and my body convulsed with ecstasy. His back arched followed by a series of body spasms and his manhood exploded inside me. I could feel how he injected a jet stream of sperm deep into my bowels. The flow was interminable.
He tried to maintain his pace, but eventually his pumping became erratic. After a few more pumps, his body tensed completely. At the end, he made one last, long, hard and deep thrust in me. His cock tore into me like wanting to reach out into my thorax. All the energy radiating from his core infused into my body.
Overwhelmed, I could not help it any longer and released my own passion under myself too. Through involuntary spasms, he pumped a few more drops inside my love tunnel after collapsing on my back. My rectum was flooded with his seed. His now-limp dick was still interred in it.
I was exhausted underneath him too. His sweaty body weighed on mine. My body relaxed with my semen spread all over between my tummy and the bed.
After several minutes of lying there, he placed his hands on my back, pushed away, retrieving his soft cock from my ass and stood up. He walked to the bathroom, stood in front of the toilet and peed.
Afterwards, he used a towel to dry all his sweat. He finally put on his trunks, walked to door, opened it and said “Thanks for the beer”. The stranger stepped out the door, and just before he closed the door behind him, he looked back into the room and said “And for the towel too”.
In the end, it did not hurt that much anymore; all I felt was just burning pleasure.
I was still bent over by the edge of the bed facing towards the room door with my arms splattered on the mattress. My feet were wide apart on the floor while a stranger’s ooze overflowed out of my gapping asshole. Tired and numb from the intense experience and with my mind still swirling, I could only let go with a smile. And I fell asl**p.

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Yes, under my previous account, which is now closed.
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9 months ago
Excellent story and very well written. Your word pictures draws the reader in and makes him the quivering mess in front of the strong stud. In the past I have trembled in front of manly men as he dictates what he wants me to do to his body to provide him with the maximum amount of sexual pleasure. The only difference with your story and my real life is that all the men that used me for their pleasure were just ordinary men. Men with small pot bellies, gray hair and twice my age or older.