Just another day

Liz awoke with her pussy wet and on fire for some cock. Her dreams had stirred a passion she needed to take care of today. She decided to go down to the bar where the men in uniform hung out. She always had good luck meeting a hung man there. She remembered last week when she did a three some with the two black marines. They went back to the storage room and sandwiched her naked body between them as they ravaged her body first with their hands then their huge dicks. Jim had a nice thick twelve inches and Ron was ten inches. Neither had been with a woman for several months and they licked and fingered her as she took turns sucking the massive cocks. At one time she had a cock in each hand as they each had a nipple sucking and biting while she jerked them off. They were starved for pussy and one licked her pussy and tongued her as the other licked and fingered her asshole. Then they replaced the tongues and fingers with cocks as they double fucked her hard shoving their huge rods deep in her ass and cunt and fucking her like it was their first woman. They sucked and fucked for two hours back in the storage room and her cunt and ass were sore when she walked out. She also was full of cum.

Today she showered and douched her cunt and ass with peppermint douche and then dressed in a skin tight white t-shirt and short shorts. She never wore a bra and her huge triple "D" tits were straining the tight top. She wanted to get there and get naked with the horny uniform men. Some had been away and were looking for a piece of ass and she was looking for a hard cock. She loved a big thick cock, bigger the better. Maybe Jim and his twelve inch monster would be there today. He was a sure fuck for her. He knew just how to use that big monster hanging between his legs. He also loved his ass licked and fingered too. Next to a big cock she loved a tight ass. In her bedroom at home she had several strap ons and loved to use them on a guy. She loved seeing a guy on his hands and knees as she rammed his ass with that big thick rubber cock till she had him screaming and cumming. She also loved to push a big plug in his ass and suck his cock or shove his cock in her cunt and fuck him as he filled her with cum. A guy always came harder with his ass stuffed. She also loved to tongue fuck an ass till he spurt cum all over. Just thinking of it got her on her way to the service men's bar.

She parked her car and pinched her nipples making them push against the fabric of the tight top before she walked in. She wasn't there five minutes when a big dude bought her a drink and sat in the booth with her. He kept his eyes on the nipples poking at the thin material of her top. She hoped his cock was as big as his body. If it was she was in for a real treat. He put his face close to her and she gave his lips a quick kiss. His hand was rubbing her leg as he stayed close. She filled her straw with her drink and let it fill his mouth then she kissed him and let her tongue taste the drink on his tongue. His hand was now rubbing her leg close to the top of her short shorts close to her pussy. He licked her neck as he pushed a finger in the leg of the shorts and across her pussy lips. He was sucking on her neck as his finger entered her fuck hole. Then he put his other hand beneath her ass and began rubbing her through her shorts. He put her hand on his cock and she began rubbing his and she could feel how big he was. She was going to get her wish and fuck a monster cock. He felt like the big end of a baseball bat and she squeezed him tight and heard him gasp.

He then looked at her and said "Want some of that big cock? Where do you want it first? In that sexy mouth or wet cunt or tight ass? I am going to ram it in all three and fill you with my nice warm cum. You have me so hard I am hurting for some wet pussy. Follow me." He then pulled his hands out of her shorts leg and grabbed her hand and lead her to a room just off the bar. It appeared to be a private office. There was a couch there and he pulled her t-shirt off and then her shorts till she was naked and beautiful. He pulled his shirt off then stepped out of his pants and she could now see his huge cock she had been rubbing. He was long and extremely thick just like a bat. He was also rock hard and standing at attention, just how she liked a big cock. He pulled her tight to him and began tongue kissing her and rubbing her tits hard. He pulled and tugged on the nipples as he shoved his tongue in deeper and kissed her harder. Then he ran his hand down between her legs and played with her pussy before he rammed two fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her rough and hard lifting her off her feet. He had the fingers deep in her hole as he tongue kissed her shoving his tongue down her throat. He then said "I think we are going to have a great time today." He shoved her on the couch and spread her legs and looked at her cunt then put his face there and began licking her.

He spread her pussy lips and sucked each one then sucked her clit as she lost control and began to cum hard. He took his time licking and sucking on her lips and clit before he let his tongue roam to her fuck hole. He kissed the hole then licked it and shoved his tongue in her tasting the peppermint flavor. He said "Well, my favorite flavor of pussy, peppermint. Now I am going to eat your cunt till you scream." He tongue fucked her love canal and sucked her clit keeping her cumming fast and hard and moaning. He sucked her cum out as fast as he made it for him. His lips were covered in the tasty juice. She was cumming hard when she felt a finger enter her asshole and began fucking her as his tongue fucked her cunt. He was rough and wild and she could tell he was no stranger at having his way with a cunt and ass. Then he put two fingers in her ass and three in her cunt as he sucked on her clit and he now had her screaming and out of control cumming faster and faster. He said to her "That's how you like it isnt't it? You like it rough and wild. You are going to love my big thick cock. Did I tell you I can stay hard for hours? I can fuck like a wildman. And I love to fuck a cunt and asshole. Then I am going to watch as I shove my monster dick down your throat and gag and throat fuck you till I give you so much cum you will have trouble swallowing it all.

He rough finger fucked her and sucked her clit and kept her cumming hard for a long time. His fingers and face were coated with her cum. Then he sat up and kissed her mouth tonguing her again. He looked her in the face and asked her "Ready for a good cock fuck? I bet you want it deep and rough. You love a hard fuck don't you? I am just the man to give you what you want today. You walked in her with those big tits in that tight top just hunting for cock. Well, you found a huge one didn't you? When I get done you will feel well fucked in every hole. I am going to do some damage to that sexy body with my thick cock. Now spread those legs far apart and let me take you on a nice hard dick ride. You are going to get every inch of my meat." He then got between her legs and pushed his cock in her fast and deep and he was not k**ding about giving her every inch of the hard monster. It was like being fucked with a baseball bat. As he fucked her cunt he twisted and played with her nipples and also rubbed her tits. He loved a big set of jugs and she was huge and natural. He could play with tits all day. He loved his cock between a nice big warm set as he fucked her and blew his cum on her face.

He cunt fucked her for over and hour. He had great stamina and he did love fucking. He was rough and kept his cock in her deep as he fucked her warm canal. When he finally filled her with cum he then slid down and sucked a large mouthful and then kissed her and pushed it in her mouth to swallow. He did this twice more letting her help him clean her cunt. He loved licking and fingering her cunt. She had suck big thick pussy lips and a hard clit that was great to suck and finger. For loving to fuck she was also quite tight. Flavoring her two holes was a big plus. It told him she was planning on getting her cunt licked. She wanted to taste good for the guy. Next time he would rub his cock with flavored oil. He would also bring some whip cream in the can and squirt it in her cunt and suck it out and also in her ass. It was fun to play with food in the right body. He then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and began to suck on it. He took turns with each nip feeling them get hard in his mouth. He sucked them deep as he let his fingers play with the other one. He loved those huge melon tits.

As he sucked the tits his cock got hard for him quickly. He put her on her hands and knees and began to lick her ass cheeks and rub them with his hands. She had a nice round sexy ass. It was going to feel good as he fucked it. He then spread her wide open and ran a finger over her rim. Then he kissed her and licked her before he shoved his tongue in her. He tongue fucked her and got her wet then got behind her and pushed his cock to her opening and entered her fast and deep. He felt her gasp as the big monster entered her tight ass but she was no stranger to ass fucking and adjusted quite well. He soon had his cock buried in her tight ass and was fucking her hard ramming that cock in and out. Sometimes he fingered her pussy and cunt and sometimes he pulled on her tits but he kept his hands busy as he fucked her asshole. Having his cock in her ass was a dream. She was tight and warm and her ass hugged his cock as he fucked her hard. He had his thick cock balls deep in her and his balls were slapping against her as he fucked her harder and harder. He loved the feel of her ass rubbing his cock as he pounded her hole. He looked as his cock had her stretched wide open and she would be gaping when he pulled out. She had the ass men dream of fucking and he was really giving it a good hard fuck.

He fucked her a long long time playing with her tits and cunt before he filled her with more cum. He pulled his cock out and looked at the gaping hole with cum oozing out of it and knew it was the best ass he had ever fucked and he had fucked many all over the world. She was even better than the obeying ready to please Asians girls. Last time he was in Asia he had three naked whores in his room for four days and the sex never stopped. They even licked each others pussies as he watched them. He constantly had his dick in a mouth or cunt or ass. Soon as he fucked one, another would suck him and keep him hard while the other sucked the cum out of the fucked girl. They were great pussy lickers too which turned him on as they tongued each others cunts for him. He loved a good lesbian show and these girls were taught to please the men in uniform. He fucked them non stop and then let them lick each others pussy and ass clean. They even sucked his piss out of a cunt or ass for him. They were nasty whores.

He went back to kissing her and playing with her tits and pussy with his tongue down her throat. He would trade his tongue for his thick cock next. He wanted her to suck his cock hard for him. He loved a great cock sucking down a girls throat. He was sure she would be great as she was the best fucking he had had ever. He was going to stick his cock down her throat and fuck her as she gagged and then fill her with cum and watch her swallow a huge load. Then she could lick his balls and asshole. He wanted to feel her tongue on his ass and then push inside. He loved a good tongue fuck in his ass. A tongue deep in his ass as she stroked his cock and balls. Couldn't get better.

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