Gloryhole visit to remember..

It started out something like this...I got off work in downtown SD around 4pm and headed out to Lemon Grove to place called Fantasy Land. Everyday between around 4:30pm to 7:30pm this place was the super bowl of cock sucking. I arrive, park and go inside. It is a big store with video etc. in the front and video booths in the back. Entering the video booth section I make an immediate right and go straight ahead until I dead end a the door to a booth with holes on both sides. There are all types of guys loitering about some older some younger a couple of young black guys there was even a really hot asian guy. Luckily as I was walking up someone came out of the booth right in front of me and I kind of barged right in shut the door and put $5.00 in the money slot. It is now about 4:30pm. I sat down took a deep breath and surveyed the situation there were holes on both sides and both were occupied. I pulled out my 7 inches and started stroking my cock. I decided to go to the left and slowly ran my fingers around the rim of the hole on my left and almost instantly a semi hard black cock appeared a few inches from my face. I started licking the precum out of the slit in the tip of this quickly growing black cock. The taste caused me to shiver and my cock got so hard a cat couldn't scratch it. I slowly sucked and licked this magnificent black tool for a bit while still sitting in the chair until I could not stand it any longer and dropped to my knees and began swallowing as much of this 7 inch rock hard cock as I possibly could. His cock was so thick that I was having a hard time getting it all the way down my throat without gagging. A couple of times on extra deep thrusts down his amazing shinny black cock a almost puked. I don't know why but when that happened after the gag reflex eased I wanted to swallow his entire length even more and went right back down on him. He started to get really turned on and began to slowly fuck my face shoving his cock a little further down my gullet. By this time there was a hole bunch of slobber building up which lubricated the back of my throat and I pressed by face hard up against the hole and let his fat black cock pound the back of my skull like a jack hammer. He would fuck my throat like this for 10 minutes or so then pull his slobber soaked cock out of my mouth and wipe it off with his t-shirt and furiously jack his rock hard cock for a couple of minutes while I watched him with my mouth still by the whole waiting anxiously for the return of his cock which he obligingly shoved down my throat and starting fucking me all over again. We went on like this for at least 1/2 hour or maybe longer it was long enough that my knees began to hurt so bad that I had to get off them and just say fuck it and sit down on my ass ignoring the puddles of cum that soaked the floor from previous encounters. He must of done the t-shirt jack off thing 8 or nine times. By this time I have been reduced to cum receptacle I have lost my free will I am this complete strangers suck slave and he could have fucked my throat for as long as he wanted 2 hours 3 hours it didn't matter I wasn't going anywhere until I had swallowed every drop of his man juice. Suddenly I noticed something had changed in his face pounding routine and before I could do anything about it he shoved his entire length completely down my throat and pumped an enormous quantity of cum straight down my gullet into my stomach. I was so turned on that I ignored my gag reflex and pushed as hard as I could to take more and more of his cock into my gullet. He pumped and pumped load after load of hot come into me until I finally did gag and a huge glob of cum came up my throat and out my nose which I absolutely loved. He pulled his cock back to his side wiped it off one last time pulled up his pants and left his booth in what seemed to me like 2 seconds leaving me sitting on my ass in a $150.00 pair of work slacks on the filthiest floor in the known world with great globs of cum dripping out my nose. As it turns out without me knowing it my nose had taken quite a beating during all this because I had a small cut across the bridge of my nose where the top edge of the glory hole had been hitting it as I pounded up and down on this guys cock like a deranged cum slut.

I sat there on the floor with cum snot sucking in and out of my nose with every breath trying to regain my composure so I can turn around and deal with very sexy Cambodian cock that has appeared in the gory hole directly behind me. I'm pretty sure that this guy had been jacking off while watching the first guy fuck my face into submission. I managed to turn myself around on the floor and crawled like a cum crazed feign over to begin work on my first oriental cock. His cock was pretty long maybe 6 inches but very thin with a distinct left hand bend in it (which I found really sexy for some unknown reason). Swallowing this guys cock was a breeze after breaking on the big fat black monster of the first guy. In no time at all the oriental guy was spasmodically humping and pumping my face and groaning (way to loud) as he began to squirt his man juice into my mouth eventually filling me up to the point where I'm having trouble keeping it all in my mouth and with one last thrust which made the booth shudder so loud I thought for a second that he was going to knock down the wall that separated us. Just like the first guy he quickly zipped up and left. So, once again I'm left sitting on the floor only this time I've got a mouth full of got oriental cum. My first instinct his to throw my head back and swallow it down but I decided it tasted so good that I wanted to save it to savor later. I had a condom in my pocket so I got it and opened it up and while another total stranger watched me through the opposite hole watched me I let all the cum slowly slide out of my mouth into the freshly opened condom. Once I was sure I had all the cum out of my mouth (and nose for that matter) I looked the guy watching right in the eyes and slowly tied off the condom and dropped into my shirt pocket. The guy watching said something wow that was so hot I'm so hard dude you gotta do me too.

The first two guys had been middle aged men but now I was confronted with a wide eyed and extremely eager youngster he couldn't have been a day over 20 or so. I need a couple of minutes to gather myself so I once again turn my self around only this time I leaned back against the chair and began licking up all of the excess sperm on my hands and fingers while this young k** furiously whacked his pud and watched me through the glory hole. (I swear his eyes were as big as small saucers)he let me rest for a little bit but it wasn't very long before he began kind of begging me to swallow his cock. He was saying things like please do me like those other guys if you do I'll let you bareback me in the ass for as long as you like, if you do me like that black guy I'll eat out your ass until it makes you cum. Finally he started getting to me and I gave in but before I did I leaned over close to the hole right up by his face and said to him, "I'm fully into doing all of those things to you but right now why don't we start out with you pumping all the cum you can muster up down my throat straight into my stomach, he smiled and said oh dude I'm gonna want your phone number. So, without any additional discussion he got up dropped his shorts and slide the most beautiful cock I had ever encounter into my mouth. His cock was perfect just the right length, thickness and had the perfect taper from top to bottom. He had a abnormally large and deep slit that produced an unbelievable amount of precum which I gladly lapped up. This young guy produced so much precum that I swear it was a greater volume than a lot guys come up with when they fully blow their load. Needless to say I was once again in a total state of bliss and began to dedicate myself to blowing this eager young bucks mind. Oops just noticed the time I've got to get going or I'm going to miss all the good cock at my local porn shop tonight so this story which has a long way to go will have to be be continued.
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2 months ago
sooooo damn HOT dude. can't wait to have fun with u there
5 months ago
wow that was so intense made me cum so hard all over myself I've been to that adult arcade in limon grove on broadway it does get purty hot there
1 year ago
i love going to glory holes,went last week as i was sucking cock in the hallway guys started playing with my ass.eventually i turned around to look at who was playing with my assand saw bunch of guys taping me on there phones.i loved it.imagine if wife ever saw those vids.i dont care
1 year ago
I spend 3 years in San Diego beack in the early 60's and in fact I met my wife who happened to live in Lemon Grove. Did not know about the adult book store because I spent most of my time walking from downtown to the roller skating rink and getting picked up by men and ending up in their back seat naked providing them with sexual pleasure. When they were finished with me I would get dressed and continue walking hoping to get picked up again. On a good night I would get picked up 4 or 5 times before heading back to ther base in Point Loma.
1 year ago
I used to love glory holes !! Yummmm
2 years ago
Damn hot!!
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Carry on PLEASE!!
2 years ago