Waiting for You - Chapter 2

My heart is beating so hard inside my cheast. All I can hear is the "whooshing" sound of the bl**d being pumped through my head. I have fisted the comforter in both hands. I can't believe how nervous and excited I'm feeling! "Breath", I tell myself. I hadn't even noticed I was holding my breath until then.

Slowly, so painstakingly slowly, the door opens. My nipples harden instantly. A quiet moan slips from me. I slide my hand up my stomach and caress one of my breast, tweaking my nipple with a hard pinch.

You walk into the room and let the door close behind you. You grab the only chair in the room, drag it over to the foot the bed and calmly have a seat.

"Play with your pussy", you tell me.

Ahh....you want to watch? Okay. I'll give you a show that I'm sure you'll love.

I draw my knees up and plant my feet on the bed, wide apart. I want to make sure you have a clear view of my glistening pussy. I take both hands and slowly guide them down to my pussy and spread my lips apart. One index finger slides up and starts to do soft circles around my swollen clit. I love that teasing feeling of barely touching my clit, building the tension up inside. Slowly, the pressure and spead builds. My breathing starts to deepen. I'm looking only at you. Watching you watching me. I can see the desire start to build in your eyes as they start to darken. I know that you're getting turned on by what I'm doing for you.

When your tongue slips out to moisten your lips, my body is wracked with the need for something to fill me up inside. My hand plunges down and I slam 2 fingers inside my honey pot. OH! I'm so fucking horney, my pussy is on fire and I feel like I'm going to explode from the tension that's built up inside of me. I start fucking my sopping wet pussy with all I have. Slamming my fingers inside, adding a third to the mix. Fuck! The sounds of my fingers plunging in and out of my tight, wet pussy is wonderful!!

You lean forward in the chair, just inches away from my cunt.

"Don't stop", you tell me in an authortative voice. "Fuck your pussy harder."

I quicken the pace of my fingers slamming down into my fuck box, trying to go as deep as my tight cunt will allow them to go, grunting with each thrust. I feel my orgasm building, closer and closer with each plung. I'm watching you, waiting for you to tell me what you want.

Then, in a pace that seems as if I'm watching a movie frame by frame, your eyes tilt up to look me in the eye.

"Come for me".

That is my undoing. In a rush that overtakes me, my body explodes. A screaming moan escapes my lips, my hips buck up and I start to cum harder than I have in such a long time. My fingers go upwards to rub my swollen clit hard and I start to squirt.

That's when you touch me for the first time. Your mouth is on me in a flash, your tongue diving into my juicing pussy. Your arms come up and you grab the top of my thighs to try and keep me from bucking you off. You are devouring my pussy like someone that's dying of thirst and only my juices can quinch your thirst. That sends me immediately into another orgasm and all I can scream is "YES! YES!! YES!!!" as you consume me.

When my orgasm starts to subside and my mind rejoins my body, you give my pussy one last long lick from bottom to top. Seeing the smile on your face sends a jolt through my body and I'm happy to know that I pleased you.

You pull your shirt up over your head and let it drop to the floor. Next, you unbutton your pants and slide them down & step out of them. Nice to see that you don't have on any underwear.

"Switch around and lay your head down here at the bottom of the bed with your head hanging off the edge", you command me.

Oh, you just have no idea how much someone telling me what to do turns me on. Of course, I will follow your every command. Once I'm down there, I know what's coming for me next. I'm a little worried but I won't let that stop me. I hope I can please you as well as you've please me.

The thing is, I've never been with a woman before. You're my first.
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