step sister took advantage of me..and i liked it p

Its been three weeks since me and my step s****r tiffany's first sexual encounter and ever since that day there's been no more bitching! Even her mom has slacked off. Really the only up tight person in the house now is my dad and anymore hes just an asshole. He starts a hug fight with my step mom first thing when getting off from work and beat it all the mother fucker just leaves and we wont see him the rest of the night. But honestly i love it as soon as his car door slam's my step s****r is walking threw my door its really the closest thing to heaven on earth but i cant help not feeling bad for my step mom i mean shes to good for him. My step mom is 5'8 she weighs 130lb beautiful long brown hair and the biggest natural tits i have ever seen theres been times when my step s****r would be sucking me off i would imagine her mom letting me fuck her big tan tits and cumming all over her nipples.

The next day after my dad left i heard my step mom crying from the kitchen so i walked from my room to check to see if she was ok.

"Hm mom are you ok?

"Ah yes john im just a little upset."

"Don't let my dad get you down you deserve better then that"

"Aww john why cant you're father be more like you?"

"Thanks mom that means alot to me!"

My step mom bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug

"I love you john"

"I love you to mom"

The next night after my dad left, my step s****r ran to my room only wearing a thong she would usually wait and make sure her mom was sl**ping before she would even do anything but tonight was deferent before dinner i told her i wanted to taste her pussy for the first time.

"You sure you don't want to wait and see if your mom is sl**ping?"

"Hell no!! Get down here and taste my wet pussy"

Before i could protest she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to her wet warm pussy. I rolled my tongue around her clit and slowly made my way down her slit parting her pussy lips

"Faster step b*****r faster! Stick your tongue in my pussy"

I sled my tongue in side her and started licking her from the inside i slowly eased my middle finger in her ass
And before i knew it she was screaming from pleasure

"oh step b*****r dont stop you're tongue feels amazing in side of me... Im about to cum all over you're tongue baby"

We were caught up in the moment and didn't realized how much nose we were making before my step s****r could let out her Finle moan, my door flung open and my step mom was standing by it.



"oh shit mom is right" my step mom replied

I rolled over nervously with my dick hanging from the hole in my boxer's
Every thing went silent and my step mom and s****r were staring at it

"Come on mom John would love if you joined us"


"STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DONT WANT TO... look at his cock mom wouldn't you want that between your legs?"

I couldn't help my self i was way to horny to pass this one in a life time chance up. I got out of the bed as they were fighting and walked over to my step mom and grabbed her by the back of the head and f***ed my tongue in her mouth my step s****r started laughing.

" i don't see you pulling away from him mom" she said as she laughed

Before i was done my step mom pushed me on the bed and walked over and set by my step s****r

"So you think you're b*****r kissing me was so funny huh"

"Yes i fucking did"

"Lets see how funny it is when your licking my pussy!"

My step mom grabbed her and f***ed her head down between her legs

"Start licking my pussy you fucking slut you think you can talk to me anyway you like"

"Yes mommy"

At this point my dick was the hardest it has ever been and i just couldn't take it

"Oh god!! Oh god you're a good little pussy licker ain't you"

"Hmmm Yes mommy i love licking your pussy"

"What john you feel left out baby?"

"Just a little" i said with a smile

"Come here john"

I sled over next to were my step s****r was eating out her mom i looked over and my step s****r was sucking on her clit while sliding her two fingers as deep as they could go in her wet tan pussy. My step mom grabbed the base of my cock and slowly started to go up and down

"Now let me show you how a older lady can suck your dick" she eased her head down on my cock took her tongue from the base all the way around the head

"tiffany, take your free hand and play with your b*****rs cock while i suck him"

My step s****r slowly went up and down my cock following her moms mouth. This was the best blowjob i have ever had but i wanted more.

"Can i fuck you step mom?"

" only if you lick your s****rs pussy while you fuck me"

"Go set on you're b*****rs face"

My step s****r turned and got in a 69 position hovering her dripping wet pussy from my mouth as my step mom started to riding my cock

"Oh damn your alot bigger then your peace of shit dad"

" oh step b*****r keep licking my pussy im so close to cumming in your mouth" my step s****r demanded

"Suck on my nipples while your step b*****r tongue fucks you"

My step mom's pussy was even tighter then her daughters and every little move she made was pushing me even closer to cumming

"Oh step mom"

"Tell me when your cumming son!"

"God damn im so close mom"

"Fuck me faster son dont stop!!"

"Im cumming!!!!!"

With one motion my step mom jumps of my dick and takes my step s****rs head and f***es my dick in to her mouth as soon as her lips tighten around my dick i release every last drop of cum in her mouth. Shaking from all the excitement my step s****r rolled next to me and my step mom laid on me

"God that was amazing" i said in a happy tone"

"Wow mom you surprised me!"

"I dont know what got in to me tiffany but i haven't felt like that since my 20's"

"To bad this is the last time" i replied in a joking manner

My step mom laughed and rubbed my head and with a smile she replid Not if your dad cant please me anymore...

95% (33/2)
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3 months ago
very good
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Hot & horny
5 months ago
Looks like fiction to me.
5 months ago
Good story, a little short, but enjoyable.
8 months ago
Ill try harder next time :)
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8 months ago
very lucky step son.
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