A Suprising Jog

First of all i usually take a specific path when i jog at night. But lately there has been construction going on so i decided to choose a different path.
witch leads me to this story. On one of these specific jogs on the new route threw town there would be no lights on besides the street light's but tonight was different at one of my friends houses there was light on so i decided to check it out i found myself suprised by this beautifull young women undressing in her room then i remebered that she was Ricks daughter Samantha who recently turned 18 so i couldnt help myself i decided to hide behind some bushes to watch the show. Watching her grow up ive noticed how her breasts started to devolope and always wondered what they looked like under the slutty clothes she always wears. They where nice and supple and big as the average size cantalope. Then i noticed her b*****r Logen (who is 21), walk into the room were she was. She didnt look suprised at all it was like she was expecting him there. to me this was getting exciting so i stayed and watched while Logen helped her finish undressing by slowly pulling down his s****rs panties, then he suddenly stopped and pulled her closer to him and he started to lick her clit like he was an expert ( I guess those colloge girls showed him a ting or two). She started to tremble like she was about to explode with pleasure he stopped licking her and she started to get on her knees and pull down his shorts and she cupped his in her hands and played with them for a bit then she slowly put her b*****rs cock in her mouth. I couldnt help but imagine myself like she was doing it to me. She did that for about a minute then she crawled onto her bed and and spead her legs to show her hot pulsating pussy ready for his throbbing cock. Then they started going at it like wild a****ls. I was stunned and turned on all at the same time i finally decided that it was time for me to go because i was ready to explode from the pleasure of wathing them and I left. But then i said i can use this agianst her and get what i want. to be with her.
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4 years ago
lets hear what happens next!
4 years ago
keep 'em cummin
4 years ago
good try for a 1st
4 years ago
sorry that its a short story i know but this is my first story to post but this is one out of many to go out of a sereies my fantysies.