The Truth About Swinging 2

OK,so now youre ready to get you and the little lady OUT THERE,you wanna meet other swingers.After reading the first part of this,you feel sure you can handle the situation.The wife is on board,and both of you are hot and ready.......Wait a sec......Lets go over a few things..... We live in a small southern city.Do you live in a small town or city? Small towns and cities dont have a lot of anonimity in them.Even in small "cities" of abpout 60,000 people,word gets around.Ony in MAJOR cities can you find some peace in knowing that no one really cares about your business,and even then,thats no guarantee.Like Ive mentioned before,People WILL talk,they will gossip,so take into consideration where you live.Swinging is more "out in the open," but it is NOT as socially acceptable as you might think.Most of the people who can "get by" with this,are the young people,who are NOT married(these stories are for MARRIED people) and our society is not comfortable with married couples swinging,I dont care if its 2012 or not.....In the old days,we had the swinger mags.This actually WORKED, and people actually MET each other.You had to.All you really knew about each other was a little bit of a 'bio" about what you will and wont do, a picture or two,and then you meet if you like what you see.And pictures....They DO LIE,OK??? In swinging,pictures LIE.You can have a "photogenic" woman or man in a picture, and they look HOT,but when you meet them,its just that the camera was "kind" to them,they are whats called being "photogenic." You can see a picture of another couple and they dont look "hot" but they're attractive,and when you meet them, they're actually better looking in person!In the old days,more people had to actually meet....Fast forward to the age of the computer and the "cam..." Nowadays,about the ONLY place youre gonna find swingers,or much of anything, is on the internet.Most swingers will want to "chat" to get to "know you." They will want pictures.And this is the way it is.This is what HAS to happen,how else is someone going to get to know you,if you dont "chat," or you wont send a pic? You gotta be brave and bold here.Once you send out a picture,theres NO STOPPING where it will end up.Here's what happens more often than not,with "online swingers......" MOST swingers today are "too lazy to meet" much less to fuck.They want to spend countless hours "chatting" banging on a keyboard,and they want to "cam" with you and your wife...They wanna see you!!!.....But here's what happens MOST of the time,there is no "they," its just "him,"you and your wife will be "chatting" with the MALE of the couple,and the female will have little to do with both of you, and you will be "camming" with HIM,in the other couple,in other words,you will be providing jack off material for HIM,because all the sudden,HIS wife doesnt want to play,or she's all the sudden "non existent," and they are not a "couple" after all.Why is this? Men in these couples, are using their wife as a "ticket," to get into the lifestyle,IF he hasnt outright LIED that he has one,and thepics he's sending you are years old and its his long gone EX wife,who will NOT be happy that he's doing this, and that YOU,and everyone else, are seeing her pictures.....Remember,most men USE women,in one way or another,just like women USE men,one way or another.Its like I said in the first story,the MALE is the ONE who is in CHARGE of the situation,NOT the wife.Swingers and Lifestykle advocates are always claiming that the women in the swinging lifestyle have "more control" and say in their sexuality in the lifestyle,but this is NOT altogether true.Remember,MOST women in swinging, are only doing it to go along with their husbands wishes.This is NOT "control" of her sexuality by a long shot.When you end up "chatting" with the "male" and not BOTH of them,and when you end "camming" or your wife,with the "male" and NOT both of them,you'll see what I mean.Swinging is VERY "male dominated" no matter what "Lifestyle Advocates try to sell you..."There a few women out there who are not doing this to please their husbands,but they are the exception,not the rule.Most of the time,when you go to meet a 'couple' the wife has either "left," or doesnt want to participate,but the man has "permission" to swing as a single male with you and your wife!He's going to get some pussy,YOUR wifes' pussy,and youre not getting anything....Which leads me to the second poin of this..."The Single Male...." The single male is about the dumbest piece of shit out there,next to used car salesmen and pond scum.You post that youre a couple and you want NO SINGLE MALES EVER EVER EVER EVER,and it will not stop them.Why? because most men,as I said in the first story,are "gods gift to women," and they simply cannot understand why your wife doesnt want to fuck him.He simply cannot understand that you, and your wife wants a "single FEMALE," the "Holy Grail," and after all,YOUR wife is a WHORE,and he cant figure out why she'll fuck this guy,but NOT him....So she's a slut.Remember,it might be the year 2012,and were waaay beyond the 'sexual revolution' and women are equal and liberated, and so on and so on,but men are the SAME as they were 1000 years ago,and most men STILL regard women as sex objects,put here for HIM.And any woman who wont fuck him,is a "tease," or a whore.He's also pissed off,because you appear to have a REAL WOMAN to do this with you,at least,and he might not be able to get a woman to go out with him for a cup of coffee,or he's married,and he get the woman he's married to to clean her house,watch her k**s,and cook a decent meal,much less swing!This is why most couples will say,NO SINGLE MALES,because,if nothing else,a woman in swinging KNOWS she can get a "single male" at the grocery store this afternoon,and she DOES NOT have to go online to get a "stranger," when "single guys" are all over the place.Your wife and my wife knows that any man that is talking to her,is "working her" so she doesnt HAVE to find a "single male" online,she get one,right down the street,within the hour.They get PLENTY of attention,all they need,is a pulse and pussy.Now,all this being said,its fun to watch you wife have sex with another man.So lets say you choose another man to do this with.....Rule Number ONE---Do NOT allow your best buddy to fuck your wife.He's going to TELL EVERYONE!!!OK??? Understand this,he WILL RUN HIS MOUTH!Unless BOTH of you are ULTRA SECURE with each other,stay away from this a****l.Your buddy knows you,he's got less repsect for you than you think he does,and he will fuck you over,and your wife, in this.Rule Number Two---While it is importatn to consider the feelings of another human being,you MUST tell the single male,that this is her sexual "fantasy" and when this is over,it OVER,unless you guys are comfortable and can carry on without it getting out of hand.One good rule is,that he is NOT ALLOWED to come around when you are not at home.He is NOT ALLOWED to be her "friend," he is NOT ALLOWED to go there.Even women will tell you that "pillow talk" is somehow more "intimate" than having sex with a man.You must tell him that,this is for SEX,and sex alone.I cant tell you how many men will take a woman from a man in this situation.At first "all he wants" is some "sex," a no strings attached, bit of fun with a "lifestyle couple" and then he falls in love with her.I shouldnt have to explain this any further.But I will say this...The WOMAN will be the one to determine how far thats going to go.So if your wife wants to have a "friendship" with the guy,and its not just about sex, a red flag should go up.Its just a little bit different when you have a thresesome with another woman,more on that,later.When it comes to single males,the best thing to do is for the husband to find some "associate" preferably in another town,someone he "knows" but isnt a close friend.Even then,this will NOT alleviate all problems,but it will go a long way to keep some from happening.Getting a single male to participate with your wife in the lifestyle,will not be a problem,they are not only a "dime a dozen," they are "100 for a penny."Make sure that are clean,safe,and disaease free,and I mean TAKE ALL precautions to protect your wife,as you are part of her sexual life....And now you know how to handle that,as best you can.More to come....
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Thank you! purendevious!
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this rings true, good advice!