A trip to the beach.....

Jade loves the beach.Its an aphrodisiac for her.So when me,Marsh and Matt started talking about doing some surf fishing on the coast,Jade wanted in.While we were eating supper,a few days before the trip,I told her that Marsh's wife would'nt be going,and Matts' girlfriend,would have a problem with him going,so he might not make it,and she'd be bored,without other females along,and besides we're gonna fish,drink beer,ogle girls....Jades smiled her wicked grin,and said "I wanna ogle the girls too!" Now Marsh,who's 40 years old,is an aquaintence from my job,who lives in another town,and Matt is his assistant on the job to Marsh,and he's barely 20.I know them well enough,and that they live in another town,this would be good oppurtunity to fulfil another of Jades fantasies,but as Im sure you already figured that out,Jade knew it too.Jade said she wanted to try on her new bikini,and I told her "Wait! I gotta call the guys and see if would be OK for one more..." Again,Jade just smiled,she KNEW this was going to be "OK." While she was cleaning up after supper,I called Marsh,and told him we'd have one more,and if that was OK,to which he said "sure," and that his wife was pretty much "on her way out of his life,"and that the "marriage was ending,"and that he would "be amazed if she was still there when he got back...sooo good riddance, so this trip would do him some good"...I was thinking to myself that he was most likely in for one helluva weekend,if all were agreeable.He said that Matt was most definately going,but that his girlfrined was upset with him,to which I said "Do you think she would come along??" (Of course,Im trying to hatch another "plan" getting Jade and his 20year-old girlfriend in the same place,proximity... heh heh..)To which he said...No...she's uh...not,well,she wants to do things her way,and this includes going to her parents ALL THE TIME, and poor ol' Matt's pretty tired of that,so I doubt it..." "Ok!" I said,"Well,we'll see you Friday afternoon then!!!" Just then, Jade walked in in her new bikini,and for a 35 year old,she still looked like she was in her early 20's.The bikini didnt leave much to the imagination.She asked me who was coming along,and I said "Just me,you,Marsh and Matt." I knew Jade was ready for a good weekend of lusty sex.I was ready to watch and particpate,but none of us guys are bi,there was and is no male on male in these things,but if thats your thing,fine,so Jade and I talked about how we could,if it was agreeable to all,that we could "have her when we wanted," and she said that was fine with her,that it was her fantasy.As Jades chief and sole fantasy granter,it was to be done.Friday afternoon came and we drove to the town where Marsh and Matt lived and picked them up.They climbed into the SUV,after putting their gear in the back.As we headed east,we all got to talking about the weekend ahead and how our lives were going these past few weeks,with work,and their situations.We drove for a while and of course,the guys kept checking Jade out,I could tell in the rear view mirror,as they grinned back and forth at each other,becuase Jade is so hot,green eyes,auburn hair,slight tan,and a 34-24-36 frame,she was naturally and expectedly the center of attention.Marsh was almost blantant about checking her out,being more experienced,and knowing me much better than Matt knew me,although I hadnt told him anything at all about what was going down,he picked up on it instinctivley as we got started down the road,pretty quick.But Matt,being younger,was not 100% sure it was Ok for him to be looking at her.Jade had on this little summer dress,that barely covered her past the top part of her thighs,in fact,if you payed attention,you could see her pussy as she moved,uncrossed and crossed her legs,but from where they were,in the back seat,they werent getting to see what I was seeing....yet.....I swung the conversation around to how great she looked,and the guys agreed.I was reaching over,squeezing her tits,reaching down to feel her wet pussy,and by this time,Marsh was leaning from the back seat,over into the front and could clearly see what was going on.He was grinning and the tone of his voice let us know he was enjying the show.I told him that I loved to "show her off' and she said that the "Loved to SHOW IT OFF!!" with a wicked little laugh,and to which I said "Go ahead,baby,show him!!" Jade leaned back against the car door and slowly spread her legs.I glanced back at Matt,and could just see him in the rear view mirror,simling,but was still unsure as to where he stood in all this.Jade's pussy was spread for Marsh to see.She keeps that triangular patch of pubes above her smooth shaved pussy lips,and she was running her finger along her slit,spreading her juices and smiling,she was loving what she was doing.Marsh was complimenting her,and telling her how beautiful she was,and he reached down and rubbed her pussy,and slid a finger or two inside her,to which she spread her legs wider,so he could get deeper into her.After a few minutes of this, we both asked Matt,if he wanted to see.He was almost too shy,he was reluctant,and said,"I have a girlfriend!I dunno..." Jade said "Honey'she's not gonna know a damn thing,unless you tell her,and besides,youre not married to her,are you even engaged?" he said "No," but he wasnt "sure he should be checking out a mans' woman like that..." To which Marsh and I both laughed, and Marsh said "Damn,dude,its more than obvious that it OK,by now,Huh???" And we laughed some more,and then Matts' face changed from one of reluctance, to one of ease,as if a weight was lifted off of him, but he asked me "If I was sure it was OK?" And I appreciated him being a gentleman about it,and I told him,"You can even hop up here, and sit on the other side of her,if you want!!" Marsh and I both knew that Matt had less,if not limited, sexual experiences compared to us "older gents," so in an unspoken consent,Marsh grnned and moved aside as Matt,all the sudden,hopped up over the seat and got on the far right passeger side of the SUV,which put Jade in the middle.Jade spread her legs,putting one over mine and the other over his,and was rubbing his thigh,letting her hand inch up towards his zipper.She was smiling at him,and said "Go ahead,baby..." inviting him to feel her. "Do you like it?" she cooed.He was still a little stunned,so she kissed him,lightly at first,and then they started kissing more passionately.Jade kisses the men she fucks.We've met other swinger couples where the wife forbids her husband to kiss Jade,and for me to kiss her---its a deal breaker for us,but we dont judge others,all must be agreeable.By then he was feeling her pussy,rubbing it in circles,just like she liked it.Jade said" Oooh baby,see...you know what youre doing!" And Matt said,he has all this part down pat,because..." he said rather embarrassed,"Ive only got to fuck 2 women!" Jade said,thats "OK sweetie,we all start there too..." his heloed him to be much more at ease.Marsh and I watched and commented.Marsh reached out squeezed Jades tits,and she leaned back and gave him access to them.Jade then asked Matt if he was "OK with all this..." And he was in a much better mode of acceptance by now,and his stammering out "Yes..oh yes its,...its good," lead us all again to laugh.Jade,still with her legs spread,started to tell the guys,this..."I want you all to know,that Im a "sure thing" this weekend,and Im not going to tell the three of you "no" at anytime, in the next couple of days.If you want me to suck your cocks,I'll suck them,you want some pussy,if you want some ass,I'll give you my ass,you just let me know,and you're getting all the pussy and ass from me you want,all I ask is that you come inside me,my pussy,my ass,or in my mouth,Im a swallower!!!" She said proudly."This is my "fantasy weekend" and I want to enjoy myself,as well as getting off by having you guys enjoy me..." Marsh,Matt and Myself,were all nodding in agreement,and she said,"Keep this in mind,though,Im "YOUR 'whore," the three of y'alls 'whore' alone,this weekend,so there's NO rough stuff,do NOT ask me to be 'alone' with you after this weekend is over,I just want to be clear on that... To which we all said fair enough,of course,that last line didnt aplly to me,but Im sure she said that because too many men seem to think that women who enjoy their own sexuality and sex,are "whores" in a negative way,not worthy of respect,which in my opinion,I love women who love and understand their sexuality,even if Im not going to ever get to fuck one of them.Jade and I do not regard wome as "sluts or whores" unless it is playfully implied and with consent, during sexy fun.As we drove on,we talked more about these things,and other subjects,and Marsh was interested in swinging,because he said,while his wife was a "good woman" but her spending habits, her religious ideas that were getting even more and more fundamental,and what she wants outta life, is just not the same as his..." Jade was now resting against me, while Matt rubbed her legs and pussy,gently exploring her folds,and running his fingers through her pubes and tracing the them with his finger,while Marsh and I,talking about work,we both would occasionally reach down and feel her pussy and squeeze her nipples gently,and caress her tits.Jade later told me that she loved that,riding down the road,wtih 3 men,gently carressing her.Matt kinda got us "interested" again when he asked Jade with a gulp in his throat---"So....you uh, swallow???" Jade grinned and and said "Mmmm Hmmm,every fuckin' drop,or you can shoot off on my face, and I'll gather it, and lick it off,either way,Im going to swallow it...." Matt smiled and shook his head...Jade said..."You've never had a woman swallow you???" "No...I mean...No...My girlfriend thinks its gross..." Jade said,"Well..." I cant fix that,but I can fix you,let me taste you..." So she leaned over towards him and started undoing his pants...and then she stopped and asked me, "Honey,can you pull over? I need to stretch,and there's not room up front for me to suck his cock,so do ya mind???" Of course not,I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and we all got out and stretched.I parked more towards the back,I knew they would need some "privacy" but I also knew Jade,so....Jade got into the backseat with Matt,and Marsh and I told them we were going to get something to eat.Jade had her legs spread,with the door open,with cars going in and out of the parking lot,no giving a damn about who saw her pussy,and had Matts cock out,and this man was hung,for his 20 years!She was stroking it,as we "took their order"and went in,got the food.In about 10 minutes,as we approached the SUV,we peeked in at Jade,who hadnt bothered to even close the door,(Its AMAZING as to how oblivious people are,but then I was parked more in the back of the lot)Jade was sucking Matts cock,and she was moaning and humming her "Mmmms" on his cock,licking his balls,and as we started to get in,he unloaded into her mouth,he got rigid and stiff, as he shot his cum deep into Jades mouth...and she got every drop.Matt was in orbit,Hell, we thought the poor son of a bitch passed out.When he came to,he stammered that "that was the best fucking blowjob" he'd ever got,and that it "was the best feeling,to shoot off in her mouth!" Jade didnt let him up,she just stayed there for a minute more,cleaning him off and smiling at him.Jade got up,they hugged each other for a few seconds more,she and slid back into the front seat, as we gave her her meal.Jade loves cum sooo much,she doesnt even drink anything for a little while after she's drained a guys balls of his juice.This time was no exception.The rest of the trip down was pretty uneventful,more of the same...until we got to our room,the rest of the weekend was hotter than hell,and better than we all anticpated,so watch for "Part 2" of a "Trip to the beach..."
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