House Party....

Jade called me at work one day,and said we'd had been invited to a house party.We had never been to one,and she said another couple who were swingers,though we hadnt yet hooked up with,had told the Host and Hostess about us....So we were invited.Finally the evening came,and Jade was ready to go.I was looking forawrd to it,but I like more "quieter sessions" with a threeway, or another couple,Ive never liked crowds.Jade and I talked a little about this,and she said if I "didnt feel like going,then we wont go,just stay home and have our own "house party," either way as fine," with her.I said "No...No...I wanna go,but,even with all the sex that might be going on,we've never been to one of these things,and well...its a party,a crowd...." Jade agreed,she doesnt like crowds either,but there are times when her horniness takes her over,and she become adventurous,and we are both secure in our marriage,so I didnt mind of she went out to this house party,to fuck her brains out,I'd get me a little tonight too,it would be so bad.Jade and I discuss everything.We talk it out,now,we do have our arguments and spats,but for the most part we've got it good,and plus,like tonight,our conversations can be arousing.I looked over at her in the passenger seat of the car as we drove to the house.She was adjusting her makeup,checking her auburn hair,her dark eye shadow around her cat-like green eyes.She had on a very short summer dress,I mean it just covered her luscious ass and pussy, as we walked to the car earleir,some high-heels,it was that time of the year,and I noticed she wasnt wearing panties.Her legs were spread enough to give me a view of her hot pussy.She noticed this, and casually spread them wider.I could feel the heat coming off of her,I LOVE it when she is horny,I LOVE it when women are horny,they exude this "power" this "aura" that is very arousing.I asked her if she was ready to go,and she said "Oh yeah...Im so goddamn horny..." I reached over and stroked her pussy,she was wet,and feeling the heat eminating form her was getting me going too.I told her that I wouldnt mind if we get split up tonight,she could do her thing,I could do mine,we could "meet in the middle" and that we both agreed,we were gonna fuck like wild dogs after we got home,anyway,so....It was agreed that we would let it play out as it would.We got to the house,and there were cars parked everywhere.We knocked on the door,and a man answered and we told him our "connection" and he smiled and had us come on in.We all introduced ourselves,and he complimented Jade,and she flashed him a wicked smile,and said,"Maybe I can see you later?" to which he said,"Please dont leave without doing that!!!" We looked at each other and grinned.We walked into the living room from the foyer,and on a large pit group couch, were 3 couples already screwing,and as we scanned the room,various couples and sinlges,more men than women...were in the stages of undress and sex,women giving blowjobs,men licking pussy,women licking pussy,or people talking and smiling,and in each others arms and allowing others to touch, feel,and caress them.There were a couple of couples that...Well...didnt seem to fit in and maybe shouldnt have been there,they seemed quite taken aback by the scene.We talked to several guests, and didnt see the couple who had referred us,and as we later found out,they couldnt make it.We never heard from them again.We got to talking to this couple,and it was obvious that there was an attraction, and I was sure we would hook up with them tonight in some way or another.After the conversation about what we like,Im straight,He's straight,and both Jade and his wife are Bisexual,which is how it ususally goes in these things,no pain,no humiliation,we're from here,there from there,jobs ,domestic things,we had a lot in common.Soon Jade,and the mans wife were getting rather close and they were touching each other,feeling each others tits,and running thier hands over each others bodies.Thye lifted their short dresses and squeezed each other asses and we squeezed them,each man getting to feel the others wife,and our hands moved toward the pussies,and we were given all access.Jade looked at me,and we both thought that we were going to end up somewhere with this couple,when all the sudden the man said,"Can I take Jade and "show her off???" I have some friends who'd love to meet her...?" I looked at his wife and we both agreed, and then we all agreed, and said "Sure!! why not???" So he took Jade, and put his arm around her waist,and walked off with her,while his wife told me to "Come with me,and we can get to know each other." Right off the bat I could tell that her and I have the same sex drives,a little lower than Jade and her own husband.I love sex,and I love Jade,but Im not as eager to go at it like Jade.In a way,I think thats what makes us "work."Me and his wife,her name was Gina,was a dark haired woman with hazel eyes.She was slightly larger than Jade,about 135-140 lbs,taller around 5'7" to Jades 5'5". She had smaller tits than Jade,but not by much,and her pussy was shaved,except for a thin strip,whereas Jade is shaved,but has a triangle patch of pussy hair.Jade doesnt like the bald look,and neither do I, we like some pussy hair.Gina was shocked to find out that,inspite of Jade's Auburn hair,fair skin and "Irish" appearance,she was part Italian,like her.As we talked and Gina sat on my lap,we watched the goings on in the room.But both of us were getting a kick out of watching my wife,Jade and her husband Tom,circulate and socialize with the people they were meeting and talking was arousing in itself!! Tom kept his arm around Jades waist,running his hand up that hourglass figure and patting and squeezing her round ass.He would lift her dress,teasingly towards others, men mainly,in a small game of "peek a boo" before he would lift it up,for a full view,with Jade bending over,smiling,loving the attention,because she LOVES to show it off.Gina and I would look at each other a smile,shake our heads,and continue watching.They went to several groups of people,with Tom "showing Jade off,"But then it started to get interesting,because Jade was starting to get herslef ready to be fucked.I could tell.As she greeted men,she would get closer and began hugging more,and some of these men were already naked and Jade would talk them and smile,and laugh with them,stroking their cocks,and her eyes would show her approval and the fun she was having,going around the room,meeting guys and stroking them,and having them feel her pussy and squeeze her ass.Then some women would get in on it,and they would kiss and hug,Jade, and squeeze each others ass ,as the other men and women enjoyed the show.Every now and then,Tom, and/or Jade, would point over to us,Gina and I,who would smile and wave back,by this time, Gina was stroking my cock,and I was beginning to feel her up and kiss her.We were massaging each other, and was just enjoying the voyuerism of the show.Then,there seemed to be some sort of "challenge," and Jade stooped down,not to her knees, but to a "hello kitty" stance and pulled Toms cock out and started sucking it.I could see her pussy from across the room and I was sure that thats what she had planned and done,I LOVE to watch her do these things,and this party thought "new" to us though we were veteran swingers,didnt disappoint!!She sucked this guys cock lustily for a while, and another guy came up beside her and she started alternating between Toms cock and the new guys cock.I knew she was on...she was at the point where all but anything could go.Gina and I kissed some more and she slid to her knees and sucked my cock,she was quite good at it.The next thing I know,Jade is in the middle of the room,on the pit group couch,with her legs spread,each one d****d over the leg of two guys sitting on each side of her.Tom was on the arm of the couch,talking and seemed to be "directing" the action.Jade had her legs spread,her dress was gone.All she had on were her heels.She leaned over and sucked one cock,while the other guy got behind her and slid his cock into her hot pussy.She spread her legs wider to accomodate him,and thats when Tom moved to where the other guy was,so that Jade could take turns sucking them off.Then a woman was watching them,and she came over and licked Jades clit,as the guy was fucking her,and Tom moved down to where she was sucking his cock and alternating licking Jades clit and pussy,and I think she was licking the cock that was sliding in and out of Jade,or pounding her by now.The guy lost it,and filled Jades pussy with his load.The woman moved in, and tried to lick some of it out,but as I found out later,Jade told me he shot it in her soo deep,so the woman couldnt get much.Then Tom moved in around to Jades pussy, and started fucking her doggy style,while she was still giving that other guy,what I knew to be one of the best fucking blowjobs he would ever get in his life.She then said something to Tom and he sat up,and Jade lowered her ass down onto Toms cock,and Tom put his cock in my wifes' ass.She LOVES anal sex.They fucked like that for a while, and people were starting to watch more.Then, Jade motioned to the other guy,she was sucking off,and he moved to where he could shove his cock in her pussy.Jade was then being DP'd, something she LOVES to do.It wasnt long,and the guy fucking her pussy shot his load into her,and another guy stepped in and slid his cock into her.I told Gina,that I just couldnt do that,the "sloppy seconds" thing,unless some time had passed," and we laughed about that.Another guy got up on the couch, and she was sucking him off.I told Gina,that this is "something even I have never seen her do..." And we were enjoying the show,like alot of others.Tom shot his load into Jades ass,and the other guy came inside her,and then the guy she was blowing,laid her back onto the couch and fucked her for a while in the missionary position,and my wife had her legs wrapped around him,and he was pumping for all he was worth.He came,and Jade looked across the room at me,with a wicked,lewd smile.Soon,Jade was tired,everyone involved was simply spent, laughing,hugging and drinking to repelentish all that was lost,just enjoying the afterglow of some fun sex!And not much later,Jade and Tom made their way to us.We all four went to a bedroom,and while Gina and I fucked and sucked,Tom and Jade laid back, and watched us,every now and then, Jade would lick my cock while it was in Gina's pussy,Tom just watched,he said Jade's "ass damn near killed him!"And then she spread her legs, and Gina licked her pussy,and some of the come that was in her pussy,out.I told Gina I was about to come and she said to "cum in my pussy!!!" So I shot my load,and Jade rushed around to lick it as Gina squeezed it into her mouth.Gina and Tom became some friends of ours,and we spent some time swinging with them,until it just faded away.But that night,no one could find Jades' dress.All she had was her heels.No problem,to everyones delight,Jade walked out to our car,waited for me to open the door for her,and we drove home,with her in nothing but heels,and thats AFTER we stopped at a drive thru to give the guys working the night shift one helluva a show,a naked Jade,sitting in the passenger seat,acting as if being naked was the most ntatural thing in the world,and,thats because to is....
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3 months ago
Eh Stopped reading because the there was no paragraphs. To clumped together
2 years ago
awesome! but spaceing & paragraphs would have made it even better
2 years ago
Nice story. I wish I could have been there.