Helping hands

Last weekend my wife and i was traveling up to her s****r.
We had gone about 100miles before we stopped off at a service station to get some food. We'd gone into the station and had our break and decided to cut it short as we wanted to get going before the rush hour traffic had come round.

I'd always thought my wife was looking well for her age, size 12 34c medium built brown hair and brown eyes . My friends always teased me, telling she was a milf. So on this day it was no surpise when i was having the odd glance at her in her shortish demim skirt and tight navy tank top which you could see her white bra straps and big busty cleavage.

After our brake, the car would not start. the battery had died so I went to find some jumper cables. As i was walking towards the station house, two guys were walking up, so i didn't hesitate i asked them straight away. To my surpise they were very helpful and decided to have a look.

I greeted them to my wife and they popped the bonet and started having a look. One of the guys chris was chatting to wife and asked if there was anything she had down. I was just watching over to see if i could pick up some tips.

'think the battery is down chris' the other guy sean had said
'oh really ive got some lids in the car' he replied.
'do you think this will do the trick' my wife asked
'we can only hope'

So off the guys went back to there car, they were being very helpful, they was taken abit of a interest in my wife, suppose it was the typical situation of helping a lady in trouble.

'going to have to call break down recovery' chris said

So my wife walked off and phoned, she came back explainning there'll be 2 hours. This was going to be a boring wait.

'were not going anywhere, are we chris' sean had said
'no will keep you company'

Sean was in his 40's wearing shorts and a t shirt was an average looking guy and chris was the same but a little bit chubbier. I can tell they had the hots for my wife, they kept talking to her showing interest and trying to flirt and my wife seemed to be lovering it.

'got to use the restrooms' my wife said as we was all talking

just then she walked off to the block that looked to be the toilets. She came back and called out to me that they were locked.

'just go round the back, we wont look' chris said laughing

my wife didnt seem to be shy she went round the side only about 10 feet away from us.

'we can hear you' sean said
'sorry' my wife said giggling

Just them my wife came back round holding her tank top and buttoning her skirt up, we all caught a quick glance and her white panties. Just as she walked past us not shy or feeling embarrassed, she hadnt noticed her skirt at the back wasn't pulled down and you could see her white patterned silk knickers.

'cindy, the back' I said
'oh i didnt notice' she said pulling her skirt down

me chris and my wife was talking leaning up against the wall of the toilets when sean suddenly walked a bit further up and started unbuttoning his shorts and started going for a piss up against the wall.

'oh wow i can hear you now' my wife said laughing
'sorry love, had to go'
'dont be'
'you can come and hold it for me' sean replied
'you dont need two hands' chris shouted laughing

just the sean had started shaking his cock off but made a point of doing it sidewides on so we all got a view of it. My wife had seen it too.

'anyway, what do i owe you two for helping us out' she asked.
'nothing dont be silly' sean said
'no i have to do something, youve been ever so kind'
'i dont want to tell you what i want' sean said laughing
'what is it im sure i could understand' my wife replied smiling

'to have a peek of them fantastic boobs' sean said

where did that come from i was thinking, my wife wasnt one of this women who was bothered by things like that she was always quite open and up for a laugh.

'im a married lady' she replied.
'i was only pulling ur leg anyway' sean said

we had been waiting around for an hour now all 4 of us talking near the car which was by this run down block that was ment to be the toilets.
My wife was sitting cross legged on the floor whilst us 3 were standing, i knew why, was all having a peek down her top. Then my wife suddenly came out with,

'ok ill take you up on what you want for looking at our car'

we was all stunned no one said anything.

'ok, chris answered im not going to say no'

Just then my wife stood up and explainned that this was risky as the car park was getting full and maybe we should go round the side. So we followed around the side with sean and chris and just like that my wife pulled her top up showing us her bra and in no time lifted her big tits out of her bra and let them flop out of her bra and tank top. The 3 of us stood there jaws to the floor.

'wow' The 3 of had said.

'they certainly are a handful' chris said
'may i' with his hands held out
'sure' she said smiling

and Chris walked over and reached out cupping her right tit, his face lit up, it was like christmas and birthdays all at once.

'may i'Sean said

Then Sean walked over and grabbed the other tit. chris stepped back and he reached over and was holding both her big boobs. He started rubbing them and said ' oh these are so nice, im so hoorrny' He let go and looked my wife in the eyes and reached round and grabbed her ass bringing her closer to him, she wasnt complaining. 'oh your ass feels so good' he said.

Me and Sean was standing round still just looking, this was so horny, we watched chris's hands move all over her bum whilst they were staring at each other, watching as he hands then went under her skirt and he was cupping her ass cheeks holding onto her knickers.

Just then i heard footsteps so i qucikly turned round and walked to the front of the building. A guy was walking up, 'are the toilets in use' this guy said
'no there locked up' i replied. 'the nearest ones are in the service station over there' i followed with. 'thanks' and he turned and walked away.

I went back round the coner to see that they all had stopped what they was doing. They must of panicked.

'that was close' chirs said
'my heart stopped' sean replied
'where was we' he followed with grabbing my wife.

Sean was back to before hands underneath her skirt, she not caring what so ever, they started kissing, she had one hand on the back of his head and both me a chris just watched in amaze as the other hand slowly went towards seans crotch area. Was she that horny? and just then she started rubbing over his crotch area. We watched side on as she carried on rubbing, you could no see the bulge and that she was rubbing his cock over his shorts.Seans hands ever now down the back of her knickers and was touching her bare ass, he skirt had hitched up and the front.

By now chris was rubbing him self on his shorts, i was already hard also.
Sean then let go of her ass and started rubbing her big tits, he then pulled the right tit and and started sucking on her nipple. Chirs took this as his chance and walked over and started kissing her. I couldnt believe this,
we was waiting as are car had broken down, and here we was standing behind a toilet in public and this was going on.

'come on take them knickers off' sean said
'yeah let us see' replied chris

Both the guys were standing round my wife, she had one tit out and her skirt hitched up, i was kinda thinking she maybe forgot i was there the way she was acting. She then pulled her knickers down bent over to un hoop them from her shoes and kicked them out the way. Wow she was shaven.

'oh yes thats lovely' chris said going in to rub it.
'oh im so weeettt' she followed moaning

Chris was rubbing her cunt whist my wife was leaning over and rubbing seans cock. He the stepped back and un done his shorts. She was just staring. He then pulled them down and out popped his hard cock. She didnt hang about she grabbed it straight away. By now chris was fingering her quite fast, she was loving it. He then stopped after a couple of minutes and undone his shorts. My wife carried on wanking sean, knickerless and with both tits out now. Chris stood to the left and she grabbed his cock and started wanking him.

She was like a pro wanking to cocks at once.

'go on suck them' sean said

Without being asked twice she got on her knees and started sucking both the guys, taking it in turns 3 or 4 sucks on one the over to the other.
Just as i stood watchiing i kept catching eye contact. this was so honry. I went to get my cock out when i heard the engine of a truck by our car. I quickly ajusted my self and walked round, it was the recovery truck. I quickly went back round to tell the others but they was getting to carried away, she was still sucking both guys off.

I went back round and spent about 20 mins with the recovery driver fixing the car. I was so gutted as i would love to of be round the other side of the hut.

Just popping to the toilet i said to the driver. I quickly raced round to now see her on all fours with sean fucking her from behind.

'oh my this is fantastic' she just said to me

Chris was kneeing over her wanking his soft cock. Had he cummed i thought. Then i took a closer look and saw a huge load of cum on my wifes face. Dirty bitch.
I was gutted i raced back round and this recovery driver still working on the car. All of a sudden he tried it and it started working. I delt with the paperwork as quick as i could so i could get back round there.

Just as i was nearly finished my wife and the 2 guys walked round the corner and start talking to the driver as if nothing had happened. Little did he no she was getting fucked.

'ok car all fixed' he said and off he went.

'have fun did you' i said to the 3 of them
'yeh amazing, but dont tell anyone' my wife said back
'that was great, your wife sure knows how to suck a cock' sean said
'well thanks for that' and just like that they both walked off.

'your disgusting' i teased her
'i had to re pay the favor ' she giggled.

Just like that, we continued the journey .....
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2 years ago
Nothing like seeing the wife taken.
2 years ago
Nothing like seeing the wife taken.
2 years ago
have watched wife being used i love it
2 years ago
very hot - and would love to have that happen to me!!