The Ass Deserves Worship!

I come over to your place to pick you up to take you out as we had planned. But as I get to your door and knock, I get a strange but good feeling. It wasn’t until you opened the door that my feeling was right. As you opened the door I gasped is surprise in the way you were dressed and knew at that moment that we were not going out. Wow you looked great in the sheer almost clear lingerie. Wow you looked stunning standing there, like and angel. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. After a minute I got my head on straight and told you how beautiful and tantalizing you are. And you said thank you. After a moment goes by you noticed the effect you had on me and sad, “I can see that you are prepared for tonight.” The trying to sound witty I said, “Well you sure helped me to be prepared.”
Then I step in through the door and take you hand in mine and lead you to the sofa which looked like the right spot for what was about to befall us this night. As I get you to the sofa I stop and turn around and start to kiss you, putting my hands on your sides lightly. As the kiss progresses I slide my hands up each side lightly and when I get to those soft but yet firm breasts, I rub the side of each one looking to get a little soft gasp out of you. As we are kissing I hear a soft mown of pleasure from your mouth which is connected to mine in lust.
After a time as I am kissing you I start to slide your lingerie from your shoulders and softly slide it down over your firm soft breasts letting you feel the smooth fabric rub on your nipples causing then to become a bit erect. I put my hands on your shoulders lightly sliding them down to your perfect breasts while my mouth moves, kissing every inch of your jaw line to your earlobes. Gently kneading your breast and lightly kissing your earlobes I whisper, “Baby you are so delicious,” while saying that I breath so the air hits the moistness of your earlobe where I was wetly kissing cause shiver to go down your spine. I move my fingertips to each nipple and firmly start to twist them between my fingers. And after each one is erect I slide my hands to the sides of each breast lightly rubbing my finger and run to the bottom of your breast tracing the where they meet that firm sexy belly.
I then take your lingerie and finish sliding it down your body to fall at your feet. I then step back from you and gaze at your so very sexy and tantalizing body just imagining what I could do with such a sexy lovely thing. And as I stand there I get a surprise, you step forward and place your hand on my throbbing package which has not been opened yet. You give me a soft but yet provocative kiss on the lips and say that it’s time for you to come out and play. So I stand there watching you grasping at the doorway of my throbbing member, unbuttoning the pants and unzipping the zipper. Then with a lustful tug you pull my pants down around my ankles and start to rub your hands back up my trembling legs to once again put those beautiful and delicate hands on my package. Rubbing the underside of my ball sack, sending sensations through me and giving me chills as you do so. Then you reach up to the waistband and urgently yank down my briefs to my ankles. As I watch looking down at you with your hands till on my briefs I see my throbbing cock standing at attention to your tantalizing beauty. And nw it comes to me what I must do for a beauty such as you.
As I reach down to lift you up to stand before me in such admirable beauty I whisper, “Tonight it’s all you Angel,” as I turn you around to face the couch. And as you turn around I tell you, “Baby put your knees on the edge of the sofa and lean and hold the back so I can do what you so much deserve and desire. I am going to make that firm prefect ass of your to know who I am.” And I hear you moan in anticipation and I reach down to the back of your knees and run my hands up to that tantalizing sweet ass of yours. I run my hands all over your sweet ass and lightly rubbing I see goose bumps rise all over your body. At this time I feel precum dripping from the head of my throbbing cock. So I step forward and rub the head of my cock against you sexy ass and start to rub it in massaging your ass with it. And then as I am close to you I lay my cock in the valley of that perfect ass and reach my hands up and under to your breasts that just hang firmly down. I knead and massage them as you feel my hard throbbing member lying teasingly in the valley of your firm ass.
I lean forward a little and whisper, “Will you give me your sweet ass to do as I please with?” And I hear u moan out lustfully, “Take my ass and make it yours!” No I have all I need to worship this ass properly. I slide y hands from your breast rubbing lightly all the way down your sides to you back and to that ass that is just waiting to be satisfied. I start to rub and knead those sweet cheeks as I kneel in admiration of the magnificent ass before me that deserves so much attention.
No that your ass is all mine I will start to rub your as from top to bottom kneading the muscles firmly cause you to relax and open up. As I reach the bottom of your ass I cannot help but to take my fingers and rub you pussy so tenderly that cause a moan to escape your lips. I hear you moan, “Yes baby more give me more.” And I so happily do as I lean down to stroke that hot wet and most pussy with my tongue from behind. Knowing that the path of my tongue will take me to that sweet hole in the back. I cannot resist to slide my tongue inside your pussy because it just tastes so sweet, letting your love juice just slide down my tongue enjoying in such sweet admiration. As I start to lick every inch around your hot swollen pussy I work my way to you sweet ass. I get to your ass and start kissing those firm cheeks lightly licking each spot that I kiss. And as I am licking each spot I kiss all over you ass, I whisper just so you can hear saying, “Your ass is just oh so sweet, are you ready for more?” And as I listen I hear you moaning, “Yes baby give it to me, I want it, make me cum?”
So now I know it’s time to start really giving your pleasure. I do that by taking my hands and sliding my fingers down the valley you your sexy ass and pull the cheeks apart to finally gaze at the spot I so want to tease. I see that asshole looking at e and I imagine it saying to me, “Your tongue needs to be on me licking and kissing.” So I lean down with admiration and start t lick that hole like it should be. First starting out by running my tongue around the outside of the sweet spot that I get goose bumps all over your body, hearing you moan saying, “Yes baby yes , just like that!” I can tell that you are full of lust and desire that I can only do as told. As I lick around that sweetness I kiss everywhere around it just teasing you to the limit knowing that you want my tongue on the asshole itself.

So I finally am done with the area around the asshole and I move in to give you what you really want, a good dose of pleasure from my tongue working on that asshole. So I put the tip of my tongue on that sweet and inviting hole. I lick it so tenderly at first just lightly running my tongue across you hole working up to applying more pressure. And I stop for a second and say, “Baby it’s time for you to cum the first time.” So I take a finger and slide it into your hot wet pussy probing for that special spot that will send you in ecstasy. AS I am licking your asshole and sliding my tongue into it as deep as possible I am firmly sliding my finger in your pussy. You are getting wetter and wetter as I slide my finger in allowing me to use just one more of my fingers to help fulfill that lustful desire that is building within you. I can start to feel you body trembling with anticipation as I work my tongue on that sweet tasting asshole and my fingers sliding in and out of you. I feel how hot and wet your pussy is so I apply more pressure so you can release the buildup of lust into one glorious orgasm. I start pumping my tongue hard into your sweet ass and I thrust even more firmly into your wet pussy just waiting for you to cum all over my hand.
At that time your body shudders as you reach the breaking point for the glorious orgasm. I can hear u moan, “God baby don’t stop, yes just like that,” as your love juice just floods out of that sweet soaked pussy running down my hand to my arm with my tongue still in that delectable asshole. And I keep up my finger thrusts inside your pussy and keep licking that asshole until you stop shuddering just waiting for the final thing that needs to be done.
As your body stops shuddering from that orgasm I say, “One thing to do to make this complete.” So as I am saying that I stand up and start rubbing my throbbing member along the valley of your ass saying, “Do you want this now?” and I hear you say, “yes baby give it to me, I want it, need it!” Without and further hesitation I slide my throbbing cock into your pussy to make it slick with your juices to be able to slide in that tender ass of yours. After pumping it in several times I pull out sliding the moist head along the sensitive skin between the holes teasing you. As I get to that tender asshole with one thrust I bury my cock all the way into that hot tender asshole. Thrusting in and out over and over again as my member begins to swell as my joy is building up for the explosion that is inevitable. As I thrust in and out of your ass I start to rock it u and down and side to side to apply the right pressure to give you the most pleasure. I am to the pint of ecstasy as I thrust in and out and I stop with it buried deep inside you and exclaim in a hoarse moan, “Bay are you ready for my cum?” and you reply, “Yes I want it all!” So I let go of the flood gates and start to unload the build up inside your ass and I am releasing as I pull out to shot the rest of the cum all over you sweet firm ass. And after full unload I would pull you up and close to me to give you a sweet tender kiss from your luscious lips.

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