There is a light tap at the door, "wait" I call out... I shall call when I consider i need you just remain outside until then.

I glance in the mirror approving of what I see, the new nightdress is everything I thought it would be, I loved the way it hung down from my magnificent bosoms to hang nicely just at mid thigh level, it left my stockings (seamed of course), just in the realm of the viewers imagination, stockings/tights mmmmm not east to tell.

The two black wristbands was a nice touch I thought, especially with my short riding crop dangling from one wrist.

Time for action I think, I had waited for so long for this moment and was going to savor every second, it would be filmed in my brain to re-play anytime I wish in the future.

"You may enter now"

He walked in and I could see the look of utter astonishment on his young face as he gazed upon me, "eyes down" I ordered him, you promised total obedience so lets see how you adhere to it.


he quickly took off his shoes and socks, trousers and top, and stood expectantly in just his boxers, already twitching in front, from the effect I was having on him.

" I said strip, I did not say stop"

He looked up, "Eyes down you maggot" I ordered him.

He lowered his eyes and also his boxers, his manhood was fully erect, jolting out from his body at right angles.

I walked around him giving him a light tap on each buttock as I went, an extra tap on his balls made him jump, not from pain but just surprise.

"So wimp, how far will you go for me, come on answer"

Anything you want he said.

"You mean anything you want Mistress"

Anything you want Mistress he repeated.

Lets see shall we, I lifted a bag from next to the bed and threw it at him.

"Put this on"

He looked in the bag, his face showing confusion.

"Well, What are you waiting for I demanded.

Out of the bag he took a Pink lacy suspender belt, a pair of fishnet stockings and a short pink slip, his face flushed a deep red.

"so are you going to fall at the first hurdle, I goaded him.

I watched as he pulled on the stockings, having a little difficulty adjusting them to the clips due to the position of his engorged cock, I just stood there as I tapped my riding crop against mt thigh whilst gazing at him showing no expression, he pulled the slip on till it was at mid thigh, except where it stuck on his full erect dick.

"You missed something in the bottom of the bag,I remarked.

He removed two pairs of handcuffs from the bag and looked at me, a mixture of puzzlement and secret enjoyment, One pair on each wrist I ordered.

He clicked them on and stood there.

Mmmmm not what shall we do with you, I walked around him again, another tap to his buttocks and cock with my crop, I knew he was enjoying the attention as his cock jerked spasmodically as though looking for attention.

I grabbed him by the cock and led him to the bed before pushing him backwards, I secured both pairs of handcuffs to the bed stead leaving him totally helpless.

"Now what shall I do", I asked him.

His hangdog expression was his answer as he knew I had total control.

I lifted my nightdress just enough to show my stocking tops and was rewarded with a few more twitches from his cock.

I lifted my leg and straddled his face pushing my pussy firmly onto it and was rewarded as his tongue found my pulsating clit.

"Inside my pussy as well" I instructed him, his tongue slid into my tunnel and began lapping all of my juices from there, "Just to let you know wimp, my husband left a present in there about an hour ago and ave kept it nice and warm just for you.

He lapped furiously at my pussy and clit and found my orgasm building up and shuddered as I came all over his face, thrusting down onto him in my passion, after I had cummm I swung around and straddled his face again this time facing his feet.

"Keep licking maggot, I need more", I leaned forward and slid his cock into my mouth giving little sucks and licks as he lapped away, I played him like a virtuoso, never letting him cumm as I stopped and started sucking him, while his tongue brought me off at least three times more.

I stopped for a breather and could see the want in his eyes as I studied him lying there in his girly stuff with a huge hard-on.

"Oh dear, am I teasing you, would you like me to make you cummm hunni.

yes replied.

"Yes what"

yes Mistress

"That's better"

I reached into another plastic bag before straddling his face again, this time as I leaned forward to lick his cock I spread his legs apart... the small vibrator I had taken from the bag unseen by him I started to rub up and down his ass, he jumped every time it went near him asshole.

Dressed like a tart you should learn to take it like a tart I stated, I used the spit running down his cock to lubricate both his ass and the small vibrator before getting it to slide up inside him, his cock immediately jerked sending long ribbons of spunk three foot in the air, landing on his stockings making him look even more tarty than when we had started.

I climbed off, "I see we found something you like then you tart"

Yes Mistress

I studied him, You have come further than I thought you would, I think we need to go to stage two now.

I could see the trepidation in his eyes as he wondered how he could go any further than I had taken him so far, dressed like a tart, licking someone's cumm from my pussy and cummmin off like never before as i used a vibrator on his ass.

He watched as I again went into my goody bag, his eyes were like saucers as I took out a large black strap-on dildo.

I think you are ready for your next step as I slid the harness up my legs till the black phallus stood out from my body,

His eyes stared saying no, his cock soared erect saying yes.

I pulled a pillow out and lifted his ass so his bum was up in the air, and knelt between his legs grabbing his ankles spreading his legs leaving his puckered anus fully exposed, you look like a total tart,I said to him.

"Do you want this ....he didn't answer.

"Do you want this....yes he whispered in a tiny voice.

"Ask for it" I said.

Please fcuk me he asked in the same tiny voice

"I cant hear you and ask nicely".

Please fcuk me Mistress

I applied pressure onto the rubber cock-head and watched it slowly slip into him, I took my time giving him a little at a time until eventually it was fully embedded up to the artificial balls, his cock was right in front of me pointed at the ceiling.

So my little faggot likes cocks I see.

I began to move in and out while holding his legs apart, I build up a rhythm and were soon astonished when he began to push back onto my dildo every time I thrust forward.

You are a little tart aren't you and you are loving this, I lifted his ankles over my shoulder as I grabbed his hips and built up a steady pace, again I was astonished when he starting shooting spunk up his own chest, all over his slip, without his cock being touched.

I slide the dildo out of him and stripped it off.

"Look at you now" I mocked, dressed like a tart and covered in spunk...don't tell me you did not enjoy that as I could see you did.

Yes Mistress, Thank You.

We still need to find your limits you know.

I un-cuffed him and lay back on the bed.

"Service me again with your tongue, I he licked at my pussy, I pulled his head in tight, savoring every moment of how far I had pushed his buttons and wondering should I push him further....Mmmmmmm.

97% (65/2)
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