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I'm:Christina, 24
From:California, United States
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Education:Current college student
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
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Height:5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
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About Me
this is my revised profile "about me" section, i'll go through and get rid of the older one at a later date (until then this is just the main points)

i DO NOT have a webcam

if you send me a friend request i will check your profile, if there is anything i like i will accept, be it uploaded or favorited

I am a bisexual female

my computer is broken, so i won't be doing much for a while

if you have any common sense you will see that i like hentai, however my tastes are not limited, so please feel free to leave suggestions

if i get time this is my to do list (no particular order)
-polish my profile (clean up the about me, find an avatar, etc)
-upload some more content (it will most likely stories, maybe some pics if i stumble across some that i think people may like)
-look for more videos, pics, and stories for my favs (this will be an ongoing process, but i mean to go through all of the pages of certain categories, so we'll see)
-try to figure out which vids that i liked have been deleted, find other sources, possibly put them back up for others to enjoy as well (examples include jiburiru, and a vid with a girl marstubating with a plastic sword from world of warcraft)


I'm female and bi, nothing like a good cock, but women are very sexy, so I just swing both ways, always willing for a good bit of fun, however I do have my standards, message me any photos, videos or stories you think i may like, thanks

my computer was a POW while i was babysitting, so i won't be on much anymore, at least until i can get a replacement

since it doesn't show even though i checked the bubble, I DO NOT have a webcam (yet)

I haven't been on much lately, i've been busy, and i've been having computer troubles as well, so I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to your friend request, or comment, but I will as soon as possible. Thank you.
(still not on much, i'm sorry i haven't processed all friend requests, still trying to find enough time to condense this info, please be patient)

feel free to give me recommendations, I'll be saving and watching alot and getting to them later and deciding whether or not i like them, so don't think to much about the favorites in there.

surprisingly hard to find these videos 1 at a time, usually a bit to distracted to favorite them ;)
but then i can't find them again
(like juburiru the devil angel[may be a typo],
one with a very silent yet very horny blue haired girl, some examples of the hentai i've been looking for [I thought i had favorited the second one but i can't find it])

so yeah lately just mass adding anything that looks vaguely interesting and watching them later, not working very well, lol

i'll go through and edit my profile again, but in the meantime i will put a revised list up..please forgive my redundancy

juburiru (possibly a typo...a few short parts can be found here, on is named "jubery" i believe)

hatsu inu (what i believe i meant by the series with the very horny blue haired girl)

fault (idk if it is actually called that, but that is how i find it on here)

another lady innocent

love is the number of keys

i think one is called "maple colors" but i'm not sure

and another about zombies of sexual-passion and some trapped highschool students i think----
"Kansen Inyoku no Rensa Yamagishi Yuu" is what it is called i think

and one about a horny girlfriend in a swimsuit, with some ninjas involved later--- i believe it is
called "mizugi konojo"

I like Aneimo

I like bible black (but only for "special occasions"

Arisa (one of my first hentai vids)

and others...i'll keep updating the list as i think of it, feel free to post suggestions or links---and i will continue slowly weeding the unworthy from my favorites list, thank you for your patience

Ciao ;)
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2 years ago
I come back after a long time and find that most of my favorites have been deleted and most of the hentai seems to be crappy computer animated stuff, oh well.
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite.
3 years ago
You've got a very nice profile, nice vids and pic collection. I also like your "about me" section very much.
3 years ago
Hey thanks for the invite! Had a few computer problems myself. Just got it fixed recently.
3 years ago
Nice profile you have. Your pkotos are delecious.
3 years ago
Hello there, and thanks for the friends invite. If you have any trouble trying to find out the names of some of my hentai, look in the discription. I usually fill that in after the video passes Xhamster's screening. If you are still not finding the movies that you want, (Most likely subbed since neither of us speak Japanese.) just send me a p.m. and I can see if I have it. I try to make sure that everything I post is subbed.(o.k. theres one ep that isnt, but dont tell anyone:)
3 years ago
amazing videos! ;p
3 years ago
Hentai can be extremely hot!
3 years ago
hi sweetie ,hot Favorites
3 years ago
such a little hottie
3 years ago
Hi! I like your profile! ^_^
3 years ago
lovely profile sweety
3 years ago
thanks for the shouts everyone
3 years ago
wave @ you
no requests, just saying hello
3 years ago
haha thanks, cool favourites!
3 years ago
thanks for the invite!
3 years ago
Thanks for invite.:-)
3 years ago
i've actually been looking for a few specific stories and videos i found about a year back, before i made this account
3 years ago
thanks poist
3 years ago
stories unlike blogs are moderated and take some time - usually up within say 8 hours
3 years ago
i made a story but it didn't go up, why not?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hi welcome to xHamster :)

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