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just by watching your pics, you made me so horny and my immagination just came to life :P so here it cumms :P:)

"Damn, could it get any hotter?" Going for a walk seemed a good idea, but we underestimated the temperature and were melted. "I'm going to just fall in the pool," I said. "I'll grab something cold for us and meet you," you said, and ran into the house. You turned the yard lights off on the way in; the moon was bright enough to swim by. I stripped my sweaty clothes off and dove into the water.

As I floated around the pool I could see you in the kitchen, getting something from the fridge. In another moment you joined me, holding two glasses of wine and my swim trunks. "Don't you need these?" you said. "Why bother," I laughed, "who's going to see me? I think you should get yours off too." You smiled and came down the steps into the water, leaving the glasses on the side. You slid your suit off and threw it to the side. We both just floated for a moment, letting the heat escape our bodies.

I got out, picked up my wine and sat on the steps. I sipped and watched you swim around, noticing the way the moon shone on your wet skin. I've always told you how beautiful you are by candlelight, but it goes double for moonlight. The way your ass looked as you swam started to arouse me and I had an idea. "Come over here," I said. You stopped and looked at me, dove under the surface and came up in front of me. I motioned you closer and you moved between my knees. I poured a small stream of wine onto my cock and let it run off the tip.

You got the idea right away. You squatted down in the water and let the wine run into your mouth. I kept pouring and you kept drinking until my glass was empty. Then you licked the last drops of wine from me and sucked my cock into your mouth. Now that I was between your lips you started moving up and down on my shaft, stopping to suck hard on the head now and then. It was heaven watching you suck me in the moonlight, with your wet hair stuck to your face and that look of intense concentration you get when you go down on me.

I stopped you before I came. I didn't want to finish just yet. I ran to the other side of the pool, grabbed a floating lounge and threw it in the water. "Climb in," I told you as I got into the water. You got yourself in to the float as I swam next to you. I grabbed your ankles and pulled you slightly off the seat, giving you some room to spread your legs. Then I just sailed my face into your snug little harbor and began to lick you. You tasted so good, sweaty and sweet. I sucked your clit into my mouth, rolling it over my tongue, nibbling on it slightly. I was rewarded with a hot stream of cum on my chin as you squirted on my face. "Mmmm, I love when you do that," I whispered to you. "And I love when you do that!" you said.

I still wanted that ass though. I dove under the water and came up beneath your seat, dumping you in to the pool. You sputtered to the surface, and as you caught your breath I pulled you into my arms and kissed you. I could still taste the wine on your lips. I guided you to the side of the pool and turned your back to me. You rested your arms on the side as I spread your legs and stepped between them. Your pussy was so open and wet I slid in easily.

You floated on the water as I pumped into you, almost weightless as we fucked. Your pussy tightened around my cock as you came, and I pushed harder. With each stroke you moaned and came, squeezing my cock again and again. At last I couldn't take any more, and filled you with my cum. You still held my cock tight inside you, and we remained together for a long moment, catching our breath and listening to the waves slap the pool walls.

Exhausted, I let your legs down in to the water, and we slowly swam to the steps. Most of the ice in your drink had melted but it was still wet and cool enough to rescue our parched throats. We shared your glass, holding each other in the water, looking at the stars and enjoying the calm.

kissez , hope you like it and youll have some fun reading it :P
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1 year ago
Thank yu , i just need a dirty mind, good inspiration and some good words , hope youll get well :P
1 year ago
You are actually quite good at writing this stuff hon.