s****r and I

In the late 60’s when I was 16 years old I lived in upstate New York. My dad got transferred by his company to Miami. It was a big promotion for him so he didn’t want to turn it down. We were three k**s in the f****y. There was little s****r my big s****r who was three years younger than me and me. I was in my first year of high school and did not want to leave my friends behind to start in a new school in Miami. It took a lot of convincing but with the help of my grandparents I was able to convince my parents that I could live with my grandparents while going to High School and come spend the summer with them in Miami.

The first summer I spent in Miami was interesting and fun. My little s****r was only four years old and did not really like to spend too much time with the older k**s. My s****rs were very good at playing with me and my older s****r and I really loved being together. It seemed that we always wanted the same things at the same time. We shared the same tastes in food, games, movies and just about everything else. My parents had gotten a three bedroom apartment but my little s****r still slept in a small toddler bed My older s****r wanted a room of her own and since I was not living there but for only about two and half months they figured I really didn’t need my own room or even my own bed. My s****r always had a full size bed and actually I think fitting two beds in that room would not have left much room to walk around.

When I arrived for the summer my parents informed me that I would be sl**ping with my older s****r in her room. My dad suggested he could get a blow up mattress if I wanted but I loved my s****r and we got along so great together I told him I didn’t need it. My s****r complained she didn’t want a blow up mattress taking up all her room either. So I put away my clothes in a small dresser my mom got me and my s****r had made room in the closet for what ever I needed to hang up which was not much.

The first few nights were spent staying up till late giggling, telling jokes and catching up on news of the f****y till my parents would yell at us to get to sl**p because they needed to get up early to go to work. My mom had a job near where my father worked so they drove together in the mornings. My little s****r stayed with me and my older s****r, so we had to baby sit her. My mom promised to find a daycare for her so my s****r and I could go out together without worrying about caring for my baby s****r.

About a week after my arrival my older s****r and I were staying up as usual and somehow wound up wrestling on the bed. I would jump on her and tickle her, which would make her squirm and kick around laughing. I couldn’t help noticing how my s****r who was three years younger than me had begun to feel like a woman under her clothes. She had small breasts but they were firm and from what I could feel of them nicely shaped. Her waist line had slimmed and while she still kept some of her baby fat her ass and legs were really shaping up to a nice proportion. She was always very pretty and her bubbly personality made her even more attractive. I wore my short pajamas and never wore a shirt to bed. The Florida weather was so hot and even with the AC on it could get pretty hot at night. My s****r always wore a short teddy with what had to be bikini panties since they didn’t cover much. While wresting with her I would tickle her while she laid on the bed and she would kick her legs up. I could see that she didn’t have much hair on her pussy yet. The more I noticed my s****rs body the hornier I got for her. Being a healthy 16 year old I was always horny anyway but my s****r’s body sent me to a whole new level. I had girlfriends and dated but I never found any one I really wanted to go steady with. I had sex only a couple of times and it was always with some cheap slut from high school that would get d***k and fuck the guys at a party. I never really had sex with foreplay and it certainly never lasted more than ten minutes. It’s hard to take your time when there are several guys waiting in line to fuck the same girl. I was a pretty good looking guy with a nice body. I was never a jock or cared for sports but I did swim a lot and had an athletic build. Judging from my friends’ cocks I would say mine was probably above average in length and certainly very thick for its size. The girls I did fuck commented on the size and thickness of my cock as soon as I got it into them.

After a while of our romping on the bed and my touching and looking at my s****r’s body I noticed my cock was very hard and my shorts were sticking out like a tent. My s****r noticed also and had to say something about it.

“Why is your cock hard?”, She asked.
“What do you know about that?”
“I am not stupid and I do look at pictures of naked guys sometimes. I know that your cock is hard just my looking at your shorts, Jesus it looks like its going to brake out any moment.”
“Stop looking at my cock, you’re my s****r. You’re not supposed to be noticing stuff like that.”
“Oh sure, I can’t notice stuff like that but you can get a hard on looking at me and touching me.”

I got very embarrassed by her comment. I didn’t know she noticed me looking and while I didn’t deliberately fondle her, I did enjoy touching her and kept my hand on her breasts longer than a b*****r should.

“I didn’t get like this because of you. At my age we are always hard, don’t you know that?”
“You weren’t hard before we started fooling around on the bed. I was keeping an eye on your shorts. The more we wrestled and the more you touched me the harder you got.”

I didn’t say anything, I was pretty scared. I could just imagine my s****r telling my parents that I was fondling her and getting a hard on. I may as well pack to go back to New York.

“I’m sorry, are you going to tell mom and dad?”
“What are you fucking k**ding me? Why would I do that? I kind of like the idea of my big b*****r getting of with me. Can I touch it?”
“I want to touch your cock and see how hard it is.”
“No, you are my s****r. What if they come in when you are touching it? They will kill us”
“They are in bed, silly, and probably asl**p or they would have complained about the noise and told us to get to sl**p by now.”

She was right. My parents would have yelled at us to get to sl**p if they were still awake. It was past midnight and every one else in the house was fast asl**p. Except for us, we were too busy making sexual passes at each other. My God, and this was my s****r.

“I don’t know, it seems kind of weird since you are my s****r.”
“No one is going to know and besides I can tell you want me too as much as I want to.”

I really did want her to touch my cock. In fact I wanted more. I wanted to touch her all over and fuck her so bad it made my balls ache.

I didn’t say anything else. I really didn’t need to she went straight for my shorts and started to stroke my hard on. It felt great. I relaxed and laid back on the bed to let her stroke as much as she wanted to. She ran her hands down my shaft over my pants. She would squeeze my cock now and then and hold it in her hand. It was fantastic to feel my s****r’s hands on my cock.

“I can feel it throbbing in my hand when I squeeze it. It feels so hard and hot.”

I felt my cock oozing precum. I always oozed a lot of precum when I was hard. Soon my shorts had a large wet spot on them.

“Wow, did you come?” she asked, “your shorts are wet.”
“No its precum, it’s lubrication my cock puts out when I get excited.”
“I was told in science class it’s to wet the cock so it goes into the girl’s pussy easier”.
“Are you going to fuck my pussy? It’s that why your cock is getting wet?’
“No it just does that by itself.”

She grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. My cock was hard as a rock and stood up like a flag pole sticking out of my crotch. She put her hand on my cock and began to stroke it. It felt even better when there was no cloth between her soft hands and my cock.

“Wow, your cock is big and thick. It felt big in your shorts but now that it is out I can see it’s even bigger than I thought. Will it hurt when you fuck me?”
“Shut up, I am not going to fuck you. I just want you to play with my cock for a while.”
“You want to fuck me, I know you do, that is why you are so hard and wet.”
“I told you I am not going to fuck you.”
“Will you at least stroke me too? I stroke my pussy when I am alone and I really enjoy it. But I bet it’s much better if you do it for me. My pussy gets wet too when I am excited you know. I bet my pussy gets wetter than your cock. Is that to make it slippery so your cock will slide into me better?”
“Yeah, I guess it is. If you want me to play with your pussy I will. But you have to want it bad. I don’t want to f***e you. Only if you want it and give it to me.”

She didn’t even think about it. She pulled her bikini panties down to her ankles and pulled her feet out. She put the panties under the covers. In case someone comes in she said, so she can get under the covers and slip them on. Her pussy was so nice. She had some blond peach fuzz on it and I could see where she was beginning to grow a bush. She laid next to me stroking my cock and opened her legs. I slid my hand between her thighs and when I touched her pussy she gave a big sigh of excitement. Her pussy was wet and it felt so hot I wanted to feel my cock inside her hot pussy. I could feel my cock stiffening and throbbing more as I fondled her pussy. I felt her clit and began working it like a girl I fucked used to like it stroked. My s****r gave a loud moan and pushed her hips towards my hand. My finger slid into her open hot, tight and now very wet hole. She sighed deeper and pushed harder against my hand. I felt her grip tighten on my cock and her strokes were faster. My cock was now so wet with precum that her hands easily slid around it. I could hear the faint slurp of wetness coming from both my cock and her drenched pussy. My s****r scooted closer to me till our bodies were touching. I pushed my shorts all the way down and kicked them off. She put her left leg over mine and pulled herself closer. I instinctively got closer to her face and began kissing her on the lips. Her tongue soon found mine and we began to make out like two lovers in the heat of passion. I turned towards her as we kissed and laid my right leg over her left leg so we were facing each other and our bodies touching. I ran my feet over hers and squeezed her toes with mine. Her feet were so soft it was like touching a baby’s foot. I brought my hand to her ass and began to stroke her ass cheeks and the inside of the crack of her ass while I stroked her pussy. Her breathing got very fast and heavy, she moaned and whispered that she loved what I was doing to her and she loved me. She stroked my cock harder and as I felt my cock swell and my balls pull up I let go of her pussy. I brought my arm around her shoulders and pulled her tightly against me as I turned to lay on top of her. I felt my cock rub her wet pussy. It was so hot and slippery as I felt my cock slide between her pussy lips. I brought my right hand under her nighty and began to fondle her breasts. I felt her open her legs as my cock rubbed her pussy hard.

“Oh, your cock is so thick and feels so hot on my pussy. Please go slow so it won’t hurt too much.”

That’s when I felt the first squirt of cum shooting out of my rock hard cock. My hot cum bathed her pussy. It was like opening a spigot. My cum kept shooting out with f***e. I felt it all over her pussy and on the insides her thighs. As we kissed and writhed against each other it wet her belly. I felt cum all over my cock and balls and on my legs and belly.

“You didn’t fuck me” she said.
“No I came before I got to fuck you”.
“But I wanted you to fuck me.”
“I told you I wasn’t going to fuck you.”
“Please, I want you to fuck me. I know you wanted to fuck me. You were going to, I know it. I felt you getting on top of me and your cock was about to go into my pussy.”
“It didn’t happen, OK?”
“Tomorrow?” she asked.
“Maybe, if we do this again. Maybe tomorrow.”

I got up from the bed slowly so as not to let the cum wet the sheets. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up. I came back to the bed and got my shorts back on. They were still wet but I wore them anyway. I will clean them tomorrow when my parents are at work. My s****r got up after me. I could see her pussy glistening from all the cum I shot on her and from her own juices. She looked so beautiful. She was prettier then any girl I had ever met. She cleaned up and came back to the bed holding her teddy in her hand. She was totally naked and I could see those beautiful tits of her. Her tits were still small but so perfect in every way. Her nipples were swollen which made her look older. Her body had the shape of a woman, milky white and smooth all over. There wasn’t a blemish any where on her pretty body. Her ass was perfect also. Her ass was so round and firm and perfectly shaped. She noticed me looking and posed a bit for me. She enjoyed my looks. She knew I wanted her so much. She got into the bed with me still naked. She laid on top of me and gave me a big long kiss. She raised herself and put her tits in my face.

“Kiss them and suck them for me before I put my PJ back on.”

I kissed and suckled on her breasts. She moaned as I feasted on those pretty breasts. Just then we heard some shuffling out in the hallway. My s****r quickly slid her teddy back on and she slipped under the covers. She had just gotten her panties on when I saw the bedroom door open. My mom peaked in.

“You two are still awake? It’s almost two in the morning. What were you two doing up so late?”

My s****r and I looked at each other. We both came up with a great answer.
“Nothing” we said in unison.
“Nothing?” my mom sounded skeptical. No shit. That was no answer I thought.
But she just shrugged her shoulder and said, “OK, enough of doing nothing. It’s time to put out the lights and go to sl**p. I have to get up early and don’t need you two keeping me up.”

My s****r turned off the lamp on the night table and said good night. My mom said good night with a yawn and closed the bedroom door. We heard her shuffle back to her bedroom. My s****r pulled the covers over her and turned her back to me. I got close to her back and spooned her. My cock was still hard and she felt it. She pushed her ass against my hard cock. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me. I then kissed her on her cheek and whispered good night into her ear. She brought her feet to mine and grabbed my toes with hers.

“Good night” she said, “I love you”.
“Good night, I love you too”.
“Tomorrow?” she asked.
“Tomorrow, maybe.” I said.

To be continued……………
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3 months ago
Real life stories are better than made up ones. I was really wrapped up in yours as it is well told and held my attention all the way through. Made my dick hard several times. Got any more?
3 months ago
Great the way you and your sister are able to love each other. I really love your true life story.
They are better than made up ones. Got mine up several times I was so involved with your telling.
2 years ago
Loved it...
3 years ago
so young?
3 years ago
3 years ago
4 years ago
very erotic! Hope the next instalment is soon!
4 years ago
great story loved it keep em cummin