me and moms new life

It all started one day shortly after I turned 17, It was a hot summer day being the man of the house for a few years now, I was mowing the yard weedeating done push the mower in the garage time for a shower to cool off.
In my room that over looks the pool getting undressed I see my mom sun bathing wow I haven’t noticed before how beautiful she really was about 5’ 4’ 135lbs and very large chested bigger than any I have seen before . Long dark brown hair well passed her shoulders . Flat belly all the way to her wide hips and a little mound were I know her pussy is . With out realizing what I was doing I seemed to started stroking my now half hard cock . What is this do I think my mom is that hot ? But it felt so good looking at her . I better stop before I cum so its off in to the shower I go .
Out of the shower nothing but a towel talf around me as I pass the wondow again I see my mother she had undone her top and let it slide off . Her large breast still firm looking nipples half dollar size as they seem to be enjoying the sun , hard and standing proud . My cock throbbing now as I lie on the bed I grab my swollen member and start stroking again about ten minits has passed eyes closed thinking how hot my mother is I muttered the words, yes mom go deeper ! As I herd her clear her throat , in surprise I jump and try to cover up , I said mom with a squeaky voice . She said I could hear something from down at the pool , I was thinking I better see if you was ok! The next words out of her mouth as she sat on the bed and placed her hand on my hip , was relax dear every thing is ok its perfectly normal for a young man to have feelings for there mom . But mom ! She said it was ok. even I have feelings for you . Feelings I don’t want to hide from you any more . I lie in bed at nitght thinking how handsom you have gotten and a beautiful body you have grown into . Still throbbing hard I asked you do ? As she slid her hand from my hip to my half covered body sliding under the towel lightly grabbing my shaft she gasped oh my lil baby has grown in to a man . Takin the towel off getting a full view of my hard cock slowly stroking the shaft she asked am I all that sexy to you baby ? I said mom you are the sexyest lady I know !
Then she reached around her back pulled the strings that held her top on and let it drop to the floor exposing her full ripe breast . I moaned as my cock was about to bust a load of my hot sex fluid all over the both of us . At this time with her other hand she grabbed my free hand and placed it on her large breast her hand on mine she gave a little squeez as to say its ok son . It was at this time I could not controll it and more the cum shot out of my cock like a rocket . As I began to cum she started stroking me hard and fast aiming it at her tits . What a big load baby mmmm so hot taking a finger to wipe some off her tit she licked it off her finger . Baby your so sweet ! Asking is it ok as she bent over to lick the remaning drop of cum off the head of my cock . Oh mom I said as I guided her to take my cock deep in her mouth . Come on now lets clean our self off . Takin my hand and leading me to the shower.
The water is running hot as we climb in . first she turns around with her back to the shower leaning her head back to wet her hair , her breast are large wet by the water droplets of water dripping off her hard nipples . My half hard cock is startin to rise again . As she wipes the water from her eyes , looking me deep in my eyes she leans forward and kisses me . Not like any other kiss before . A kiss that two lovers share . Our eyes closed we kiss harder, longer as our hands roam over each others body . Her hands reach my swollen cock mine on both her firm breast nippels hard yearning for more . Slowly mom kisses my neck then my chest licking and kissing down my six pack abs across my hips , on her knees now my cock in her hand she looks deep in my eyes as her lips meet the head of my swollen member , as she closes her eyes I watch my hard shaft disappear in to her mouth . Oh mom you, you feel so good doing that . Slowly with soft lips she began to make love to my cock with her mouth . I have grown harder than I ever have before . From deep in side I was feeling my load grow heavy my head swelled with my love juices , she could tell I was going to explode. Deeper, faster, harder non stop spewing my load deep in her mouth , sucking every drop of cum I though I had in my body into her mouth . We never said a nother word to each other as we showered steping out drying each other off . With a smile on her face she said I better start dinner love. Smacking me on the bare ass as she walks out of the bathroom .
Later piled on the couch watching T.v. lights out. A stretch and a yawn signals my bed time . As I get up and walk around the couch lean over to give mom a good nite kiss . She asked me . Son will you sl**p in my room with me tonight . Sure mom I said I would love to . T.v. off up the stairs , this time I turn left not right thru the door to my moms room over to the bed I walk as I tell mom , if you don’t mine, I do sl**p naked . She chuckled baby I don’t want you dressed wile your in my bed !
Under the covers now , lights off. You can see a little bit by the street light from the road out front. Cuddled together a soft kiss. Then a nother then like lovers. arms around each other kissing hard as I feel my self getting hard again . As I swell I feel my head slide across moms leg . Her hand meets my cock again stroking me slowly as we kiss . Fully hard I ask ! Mom can I ? she guides me on top as she spreds her legs . Slide it in me baby fuck me fuck me like you always wanted too. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as she guides me to the opening of her love hole. Hot and wet I feel as the head of my cock enters her . A gasp from mom , baby you feel so good. Fuck mommy make her feel your cock deep in me , oh baby again she wispers in my ear as I drive every inch of my love tool deep in her. All the way in now as I feed moms pussy all of my cock. Thrusting hard watching her big tits bounce with every thrust of my cock . Im cumming baby fuck me fuck mommy hard make her cum for you. As I explode deep in her beautiful pussy I can feel her flood of cum squeeze past my cock on to the sheets. In each others arms we drift off to sl**p. In the last two years I have not slept in my own room. Learning the real meaning of moms pure love. Nite mom sweet dreams!

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7 months ago
Those of us who have known the joy and thrill of incest this sotory brings back many happy memories.
1 year ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
What a great situation...lucky dog!
2 years ago
Great story...excellent work thanks.
2 years ago
very hot story gave me a hardon just reading this story