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My first bondage experience with Jesse part 2

I moaned gently as he snapped the lock shut on my new collar.
' Oh..Jess..' I squirmed mildly underneath him from being so turned on. He then took some leather cuffs out of the nightstand drawer and put them around my wrists, and they had some sort of hooking thing attached to them and he put my hands behind my neck and attached them to my collar and begins to notice my squirming.
"Now.. be patient, I still have more." He put an O gag in my mouth and snapped it behind my head. He pulled me down to the middle of the bed and slid down my shorts and cut my top off with scissors. I groaned at him cutting my clothes, but soon got over it. I was wearing black and red lacy cheeky panties and no bra. He got off the bed and undressed himself and got back on, except this time he was above my head. His cock was huge! he straddled my head and started fucking my throat through the circle O gag. I coughed and gagged from him hitting the back of my throat with his cock, and I think I could taste some pre cum. He pulled it out. And I tried my best to say, ' Oh, please fuck me, I'm so wet and turned on from you!' but what came out was muffled and distorted from the gag not allowing me to open and close my mouth. He knew what I said, he knew what I wanted.

"What do you want, slave? You want me to fuck you? Say it."

' Uhff, peas uck ee!' It was difficult to talk. He smacked me on cheek.

"Huh?What?I didn't hear you. Say it clearer."

' Pleaaee fucckk eeee! '

"That's better."

I squirmed my hips while he was moving to get in position, he grabbed my legs, put them over his shoulders and start pounding me.

More to come!!!
Posted by henry321 2 years ago
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