My bf dominates me PART 2

After he had dripped hot wax onto my ass and back for a couple minutes, he blew out the candle and set it down. 'Are you ready for your ass to be fucked, slut? Look how wet you're getting by me calling you bitch and slut.' I responded, "Yes, Austi- I mean yes, Master." His strong, firm hands gripped my curves and his thick cock head pushed against my tight hole, "Oohf.." he slowly pushed the tip in, and I was pulling my hands in the cuffs.
'Ride it. I don't care if youre handcuffed, move your hips.' I tried to move myself onto his dick, but it hurt so badly, I was nearly in tears. With one quick thrusting m'otion he pushed it all in me by surprise. "UHHD! AUUSTIN!".

'Ouh, you're so fucking tight. Do you like this? Being fucked like an a****l handcuffed?'
"Mmf, yes, master I do"
He began thrusting harder and faster, making me moan and yell at the top of my lungs. I could feel his balls smacking against me as he thrusted forward everytime, he groaned 'Uhhgf! Floor board, NOW!' I quickly slipped down into the floor and faced him opening my mouth for him to jizz in, I closed my eyes and felt him warm, sticky cum all over my face and tongue. I swallowed all of the cum in my mouth and sucked the rest of if off his dick. He helped me back into my seat carefully, he was now back to the loving, compassionate boyfriend. He looked me straight in the eyes and asked, 'How was it?'. "Amazing" I said with a slight grin. He leaned in and started kissing me, and I slipped my tongue into his mouth letting him taste a little of his own cum. I tugged at my handcuffs and he unlatched them,then I fell asl**p in the car and woke up tucked in his bed the next morning.

[Second time writing a story, tips welcome]
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Cool.. More pls!!