Erotic encounter ( Aunty )

My s*s:"Hey ..(she murmured)…don’t speak so loudly
Mami:My My…why r u blushing so much? Nothing wrong in discussing about it na?.. Now you will be marrying in another 15 Days and you still don’t no about “it”
My s*s:” Its Ok ,Its Ok”
Mami: ”Look can I teach her …she is not even listening properly,
Neha..Look at me now you will have to learn this otherwise you will be in trouble only”
Archana: ”look Neha,I know why you are so shy, but Viraj is sl**ping and it’s only you,Mami and me!!”
My s*s:“ Ok ”

I was pretending to be fast asl**p and somewhere in my mind I was thinking may be mami can catch me that I am not sl**ping actually,

Well all this started when my father announced that my s****r’s marriage is fixed, and all of us were really happy as the boy was very good and from a well known f****y, I think Neha (My s*s) also liked him
When the marriage was announced there was a sudden madness in all our work, it was as if time will runout...ofcourse we means only 4 of us my parents and we two k**s
I have finished my 12th Exams and this was the right time for everything
My mother called her s****r in law (My Mami) for helping us …she came just 4 days back and with her wit and humor she has taken charge of everything …including my mind …..
I was in love with her ….immediately after the next day when she came …she was little short than normal..may be around 5’5”…and curvy wherever required…but for a small town boy like me she was Aasman Ki Pari I was fascinated by all her maneuvers, and most of the time I was running after her like a faithful dog, it seems she was enjoying it too
It was in the morning…when my s****r was preparing for her special bath…I asked mami why she is not giving me this kind of special treatment..She looked at me and said to my mother ..I think we have to find a girl for Viraj also..Let’s marry them together…I was red faced ..And fumbled for right words…when she saw my face she started laughing..And teasing me..
After the breakfast we went to the market on my bike, mami was keeping safe distance whenever she is on my bike..But I used to get tremendous hard on just having the feel of her..When we reached the market she started teasing me and asked me what kind of girl I like….I blushed..And just said mami…why you are teasing me always …!!
After a while we entered in a stores where all the ladies Items were sold she started the purchase, and suddenly noticed that the sales girl was making a pass at me
I again blushed…when I realized that mami saw me looking at the girl…
She said so this type of girl u like huh?
I could not answer the question…
After a while she selected some Items and she was trying it on herself it was a small Bindi she looked in the mirror and tried to adjust it I was just behind her and I happened to catch her eye in the mirror..She looked at me …the look was different…I missed my heart bit ….was she also making a pass at me ?
I wondered
I again looked at the mirror she was still there adjusting it….then I realized she was asking my opinion, I gave her a nervous smile…she looked at the sales girl and selected the bindi…
Somehow I got courage and when the sales girl was gone I murmured in her ear ”do u want to see what kind girls I like ?”
She said” hhhhhmmm”
Look here…I asked her to look in to the mirror…
She blushed & her face became red…she turned back and slapped on my shoulder saying …you are naughty…
Oh… I won…she like it. I jumped from door avoiding the 3 stairs …and zoomed my bike near her before she reached the road…
Her face was down and she was not speaking but I didn’t notice it
She climbed on the bike …I didn’t notice that this time she did not took support of my arm to climb which she normally takes
I just gave full throttle …
I was so happy as if I have told her I love you in my own way
Suddenly she tapped my shoulder…
I:” yes?”
Mami: ”just stop near the floor mill I have to ask him about the chili powder we need”
I: ”ok”
I stopped my bike, she went inside and come back again and told me we will have to wait for 15 minutes
the sound of the machine was too much so I pretended that I did not heard what she said and I leaned back near her since it was morning time there was not much crowd and the shop was little away from the main road due to the pollution it makes
It was a perfect setting for me
When I leaned back near her she shouted the same thing…I said mockingly ..I cannot hear you can I come little closer. Actually I was so close only 2” gap between us
She stepped away and asked me what u wants to do…?
I think I was in the 9th heaven…I replied in a very low voice “ I want to kiss you”
Oh……her face reddened…and she said I won’t talk to u now. Please go back I will come back my own
I was shocked …from +9 to -9….
I stammered
But... but...
She went inside the shop without looking at me
Few seconds back I was in heaven and I was dropped in the hell !!
My mind was spinning I thought I should now kill myself …what I have done …she is my mami…and I was thinking wrong about her
I kicked my bike and started towards the home…halfway I realized that what will happen if I went alone, what answer I can give to my mom
She will catch me instantly and I will have to tell her all the truth
I turned my bike and started in opposite direction..allmost 2 hours I was roaming around my small city…then I realized that I can go to our fields I went to our fields, the servant couple offered me some food but I could not eat much I was scared anytime my father will come searching me and kill me ….I was restless…I went near to the big well removed my cloths and started swimming, the sun was very hot on my head but the water was making me cool after almost 2 hours I came out…
I reached home around 3pm
It seems everyone was worried about me and all the time they thought that I was playing cricket with friends
I was relived
I looked at mom she scolded me but there was more worry than anger
She asked me to eat something I felt really hungry
She gave me some food and after food I just felt so weak that I could not stand on my feet properly
Mother saw me and came near…and she cried “he has temperature”
Everyone gathered around me except mami
I could not see my mami anywhere
My mother asked me to sl**p in my s*s room as all the rooms were crowded
I went upstairs where mami and my s*s were sitting and discussing something as soon as I entered my mom declared that I am very ill and I should not be disturbed
She fussed around me like all mothers and put one mattress on the floor for me
I was so tired and really ill that I slept right away…
That was the start of this story…
When I was half woke up…I heard the conversation
For the clarity. let me introduce Archana…she is my s****rs best friend and already married some six month back…no doubt I had my first crush on her as normally goes…. she is 2 yrs older than me and very very sexy only her complexion is dark
Now back to the conversation..
What I gathered slowly they were discussing about sex or rather it was sex education class for my s*s
I was now totally awake and feeling much better…
All three of them were sitting on the bed and with a slit open thru my eyelids I can see their legs
Mami’s legs were plump and very fair she has the silver ankle band on her one leg…another one was missing
Archana’s legs were not plump and but it has got some kind sexiness which was unexplainable
My s*s’s legs were pure white and recent care has made them very beautiful
Mami was wearing a light yellow colored sari and while sitting it has gone little up so that I could see her one leg just below the knee cap…it was amazing to see the three set of beautiful legs, I couldn’t see the face but the legs were reveling the mind of each,
Mami sat cross legged and it appeared to be calm, where as archana was swinging her one leg continioulsy,whenever she wanted to hear intensely the movement stopped for a while…it was clear that she was enjoying the discussion, my s*s was sitting very composed or rather her legs were stretched with some kind of Burdon, she was anxious no doubt
Suddenly mami and archana laughed…
I put all my effort to listen what they were discussing
Suddenly mami and archana laughed…
I put all my effort to listen what they were discussing

Mami: neha u r buddu ( stupid),how can you think that just by kissing one can get pregnant?..oh archu..explain her
Archana: ”no.. no.. mami I cannot and u has more experience than me
Mami:” what’s there in experience, now days girls know it before experience”
Archana and mami laughed again
I saw my s****r’s leg, it become straighter…
Clearly my s****r was buddu….but there was a reason for it ,my father was Sub Inspector in the city and he was very strict about my s****r, it was oblivious that no boy dared to come near her nor any smart girl became her friend
Finally mami took the lead and said ok I will explain, but archana you have to help me ok?
Archana said in affirmative
I saw her leg swinging more now, where as mami opened her leg and made some moment of her fingers
Mami:” look neha..when a man and woman marry they come near physically also on the first night, the man removes all his cloths and also removes the woman’s cloths
They become totally naked and hug each other”
Here archana laughed and my s*s said “ eeeeeee”
Mami said archu why are you laughing?
Did I say anything wrong? Didn’t u remove all your cloths ?
Archana laughed again and said …ok ok mami continue
Mami:”then they embrace each other, kiss each other ( Archana commented” on lips”), not on lips only but...other parts also .then the man touch the body of the woman he….
Oh it’s difficult
Mami laughed sheepishly and said “Archana now u tell her”
Archana: “No... no.... mami it’s your job”
Mami: “ok, look Neha what u know about genitals of a man and a woman?”
My s*s:” chheeeeeeeee, mami”
Mami: nothing “chheeee” in it …tell me …u must have seen a boys “nuni”?
My s*s:” ………”
I had a big erection when I heard the word nuni…I was holding my breath…archana has stopped swinging her legs and all three sets of leg became more tense…
Mami:” when a boy grows its nuni also grows and become big …then it is called …
Here archana said...stop mami…..
Mami:” Why? What’s wrong in it? Neha must know all…Neha tell me did you see the small boy’s nuni any time?
My s*s: “Hhhmmm….”
Mami: “who’s?”
My s*s: “his….” She must be referring to me
Mami: “Oh Viraj’s?...but now he has become a man, when did you saw his nuni?”
My s*s: “Mami….please don’t ask me such questions I feel awkward...”
Mami: “But. There is nothing wrong in it Neha...tell me when did you saw it? It’s important...”
My s*s: “some months back….” My s****r was really in miserable state; even Archana stopped swinging her legs
Mami: “how and when did you see it?
Actually this was unnecessary…I started feeling that Mami was exploiting the situation, but it seems everyone of us was enjoying it
My s*s: “ …actually he was sl**ping one day and in the morning when I went to his bed to woke him up I saw it was hanging out of his knickers”
Both of them giggled…
Mami: “How long it was?” her voice was little hoarse
Now it was clear that she was making use of the innocence of my s*s...
My s*s: “chheeee….I donno how to say it…”
Now Archana was also charged and asked her…no no mami is right if u have seen a real one then she can explain it better
My s*s: “it was this long…oh I don’t remember every thing now” She must have made a gesture to suggest the length
Mami: “Neha…it cannot be so long, I know Viraj is having a good body but what you are showing is too much...
Here I saw Archana shifted her leg and sat cross legged …
I had a massive hard on now…all three of them were discussing about me or rather about my cock…
I had a very strong impulse to touch my cock…I shifted a little...and suddenly all of us heard the familiar sound of the steps …my mom was on the way to check me
All of sudden the party dismissed ….Archana stood up and said...neha I have to go now I will come in the night ...ok?
My mum came storming in as usual….by habit Mami also stand up and my s*s went downstairs along with Archana
My Mum checked my temperature…it seems I was still hot…. (In all the ways …)
She ordered Mami to bring rose water and some clean clothes to give me a cold wash...
As soon as I heard this I was panicked…
I protested
But my mum was my mum and it was a situation for me as Germans have when Mr. Hitler was around, I have to obey…
She removed my shirt and my jeans, fortunately when my ears heard the foot steps of my mother they gave command to my “nuni” and by this time it has really become a nuni….
Now I was only wearing my knickers…….
I heard footsteps of mami…….and then I realized what’s coming next ………I was horrified…
My dream woman will see me in this Avatar?
Oh my god…
I asked my mum to give me a shawl….
My mummy: “look Viraj I have to clean you with the rose water so that your temperature will go down and you will feel better”
I: “nooooooo…it’s ok now I don’t have any temperature”
My mummy: “Choooop!!!”
That was final
Here I was laying on my bed helplessly in front my dream woman and almost naked
I looked at mami her face was not showing any emotions there was not a single trace of what had happened between us in the morning…I could not look at her for more than a few seconds
She gave the rose water soaked cloth to my mummy and mummy started cleaning…the water was really cool and which made me shivered…in one way it was good also as my mind was getting away from the presence of mami
Mummy cleaned my face and started to clean my chest and hands…
Mami was sitting near my waist…I didn’t dare to look at her
Mummy cleaned my chest and suddenly a small boy came running upstairs calling for my mummy
There were some guests from the Sasural of my s*s and my mum was required to be with them urgently
Oh my god…I was now taking long breaths…
Mummy handed over the job to Mami and told her to clean me vigorously and instructed her that if I don’t co operate call her …
I was dying with shame…
This was the first time of my life I was in presence of another woman other than my s*s and my mum wearing only knickers…
I shivered…Mami came forward towards me, I closed my eyes tightly…for some moments nothing happened, and my body was craving for her touch...I opened my eyes and saw she was looking at my body …suddenly I felt very shy…
And said “oh mami leave it I feel much better now”
And I tried to get up…she put her hand on my chest …ooooh…it was a heavenly feeling...and pushed me down
Still she didn’t speak anything
I could not protest more...she took the cloth and started applying the rose water on my chest, I again closed my eyes…her hand was still resting on my heart was beating like a train….
I opened my eyes and looked at her
She was sitting on her legs, like the village woman sits to clean the cloths, her hairs were little disarrayed…and that was making her look more sexy…she was wearing a black blouse which was contrast matching to the faint yellow sari she was wearing, from the side I can se her boobs,her belly, and her small waist, there were traces of wetness in her armpits, something started happening in my groin, she was touching me delicately, there was no conversation between us so far from the morning,
She took the cloth and started bathing my chest, very slowly...
I closed my eyes again
There was a mixed fragrance of rose water and her was intoxicating
Suddenly I felt that I am in control of the situation...and the primitive manly instinct took charge of me
I opened my eyes and looked at her
There she was …like a slave …working for me…and so near to me
I kept on staring at her face, I was sure that from the corner of her eyes she was looking at my moments, my shyness was going slowly…
I can see her hands, arms and her whole body was moving in a rhythm…
She cleaned my chest & after that to access my right side she leaned on me, her sari was now touching on my belly and some parts of the chest, the moment she touched...I had a hard on, she leaned more and for the first time I felt a very smooth touch of her boobs…ooh…it was the first time in my life when I had touched some part of a woman’s body…her boobs were smooth and the silky touch of the sari was making it more erotic..She changed her pose now she was on her knees and leaned over again, while changing her pose she saw my erection…
I looked at her,
Amazingly she was not displaying any expression on her face, her face was as cool as she is doing normal household chores, now the twin mounds were poking my chest I was feeling the ecstasy, was this happening to me? Was this real? I was not able to believe my luck, she pushed herself more on me and now I could feel clearly the sponginess of those firm boobs,it was gyrating on my chest…,
When she finished my right side she again came back to the chest, going down slowly. I have a thin line of hairs which starts from my naval and enters in the pubic region, she looked at my hairs oh…this was too much…she touched my naval area, I could not stand to this situation now,
I stretched my hand and touched her thigh...she jerked and looked at me
Our eyes meet…I can see, mix of emotions in her eyes…
Sensing my agitation she removed her hand and started bathing my legs, now she was away from me…I tried to get up and catch her hand, My mouth was dry…
She allowed me to hold her hand for a while, I was looking at her
Her head was down, she was trying to hide her emotions, and she removed her hand slowly and caressed my face saying “…Viraj…”
I caught her fingers
For the first time she said “where were you in the afternoon…I was so worried...”
Her fingers touched my lips...she kept it for a while...I tried to kiss her thumb but before that she removed it, and went away from me to downstairs….
I fell down on my bed…I was exhausted …in a day so many things happened I was just 16 years old and never had such close encounters
My mind was spinning. I think I slept for some good one hour, it was 7:30pm I remember mummy came twice to check me, finally she brought our f****y doc, who gave me the tablets and ask me to take a good rest, mummy brought my dinner, I was not hungry at all as I had taken my lunch late, f***efully I eat something took my tablets and slept there as if in trance, the illness covered my real emotions,
There was lot of movement in the house, but in my s****r’s room it was less chaotic, I was dozing on and off, hearing some conversation some laughs
I think it was around 9:30pm I got up for peeing, I avoided to use the toilet in the downstairs, I used my s*s’s bathroom,
And came back to my bed, there was nobody in the room and there was much calmness,
After some time I heard footsteps I pretended to be sl**ping, there was the beautiful trio and my mummy along with them, after discussing and repeating same things over n over they decided the sl**ping arrangements, My s****r insisted Archana to stay with us for the night as they were making some kind of decorative stuff which will be used in my s****r’s new home,archana was not ready as she needs permission of her hubby
So finally it was decided mummy will sl**p near my s****r and mami will sl**p on another mattresses near me….
When I heard this I was thrilled
I was lying so still that nobody can thought I am not sl**ping…
Mami, my s*s, and mother all of them were busy around me, chatting discussing, the sound of their foot steps, bangles, even the sound of the cloths they were wearing was around me….I was floating in the trance..
Slowly they settled, mummy was besides me, my s*s and mami were in front of my mummy all three of them were making some home made decorative items,
From my position I could see mami clearly, she was there sitting on the mattresses, her posture was relaxed, her one knee was near her breast and another leg was stretched forward, there was a gap between the two legs, suddenly I realized that I have never looked at her fully before,
Her face was round with big eyes & with beautiful eyelashes, her nose was short and it was pierced with diamond bud fitted in gold, while speaking it used to glitter occasionally. her lips were crimson red, while laughing I can see her white row of teethes, she was perfectly built, her boobs were firm and round and very tight inside the blouse, when I saw her naval area, I could not control my erection…it was perfect and very deep, since she has stretched her one leg, I could see her plump calf…
The gap between her legs was inviting
When I was looking at her I have made my self hidden behind my mom, and hopefully all of them were thinking that I am fast asl**p
While working they were chatting about the marriage
I was enjoying the feel of everything…..
After some time I realized that the atmosphere around me is tense
I listened carefully….
Mummy: “but it’s almost 5 years now”
Mami: “yes Jiji (my mother was called by the nick Jiji)
Mummy: “Did you checked by a Doctor?”
Mami: “ yes….”
Mummy: “So what did he said?”
Mami: “………”
Mummy: “Oh Rachana (Mami) tell me, Sudhir (Mami’s Husband) never speaks with me on this subject”
On this juncture I saw mami’s face, it was twisted with emotions.....I had a feeling she was about to cry now, by seeing this my mummy jumped towards her, My s****r also came near to Mami,
Mami was sobbing slowly…
Here I saw my Damsel in distress….her body was looking very fragile now…she was looking so helpless. I was shocked to see the transformation in her body language…
I felt a knot in my stomach
And to my horror
I had a big erection….I was confused with the response my body and my mind generated in this situation,
Was I sadist?…in fact I was not knowing this word
I was feeling sorry for mami and I wanted her to be happy and at the same time I was enjoying her crying….sheeeeet….I was thinking like a villain…
I never faced this dark side of my mind so openly…
But her face …the crying face...the Damsel in distress…I wanted to kiss her …make her cry more…I wanted to hold her to my chest….and kiss all over her face
My mummy: “hey Rachana….don’t cry…we woman have to face all these things in life…tell me what’s wrong
Mami: “I am very unfortunate ….Jiji I am a Vanz (impotent woman )…everyone hates me in my home”
Mummy: “but did u checked with Doctor?”
Mami: (sobbing) “yes…at least I am normal”
Mummy: “oh and did Sudhir checked himself?...I doubt that…he is a useless man. Though he is my b*****r…he still drinks a lot I suppose?
Mami: “ha…”
Mummy: “but in our f****y (that means in her fathers f****y) there is no such problem (she means impotency)
Mami: “neither in my f****y “ mami responded quickly
Mummy: “may be this is not the real problem, how often do you do it?”
Mami looked at mummy and shifted her gaze towards my s****r…as usual my s****r was dumb about the meaning
She didn’t answer the question immediately..
But her sobbing stopped…she cleaned her face with her Pallu and sat straight
Mami: “Jiji….my life is miserable.. your b*****r comes inserts few times and finishes…sometimes he finishes before inserting…and he is always d***k so its very difficult for me …I pray god everyday that today will be a good day for me but…..there is no effect…in a week I keep fast for two days…I had been to Shirdi many times ….but it seems god is not listening to my prayers
Mummy: “ oh…my poor c***d…one should kick him ( my mama) in the ass …he is such a bad man…I hate him…he is spoiling your life…
On this note my mummy also started crying…and very shortly it was all the three of them were crying and holding each other….
I felt really bad for mami…
Slowly the wave of grief subsided…and to my amazement they all look very fresh…
Mami was looking more pink than ever and very fresh…..the subject was drifting to something else ….I could not understand how the woman mind behaves…

Subhadra…!!! There was my father calling my mother…at downstairs… (He usually comes late in the night)
My mother jumped on her feet, her face was glowing…she said oh Viraj’s father has come I have serve him dinner…
Now there were only two of them..My s*s and mami…
My s****r came closer to Mami and asked her with a very low and shy voice..
Mami…what did you were telling about your problem…I didn’t understand it …you said something insertion….
Mami laughed and pinched her cheeks…oh…so you want to know all huh?
But yes is required…
Mami: “ see Neha…I was telling you in the morning about intercourse…how it happens or rather should happen between a man and a woman.
But where we stopped our subject in the morning? (I was sure that she remembers everything)
My s*s was prompt to say: we were discussing about Bhaiyya’s “that thing”
Mami: “what do you mean by “that thing??”
My s*s: “ its called l..lund”
Oh…Mami and I were shocked…this was not expected from my innocent sweet s****r
Mami: “hey from where did you learn this word? Did Archana tell you?”
My s*s: “ oh no…when I go to college I have to pass from a slum area and I always hear some or other kind of abuse they speak to each other” she was informing us matter of factly…
Mami laughed…so what else word you know?
My s*s: “mami…”
Mami: “…Neha don’t be shy…tell me “
My s*s: “but is it important?”
Mami: “yes of course…”
Now this was surly not important…but mami was enjoying the seduction
My s*s: “many times I heard the word Gaand, chut….”
Again mami laughed …
I was mesmerized with the situation which was happening in front of me,it was very very erotic
Mami: “look Neha, these down graded people use these kinds of words to express their feelings…but normally we don’t use them. And tell me do you know meaning of these words?”
My s*s: “no…I mean not really…I have a vague idea”
Mami: “oh really?...what Idea you have?”
My s*s: “oh Mami…you are naughty now…”
So my silly s****r was becoming smart slowly……
Mami: “look Neha …as the wise men say…half knowledge is always dangerous…you must know what happens between man and a woman during intercourse
My s*s: “Yes….”
I looked at my s****r she was eager to listen, her face was glowing …
Mami pulled her one leg towards her breast…now her pose was damn sexy she was sitting and her both knees were touching to her breasts her hands were clasping the knees…there was a gap between the legs …she lowered her head…and to my surprise looked directly at me …
I closed my eyes instantly…
I was under the impression that my face was hidden in the semi darkness, but now I had a doubt about my position
I opened my eyes again slowly…
Her eyes were searching me….
Finally I realized that she wasn’t sure about me…whether I am sl**ping or not
I was relived
Mami: “ neha….I think you have seen a man’s penis..or lund, as they call it …?
My s*s: “yes mami…I told you in the afternoon….I saw it”
Mami: “was it only Viraj’s you saw or someone else?”
My s*s: “hey mami how can you say like that? Chheee…..”
Mami: (laughing)…its ok baba… so how did you feel when you saw it?”
My s*s: (gulping her saliva)..”Oh I donno..But it was a different feeling I cannot explain it”
Mami: “so how long it was?”
My s*s: “what is the matter about this length?”
Mami: “ neha …the size also matters …I wanted to explain you how it happens and if you have only seen a c***d’s nuni then you will not understand it properly
My s*s: “ok mami, it was this size..
Showing it by her hand…
Mami: “ neha I cant believe it …normally it’s not that looong…”
I was sure mami has guessed the length of my cock in the afternoon. And she was aware of the length
My s*s; “but I am sure…I can prove it to you…”
Mami: “how?”
My s*s: “we can now look at his …anyway he is sl**ping ..
Mami cried out..Neha..he will woke up when you go close to it
My s*s: “ Don’t worry, when he sl**ps he sl**ps like a Kumbhkarna…even if an aero plane passes near his ear he will not wake up I am sure”

I was ….dead……..this was my s****r who is talking like this?

I could not believe my ears….
Even I saw mami was taken by surprise…
I was waiting for mami’s response with thumping heart…My s*s was as eager as a c***d who wants to open the toy box presented to it
Mami: “hey Neha…Did you saw it by accident or …?”
My s*s: “first by accident but then once I opened his cloths when he was sl**ping to confirm what I saw”
Mami: “ ooooooh…my god…neha you really surprised me …”
I too was shocked and my heart bits almost stopped…my innocent looking s****r has opened my knickers and saw my lund?...just for curiosity?...I didn’t believe my ears …may be I was imagining these things due to the illness….
My s*s: “so mami do you want to see it? I can show it to you”
As if my cock was some monument in the city and my s*s was guiding the tour…
Infact she was trying to make her point clear about the length
Mami: “but Jiji (my mother) can come here at anytime…”
It seems she was also having the urge to see my cock..she was closing and opening the gap between her legs…her eyes were shining with the forbidden thought
My head was spinning what will happen next ?
For a moment both of them were freeze… finally my s****r took the lead and came closer to me …my breath was now very shallow, in fact I realized that I was hardly taking any breath, she came closer to me, mami was there transfixed…her eyes wide open both of her hands were resting on the ground and the legs were more apart, as if she was feeling weak in her knees, I closed my eyes as soon as my s****r was very close, my s****r bent down and called me “ bhaiyya…”in a lowered voice, she stopped for some time and again called “ Bhaiyya..O...Bhaiyya..” the pitch of her voice was increased..and her voice was trembling also…she came very near to me and shook my shoulder calling me again” Viraj Bhaiyya….”
Naturally I was …dead…
She said to Mami “look I told you, come here, you can also check him”
Mami must have come little closer to me than her earlier position as her voice came near to me,
Mami was afraid that someone can come here suddenly, she was more afraid about my mum
Mami: But Naha…Jiji can come here at anytime…I am afraid…”
My s*s: “oh don’t worry about mother, she will take one more hour downstairs, they (My parents) will discuss about everything happened today, it’s her habbit, comeon…don’t waste time”
Mami was convinced…I could hear the sound of those sexy bangles and the ankle band she wore,
Both of them were very near to me
But to my surprise, my erection faded away slowly, may be due to the forbidden thing which was happening between me and my s*s, or may be I too was scared, what will happen if mummy sees this
It was unfortunate I was not able to see their faces
My s*s sat and pulled my shawl away very slowly, I was half nude inside, I was wearing a black colored brief, and I was not sure how she thought she can remove it without waking me up…do I sl**p like a dead man? I wondered, she removed the shawl completely now, I tried to suppress the shiver
I think Mami observed my body movement
She cried out slowly: “ out he may wake up”
My s*s: “Oh Mami…don’t worry..Just keep your voice low, I will take care”
To my horror my s*s put her hand on my belly…this part of my body was so sensitive that I could not control the sensation and my body reacted …I changed my position…she withdrew her hand, I heard sudden intake of breath,
Mami was still worried “leave it…”
But my s****r was charged…
She put her hand on my waist, this was ok for me
Slowly she inserted her finger inside the brief and started to pull it down
This was very unusual situation for me; I never even dreamed that any woman will strip me naked for the sake of another woman…and that to by my own silly s****r
I again thought, this must be some kind of delusion due to the sickness, but it was happening in reality
I gave up all my thinking
Meanwhile my brief was almost 2 inches down from one side, and her fingers were pushing the other side now
My skin can feel the freedom of open air, and I had goose bumps all over my body
My whole body became tense
Slowly I felt that the base of my cock was in view, now getting more courageous, my s*s put two fingers from each side, and she was trying to avoid the contact of my skin
But now it was little difficult as my cock itself was a resistance to the movement of the cloth, finally she pulled it with a little jerk,
Mami cried out in a whisper like sound “……slowly…you buddu, he will wake up…na”
My s*s didn’t say anything but she gave another pull more confidently
And finally…
She could manage to open my brief where they can see my cock up to the tip
My s*s whispered “ look….
There was no sound from mami’s side; I tried to open my eyes very cautiously
I know both set of eyes were glued to my cock
It was the most sensational scene I have ever experienced
My s*s was on her knees, her one hand was still holding my briefs down and another hand was on ground for support her eyes transfixed on my cock
And my Mami….my goddess of love …was there she was bending on my body her one hand on her waist and another was taking support of my s*s’s shoulder, her eyes were shining with lust, her lips were trembling and her chest was going up and down with every long breath she was taking,
I closed my eyes; I was worried my cock may start giving the salutation to his admirers
This moment was for a few seconds but for me it was too much time
Suddenly mami came out of trance “…N…Neha…cover it “
My s*s pulled the brief without any care, she never realized that while opening she has taken extra care and the same she should do now also, but for her, the show was finished,

Both of them went to their position, suddenly mami came back, I again closed my eyes
She put the shawl back on my body, I was literally thankful to her concern
I was feeling little cold and also the shawl was my shield
My s*s: “look I told you ..Na? You don’t believe me I am not buddu…its quiet long one…
Mami: “ N ..Neha …you are very much right did you ever touched it?” her voice was still trembling and she sat on the floor immediately
My s*s: “ Chheee…Mami,it looks so ugly”
Mami: “Oh…it’s the perfect tool, but promises me by god that you will not tell this to anybody, will you? Not even to Archana, Neha people will think you are a bad girl who is looking at her b*****r’s L..Lund”
My s*s: “oh Mami when we were small I have seen him nanga (naked) many many times, what’s wrong in it?”
Mami: “but it’s forbidden when you grow up!! Will any one of you remain naked now? promise me you will not disclose to anyone what we have done”
My s*s was confused and convinced
Mami further pressed her point “what will happen when your father will know about it? Just think “
Now that was the last drop on my s*s, she was so worried visibly, I felt pity for her
Mami saw her anxiety and said:” don’t worry it will be a secret between two matured woman”
My s*s was no way matured but felt that she has grown up and she gave a foolish smile to Mami
She sat besides Mami now and asked her “now please tell me how it happens …”
Mami looked at her for a while; I think in her mind she was still seeing my cock and it took little time for her to compose her self
Mami: “so…neha now you have seen the man’s penis and I hope you have seen yourself naked in the mirror”
My s*s (shyly): “yes ...”
Mami: “ Every woman has…”
Here again Mami was at loss of words she coughed a little and said: “Yoni(vagina)”
My s*s: “ yes I know …from where we pee…”
Mami was now at her wits end & she cried out “no…you stupid...”
My s*s was taken aback with this abuse…her face drawn..
Mami immediately sensed the situation and went close to her, she put her hand on my s*s’s shoulder “ oh Neha you are so innocent ….but don’t worry I will teach you everything”
My s*s was more concerned about the new knowledge she was about to learn, her face brightened up and she looked at Mami in anticipation
Mami was trying and thinking hard to explain the act: “look Neha its not the one from where we pee…there is another one …..” her face became shy…
She asked my s****r: did you ever touch that part of your body?”
My s*s: “yes everyday”
Mami was taken aback: “everyday? Really?”
My s*s said innocently “ yes while taking a bath I clean my self everyday”
Mami: “Oooh I didn’t mean that touch”
My s*s: “oh then what kind of touch you mean?”
Mami: “Neha…it’s very difficult to explain”
My s*s:” Please Mami Jyda Bhav mat Khao
Mami: “ Look Neha now its almost 11pm,we have to go to temple in the morning so we must sl**p now, but I promise you I will explain you in details tomorrow night ..Ok?
My s*s: “oh Mami please!!
Mami: “Neha, I don’t mind telling you everything now but it seems your mummy can come here anytime and again we will not be able to finish it, I promise tomorrow afternoon I will tell you all ok?”
My s****r got convinced
Both of them started to prepare for sl**p,
They laid the bed sheets, put the pillows, Mami’s bed was not very near to my bed, she kept a safe distance from my bed, but anyway she was sl**ping near to me today and I was getting horny what can come next,
My s*s went to bathroom and now we were only two in the room, Mami came near to me and whispered “Viraj…”
I didn’t respond, may be she was just checking out whether I was really slept or not, I kept silent, she called me twice,
But my s****r came out of bathroom and she went to her bed
They chatted for few more minutes,
Then I heard mami saying “I need to go to bathroom..”And she yawned
With that sentence my Lund sprang up …
I was keen to hear all her movements
Since it was an old fashioned home, the door was not air tight and there were many slits in the door
Mami went inside
I was listening her each movement
I heard the sound of bangles for some time then there was a sound of her sari,
I imagined she was pulling her sari near her waist, then after a moment there was a sound of her urine….oh…the sound was making me mad, her bladder must be full because she took a long time and for me it was a pleasure to hear the sound for so long time
After she finished I heard the familiar sound of bangles and cloths
She must have put some water in the bathroom and came back,
I saw her coming near to bed, what a woman she was looking, round face with hour glass figure…she sat on the bed and freed her hairs from the hair band and all her hairs were loose and making her face look more young and fresh….she arranged her hairs in a knot tied the band…and slept on the bed ….
Mami slept just in front of me, I put my hand on my face in such a way that I could see her
She was feeling restless I saw her moving from side to side every time
She called my s****r “hey Neha... Slept already?”
Neha was in 7th heaven already, she didn’t respond…
Mami took a turn and looked in my direction
She whispered my name: “Viraj…”
And again:” ….Raj”
Oh so far she has not addressed me by the name Raj…
I was thrilled as if it’s a secret name between us
She was there on her bed calling my name ….for one moment I thought of responding, but again I pretended to be sl**ping
Since I covered my face with my arm, my hand was extended towards her bed,
She looked in the direction of my s*s.
And slowly moved her hand towards my fingers,
After a moment she touched my finger…
Oh my god....... I felt as if a very large amount of electrical current passed thru my body…
She started caressing my fingers ….I was feeling so elated .that I closed my eyes, after a while I sensed a very warm and soft touch on my thumb,
Oooooh…she was kissing my thumb
I was surprised by her behavior…the soft and wet touch of her kiss was making me mad….
For some reason I was not showing her that I am fully awake,
I wanted to see that how far she can go…
She was kissing my thumb...and without any notice she took my thumb in her mouth, and started sucking it………..
I was about to jump on her and but……heard my mummy’s voice downstairs…
Suddenly Mami dropped my thumb and removed my hand far away from her bed
Meanwhile my mummy came upstairs…
She asked “Rachana ….r u sl**ping?”
Mami: “no Jiji”
Mummy: “its getting hot now a days” (What my poor mummy did not know that Rachana was really HOT)
Mami: “ Yes …I should have my night gown “
Mummy: “Go and change it”
Mami: “its ok I don’t feel like going down now”
Mummy was still in chatting mood, but Mami was not responding,
Slowly and gradually everyone slept, my mummy and s****r on the bed and mami and me on the floor separately,
There she was my goddess of love…just a foot or two away from me...
I could see her back, the tight blouse was making a sexy groove in the middle of her back, Due to low cut from back side, I could see the entire back, there was a thin strip of blouse which was making a boundary line between her back and waist,
I wished I could kiss or rather chew the sexy flesh of her back, it was damn sexy,

I started thinking about the day...what a day it was …I still could not belive everything happened in a day, the memories gave me a very hard erection, since there was no one to see my movements I was free now to play with my cock, it felt very good after so much strain it has in the whole day
Now I was really feeling fresh….sl**p was far far away from me, I looked in the direction of the bed, I can only see vague figures sl**ping on the bed, I was sure that my mum and s*s are really sl**ping,
When I looked at mami, my Lund sprang up; I wanted to hold her right now …I looked at her …
She was sl**ping there, I can see her back with those sexy hairs, I can see outline of her waist & hips. Her one leg came out of cover and I can see her ankle...
For few minutes I was looking at her figure, thinking and stopping myself to hold her
Her breath was not audible to me from such distance but I can sense the up down movement of her chest, for sure she was sl**ping now,
It must be around midnight when I gathered my courage…
Since I have a good height, my legs are long enough to reach her,
I stretched my right leg towards her, after crossing her bed I touched the soft ankle of her exposed leg….oh...her skin was soft …my thumb was on her ankle, I tried to go down near her palm but the position was little difficuilt, I moved my self on the edge of my bed, and with my finger I tried to open her cover, it was not so easy as I have to hold the piece between my two fingers finally I succeeded to remove her cover, up to calf of her leg, I was getting inpatient, again I looked at her and the bed of my mum, there was no movement other than regular breathing
I moved myself more near to her now, I was now so close that I can reach her by my hands; I was still not sure what to do or rather from where to start
I put my hand on her bed, near her…
I can feel the fabric of her cover
I just inched forward and put my hand on the side of her ass,
Oooooh…I moaned, though I was not touching her ass directly I felt I have achieved one goal
There was no movement from her. I enjoyed the warmth of the touch
Encouraged... I removed my hand & put my fingers under the cover and started inching slowly inside, after a while I felt the fabric of her sari,…
All my sensation was concentrated on my fingers…I moved forward a little and…I touched her ass cheeks…oh what a feel it was ….my only one finger was touching her, but still I can feel the softness …
I looked at my mum’s bed there was no movement, but still I was scared if mum saw this it will be very dangerous………… not only for me but for mami too…
I stopped there for a while but the touch was so horny I wanted feel whole of her ass….. I was not sure about the response from her. Whether she will like it or not, I found her unpredictable, though in my mind I knew that she will not expose me if caught,
Finally I shrugged off the worries
I moved my hand further now, all my palm was on her ass, I was taking long breaths and my heart bits were so hi that I can feel them in my palm
I was worried that she will wake up by my heart bits
Oh what a feeling it was …..
A fully grown woman’s ass was in my hands, on the fabric of the sari it was feeling silky and stiff…I wanted to press it very hard…but I restrained my self. I kept my hand there for some more time and enjoyed the bliss of the touch…I was touching the left globe of her ass, I moved my hand in the centre of her ass, & further towards the slope….my fingers inching towards the ass crack…she has very round ass and the ass crack was very deep, I pushed my finger inside…..oh
There was a slight movement of her body…I dead stopped for a while and listened carefully, her breathing was not audible still,
I let go the moment for a while, my hand was still on her ass, and I was so happy and hyper with the feel that I did not know what to do with the feeling of the beautiful ass, the perfect round, the stiffness…..everything was so beautiful and sexy
I wanted to perish this moment forever
I enjoyed the touch for a long time, since her height was lesser than me it gave me a full advantage of being in control of the situation, she was looking so small and yet so sexy, I was sure that I can do anything to her without any fear, I was caressing her nice firm ass globe for a long time, then I started pulling her sari upward, it was not easy task, though I was comfortable about mami, I was scared also, as my mummy was sl**ping just 5 feet away from me,
I was getting impatient…..
I started pulling her sari upwards
Slowly and gradually I could feel the thighs…
Those milky white thighs of a mature woman of 30……….. And I started caressing and feeling the first touch of the flesh…I opened the rajai she was having on her body
I wanted to see the thighs
It took me almost 5 minutes to uncover her….
From my side I could now see the glistering white thighs…and there was a those beautiful legs…now I was becoming very bold in my moments
I have arranged her rajai in such a way that only I could see her body…I pushed my hand little further and touched the thigh….the smooth touch was making me feel like I am in heaven…I put my whole hand in side the two legs…I have became bolder now…I was pushing my hand more inside ….
And suddenly I felt there was some movement from mami…I stopped in horror…
But there was no movement again…I waited…., keeping my hand inside the thigh, my heart was thumping …

And to my astonishment ….

Mami opened her sari further up by her own hand and thrust her ass near to me ….it was an open invitation…
I was so aroused that I could not do anything for some time
Then I was charged I started lifting her sari openly …now I could see the small pink colored knickers which were covering her huge gaand…
I moved myself forward
Now I was almost on her bed …
The fear has gone
She pushed me back…The fear has gone
She pushed me back…
She was little nervous…since we were not alone,
Her body was moving like a snake…her legs were moving continuously…she wasn’t able to control the passion
Though I could not see her face entirely…I could see the sexual movement of her head…there was agony…there was fire...the small earrings were moving,two or three times she adjusted her hairs unnecessarily…her eyes were on the bed …she was not ready to take any chance
From my side … I was equally restless. I pulled the sari now almost to her waist, due to my position I could not see her gaand fully…but what ever I could see was really beautiful, Ii was my first time, first close encounter with any woman, I have seen some nude pictures read some yellow stories and watched some blue movies so far …but it was nothing compared to what I was enjoying..
Both of us wanted to hold each other and do something..
I started to caress her ass chick on her panties..
I closed my eyes..The situation was so erotic that I was feeling like a d***k..
I tried pushing her panties down..It was very tightly fitted on her..Oh my god …the feel of her tight and smooth skin and the feeling of guilt of doing something forbidden was making me so horny that I wanted to masturbate immediately…
I removed my shawl…my Lund was now so hard and swollen…
I pushed myself near to her
I lowered my self a little as her sari was accumulated near her waist. I removed my Lund out…it sprinted happily. towards her..
With some kind of unknown power of mind Mami sensed that what I was about to do…
She was frightened and for the first time she turned her face towards me ….
The beautiful trembling lips…
The diamond shining on the nose…
The cheekbones curve…
The Bindi I have selected…
The beautiful arch of curvy hairs on each side of forehead…
The shining perspiration on her forehead…
And…Finally. her beautiful eyes with natural long eyelashes..
It conveyed me everything in one glance
She whispered “…nooooo….pleaseeeee” moving her eyes towards my mother’s bed..
Again our eyes met..
The message was clear …she wanted it as badly as me but was afraid of my mother
I was very much reluctant to leave this chance
I just pushed my Lund near her ass….
For gods sake I wanted to touch her by my Lund….
Finally I could touch the lower part of her ass ….
She shivered…
She lifted her right hand and touched me …and pushed me softly back…
“no raj….not now”
“ please…..”
My Lund was getting its virgin touch and that was too much
I wanted to masturbate so badly that I started my action there itself
I was thrusting my Lund with my hand and trying to touch her ass
Her hand was still on me ….
Now she panicked. As I was making more noise …
She pushed me with her left hand…and moved away from me and turned herself towards me, I saw she was looking at me with the same passion…but there was fear and she was pleading me for a moment I thought of pulling her towards me with her long hairs and kiss…
I think she sensed me…
Her eyes were still telling me …no…please
A fully grownup woman of around 30 was under my control and she was caring about my mood
I was still holding my cock in my hand and shagging myself …
My movements slowed down…
She looked at me and whispered….relax…please
Slowly I stopped shagging, she was looking at me continuously…
And …
Like a thunder she came on me…
And kissed me on my lips…
I was not ready for this …
She was smart enough and didn’t make any sound
Her body was still away from me
The fragrance of her body, the silky touch of her hairs and those moist tender lips
What else I can ask in a day!!!
Before I started enjoying it was over..
She gave a jerk to her falling hairs..
She was still leaning on me
Our eyes met..
This time I saw pure love in her eyes…
My heart bit skipped
There was some unknown feeling in my stomach
The joy was too much
She whispered: “you asked for it (kiss) in the morning …na?”
I was dumb…
“Now please sleeeeeep….you are ill…”
I closed my eyes
Was I dreaming?
I opened my eyes and looked at her
She was still there looking at me
I moved on my bed…
She adjusted her sari and turned towards the bed
I was happy,confused,exhausted …and my cock was still at its high
I pulled my cock inside
For a moment I lay there looking at her…
She again turned cautiously…and moved her head and eyes in such a way that only girls can communicate …the message was “I like you, I am sorry but now please sl**p”
I slept for 10 minutes and then went inside the bathroom
While coming back…I saw her legs first and a silly idea stuck me …
I lowered myself down now I was shielding myself from the view of bed
I touched her legs..i saw she startled..
I was frustrated ..
It gave me pleasure to tease her
Though it sounds very k**dy stuff but I was not matured at that time
I went to my bed
I called her in a low voice: “ mami…”
The way she responded immediately saying :” shooooooooooo!!!” I realized my level of low voice is quit high
Also I saw movement on the bed
My Mummy half woke up and asked : “ What Rachana?”
Now Mami has to answer ; “ nothing Viraj needs some water…I will go downstairs and bring it “
My Mummy was not fully awake ..she murmured..: “ok just check he has temperature or not”
Mami sat up and touched my forehead I was quick enough to grab her hand ,I pulled it towards my lips…she slowly removed her hand and said :” no…no temperature now”
Mummy : “ ok, the devil ( that’s me ) will be alright by tomorrow, hey Rachana please bring some water for me also”
Mami went down,
My Mummy came towards me and checked my temperature,
She caressed my hairs for a while
When Mami came back we both drank water
Mummy went to bathroom
Then I asked mami : “ can you give me something?”
She came near to me : “ what you want”
“One more kiss”
“no she will come”
And I got a quick kiss..
I smiled at her foolishly
She was still looking at me with “that”look
And again my heart bit missed
We heard sound of the bathroom door and took our position
Slowly the queen of night took over her duty and I slept
When I woke up I was almost 10am and there was no on around me,I was feeling fresh but there was little weakness in my body
I looked around the room was neatly arranged and the sunlight was pouring in, it gave strain to my eyes and I closed it for a while,
Oh what a day it was …
I was thinking about the day, and of course the night, and trying to evoke the memories of the erotic encounters happened with me
Slowly I heard the familiar noise downstairs…
I jumped out of bed, I was still wearing only a brief , I fetched one towel and went downstairs..
It seems Mami and My s*s has gone to Temple and my Mummy was busy along with the servants,doing morning house hold chores,
My mummy asked me how I feel and then checked my forehead …
She insisted that I should not go anywhere today and take a full rest
I finished my morning necessities…wore a t shirt and a pajama
I felt very fresh now, Mummy gave me breakfast, I was roaming in the house and was getting impatient,
Suddenly I realized that if I act that I am still ill, I can sl**p in my s*s’s bedroom now and be with mami
I told my mother that I am feeling weak now and I will go upstairs and sl**p again
She was telling me the same thing
Finally we both realized that we are talking the same thing…..& we laughed
I went upstairs, still there was nobody
I went inside the bathroom and I saw there were so many things which belong to mami.i saw her sari dipped in a bucket with water…
I tried to see what else I could find in the bucket, there was her blouse and bra underneath the sari,my heart was jumping with joy to touch her innerwear
I was searching for her panties,but it was nowhere to be seen, then I remember that my s*s and mummy wash there panties immediately and put them in the corner of our terrace where no one can see them, I went to the terrace and searched the spot, it was unused corner of our terrace, there was a nylon string attached to the sides and I saw the panties…I have never thought or even looked for panties of my s*s or mother before,
I went near and there I saw it, the three panties ….in a range of the age….i mean small big n bigger
Naturally I was interested in mami’s panties…
I went closer to it, since no one can see me in this corner i touched her panty it was still wet…
The pink colored cloth was crumpled at many places I removed the clip and now her panty was in my hand
The fresh smell of the washing powder was still lingering, I smelled it again
And kissed it…..
Oh it was a different feeling to enjoy her in this way…
I have never done such kind of thing, but I was getting more n more excited now
I put the panties in my pocket…and while going back to downstairs I saw down
I could see the road coming to my house..and I saw the beautiful trio, by some instinct I hide myself…
I can see all three of them…my s*s was in between taller than other two, my mami was on her right hand side and Archana to her left
They were looking very beautiful and I saw the turning heads now and then at them, But for me mami was more beautiful then anyone …her gait was very attractive, she could have been on ramp…
They were now near to the house ….and I saw mami from near …oh my god….
With the deep red colored sari she was looking a maal……
There she was deep red sari and the perfect tight blouse on her…the gimplse of the sexy naval
Hairs loose on the back…
And that sexy sexy gait
They must have visited the Goddess Laxmi Temple ….as I saw a big Kumkum on her forehead….that was adding some kind of power to her face…I could not look at her face more than few seconds
She was looking pure and yet so sexy…but there was some kind of aura around her which was preventing anyone to come to near her…
I went downstairs and was sitting on the dining chair, I saw her coming from the door…
Oh what a maal she was …
I was constantly looking at her …
She and my s****r asked me about my health and I murmured something .which conveyed I am not well still…
They were discussing about the Pujari and how they have bargained the price for Pooja I wondered, about what they were happy for pooja or for bargain.
Slowly I found that all of them were busy, I went upstairs and slept,
When I woke up there was a big crowd around me doing the decorative stuff
Mummy saw me and told Mami to make tea for me
I was happy that now only two of us will be there in the kitchen
I followed Mami
I sat on the dining chair and she was preparing the tea for me ..
I could see her figure leisurely now …a thin trace of her panties ..the sexy sexy backside which was exposed thru the low cut blouse, her body was moving with some sexy rhythm…
And now I knew I am in love with this Dame
“So how you feel now?” she asked…
“very hot” that was my immediate response…
She giggled: “ I am not asking about the climate”
“ I am not talking about the climate either..” I said to her
She turned her head and gave me a sexy smile .…oh…my god !!!
I wanted to jump on her and hold her …
She served me the tea
I asked her: “ what about you? Won’t you have it with me?”
“No…I don’t need it now” she said
I sipped once…and cried out… “hey there is no sugar in it !!”
She came running forward, her face was worried…she took the cup and took a sip…
Mami: “But its ok do u need more sugar?”
“No but thanks for the sugar from your lips ..that was missing …I said
“Oh you……” Mami said..She was blushing and at the same time smiling
She was standing very near to me now,I hold her hand
She was dumb folded…
I took the opportunity and pulled her towards me….
She was red faced, her boobs were facing me…I suppressed my desire to hold it,instead I kissed her naval, she shivered and tried to go away from me
I didn’t
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