Pregnant Becky...again.

I had written about my long lasting lust for my college friend Becky brought to fruition in my story Pregnant Becky. Circumstance had provided us an opportunity for an amazing fuck and I knew that she would be back for more. Not because I am a stud, because that’s not the case, but because it felt so good to be so bad. She had delivered the baby and recovered nicely, deciding to stay home from work for awhile if they could afford it. Her husband made decent money and Becky ended up staying home for longer than she thought…getting bored…and they say “idle hands are the devils playthings.” I started getting texts, then calls, and then she started driving past my job and just stopping by. She wanted to FUCK again. I am happily married and I kind of regretted the first affair, but I’m still a man and a wet pussy is hard to pass up. I relented and set up a time to “drop by” her house in the country.

Fucking a guy’s wife is a dangerous proposition. I loaded my Ruger Vaquero .45 and tucked it in my belt, hoping that a big ass shiny gun would scare somebody before I had to shoot ‘em. The whole way there I felt a little sick to my stomach but when my tires hit the gravel driveway I started to get hard. I walked up the steps feeling my red hot cock against my jeans and the cold stainless steel against my gut. Ding-dong…lets just do this before I chicken out. Becky answered dressed normally for a kept woman housewife… barefoot and in a matching purple sweat suit of a soft stretchy material, it looked expensive. The material hugged her body in all he right places. She was never “fit” but always slim, the baby weight was mostly gone except for a loose little muffintop belly. Her thighs got my eyes first, the material taught up towards her hips. Her hair was shorter now cut in a motherly bob style and died sort of an auburn shade. The jacket was tight around the curve of her tits and unzipped to her navel, revealing a lowcut sports bra and the now ample cleavage she retained.

I stepped in the door and looked around for the k**s…she whispered in a hoarse tone, as if forcing it out “they’re gone.” Knowing I had to act now or leave, I stepped towards her closing the distance, and wrapping my hand around the back of her neck just under the bob hair cut, I pulled her mouth to mine. It seemed like an eternity that my tongue explored her mouth and hers mine. She pressed her whole body to mine and I could feel the heat of her pussy against my leg. Coming up for air I heard her mutter “Jesus, what is that”…knowing she couldn’t be that impressed by my cock, it had to be the gun. There wasn’t going to be any romance here just sex, apparently something that she was missing at home. I just grunted as I walked her towards the living room still holding the back of her neck. I reached into my belt and drew out the revolver with my other hand, resting it gently on the coffee table. Her eyes got HUGE but she didn’t say another word.

Still holding the back of her neck I moved in behind her pressing my cock into the taught material of her sweats. I reached towards the front of her pants rubbing the outside of her pants manipulating her pussy lips and clit, she shuddered. I slowly unzipped the jacket and slipped it off to the floor. Rubbing up her loose belly towards her breasts I could see her nipples were rock hard. I tucked my face in towards her long pale neck and let my hot breath fall behind her ear and raise the little hairs there…I grabbed her tits hard and squeezed at them. Again in a f***ed voice she murmured “fuck me, please.”
In sort of a flash she was undressing herself and headed down towards the plush living room rug. Her eyes were not looking at me, but locked on my pistol almost as if it excited her. I kicked off my clothes and pushed down beside her, again I could smell how wet she was, her pussy already creamy and glistening. Seeing how wet she was I grabbed my button up shirt and placed it underneath her on the rug…no use her trying to explain that inevitable stain to hubby. I had been gentle to her before because she was with c***d…she didn’t seem like that’s what she wanted now!

Spreading her legs apart with the outside of my forearms, my palms on her hips, I thrust my cock into her hard . She screamed, not in pain but in pure delight. I slammed away for awhile, each thrust sounding with the clap of her gapping pussy’s wetness. Her head was thrown back, her pale skin blotchy with red flush spots. Feeling like cumming I rolled to my back and Becky wasted no time climbing on to my still rigid pole. Perching on her tiptoes she angled her self into my cock and worked away furiously, each stroke almost the whole length of my cock from the head down to the base slamming it home…I lost count, trying not to cum, at three of her orgasms. Sweat poured off her as she fucked until she was spent , exhausted. I can usually last a while with the woman on top, something about the angle my cock gets bent at, and this was no exception.
Looking down at her I could she that she was satisfied and anything else I could bring was going to be pure gravy. He pussy was gapped, red, and sopping wet. I rolled her hips upward towards the cathedral ceiling and placed my feet forward of her hips on the floor. I lowered my self straight down into her willing pussy and pile drove her for what seemed like forever. Her pussy gripping and squishing with every pump, her face red, the veins at her temple bulging, from the angle and the pleasure…I pounded away. At this point she was actually screaming at the top of her lungs (a first for me)and ripping at the carpet…I could feel her cumming again and let my load loose. I gushed sticky cum into her open hole…Becky’s wide open, wet, adulterous, hole.

We collapsed together and I lay there in her sweaty embrace watching my cum drip slowly from her pussy lips onto my $50 shirt. I noticed her glassy glazed eyes again drift to the shiny finished gun. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed through the floor to ceiling windows about 50 yards across the valley behind her house some movement. Slowly turning my head I met the gaze of a shapely, blonde, 50 year old woman on her back deck. I was sure she had been watching us for sometime. Trying not to move I whispered what I seen to Becky, who to my surprise instantly began stroking my cock bring it back to attention. She crawled to her hands and knees facing the windows, letting her tit’s and belly hang towards the floor…again saying “fuck me”, but this time an order.
Aroused by her tone and the audience, I grabbed the flesh of her ass and f***ed her cheeks apart exposing her cum filled pussy. I took her doggy style like an a****l ,pumping in and out of her cum and mine, long stroke after long stroke. I was focused on my task at hand and Becky was focused on the neighbor who hadn’t moved…they were like lazer locked on each other. Lasting longer than I ever thought I could have in that situation I blasted yet another load into Becky. Not having had enough she turned over, putting her heels on my shoulder and plunged her index, middle , and ring fingers into her wide open snatch….her eyes now on mine. Hitting her climax again she with drew her cum covered hand and wiped it on my chest.

I started in control, but was clearly a pawn here. “I need to shower and you need to leave” she said. We kissed, her still naked, as I dressed to leave…sticking the revolver into my waistband I asked who the woman was…”my bitch mother in law” she answered. “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit” I thought. The woman was still watching us! At a loss for words, Becky and I made plans for our families to have a cookout. You could have heard my diesel roar three counties away as I tried to put as many miles between us as I could. Two months later Becky called and told me that she was expecting in about seven months…and her mother in law wanted to meet me. I love you Becky, but what did you get me into.
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4 years ago
the bitch mom-in-law that has got to be another very hot part 3 & 4 with becky again thank you for sharing
4 years ago
Wow!! That was incredibly hot and dirty! As well as wonderfully written! Can't wait to read about the meeting with mother-in-law!