Pregnant Becky

Becky and I went to high school together and were friendly, not friends, but friendly. She wasn’t the prettiest girl I knew and was always a little on the sidelines, so to speak. That all changed when we ended up at the same local college. What was a mild interest was fueled by the raging hormones and lonely nights away from home. The tension between us was what you could call thick. Becky had a plain face and was about 5’3”, with shoulder length brown hair. Thin, but had that soft, curvy, sort of build that a girl that has never worked out a day in her life has. She had a decent set of B cups and a plump little butt.

It just never seemed to work out betweens us, it was clear we both wanted to fuck but the cards were just never right. She had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend. Many close calls of being just inches and heavy breaths away from crossing that friendship line into fuck buddies or more. We had long talks, “Accidental” brushes up against each other, peeks down her shirt, long cuddly naps, all added up to zip. We were destined to be friends for life and we still are.

Well, the years had gone by and we both got married and had k**s. Becky ended up working at that very same college we attended. Almost 10 years later I was sent to a conference there for work, the whole trip out there I kept thinking about all those good times and close calls with good ole’ Becky. I found myself day dreaming about what could have, no should have been. Her green eyes looking up at me as she sucked just the head of my cock (she had shared back then that her gag reflex wouldn’t allow her to do more). Me grabbing her hip bones through that soft white flesh as I pounded her tight pink pussy from behind with everything a 19 year old had. They were just fantasies of sweat and cum, ramen noodles and gallon jugs of vodka. I couldn’t concentrate during the conference worth a damn and I found myself texting her just before a break.
Did she want to meet? Of course she did, she suggested hitting up the dinning hall for lunch….bullshit I wasn’t having it. I suggested a nap. Part of our self depravation dance we did back then was napping between classes in her bed (clothed of course). My cock inches from her ass, my breath on her neck, arms around each other….pure torture. I thought at the time she was enjoying it, sort of like a plain girl’s power trip. She replied that might be nice. I knew I was in.

I knew Becky was pregnant, but I didn’t care, I wanted to know the feeling the inside of her pussy bad. Her office was in the same building as the conference and we met on the highest floor near some classrooms under renovation. She was very much as I remembered her, same hair, same skin, but something had changed. She had around pregnant belly and full round breasts that were now swollen to C cups. There is just something so sexy about a pregnant woman, that glow, it’s just primal, desirable, sexual. I took notice that under her pink flowered maternity dress there was no outline of a bra. We embraced and it all came back, just the smell of her hair had me rock hard in an instant. I’m not sure how but she must have known what I was after. I imagined her having the same fantasies I had just entertained sitting at her desk, dripping pussy, maybe slipping off her shoe and tucking her heal up against her clit slowly rocking her self to orgasm while others worked around her none the wiser in her cubicle. It was time to act, for once.

My eyes darted to the empty class and she nodded in agreement, not a word was spoken. Once in the door I kissed her, catching her mid breath….although it was only moments, it seemed like we kissed for hours. Wet passionate kisses, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I reached under her loose maternity dress and confirmed my hopes, my dreams, my suspicions, she was actually dripping wet. The proof of her excitement was actually running down her legs. I reached up and slid her soggy panties to the side and parted her pussy lips slightly with the very tips of my fingers. It was as if she had been struck by lightening, almost dropping to her knees. I pressed my weight against her, securing her to the closed room door. I slowly worked my index and middle fingers up inside her curving to reach the G-spot, I firmly, but not aggressively, worked a circular motion until I felt the gush of her orgasm. She didn’t scream, but sort of grunted as all the air left her lungs in orgasmic spasms.

I had to see her naked body. Before I could act, she dropped her dress to the floor. She stood before me both the girl I once knew and the pregnant woman she was then. Tucking my thumbs into her panties I slipped them down past her soft white hips and left them fall too. I briefly entertained the idea of asking her to suck me, but the smell of her juices was too over powering, I had to fuck Becky. I ripped off my shirt and tie, and dropped my khakis and boxers. I could have cared less if anyone came into the room, this was going to happen.

I am not a big man, and I have never been one to be rough with a woman, especially a pregnant one. I guided her to the rooms desk and layed her down gently on her side, knees bent and together. Standing over her there I looked down at the gentle curves of her body, the heavy swollen breasts, and that skin…the same as before soft and subtly curvy. Her pussy glistened, her pink lips slightly parted, slick and creamy. As I entered her she gasped for air again. She tossed her head back with pleasure exposing her long graceful neck .

I wish I could tell you I lasted like a champ, fucking for hours… But, I can’t. I sawed in and out of her as long as I could last as she came again and again. With no regard for her concerns I pumped my load deep inside of her, savoring it. Again I stood over her in awe, her chest heaving and my cum dripping out of her pussy, down the side of the desk and on to the dusty tile floor. We were both speechless. We dressed, embraced, gave one last kiss and parted ways.
We have met socially since then and never spoken a word of it to each other or our spouses. I don’t consider it cheating, just righting a wrong from the past. Love you Becky.
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2 years ago
Very hot.
4 years ago
That was really good!
4 years ago
very hot love them all cant wait for the next one, will there be one?
4 years ago
Wow your right that one is just as good as the second! Very hot and to the point!! I just might give it a try, thanks
4 years ago
See the new story "Pregnant Becky...again" for the latest drama.
4 years ago
a good sweet story thank you for sharing have you got to tap it since the baby??
4 years ago
Thanks for the kind comments. It did feel great....satisfying even. She has since delivered the baby. Even though I know it's wrong all I can think about is going back for more.
4 years ago
sweet story.. you know... something similar happened to me, just a couple months ago with a classmate... even the name sound similar... her name is Bety... ha ha ha ha...
4 years ago
Great story, all the better for that long wait.
4 years ago
nice story. I want to have sex with a pregnant lady.
4 years ago
Must have felt great after all those years
4 years ago
Very good story. Thanks for sharing!