Fab Lips ;]

So today was a really good day, but i have to steer a curser so ill get to the nitty gritty ;].
I was texting someone from xham and they foolishly gave up their itinerary to me :P. So i got on a train and went to a park, where i waited for a while. She agreed to meet me if i could find adequate cover for our mischievous deeds. When i saw her my heart raced, she was better than her pictures and had a gorgeous glint in her eye ;].

She came straight in for a kiss and it made me grab her closer for a moment. I fumbled a bit and we chatted for a moment, i kept losing track and staring at her thighs, but after brief pointing and walking segments we pushed through the leaves of a cherry laurel. As i followed her in i gawped at her perfect round ass in cycling shorts. I told her she had an amazing ass and she asked me if i wanted to see. First she pulled the shorts down and revealed sexy black lace underwear. I fell to my knees and kissed it a bit ;], it was soft and smelled fresh and fruity. I stood to face her and f***ed my hand down the front of her lace and pawed at her damp, smooth pussy with my fingers. We kissed and i pushed my trouser snake against her side as i clawed at her ass, thinking about how tight and compact her pussy and ass were.

I paused and dropped my pants, not hesitating to grab her pussy again and this time pushing deeper with my fingers as she grabbed at my cock. There was no hesitation and she latched onto my stiff dick. Her pussy was tight and wet now, i enjoyed rubbing her but instead told her to bend over. I got to my knees and grabbed her ass with both hands, she squirmed against my tongue as it found its place on her asshole and made little circles around it. She bent over more to acommodate my face and my tongue slipped down into her pussy and then over her clit.

Suddenly i had more air and i realised, she was opening her ass cheeks for me! She tasted so sweet and warm as her pussy juice hit my tongue that i hadnt realised my nose was up her ass! I moved my tongue back up, probing again for her slippery asshole. I groaned as she spread her cheeks and my tongue went deeper. I felt her ass stretching open around my tongue several times as i grasped my cock and then stood up again.

I grabbed her as she was still half stooped and started to wank against her wet pussy lips from behind. As my hand rose to meet her cheeks she bounced against me a little and my cock twitched with exctasy! My left arm snaked around her gorgeous naked body and i rubbed her pussy as she tilted and my dick slipped over her ass, still wet from my tongue fucking ;]. My wanking got faster as i thrust forwards and the tip of my dick worked hard against her asshole. It was so tight i couldnt believe it! I pushed and felt her asshole pulsate around the tip of my dick as i held her close and we panted and moaned with pleasure. Her hair was in my face as i rubbed against her holes and felt her ass cheeks brushing over me rhythmically. At last i told her a was going to cum, and as she spread her wet asshole wide open for me i stepped back to look as i felt my seed rising. I pushed my finger into her tight ass and she spread further! I squirted cum against her ass and pussy, rubbing it in a little as i sighed. Straight away she pulled her underwear up, like she wanted to cycle with my cum all soaked into her cracks and sticking to those gorgeous black panties!

we walked a bit after that and then i walked back for a train. i can certainly say im dying for more! amazing first meet :]

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