Development of a Lesbian - Bonus

Hey everyone. I got a pretty good response to my last story so I'm going to post something I discovered on my old hard drive - my writings from when I was about 14-16. When I was younger I used to write what was on my mind, so here it is! Also, if you notice any differences in this story and the last, its because I exaggerated a lot in the last one. This is all true however. (Note: I had a very odd writing style because I thought nobody would ever read it)



My tits are getting bigger now. They are so soft... I just play with them...

I get so wet sometimes. Sometimes I just want to stay naked and masturbate everywhere. I want to see mum's pussy really up close. Really up close. So close I can smell it.

I'm sick of everyone being rude to me because I'm gay. Why should they call me names when they are probably never going to be fucked in their life? They're all cunts...

My cunt is so hairy now. I think I am going to shave it.

I shaved my cunt. Its so smooth, I feel like a k** again.

I've given up wearing panties. They just get drenched anyway.

Mum caught me watching porn. She didn't care.

I've given up wearing bras. They feel so uncomfortable.

I pretty much don't wear clothes anymore. Mums okay with it. She doesn't either.

I pissed in the back yard bushes because mum was in the toilet. For some reason it turned me on massively.

I told mum I wanted my cherry popped. She told me she had a migraine and to talk to her later.

I talked to mum. She said she had a friend that would do it for me. I said OK.

Mum's friend came over with a dildo. She popped it and it was so painful. Thank god its over and done with though, I can now go so deep.

I've gotten so bored when mums not home. I usually just masturbate.

I've began searching through her bedroom drawers. So many toys. I borrowed a dildo and fucked myself with it.

I found her panty drawer. There are so many G-Strings. I'm yet to find the dirty ones.

I found a dirty one in the bathroom. They smell so bad and so good at the same time.

I had the panties in my mouth and was masturbating when mum came home. She was sort of taken back but then she asked me if I wanted some fresher panties. I said OK and she gave me a bunch of diry panties. I'm going to keep them until I'm all climaxed out.

I convinced mum to go naked all the time.

Sometimes me and mum spoon and hug each other naked. Nothing sexual, its just so nice and fun and warm.

I watched the movie Taboo () I borrowed it from a friend's dad. Mum looks so much like Kay Parker. Her bush and tits are identical. Mum's face and hair is almost identical to this though .

I got some thoughts from Taboo. Why shouldn't i****t be allowed? If they both want to do it why shouldn't they?

I talked to mum about it. She agrees with me. She got me to watch Taboo with her, as she said it was her favourite movie when she was younger.

We watched it together. It was kinda awkward because we were both naked but it felt normal.

Mum told me to find some more porn that we can watch together. I went to the city with a fake ID and bought one called "Big black BBWs meet tight white skinny girls with their hairy Asian pals".

We watched it together. We were naked like last time. It was a bit awkward as well because it was all girl girl. Now I find a movie weekly to watch with her.

It was my 15th birthday! Mum bought me/us a DVD player. My cousin bought me some clothes (not that I have any use for them) and my grandmother gave me $50. My friends all chipped in and bought me a phone.

After everyone left mum showed me her other present. It was a little vibrator the size of a pen but thicker. She said she saw me using her dildo and she thought I was old enough to have my own toy.

I came back from shopping with my friends to find my mum being eaten out by a hooker. She tried to cover it up but I said it was OK.

I'm starting to lose interest in writing. I'm going to take a break for a while.

I'm back. In the past 10 months or so since I last wrote, I've came out to my mum, watched more porn with her and gotten a fantastic girlfriend.

My girlfriend fingered me. I want to do some more stuff with her.

I've fallen in love with her titties. They are so huge and round and soft.

I'm spending the next month on school exchange group to Italy. I'll post a recap when I'm done.

I'm back. Me and my girlfriend had a fantastic time. However, we both realised that we don't really love each other anymore - but the sex is fantastic so we have become fuck buddies. In Italy I bought some lingerie as a gift for my mum. I gave it to her and she loved it. She now just wears it around the house. Its a red lacy half cup bra and a matching tanga with a hole in the front to show off some pubic hair. She looks hot in it.

Its my 16th birthday! I had a massive party, it was so much fun. After everyone left my mum gave me some weed and we got stoned.

I now get stoned with mum every month, if not fortnight. We still watch our porn, we even masturbate to it.

Mum touched my pussy. It felt nice. She fingered me to orgasm. Words cannot describe.

I ate her out. She ate me out. Again, words cannot describe. It was the best feeling in the world.

I now talk to her about fetishes. Turns out we both like exhibitionism.

We both go out into public panty and braless. Flashing is our forte.

I think I'm going to stop writing for good now. There is too much to do.

And thats where it ends. I think I have some more when I was a lot younger, but I still have to find it. I hope you enjoyed,

Helena xoxo

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3 years ago
Yeah... would be so nice to have you as a sister... We would eat each others pussies all the time
3 years ago
All true as well? God I wish I was your brother... or as it turns out... a sister!!