FAQs About Me

I get heaps of questions about me, so I'll answer as many as I can here.

1. Do you do guys?

As a general rule, no. I do appreciate a nice set of balls every now and again, however, but I don't like fucking men.

2. Do you do girls?

Yes. Of all ages.

3. What are your views on i****t?

Depends. Heterosexual i****t is just wrong, with chances of deformed babies and the illnesses and the like. Homosexual i****t is alright by me, because if two consenting people want to have sex with each other in a safe way without any chance of having a deformed c***d - why shouldn't they? What physical damage can be done?

4. How old are you?


5. Do you have a piss fetish?


6. Do you have a s**t fetish?

No. s**t is the most disgusting thing ever.

7. Do you have any fetishes?

Not really, besides maybe exhibitionism.

8. Are you into bondage?

NO. Pain does not feel good to me.

9. Do you want to be dominated?

No. I have no need to dominate or be dominated.

10. Are you into leather?


11. Are you into b********y?

No, but sometimes my pussy smells like fish and my pet cat just wants to have a lick.

12. Do you think you are a bit too fat?

Do you think you are a bit of a cunt?

13. How big are your boobs?

This is the kind of question a 12 year old would ask. They are big.

14. Do you shave?

Usually, but sometimes I get a wax and sometimes I grow it out.

15. Can you send me a picture?

If you are a guy, no. If you are a girl, only if you send one as well.

16. Where do you work?

A school. Hence why I don't post pics or vids.

17. Are you gay?

Why yes, yes I am.

18. How old are you?


19. How often do you masturbate?

Whenever I feel like it (usually all the time)

20. Do you chat?

Yes, but only with women and some guys.

21. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Masturbate in a public place.

22. Who was the youngest person you’ve done?

16, but I was 14 at the time.

67% (2/1)
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3 years ago
OMG! Sorry LOL, question 4 was meant to be "When did you first discover XHamster". Sorry for any misunderstanding, and I can assure you I'm a girl. And in Australia, you can finish a teaching degree at 23.
3 years ago
Lol well u know what they say GIRL= guy in real life lol and doing what at a school at 24 or 21
3 years ago
Once you said you're 21 and once 24...
Imagination??? ("...all girls on internet are actually dudes...")