Development of a lesbian

My name is Michelle. This story started when I was 12. I live in Australia.

When I was 12, I had went to school at a place run by nuns. It was an all girls school. I had 2 great friends there.

When we were 12 our conversations started drifting to the sexual side. Sex, penises, vaginas, hair, breast development, all that. Normal things pubescent girls talk about.

My home life was good. I had a s****r. My mother divorced my father soon after my s****rs birth. I didn't mind; I hated my father.

My mother was not ashamed of her body. She used to sometimes walk about the house in nothing but a towel, other times a sheer nightie and other times she would only wear some boyshorts. I had seen her naked many times, and I had no problem with it. I usually wore some gym shorts and an old tee. The walk from the bedroom to the bathroom was always done nude. We both slept nude.

From a young age she taught me about topfreedom. We had no issue with female breasts. She would usually be topless around the house anyway, or at least she wore something sheer.

One day, after coming home from school, I told my mother about how we had been discussing sex at school. She laughed and told me I was growing into a woman. I smiled.

When we got home I asked her about pubic hair. I had seen her bush many times before. She was moderately hairy, but nothing too wild. Her bush looked like Persia Monir's in her bottomless golf tip for girls ( Not too hairy, not too hairless. I was growing a few strands, but they were only a centimetre high, max.

I told her how I wanted to grow more pubic hair. I showed her my crotch.

She looked at it carefully, caressed some of the hairs and then told me that I would have hair almost the exact same as her. I felt happy.

A few years passed. I was 14. I was comfortable with myself, and I had grown a bit of pubic hair. My mum wore the same things at home.

One day at school we were talking about labia (we didn't know they were called that, we just called them our outside lips and inside lips). We became immensely curious. We had seen each other nude in the showers at school, but nothing so up close where you could see the labia in detail.

We went to the school toilets together. We pulled up our skirts and pulled down our panties. We looked at each others pussy for about half an hour. No touching, because we thought that would be lesbian. The bell for the end of lunch rang and we went back to class. For weeks I would be wondering why I liked that experience so much. I began to realise I was lesbian.

At age 15 I came out to my friends, and they didn't mind. I then came out to my mother.

When I told her, a huge grin lit up on her face. She told me about how proud she was.

We both became used to my sexuality, and started noticing my mother being nude a lot more. I enjoyed seeing her naked. I became naked more as well.

About 3 months after I came out, my s****r was getting ready to go on a month long school trip. She left, and we farewelled her at the airport. By that time it was the holidays.

I was naked most of the holidays, and so was my mother. At about that time I began to catch up on the masturbating I missed out on as a c***d, so I was practically fingering myself 24/7. My mother didn't mind, as she did it a fair bit as well.

One night we were sitting naked on the couch. We were watching some of my mothers old Russ Meyer films. I was feeling tired so I sat my head on my mothers lap. Her pubes were suprisingly warm and her thighs were soft, perfect for my head.

We had gotten to the part in Valley of the Ultra Vixens were the lingerie salesman is about to enter the door. Incase you haven't seen it, before the man rings the doorbell, the camera cuts to a close up of a big titted woman brushing her pubes. There is an extreme close up of the pubes. When I saw the pubes my nipples had jumped up almost instantly. My mother laughed and commented on their hardness.

In most Russ Meyer films there is female full frontal nudity, but they don't usually show the lips up close. This one did. There was a scene where the woman was slowly opening her legs. I became so horny, and when she finally got them apart, you could see her clit. I moved my hand down to my cunt.

My mother and I had seen each other masturbate before so she didn't mind. I had been rubbing for about 5 minutes when I started to smell my mothers pussy more. She was getting turned on. She began to finger herself, with my head resting on her leg. We both came at around the same time. It was great.

We began to masturbate together more often. It was great.

One night I was lying on my bed naked with my door open. I heard a knock. I looked at the doorframe. There was my mother, naked as usual. Except this time, she had a look on her face, and her pussy was bald. I stared into her eyes for what seemed like an hour. She slowly moved closer to me. She got onto the bed. She positioned herself in front of me. She spread my legs apart and thrust her face into my cunt.

I had felt that this day was coming. I longed for it so badly. Now the day had come.

She licked my outer labia. She nursed my inner labia. She sucked on my clit. I came incredibly quickly. When my mum pulled her face up, I saw her mouth glistening with my juice. I pulled her face closer. We proceeded to make out. I loved the feeling of tasting my own juice. We played with our tongues. It was so much fun.

I decided that I should repay the favour. I took her into the kitchen and sat her on the bench and spread her legs apart. I ate her out for about 20 minutes, until she was about to cum. At that point I felt an urge to lick her asshole. After all, it was bald.

I lifted her legs up even more so her tight hole was easily accesible. I began to eat her asshole, and penetrate it with my tongue. She loved it.

I moved back to the cunt and finished her off. She came screaming. It was so much fun. Afterwards we made out for about 10 minutes, swapping her juice between our mouths.

We fell asl**p quickly. The next day we decided to go out for lunch. I loved the idea.

I was getting dressed. I put on a yellow, light, strapless summer dress. I got dressed quickly. I saw my mother putting on a black tank top and a short skirt. We were about to walk out the door when I thought of something.

We both agreed that we should take our panties off. We slipped them off and threw them onto the couch.

We drove to the cafe. We sat opposite each other with our legs apart. It was so hot. I pretended to drop my spoon and went under the table. I looked at her pussy deeply. I began to rub it. It was incredibly wet.

I was worried about getting caught. I got back from under the table. She was smiling.

After lunch we had a walk to the beach nearby. It was a topfree beach, and I realised that I had nothing under my dress, so I couldn't go topfree, but only nude. We decided that we wouldn't get in trouble with the police this time, so we went to a swimwear store next to the beach and I bought a black thong.

We got to the beach and we both took off our tops. I slipped my thong to the side so my cunt was exposed - by accident of course.

It was so erotic on that beach. So many topless women. We began to make out. People began shouting insults at us. Lesbians! Queers! Old cunt! Sluts! We ignored them and continued kissing.

It was so much fun that day that by the time we were home, we were nude and ready to go. We got inside and immediately started fucking. We fucked for about 3 hours. We did everything. Tribbing. Cunnilingus. Anilingus. We even managed to get part of my fist in her cunt.

After we both came we decided that we would always fuck whenever we could, no matter what. I kissed her lips and then reached down for more fun.

Written by Helena. Semi-autobiographical.
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3 years ago
So Hot!!!
3 years ago
wow that is like the hottest story i have read
3 years ago
very hot..please keep it up
3 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm working on another part to the story but it might take a while. I'm also considering doing it in comic/hentai form. But be sure to expect more crazy situations, wet pussy and a whole lot of nudity. Not recommended for children, unless their parents are awesome!
3 years ago
very hot
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Nice story thanks
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That's a pretty hot story! mmmm...
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not to bad
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Wow..good me wet...more please?!
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very nice and good telling.. i masturbated on this
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The developmental stage was nice. would like to hear more though.
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is there more?
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very hot hope there is a part 2
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good start!
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fantastic story hope there is part 2