My sexual fantasy of Carol Vorderman. Part 2 Carol landed on the bed her big saggy breasts flopped around rippling as John jumped upon them with his mouth and began sucking and nibbling on the nubs of her nipples. I watched amazed as Carol moaned and rolled her eyes back and writhed her body up starting from her hips. She was groaning loudly and eventually John stuck his fingers in her mouth for her to suck on and shut her up before throwing his lips onto hers kissing her passionately to stop her groans, but they just increase as she writhed her body even more as I grabbed her thigh that was dressed in stockings. I ran my hand under her thigh and up her leg towards her pussy and I could feel her wriggling even more. As my fingers approached her moist pussy she broke free from John and gave a loud excited yell. With this cry for mercy I sunk my fingers deep inside Carol Vorderman's pussy as John grabbed her face harder and kissed it longer and harder, she began to slow down and was finally at ease with the excitement and the fondling. John squeezed and rotated her breast as he tongue her mouth. I parted her panties further aside and stuck my tongue into her cunt licking up her juices and flicking her clit with a little nibble now and then.
John left her mouth and started watching me fuck Carol Vorderman with my tongue, holding her down more as she flayed about in ecstacy.
"that's it, you tongue fuck, Carol Vorderman!"
"Yes, tongue my pussy!" Carol said as she raised her head and looked down at me lapping up her juices. She grabbed my head and grinded my face deeper into her minge.
John took out his cock and probed her face and mouth. It was long, hard and thick and Carol swallowed it whole as it she was starving and gagging for it. With one hand she wanked his stiff cock as with the other she heald my head hard against her sopping wet cunt.
I left her pussy and climbed up the bed, my cock hitting her legs as i moved up her body, with her hand she reached out frantically for my red hot member grabbed it for dear life and strangled the fuck out of it wanking it fast and with her strong grip. She pushed it downwards towards her soaking minge and I said.
"No, not yet. I want to saver this!" as i climbed further up her body and up to her big titties. I took my dick and pushed it between her breasts and pushed them together to tit-wank her as John thrust his massive 12 inch dick into her mouth again and again and again, his balls smacking her chin.
I thrust hard and John and I began to get competitive with our thrusts. It was getting frantic and when I saw that John was winning and Carol was gagging I pulled my dick out of her titties and descended down her body whilst John stopped altogether and slowly wanked his cock off next to her face. Carol was panting like a race horse after a mammoth race and rest her head back in exhaustion. I drew a line down her sexy curvy body all the way to her pussy and dipped the tip in ever so slightly, she groaned again and thrust her hips up sinking my cock inside her all the way. Carol was so wet I could hardly feel her sides, it just slid in like a red hot knife through soft butter. As i slowly began to thrust her hand came round and grabbed my arse scratching it with her long nails as she pushed my groan into her. I could feel her slightly grown pubic hair brushing my shaven area, her pubes were slightly damp but were getting wetter by the minute as he cunt juices slopped out of as a now began to thrust hard against her pussy splatting juices everywhere. John was playing with her tittie, fixated on them as he chewed on them caressed them and smacked his hard dick against them whilct sinking his fingers into her mouth again drowning out her constant groans and moans.
Eventually Carol stopped me and grabbed me bring me back up the bed. With some unbelievavbly hidden strength she threw me on my side and pushed me onto my back. My dick like a tent pole as she jumped ontop of it. she slowly slipped it deep inside of her and closed her eyes in ecstacy as she began to ride it, slowly at first, then her tempo sped up and not before she was bouncing up and down on my dick, taking every inch of it up her cunt. John approached her from behind grabbing her boobs and again caressing them. He looked at me in astonishment as he jiggled them before biting down on her neck and when he reached her ear she screamed louder than before as her body juddered and a giant wet patch began to form around us. Carol was dripping wet and it wasn't long until we were both glistening like marble or ice. I could see John rearranging himself to enter her from behind and she threw her arms back to grab his head and hold it against her neck as he nibbled and baring her breasts even more as he grabbed them harder and stuck his giant dik gently into her arse, for the first time in ages Carol's eyes shot open with both pleasure and pain.
"Oh my fucking God, that hurts! but in an amazing way!" she said as the pace of the fuck slowed down.
"easy....take it easy!" she said as she rocked ontop of me taking both dicks. Her body juddered again and she fell forward ontop of my body, her enornmous breasts slapping against my well build chest. I felt her body judder again as I felt John's own dick twitch and pulsate as it emptied his ballsack into her arsehole, I could feel is judders as he emptied himself with each jolt and judder, and as he thrust his final load out of himself I felt myself go and explode. John landed ontop of Carol exhausted and worn out like a corpse, dead to the world. my orgasm was furicious and I felt hat must have been every fibre of my body empty into Carol Vorderman as it emptied itself, I felt my soul leave my body almost and it felt like the cumshot that ended all cumshots, it felt like every orgasm and wank had imalgamated from my teen years and were all fed into this one soul fuck. I felt mine and John's cum dribbling down onto my groin as well as Carol's sloppy wet puddle that was still dripping out of her.
We all lay there fr about 30 minutes, both still inside Carol, John kissing her neck and bak as she kissed my lips. cheek and torso. I ran my fingers through her hair stroking her and smoothly playing with it. It smelt beautiful. John was the first to move and as he did the second barrage of cum dropped out of Carol. Carol moved next and again another dam of cum burst and dropped onto the bed as she stood there glisting in sweat and cum. she stood still and looked me in the eye with a wry smile, she took some um from her cunt with her fingers and pushed it into her lips and swallowed it and then took some more out and an it over her swollen breasts tweeking her nibbles finally before walking away. John was dressed and exhausted and left the room without sayiing anything else. Before I could get up ten minutes later Carol joined me on the bed and beckoned me to stay the whole night, she threw her wet, cum covered leg over mine and our bodies entwined....and that's when I rolled myself ontop of her body onto her back and stuck my dick inside her arse and cupped her breasts as I thrust slowly again and again.............
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