Sexy Ali the northern MILF

Just wanted to share possibly my greatest sexual experience from when I was young with you all.
When I was only 19 I got to know this uber sexy older woman; blonde, petit and busty. She was like Debbie Harry in her prime. She was 36 and was old enough to be my mother, she was confident, slim and busty and in her sexual prime and oozed it from every orifice. She epitomised the term MILF.
I got to know her through a friend who worked with her, and before I knew it we were flirting over the counter of where they worked. She was northern and I was from the south of England, wet behind the ears in contrast to her super confident and experienced sexy-self.
A few time me and Ali met up outside her house and lay out on the grassy knoll alone and out of view from the public. We began with heavy petting and lots of kissing and talking, never taking it further, slowly building up the sexy tension towards a more physical relationship.
Then one day out of the blue she ended up moving into my building with her young daughter. We would meet up in her room and lie on the bed kissing and watching TV, sharing a spliff and caressing one another as I was too shy and embarrassed to take things further as I was young, inexperienced and intimidated.
Eventually we went for a drink or two and ended up quite d***k after seeing a band. We ended up back at hers d***k but not wasted and jumped into bed naked. She had this killer body with the softest skin, short blonde locks and these sensational lips and tongue that turned me into love crazed madman whenever we embraced and locked lips, sinking her tongue into my mouth was enough to make me tremble alone and I was at her mercy.
Her natural large breasts hung down from her chest like sumptuous rounded fruity flesh, they just bobbed about like apples in a barrel of water and when I took them in my hands they were warm and heavy and whenever I gave them a squeeze she shrilled with wild lusty noises like I had awoken something long lost and now found.
After spending what seemed the best few minutes of my life ever on them she would grab my hair at the back of my head and pull it back up to her lips whispering whilst kissing me "I've never met someone who is obsessed with my boobs as you are. As we kissed passionately I entwined my hands inside her blonde hair grabbing it with a fist and grabbing it hard and firm as we pretty much ate each other's mouths like starved a****ls, and with my free hand still caressing her soft and squeezable breast. Her roasting hot body was now pressed against my own and I moved my hand to down between her legs and my hand disappeared down her panties; her moist pussy came with the bushiest muff I have ever encountered (still to this day. After a while of more frantic kissing and my fingers dipping into her warm succulent cunt she pulled away as if toying with me, she noticed I was hard as a rock and gave it a gentle brush and grope and smiled at me with a pleasant groan.
I was gasping and couldn't wait to explode, she then whispered into my ear as she stroked my naked torso, "not so fast, you've got to earn it first!" then she lay on her back, took off her underwear and parted her legs exposing her bushy pussy. Before she could say anything I dived inbetween her legs with my face and began licking her out whilst her bushy pubes brushed my face. It didn't take long until she was gasping again, panting even. Being inexperienced I was making it up as I went along, sticking my fingers inside her, licking her out, loving her taste and it wasn't long until my face was soaked with her juices. My hands still made their way up to her titties squeezing them like stress-balls, rotating them and tweaking her big nipples, bringing her she spread her legs even more and grinding my face into her cunt with her hand.
After several luscious minutes of gnarling on her sweet moist pussy she grabbed my face and brought it up to her mouth kissing her juices off my lips and chin "I want you to FUCK me!" she demanded. I rose the rest of my body up to hers and spread her legs more with my knees and buried my solid rock hard dick inside her bushy pussy that was damp from her own juices and my own saliva. The feeling of my penis parting her warm flesh as it entered was a rush that must be like what heroin addicts experienced the first time they shot themselves in the vein. My body spasmed from the sheer intimate, erotic and passionate moment we had just made; the bringing together of two hot bodies. As I thrust inside her Ali began to whimper and groan and before I knew it she was getting loader and loader. Not wanting her to wake anyone in the next room of the paper-thin building walls I covered her mouth with lips kissing her quiet, but still the sounds got through and I retreated my mouth and replaced it with my cupping hand. As I gave her a hard thump with my hips against hers she was still getting more and more vocal, I gripped her fantastic blonde hair with my hands and kissed her passionately and finally she quietened down. As I thrust more and more I could feel her bushy cunt getting wetter and damper and her juices were flowing to inside her thighs, thumping away I could hear the wet splat noise we were making and it was as loud as her moaning earlier on.
At this point she threw me to the other side of her huge bed and jumped on top of me. It was the greatest sight I had ever seen; this mature Goddess riding my wet and hot prick with her soaking and bushy wet cunt whilst her natural 36D's were swinging about my face freely and just in range of my lips and reachable for my tongue. I chewed on her erect nipples as they dangled on those beautiful and luscious tits, her glamorous Debbie Harry blonde hair flying everywhere as she rode me harder and harder jumping up and down on my shaft, the slapping sound of wet skin colliding once again. Aborting the amazing experience of licking and biting her nippples and breasts, I swung my hands round to her ripe and peachy arse and gave it a hard squeeze, using my grip to press her groin hard and faster down on my dick, really thumping and slamming in down on my crotch, I could hear her getting more and more vocal and again I threw my mouth onto hers and bringing a hand to the back of her head again to press and lock her face into mine harder to shut her up.
After tossing her to the side once again and fucking her in the missionary again she stopped us and flipped herself round on all fours pointing her amazingly pert arse at me. After accidently slipping my cock into her arse that brought a yelp and order to remove it I slip myself inside her pussy from behind, fucking her deep and hard, I crept my hands around to her chest and groped her amazing swinging titties that swung down naturally, I tweaked her nipples more so and bringing a hand back around to grab her hair and yank her head back as I bit and kissed her neck and ears whilst still playing with one of her beautiful natural breasts.
After a while I was surprised to realised I had not cum yet, the alcohol with giving stamina and durability. Every time I came close to shooting my load I would stop myself wanting to go further and farther to save for an amazing finale at the end when there was nothing left to give.
Ali flipped me to the side and I lay panting on my back, her beautiful petit body jumped on top of me and kissing me hard, slow and passionately whilst moaning, her sweat dripping onto my as her stunning blonde hair d****d over my face sticking to my own. I brought a hand up to her cheek and stroked her soft and regularly moisturised face. As she kissed me further more and began to slowly kiss downwards on my body, from my mouth down to my chest, biting my nipples and then kissing down to my navel, and with little nibbly bites and kisses she maneuvered to the base of my cock and gave a little smirk and sign of approval as took it into her mouth. She slid my manhood inside her mouth slowly and gathered speed as gradually before slowling down again like a professional. My first ever blowjob.
With her hands she wanked the shaft and fondled my balls, cupping them like an expert, she was delicate and precise with her technique, creating a suction like airtight vacuum as she submerged my cock creating the most electrifying feeling and experience, running her tongue up and down the shaft and tickling the tip, licking it rapidly like a snake's tongue. Still no where near cumming the alcohol was proving to be the perfect tonic to keep me going through the greatest experience of my life with the woman of my dreams. I felt like I was on the set with the greatest pornstar that ever lived. She took me out of her mouth and took my balls inside her mouth and took them out again and began licking them whilst looking up at me, smirking with a wink and a giggle, her immaculate breast lying on my legs spread out and pressing downwards. The sensation of Ali licking my balls was too much for me and ticklish and I began to laugh uncontrollably. Immedietly she stopped and came back up to my face and whispered "Do you want to taste your cock?" we kissed passionately tasting one another's juices whilst lying on top of one another exhausted from all the fucking.
Ali fell asl**p beside me but I couldn't take my eyes off of her sl**ping, her beautiful face glistening in the soft moon light from the window, still damp from the vigorous fucking, her blonde hair flowing besides her face and down her neck, her soft succulent natural breasts lying on the bed all floppy and saggy like Veronica Gold's world famous stunning breasts. She moved about and we slept in the spoons position, her magnificent arse pressing into my still rock hard prick.
After a while she awoke and straight away said "Fancy another round?" in her northern accent.
From the spoons position she rose up and I followed her and we began fucking the doggy position, again with her sensational swinging breasts hanging perfectly for me to grab and squeeze whilst I buried my cock into her cunt from behind. Still I had not cum still saving for a fitting finale, also too afraid to cum inside her.
"It's OK, I can't get pregnant, I've had an operation!" she said, but still I didn't cum, saving it for God knows how much more sex we were going to have that night.
We eventually did it a few more times and still I had not cum due to saving myself.
The next night we were lying on bed in the earl evening watching TV (I don't remember what) when we again got frisky, a little foreplay and licking Ali out, sucking on her insanely perfect breasts again. She lay on her back as I entered her with my rock hard cock and as I began to thrust away, all the memories from the previous night came back, especially my first ever blow job and how beautiful and perfect it was, and then after the loud sound of slapping crotches and her wet bushy pussy getting damper I could feel Ali tighten as she began to groan and right at that moment I felt my balls twinge and my shaft spasm, my cock just exploded with cum and my shaft pumped seaman deep into her cunt for what seemed like forever, it just would not STOP pumping cum inside her hot, wet and beautiful pussy, it felt like I was emptying a lifetime's worth of cum into her body, I felt everything go and realise from my nether-regions, I could feel her cunt filling up to the brim and dripping out with my cock still inside her pumping still, I could still feel the twinge and twang of my pulsing cock inside me, the shaft that goes all the way back inside yourself to around the anus. With every jerk my cock was still making I could feel my body weaken as my whole body released everything inside Ali, I could feel the bl**d drain from my head and heart, I felt lightheaded and weak, like I was going to collapse or pass-out.
The most amazing creampie I have ever experience let alone witnessed.
"WOW! I have never...EVER...met anyone who cums as much as you! WOW!" was all she could say whilst running for a towel.
And still, 11 years on from that sexual tryst I have never...EVER had an orgasm or fuck like I did with that 17 years older than me northern, sexy woman called Ali, ever since I have been trying to find the perfect older woman to fuck just like her, alas I have cum nowhere near to that magnificent, horny, experienced, older, sex-bomb Ali
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