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[Story] My friends voluptous mom

I grew up in an area of 6 story buildings. Two stories below me lived a f****y with one k** that was 2 years younger than me. We hanged out a lot since we lived so close - we used to ring on each others door right after school. His mother was from Poland and his father English. I guess they met on one of his business trips and that she eventually followed him home and married him. Me and Martin hanged out from when I was 7 until 16 years old. His mom always loved me very much, maybe since I was a quiet c***d and never caused any trouble. When I visited them she always hugged me which I thoug... Continue»
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[Story] Iz dnevnika moje supruge II deo

To jutro sam kasnila na posao.Alarm na mobilnom nije zvonio,a moj divni muz verovatno nije zeleo da me budi,iako je znao da sam taj dan imala veoma vazan poslovni sastanak.U firmi gde radim,najavili su svoj dolazak strani partneri iz Francuske.Njihov ugovor,kao I njihova donacija bila je od velikog znacaja za firmu u kojoj radim.Kao koordinatorka marketing tima imala sam vaznu ulogu u celoj prici.
Skocila sam iz kreveta I otrcala u kupatilo.Svukla sam spavacicu I uletela pod tus.Hladna voda me je u trenutku razbudila.Obozavam da se tusiram hladnom vodom.Dopada mi se osecaj kad su mi bradavice... Continue»
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[Story] Neighbours Willing Mouth

My girlfriend and I have just moved from our flat into a semi-detached house. The house is great. Our long garden has a summer house at the bottom, and it was while I was clearing it up that this incident happened.

Our neighbours are a middle-aged married couple, dull and unremarkable (church going, Volvo driving etc.), with an 18 year-old daughter, Kim. There is nothing unremarkable about her. She is tall and slim like a model, with a tanned and toned body and blonde hair. We had only said hi to each other a couple of times, and this was the first time that I had seen her at home during th... Continue»
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